IDENTIZEE LEGACY (includes male heads and misc items) (OLD VERSION OF FEMAL3 INCLUDED)

FEMAL3 V2 Standalone (FEMAL3 only)

Zee Identity Pack or IdentiZee for short, is the upgrade pack for FEMAL3, it aims to add a wider array of character identity types to Arma3 ranging from Male faces with different head shapes to female heads, compatible with headgear.
Over time the identity pack will be refined and fleshed out to include more civilian clothing to both the male and female gender and add some swanky new military uniforms to the female side.

Planned Features (*= already featured -=Planned)
* Female heads primarily made for Arma 3's gear system: they are compatible with all headgear and mostly compatible with glasses, some might work with balaclavas
* More Male heads with different facial structures, one guy even has a beard!
* Male heads have compatibility with ALL vanilla A3 textures, ASCZ heads textures, and Camofaces textures^
* Male Heads Randomized, the male identity types are the same as the vanilla ones, so the engine will add these heads to bodies at random.
* Modular, only have what you want running
- High Quality Female Civilian and Military Bodies
- Ladies with Hair
- Voices



02/02/2017 (LATEST)
  Complete head overhaul with ground up models and textures and new workflow Hair Selections New Uniforms Bug Fixes Removed redundant classes 
30/06/2016 Adds two new heads; Arnott and Tyler (restored from older version) Improves visual quality slightly for new lighting Maximizes compatibility with missions using older classnames Allows face selection through Eden editor Made Standalone version of FEMAL3 available 16/01/2016 Added back the original nato longsleeve model (feel free to retexture) Added DiamondBack Masks as NVGS and Glasses Fixed some .RVMAT issues Added Bowman Elite II Added Balaclava Fixed ShadowLOD error on female body model (her head now casts a shadow) Various niggly fixes   (03/08/2015) Added Black Male Head
  Female heads reimported again with facial rigs and new UVWs hand painted high resolution skin textures now take the place of the original photo textures. New eyes that don't look lifeless Brand New .rvmats that actually work. The Asian face is currently removed due to mesh errors. Bodies removed Initial Addition of the the new male heads Key added back in (sorry)
  Notes: The heads do not have textures and materials assigned via the .p3d file, texture and material definitions are kept in the main config file. There may be some rigging errors with the Not-Kerry variation heads (e.g Taylor) it's going to be reimported. FishFace Syndrome will occur if a female head is used with a diver suit. 
 -Note She is now a feature called Brenda the Dependa, (thanks Crazy Corky for killing me with that!) and she will be available as a playable unit upon V1.5's completion.  Normal Maps may be inverted (if they are let me know) Some heads may clip with Balaclavas and face bandanna, the heads aren't standardized, so some have chubbier faces than others, but they all work perfectly with glasses. ^ ASCZ and Camofaces will need to have extra configs added in order to add the textures onto the new male faces. Warnings: Not Guaranteed error free, but it should be stable, give us a shout if it isn't Screenshots:



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