I closed three doors of a house by putting a game logic in top of it with this in the init line: ((nearestobjects [this, ["house_f"], 5]) select 0) setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_1',1,true]; ((nearestobjects [this, ["house_f"], 5]) select 0) setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_2',1,true]; ((nearestobjects [this, ["house_f"], 5]) select 0) setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_3',1,true]; Now when the player tries to open one of these, it will show the "locked door animation" (the door kind of shakes a bit, but stays closed). But additionally I want to make the player say something like: "Damn! The door is locked!" How can I do that? What I managed to achieve is to fire a trigger, when the animation of a non-locked door is played. This is how you do it: However this won't work for doors which were closed with the code at the top of this post... :mad: It seems that this closed door animation is not really an animation which can fulfill the trigger condition. Or it is but the door name is now different than door_1_rot? No idea... Any tip what could help? Thanks a lot!