FFE 1.14 (Armaholic) FFE 1.17 (Dropbox)   PDF manual INTRODUCTION FFE is a counterpart of A2's "Fire At Will" addon prepared for Arma 3 with only minor changes, mostly unavoidable due to completely new artillery handling. Its variation deals with artillery under Hetman script. Unlike Arma 2, in Arma 3 scripts aren't necessary to actually see AI artillery firing, still some scripting can improve arty AI and can be useful for people, who need such enhancement. That is the goal of FFE. "Fire For Effect" provides fully autonomous AI artillery, that reacts on current situation by smart shelling enemy targets spotted by allied forces. "Smart" means reasonable target choosing, avoiding friendly fire or civilian casaulties and ability of predicting, where moving target will be at impact by analyzing its movement vector. FFE provides also simulation of targeting errors due to factors like human mistakes, weather and more. Addon supports all generic Arma 3 artillery units. Custom artillery pieces, if compatibile with vanilla artillery computer, may be added via init variables. ----- USAGE To use the FFE addon version in your missions launch the game with FFE addon, place on map some artillery pieces, any units of same side acting as FOs, some OPFOR as targets and FFE module. That’s all. To use FFE script version, instead of module, put content of "Script version" folder into mission folder and place following code line eg in the init field of any unit or activation field of trigger etc. or, best way, in the init.sqf: nul = [] execVM "RYD_FFE\FFE.sqf";   See included manual for more details, including optional customization via init config variables. ----- KNOWN ISSUES ETA issue I'll be grateful for any bug reports, best in form of well discussed repro mission. ----- Addon was created "by player for players", source scripts you can freely modify, copy, "cannibalize", to use in your projects. It is released under APL-SA license. I'll be grateful for notification about each such usage. Enjoy fireworks. Rydygier