Scripting tutorial for complete Noobs This is a tutorial for all those who have no idea how to start scripting. Anyone with half the knowledge of Arma scripting will not require this, it was written as a complete beginners guide and nothing more. The tutorial leads you through a very simple process of making small scripts to carryout certain actions. I've done my best to make this as simplistic as possible and not to confuse anyone. A few people have seen it and have found it very useful, so i thought id finish the first chapter and post it here. Plan is to move on to show how to make a MP game. This is purely something to give back to the community, which over the last 5-6 years I have thoroughly enjoyed. It can be downloaded from here click on the A2/3 scripting page I've written the first chapter which covers the basics of... Setting up a file, showscripterrors, and window mode Variables, assignment, initialization, and variable types. Init.sqf, interactions between the game world and the scripts. Alignment of code, bracket usage and setting out code. If/else statement, nested if/else statements. While, and both for-loops types. Commands - player, waituntil, getpos, createvehicle, createunit, hint, format, sleep and a few other bits. And a lot of reference on using BIS forums and the Wiki. I've done my best to check for errors, both spelling and coding errors and its looking ok. Anyone find any please email me and ill correct it. Direct link - Arma Scripting - Chapter 1.pdf?dl=0 Chapter 2 released... Download from Arma Scripting - Chapter 2.pdf?dl=0 Chapter 3 released... Arma Scripting - Chapter 3.pdf?dl=0 See last posting from me for contents.