Hi. Not all objects work well as simple objects - some objects require adjustment data (that need to be prepared properly by the content creator), some do not work at all (like units, game logics, weapon holders etc.). Because of that objects need to be whitelisted for the simple object feature to become available in EDEN. The decision if object is suitable and well prepared for simple object feature is left on the object creator. Whitelisting is done by adding config parameter eden into SimpleObject class in object config definition. Objects without this parameter will not have the Simple Object option available in EDEN editor. Example definition: class B_LSV_01_armed_F { ... ... ... class SimpleObject { eden = 1; ... ... ... }; ... ... ... }; We tested all our assets and whitelisted all that were working fine as Simple Objects and at the same time got some measurable performance boost of it. In other words if you cannot set an object as Simple Object, you wouldn't get any performance boost of the feature (e.g. simulation house objects) or it would be horribly broken (e.g. weapon holders) or often both of those no performance boost and broken (grenade that cannot be thrown through military cargo buildings etc.).   With exception of units you can still create everything by script if you for some reason insist on it.   Note: I did update the object attributes with explanation that the feature is available only to objects where it works and brings some benefit: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Eden_Editor:_Object
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