P--UpzVrcoo Description: This script allows you to add a canine patrol to attack and play sounds like a real dog. Version: 0.03 Author: Monovdd | Carlos A. Arango S. ( Credits: Team Condor (Gladiador and Kmilomore) | CLA ( Requirements: CBA Community Based addon Usage: Copy files from the mission example to the folder of your mission and put the following in the init of the unit group leader. _nul = [this, RACE, QUANTITY] execvm "scripts\patrullaperruna.sqf"; Configuration: You can change the following values: [this, RACE, QUANTITY] Race Valid values​​: - "PASTOR" - "FIN" Value quantity: The desired amount of dogs you want in the patrol. EXAMPLE: _nul = [this, "PASTOR", 1] execvm "scripts\patrullaperruna.sqf"; Download: Changelog - Fixed the script to do harm. Absolute injury definitely changed relative danger. - Sound fixes. Barking dynamic. - Fixed initial configuration script. - Fixed pattern of movement and persecution. - Modified the way in which the dog detects entities. Enemies and friends. ----------- Monovdd