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Found 167 results

  1. Crew Hit Reaction As we all know Arma is lacking the immersion when it becomes to Vehicles especially Tanks, this little addon adds players camera shake when you get hit inside any vehicle to simulate the power of kinetic energy of the shell during impact or at least to notify you when you get hit, especially when you are in a big Abram were most of the time you will never know what hits you due to heavy armor. P.S this is my first mod to release hope you enjoy it ­čśë Download Link for Final Fix Version: https://mega.nz/file/2xkFBAQJ#p5koGs2P-OVJhiOtUyPk9NGjn389KMMm4p2EHQdrrsQ * require CBA //ChangeLog Version 01 -release Version 1.1 Now the camshake is adjusted depending on the hitpart -internal components: engine, fuel tank, ammo case will cause more powerful and senstive camshake when getting hit -external compnents: wheels, tracks will have less camshake as they are separated from the crew chambers -fuselage: turret, hull will have medium camshake Version 1.2 Hotfix -fixed the script wont initialize if you dont start the mission in a vehicle -fixed the camshake will continue to play after the players bail out from destroyed vehicle Version 1.2 Hotfix 2 -Optimized the code for better performance (using objectParent to check) Version 1.3 //the mod is bug free now \(^-^)/ Fixed: -the camshake continues to happen when you bail out while the enemy still shooting at the vehicle youve been in. -the tracks had wrong values. -typos Added: -More Vanilla hitparts turretbarrel, motor, commander turret -ERA and Plates support with very reduced camshake (the vanilla ones only) Version 1.3.1 -overall code performance optimization Version 1.4 -excluding the small calibers from causing the camshake e.g: from (rifles, LMGs, Pistols,...etc ). -excluding hand grenades from causing the camshake (when in tracked vehicles only). -adjusted camshake sensitivity based on the type of the vehicle (Boat 10, tracked 15, Air 16 ,wheeled 17). -increased camshake duration on Air Vehicles and lower its power for realism prospective. -add more hitparts with adjusted values (main_rotor and tail_rotor). 1.4 Hotfix -reverted duration camshake for tracked vehicles to 1 instead of 0.5 for exterior parts. -fixed camshake wont initilize for wheeled vehicles. -fixed all the vehicle types used the same values for the exterior parts. -fixed iskindof command wasnt functioning in the script as it should. -iskindof Boat were used instead of iskindof ship. Version Final -added CBA custom settings menu. -separate APCs from the Wheeled category for appropriate adjustments. -fixed game freezes when multiple parts get hit simultaneously. -removed unnecessary coding and repeated checks. -rewrote the code for better response. -initializing the mod directly through the config. -cleaning typos. *the mod require CBA *the CBA custom values in the addons option applies only for certain parts, interior parts like engine has fixed value inside the mod. Final fix -mod wont initilize when you dont start in a vehicle -removed more unnecessary coding. Credits -AirShark Big thanks to Snkman and the community for the support
  2. Generalmonimo

    [MP] Stuck in Vehicle

    I tried several multiplayer scenarios with a friend recently and on several occasions one of us couldn't get out of vehicles after entering. We would be able to choose 'Get out' from the action menu but nothing happens. All other actions like switching seats won't work either. Strange thing is: it happens with mods or without, on user made and BIS missions (IIRC in 'Escape from Altis' i was able to exit some cars but not able to drive them, though). It usually won't happen with every vehicle in the mission. And it always only happens to one of us and it doesn't matter who is hosting. Everything else works fine. We verified our game installation in steam.
  3. Ride Where You Look Pick your desired vehicle seat by looking, when: getting into a vehicle switching seats inside a vehicle hopping from one vehicle to another in Zeus telling an AI which seat to take ACE dragging/carrying/escorting (ACE not required) Steam Workshop GitHub Usage In CBA Keybinds > Ride Where You Look, set up the keys [Show Seats] (L Ctrl) and [Select Seat] (Ctrl + X). Press and hold [Show Seats] (L Ctrl) to see which seat you are selecting. Press [Select Seat] (X) to move to that seat. Client & Server This mod can be used client-side for player usage and Zeus controlling local AI. Zeus controlling remote AI will require all machines to load this mod. Requirements CBA_A3 Plans Add compartment check Known Issues Several issues can arise due to vehicle model inconsistencies: Some proxies appear 2 meters above the character position Some proxies appear where there is no available seat Some seats do not have proxies visible Some vehicles do not switch you to the seat you're looking at These issues need to be individually resolved with tweaks. Report issues here. License This work is licensed under a Arma Public License Share Alike.
  4. Hello, I am noob at such things as scripting , but long story short - Could you guys help me how to ensure that "when any MP player on DS enters any vehicle (even fresh spawn by zeus) then player takes no damage at all ? and when any MP player leaves any vehicle it is vulnerable again ? Thank you in advance.
  5. The Dismount mod allows the player to exit the vehicle at the point closest to where they are looking. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1841553455 https://github.com/ampersand38/dismount-where-you-look/releases/latest
  6. GOM_fnc_vehicleTuning V1.01 Changelog: V1.01 Fixed GUI to not conflict with other scripts/mods that use default BI GUI classes V1.0: MP and dedi compatible reworked GUI greatly improved vehicle handling while boost is applied greatly improved default templates to reflect various upgrade stages, from a mere +50hp upgrade to a full dragster overhaul of the vehicle boost is now traction and RPM dependent boost will be reduced at higher speeds to emulate air resistance Changed: Boost is now active all the time when using "VehicleForward" and "VehicleFastForward" keys, "VehicleSlowForward" will enable vanilla vehicle behavior Removed: Nitro mechanic, might be re-added at a later point once reworked Added: fully customizable license plates with vanilla plate generator and kart number plate handling Added: blow off sound to emulate turbo chargers Added: restriction as to what players are allowed to use the menu Added: full customization as to what upgrades can be installed V0.9: Cleaned up all scripts, changed dialog to make more usage of listboxes, put functions in a functions library and added a few features. Features: Allows specified players to upgrade cars within 25m Action can be added to players or objects RPM and Traction dependent performance increase Customization of performance related upgrades, as seen below Chassis Tuning Brake Tuning Repair and Refuel/Refill options 0-100km/h / 0-60mph, eighth and quarter mile times measured in diary GPS Tracker Bulletproof Tires Ejection Seats F.O.G. Machine Cruise Control Change Vehicle Paint Modify Accessories (Backpacks, Bumpers, Lightbars) where available Adjust custom license plate/kart numbers How to use this script: Unpack the downloaded .rar and copy the files except mission.sqm in any mission folder. In the editor place: Player unit Car In the players init field put: nul = [player] call GOM_fnc_vehicleTuning; in initPlayerLocal.sqf put: player setVariable ["GOM_fnc_qualifiedMechanic",true]; You can also tweak the default upgrade settings inside "scripts\GOM\functions\VehicleTuning\GOM_fnc_initParams.sqf" as follows: //add custom entries here, containing [upgradename,multiplier,price,description] _engineBoostParams = [ //stock multi should be 0, so no boost is applied ["Stock Engine",0,5000,"Run of the mill engine that comes with the vehicle."], ["Engine Kit 1",1.1,15000,"Custom exhaust and air intake."], ["Engine Kit 2",1.2,30000,"Same as Engine Kit 1 + custom ECM and valve timings."] ]; Planned: Add cost functionality Add Neon Kits Add Hydraulics Add a variety of car bombs (scripts are done, still working on GUI) Add ability to give the car bomb trigger to other players Add remote control for various functions, so you can use the ejection seat on passengers without being in the car Download V1.01 Known issues: None so far. Enjoy!
  7. Now for the Armaverse: High performance single-seater for all you racing nerds out there. Ingame Screenshots: Data: - Formula Arma Open-Seater - 1.6l V6 Hybrid with automatic control of the electrical power - 950HP in total Will include: - Several liveries fitting to the Teams of the Karts DLC plus more liveries to choose from - Working Dashboard - Animations - Paintkit - Soundset I am working in my free time on this, so it could take a while. More screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/Aq8eH Cheers!
  8. Medical Attention


    ok so how do i spawn vehicles i saw one on a map and people spawned them in and im wondering if it spawns automatically or if it spawns via player i just need to know and if it is automatically spawns then what map and settings is it because i wanna fly a helicopter with my friends to attack the enemys
  9. Also known as Commander Designate, modern tanks and APCs allow the commander to take control of the turret to quickly snap to a target, rather than having to describe where the gunner needs to look. Arma doesn't allow for this by default This mods allows a commander to temporarily override their gunner to snap to a target. This feature is enabled for all vehicles by default, see the documentation section for how to disable it for certain vehicles. FEATURES: - Allows a commander to force the turret of their vehicle to look a certain way - Works for AI, Players or Empty vehicles - Fully signed - Works for modded vehicles - Config-based disable - CBA Keybind (Default ALT+T) Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=2569680970
  10. I got a BTR from a custom mod. It has the same 'gunnerOpticsModel' as the vanilla 'Marid' but it doesnt show the bearing. What do I have to change to make the bearing visible for my custom vehicle? Here is how it looks from the custom vehicle: https://imgur.com/a/606cnY2 config.cpp: And here is how I need it to look like: https://imgur.com/a/026bpR3 config.cpp:
  11. I've been trying my best to get a script to work which allows a server to detect players within a specific vehicle. Here are the versions I've tested. They do not work on a dedicated server though. 1: {_x in object} count (playableUnits) == {alive _x} count (playableUnits); 2: _allPlayers = call BIS_fnc_listPlayers; {_x in object} count (_allPlayers) == {alive _x} count (_allPlayers); 3: {_x in object} count (allPlayers) == {alive _x} count (allPlayers); 4: ( {alive _x && !(_x in object)} count allPlayers ) == 0 I'm terrible at scripting but I try my best to understand. If you have a fix that is great, though I'd love to know how I messed up and how to improve for the future. :)
  12. I'm looking for a way to stop a specific vehicle from being able to be blown up. I want the hull and engine to be invincible, so that the vehicle won't explode when hit, but the wheels should still be vulnerable so that it can still be disabled, just not destroyed/blown up. I'm looking for this to be achieved within the vehicles init field, or via an external script. The reason I want this to be possible is because I don't want a simple vehicle respawn in my mission like I have now. I want to punish players for getting a vehicle blown up, making them have to airlift the damaged vehicle back to base where it can be repaired (I don't need help with the airlift or repairs I've got that covered, just need help on making the vehicles hull and engine invulnerable.) Are there any scripts out there which can help me a achieve this? I was looking into the "SetHit" functionality etc but I am a total noob when it comes to scripting. To be completely honest with you I'd love for someone to figure this out for me as I really don't have a lot of time to dedicate to testing and playing about with things myself
  13. I want vehicles to have more smoke screens. I can add more smoke screen magazines with addMagazineTurret: _vehicle = vehicle player; _vehicle addMagazineTurret ["SmokeLauncherMag",[0,0],1]; // adds one smoke screen magazine containing two smoke screens However, it takes a minute to reload the smoke launcher. A full minute! That's way too long. setWeaponReloadingTime does NOTHING. (The wiki straight up telling lies at this point) _vehicle setWeaponReloadingTime [commander (_vehicle), currentMuzzle (commander (_vehicle)), 0.1]; I've tried using loadMagazine to manually reload. Guess what is does NOTHING. If you use up all your smoke rounds and then add more with addMagazineTurret There is no way to reload smokes. How am I meant to create a script that reloads all smokes if loadMagazines just doesn't work. _vehicle loadMagazine [[0,0], "SmokeLauncher", "SmokeLauncherMag"]; I'm in a really bad mood. I had a great idea for a mod, checked out the API, looked like I could achieve what I wanted but for some reason the smoke launcher is janky and half the commands just don't work for it. So yeah if someone has a way to get the smoke launcher to actually respond to commands I'd be grateful but I'm not holding my breath. Looks like the smoke launcher is hardcoded to be jank.
  14. This addon is to make driving in Arma more realistic to give players new driving experience. V3.00 Introduction: For players who are first time try this mod, pls turn on "test mode" switch in the addon option.Surface type and vehicle inclination angle will be shown on screen per 1 second. Then drive some vanilla cars in vanilla maps to build a preliminary understanding of BI's default surface types in maps. After that, Set up VRsurface bump param and VRsurface wheel/damage param in addon option. Then open SP scenario and play Realistic_Driving_Terrains VR mission to test other functions on the test mission. Reference video: 1. Steep Slope effect function: (can be turned on/off in addon option) A script checks vehicle's tilt angle vertical per second and will be triggered when the angle is over a certain degree to make vehicle hard to control. Trigger angle is 25 degree by default. ( Trigger inclination angle changeable in addon option) 25 degrees is based on many vehicle materials that I have read in reality. If tilt angle vertical > 25, the mass of vehicle will be 3.5 times by its original mass . (this value changeable in addon option) When < 25 degree, the effect will cancel automatically. Vehicles will be hard to control on steep slope, and fall off the extremely steep slope and cliff, with this function. 2. Off road bump function (can be turned on/off in addon option) This function adds a force in a controllable random range to the Z axis of car chassis repeatedly. It is triggered whenever you are driving off road above the trigger speed. (default trigger speed is 10km/h, changeable in addon option.) The bump frequency is positive correlation with speed. (implemented by script) Magnitude of the force is in a controllable randomly range. (coefficient changeable in addon options) Magnitude of the force is related to different surface type (surface relating coefficient changeable in addon options) Same as in reality, wheeled vehicles bumps more than Tracked vehicles. (implemented by script) Also the more wheels your car have and the longer you car wheelbase is, the less bumpy your car will be. (implemented by script) 3. Track and wheels damage while over speed off road driving (can be turned on/off in addon option) This function checks the off road speed of your vehicle and damage the tires/tracks when off road driving over the trigger speed. The damage level is positive correlation with speed. (implemented by script) The damage level is negative correlation with type of wheel (light, medium heavy wheel, easy to tell by visual in game) . (implemented by script) Default off road damage trigger speed is 55 km/h. (changeable in addon option) Damage level coefficient is changeable in addon option. Different surface type damage coefficient is changeable in addon option. 4. Enhanced fall off damage (can be turned on/off in addon option) A script checks the vehicle acceleration at z-axis of vehicle per 0.33 second and damage the engine if acceleration is over a certain value. Default trigger acceleration is 10 m/s^2 , equally freely fall from 5 meters height. The damage level is positive correlation with height vehicle fall from. Damage level coefficient changeable in addon option. 5. AI driver speed limit function (can be turned on/off in addon option) This function makes AI drivers drive below a certain speed (55km/h default, changeable in addon option) while off road driving. This is to make AI drivers drive do not trigger damage, bump or both, depending on the AI driver speed limit, the bump trigger speed and the damage trigger speed that you set up in addon option. 6. Friction parameter of surfaces , brake force parameter , vehicle offroad ability parameter tweaked. Friction parameter of surfaces and roads are tweaked to be closer to reality. Vehicles' brake force parameter are tweaked to be closer to reality. vehicle offroad mobility parameter are tweaked to be closer to reality. 7. Players can change center of mass of vehicles. May useful for drifting purpose. (default off, can be set up in addon option) Supported Maps: MUST READ BELOW PARAGRAPH !!! Steep slope, fall off damage, AI speed limt, center of mass function support all maps. Bump function and damage function will theoretically support most maps. There is some fuzzy recognition surface type code in this addon for keywords like "grass , forest, ..." in the surface type names of a map. If you use #1 in a certain map but didn't work, then try #2 instead. If still don't work, leave a message to tell me the map name, I will make compat . Friction tweak function will only support listed maps because friction parameters has to be tweak one by one in config.cpp. WARNING!!! DO NOT load both #1 and #2 at same time when running game. Main package #1 Fully support Vanilla maps and CUP maps, Chernarus 2020, Kunduz Afghanistan , Project Buckler , X-Cam_Taunus, Chernobylzone, Rosche, Lingor / Dingor , Beketov, Bornholm, Tilos, Ryderwood, Kerama, Abramia, Panthera, Nam2, Pulau, Kobbvatn, Pecher, Bozcaada, Diyala. Will alos support most maps with traditional surfacetype names. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2363837768 Extend map compat #2 Fully support Vanilla maps and CUP maps, Chernarus 2020, Lythium , Anizay , Kujari ,Unsung, Face of war, Virolahti, Fallujah, CLA CLAFGHAN, Vinjesvingenc, Summa, VT5, Hellanmaa, Wake Island, Ruha, Northern Fronts Will alos support most maps with traditional surfacetype names. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2423158675 Supported Vehicles: All Vehicles , both vanilla and non-vanilla. RHS vehicles optimized compat ( will work after #1 OR #2 loaded , but not both) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2404140256 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2404131877 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2402988131 CUP vehicles optimized compat ( will work after #1 OR #2 loaded , but not both) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2400962183 Known issues: not yet. Road map (v3.00++): 1. Compat with ALL completed maps with realistic background in ArmA 3 steam workshop. Will be a long-term project.
  15. Hi all, I'm frequently scripting around BI modules overriding. I scripted some "multiple bombs" + "napalm" CAS for thus who knows MGI tactical pack addon. Today, I'd like to share a little script if you would like to drop a car (any vehicle) instead of a crate. Place a BI support module (virtual drop). It should work also with a real support. Not tested. Name it. Don't forget the BI support requester, sync modules as usual. In the BI module, write all vehicle types you want (helicopter classes existing in your cfgVehicles); In my example, as I'm fond of UNSUNG: ["uns_ach47_m200","uns_ch47_m60_army"] and this remark: the APEX V44 Blackfish ("B_T_VTOL_01_armed_F") is a plane but you can use it for faster drop! add what you want in the crate init, for example, I like to signal the crate with smoke/flare and add virtual arsenal on it: [_this,{ _this addAction ["<t color='#ffff11'>Arsenal</t>", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal},nil,10,false,true,"", ""]} ] remoteExec ["call"]; _flare = if (sunOrMoon <0.5) then [{"F_20mm_Yellow"},{"smokeShellYellow"}]; _fumi = _flare createvehicle getPosATL _this; _fumi attachTo [_this,[0,0,-2]]; Remark: this code is for standard drop of a crate, but will be overridden with vehicle code. add a simple calling code in the Vehicle init of the module (here vehicle is the helicopter, not the parcel!): _this spawn MGI_fnc_dropVeh with the following remark: I use to compile sqf in init.sqf: MGI_fnc_dropVeh = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "MGI_fnc_dropVeh.sqf"; (You can also directly execVM it, writing _this execVM "MGI_fnc_dropVeh.sqf" in vehicle init of the module). Now, the sqf code: MGI_fnc_dropVeh.sqf: Last version 03rd/08/18 _veh = _this; if !(_veh isKindOf "uns_ach47_m200") exitWith {}; comment "choose the helicopter class you want for car drop, the other ones will drop simple crates."; _home = getpos _this; _grpVeh = group _veh; sleep 3; _currentwpt = [_grpVeh, currentWaypoint _grpVeh]; _currentwptPos = waypointPosition _currentwpt; _currentwptdesc = waypointDescription _currentwpt; deleteWaypoint _currentwpt; _wpt = _grpVeh addWaypoint [_currentwptPos,0]; _wpt setWaypointDescription _currentwptdesc; _wpt setWaypointStatements ["TRUE", " if (isServer) then { [this, this getVariable 'BIS_SUPP_supportRunCoords', 'B_Parachute_02_F', 'B_MRAP_01_hmg_f', this getVariable 'BIS_SUPP_selectedModule'] spawn { _pilot = _this select 0; _wpPos = _this select 1; _chuteType = _this select 2; _crateType = _this select 3; _crateCode = compile ""[_this,{_this addAction ['Arsenal',{['Open',true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal},nil,10,false,true,'', '']}] remoteExec ['call']; _flare = if (sunOrMoon <0.5) then [{'F_20mm_Yellow'},{'smokeShellYellow'}]; _fumi = _flare createvehicle getPosATL _this; _fumi attachTo [_this,[0,0,-2]]""; comment 'optional remove the _crateCode line if you dont want an arsenal'; _oldDist = _pilot distance _wpPos; while {_oldDist >= _pilot distance _wpPos} do { _oldDist = _pilot distance _wpPos; sleep 0.1 }; _pilot setVariable ['BIS_SUPP_supporting', FALSE]; _chute = createVehicle [_chuteType, [100, 100, 200], [], 0, 'FLY']; _chute setPos [position _pilot select 0, position _pilot select 1, (position _pilot select 2) - 50]; _crate = createVehicle [_crateType, position _chute, [], 0, 'NONE']; vehicle _pilot setVariable ['MGI_crate',_crate,true]; _crate call _crateCode; comment 'to be removed also, if the _crateCode line is removed above.'; _crate attachTo [_chute, [0, 0, 0]]; waitUntil {position _crate select 2 < 3 || isNull _chute}; detach _crate; _chute setVelocity [0,5,0]; vehicle _pilot setVariable ['MGI_crate',nil,true]; }; }; "]; _grpVeh setCurrentWaypoint _wpt; _wp2 = _grpVeh addWaypoint [_home, 0]; _wp2 setWaypointType "Move"; _wp2 setWaypointBehaviour "SAFE"; _wp2 setWaypointStatements ["TRUE", "vehicle this land 'LAND'"]; _veh land "none"; waitUntil {!isnil {_veh getVariable "MGI_crate"}}; sleep 60; {deleteVehicle _x} forEach crew _veh; deleteVehicle _veh; Hope you'll have fun with that. An adapted version is now included in the MGI advanced Modules addon.
  16. Looking to get skins for the Blackhawk, Chinook, Little Bird, and MI-8 done. Will gladly arrange payment for work provided as our community has pooled a good amount of funds for our unit to have their own vehicle skins. Would also like to get ground vics done but air assets are the priority here.
  17. Tire-deflation vehicle immobilization devices based on vanilla mines for vehicle detection. Talon Spike Net A large net covering the roadway with spikes to hold the tires, wrapping around the axle to immobilize the vehicle without other damage or injuring the occupants. Single-use. Work-In-Progress Features Remote deploy dispenser Stinger Spike Strip: Light rigid spike strip that punctures tires to impede vehicles. Multi-use. Links Steam Workshop GitHub
  18. This script allows you to change camouflage and component via GUI. VAM supports most of vanilla vehicles even mod vehicles. You can apply custom textures by making exceptions. Known issue - Some components are linked each other. It's not VAM's limitation. - Some components aren't compatible each other. It's not VAM's limitation. - Some vehicles don't have default customizing value. Reset will not work in that case. Installation 1. Put VAM_GUI folder on your mission folder. 2. Put stringtable.xml or copy & paste contents to your stringtable.xml. 3. Add this to init.sqf. [] execVM "VAM_GUI\VAM_GUI_init.sqf"; 4. Add this to description.ext. #include "VAM_GUI\defines.hpp" #include "VAM_GUI\VAM_GUI_controls.hpp" #include "VAM_GUI\VAM_GUI_classes.hpp" Option - In VAM_GUI_init.sqf, you can enable multiple check systems. (Near repair vehicle, In certain marker area, Near KP Liberation FOB area) Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PmzgAoIbtwWXLXpTbVxl8G9dEOfgGo32 (Two version is now merged.) Changelog It's my first GUI creation. It's not perfect but usable. If you have any problem, please reply on here.
  19. Update 19-NOV-18: Update 07-OCT-18: Alpha Release expected soon. Info here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/21916890 Update 14-MAY-18: Formerly titled "Vehicles and Gear Inspired by GI Joe" Update 26-Aug-18: New videos added to the YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ContingentCG Update 26-APR-18: Due to viewer requests I have started a Patreon for this project. https://www.patreon.com/Rooster3D. Small update. 05-MAR-18 Title of discussion thread changed in order to avoid policy conflicts. If you were looking for the older thread name and found this one, this is not new. It's merely renamed. Update! 22-JAN-18: Here's another video for you all featuring the FANG helicopter. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update! 20-OCT-17: I've changed the name of this thread to encompass more assets and reflect on the whole mod focus, and I have a new video to show. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original post: Hey everyone! I just wanted to share some footage of part of the mod I'm working on. I packaged it up into an informative and entertaining video for you all. Right now it's a vehicle mod, but I intend to release some soldier gear and possibly some environmental objects. There's some (necessary) descriptive narration in the beginning, but the video gets more interesting after about 2 minutes.
  20. I've confirmed that "mainTurret" is the correct name of the animation that rotates the turret with getText (_turretConfig >> "animationSourceBody"); So this shoud insantly rotate the turret 90 degrees to the right, right? _tank = vehicle player; _tank animateSource ["mainTurret", rad 90, true]; The player is in the commanding position, other crew positions are filled. The turret stays stubbornly immobile. As usual Arma 3 gives absolutely no error messages. I can workaround using doWatch and triggernometry, but I feel it would be better to use the animateSource, right? // untested pseudo code _deg = 50; _radius = 100; gunner _vehicle doWatch ([getPos _vehicle,[_radius * cos(_deg),_radius * sin(_deg),0]] call addToArray ); // makes the gunner watch 50 degrees when placed in an infinite while loop so as the vehicle moves the watch point moves.
  21. If you look under controls>movement, 1 selects weapons group 1, 2 selects weapons group 2...4 selects weapons group 4. There is no mention of selecting a weapons group 5. Which leads me to the conclusion that there can only be 4 weapons per turret?
  22. I can get an array of units onboard a vehicle: fullCrew _vehicle; How do I get the weapon each unit is controlling? I tried currentWeapon but that returns the unit's rifle that he's carrying. I tried currentMuzzle and that has more success. It does return the current muzzle of the vehicle weapon the unit is controlling! How do I turn that into the class name of the weapon, rather than the muzzle? Not sure if possible. You can get the muzzles a weapon can have from the config but I don't think you can get the weapon a muzzle belongs to. Grateful for any ideas, maybe I can get all the weapons of a vehicle, and then find out which unit is using what weapon? Can we do it that way round? Just want an array of all weapons aboard a vehicle and what unit is using what. Remember there can be more than one weapon per turret path! If anyone's interested I'm making a HUD mod that gives a better overview of what a vehicle's crewmates are doing. And what weapon is selected by who is very useful in the case of AI crewmates or beginner human crewmates. Thank you
  23. _veh = vehicle player; _turretPaths = [[-1]] + allTurrets _veh; _turretConfigs = [_veh, configNull] call BIS_fnc_getTurrets; _array = []; { _array append [getText (_x >> "gunnerName")] } forEach _turretConfigs; I can get all the names of a vehicle's positions through using the getText function as demonstrated above. That's great, but how can I get the turret path / cargo index AND its name name? I was hoping I could do something like this: _paths = []; _names = []; { _names append [getText (_x >> "gunnerName")]; _paths append [getText (_x >> "gunnerPath")]; } forEach _turretConfigs; gunnerPath is pseudo code and obviously doesn't work. But can I write something else to get the position's turret path / cargo index? I'm trying to create an array of all of a vehicle's position's names AND each position's turret path / cargo index. For example, passenger left seat 2 would look like this: (it's name and then its cargo index) ["Passenger Left Seat 2",[6]]; The commander turret would look like this: (it's name and then its cargo index) ["Commando",[0,0]]; I want to do this to help with an AI overhaul I'm making. It would be very useful to have every named position and it's path linked logically in a datastructure like this.
  24. With a script, how can I run the "To Commander's Seat" command? I want to move the player to the commanders seat when a key is pressed, rather than use the mouse wheel player moveInCommander vehicle player; I thought this command would do it but this moves the player into the vehicle as the commander. Any ideas on how I could get the player to move to the commander's seat FROM another seat? Is was hoping there would be a moveToCommander command but unfortunately not. Any ideas? Is there a way to active the action wheel with a script and trigger the To Commander's Seat action with a script?
  25. Hello everyone, I'd like to ask for some help with an addon that I've been working on. I have to mention that it's a bit heartbreaking to me personally - I've spent my last month preparing it and learning a lot of new things only so that I can submit it for the "Art of War" contest, and so that people could enjoy this asset in their scenarios in the base game. Sadly, I've run into too many issues and didn't manage to finish it on time, but figured I'll at least learn from it, maybe I'll just release it to the workshop as a mod at some point. Basically, I've made a casket model. Just to showcase quickly what I'm talking about: As you can see, I've put an awful amount of work to make all the details I wanted (also, poly count is like 3k on 0.00 resolution LOD so don't worry about all them creases). The casket spawns properly (apart from minor issues with tweaking the rvmat's specularity/smoothness) and looks rather nice. My actions which were supposed to open the door also work. However, I didn't want to make it just a static map asset - I wanted to give this casket a "cargo", so that you can place units inside - either for funeral scenes, or for scenarios involving sneaking people in coffins. This, I didn't manage to get to work. So first of all, to achieve this I made a custom player animation: Which worked well in the animation viewer, but when I loaded the mod and tried doing literally anything in the game, the whole animation cycle was broken. I was even following a tutorial on how to place custom cargo animations in the game, but somehow, for me, it wouldn't work of course. The result was - characters being stuck in T-pose halfway through the ground, civillians running sideways when asked to go forward, also T-Pose when interacting with Inventory. Here's the config. class CfgMovesBasic { class Actions; class DefaultDie; class ManActions { CasketCargo = "CasketCargo"; }; }; class CfgMovesMaleSdr : CfgMovesBasic { class States { class Crew; class CasketCargo_dead : DefaultDie { file = "\casket\anim\CasketCargo.rtm"; }; class CasketCargo : Crew { file = "\casket\anim\CasketCargo.rtm"; interpolateTo[] = {"CasketCargo_dead",1}; }; }; }; Any idea what went wrong here? I've tried to edit this configuration in a thousand different ways too, none of them worked. I also gave the casket some "transport cargo" so that you can transport items inside, which could be also quite useful for some scenarios, and thankfully that worked well, at least. Here is the config for the casket itself: class CfgVehicles { class Thing; class Casket_Base : Thing { displayName = "Casket"; author = "Vestarr"; scope = 0; cost = 0; weight = 60; simulation = "thing"; mapSize = 0.9; accuracy = 1; destrType = "DestructNo"; waterLeakiness = 0.1; maximumLoad = 500; transportSoldier = 1; transportMaxWeapons = 5; transportMaxMagazines = 10; cargoAction[] = {"CasketCargo"}; cargoIsCoDriver[] = {0}; castCargoShadow = 1; hideWeaponsCargo = 1; cargoCanEject = 0; memoryPointsGetInCargo = "cargo_action"; memoryPointSupply = "cargo_action"; supplyRadius = 2; side = 4; vehicleClass = "Objects"; maxSpeed = 0; class UserActions { class OpenTorsoDoor { displayName = "Open Torso Door"; position = "cargo_action"; radius = 3; onlyForPlayer = 0; condition = "true"; statement = "this animateSource [""open_torso_door"", 1]"; }; class OpenLegsDoor { displayName = "Open Legs Door"; position = "cargo_action"; radius = 3; onlyForPlayer = 0; condition = "true"; statement = "this animateSource [""open_legs_door"", 1]"; }; }; }; class Wooden_Casket : Casket_Base { displayName = "Wooden Casket (Openable)"; scope = 2; model = "\casket\model\casket_wood_openable.p3d"; }; }; I tried experimenting with other Base Classes as well - Car, LandVehicle, etc. but none of them worked. In fact, LandVehicle and Car complained about "submerged" properties missing which I initially added but then abandoned the idea since it just kept giving me more errors about other missing properties. I tried the Car/LandVehicle base class because I thought that maybe it has to inherit from a proper vehicle class to even enable the "Get In Cargo" functionality. From the model perspective, I do have a "cargo_action" point in my Memory LOD, and the 0.00 resolution LOD also contains a cargo proxy. So, my question here I guess is - what went wrong? How can I do it properly in the future? How to avoid doing mistakes like this? As I mentioned - I'm still learning so all this is very new to me, but so far I couldn't find answers to a lot of problems that I found on the way, documentation didn't clarify a lot of things either. I know that there is a ton of community tutorials but how do I know which one provide the knowledge I need? Which ones are legit? They are usually very long and cover very particular examples and it's also very hard to pick the information that I need to learn from them... So if there's anything useful I could do for homework, please let me know. Also, if someone would be so kind to explain one thing to me: How does Geometry LOD know which Components should move during animations? Is there any particular way of assigning them to the components in the resolution LODs? It's been bugging me yesterday a bit but didn't get around to test it. Thanks in advance.