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Found 10 results

  1. Hi. I want to create a Arma 3 exile server with Sahrani as map. But i cant find mission files to build this server upon. Anyone have any info on how to do this or have the files i need ? Found a link in ``Maps - Mission files`` in this forum but it is outdated and don`t work anymore.
  2. Evil's Last Will (Arma 3) Author: Undeceived Version: 1.4 (updated March 20th, 2023) T R A I L E R D E S C R I P T I O N Eliminate a target person and witness how murder and hatred only stoke more fear and death in this land - when evil fulfills its last will. F E A T U R E S A story-driven one-mission-mini-campaign with many objectives, ported from Arma 1 (OFPEC score back in the days: 8 out of 10) Modernized and optimized with Arma 3 features Full voice acting (German) English and German subtitles Thrilling and dark story, set in the deep forests of northern Sahrani Play as a Germany / NATO special forces operator: Infiltrate enemy positions, take out a highly valuable target, try to help local resistance forces, adapt to harsh circumstances due to missing allied support Cutscenes Custom music Custom main menu design Choose your equipment in the Arsenal, not in the briefing R E Q U I R E M E N T S CUP (Vehicles, Units, Weapons, Maps, Core) CBA (required by CUP) (Steam Workshop link) C H A N G E L O G D O W N L O A D Evil's Last Will v. 1.4 OneDrive Evil's Last Will v. 1.4 Make sure you log out from your 1drv before clicking the link. Otherwise your name shall be known to my 1drv for all eternity. 😲
  3. Let's make Arma Great Again! I have always wanted to do a complete OPFOR or red faction. For nearly 10 years now I have worked Project RACS to build up the Royal Army Corps Sahrani. I continue that work for Arma3 but it has lost a lot of steam with me. My mood for being a loyalist has soured a bit over the years. It is time for a little revolution.....or at least something different. The core of this mod will be based around RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The extension portion will be based round legacy models and contributions provided to me by my wonderful friends in this community. Namely RKSL-Rock, Vilas, and many, many others have contributed to what will be absolutely fantastic. Combine this with support from my friends at RHS this mod will be huge. We are going to do big things here, absolutely wonderful big things. As usual this project will not necessarily be about having the most perfect model, but providing you with a complete playable faction. Plans for the SLA 2017 include.... Regular Army: T-72B, BMP-1, BMP-2, BTR-60, Shilka, SA-6, SA-8, S-60, ZPU-4, ZU-23, D-30, M-46, D-44, SA-13, SA-9, MTLB, MTLB Zu-23, Ural trucks, and various static machine guns and AT weapons, Troops will include Light Regulars, Regulars, Especas, Military Police, as well as crews and officers. Air Force: Mig-23, MiG-27, MiG-28, MiG-21, Su-22, Su-24, Su-25, all with varying loadouts. (hopefully more!!!) Helicopters: Mi-24, Mi-28, Mi-8, Ka-50?? Guards Division:??? BTR-80??? BMD??? T80U??? Idea still fluid.... Navy: Basic patrol/missile/gunboat My basic frame of mind for the current situation on Sahrani..... I have always worked around the lore of the original Arma1 storyboard for Sahrani. An archipelago of islands contested by two governing powers. The end of the Sahrani Civil war and the unification of the island for me was about unifying Sahrani and the immediate islands under the King. The Democratic Republic of Sahrani still exists on the remaining islands they control. That was years ago now. This is a new political climate.... Ideas for missions and campaigns swirl around a coup in the Kingdom and the country destabilizes..... or a UN mandate requires the return of occupied territories to the DRS..... or one of many other ideas that would lead to direct return of SLA troops to the mainland.... whether it be militarization, occupation, or blatant re-invasion.... media
  4. These files published include: 2 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Map Markers Concrete Mixer Radiation Zone Loot Positions https://easyupload.io/87s2e1
  5. Sahrani Liberation Army Soldiers (08-02-2016) Download Vehicles (08-02-2016) Download ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Royal Army Corps of Sahrani Soldiers (08-02-2016) Download Vehicles (08-02-2016) Download ------------------------------------------------------------------------- US Army (Sahrani) Soldiers (08-02-2016) Download Vehicles (08-02-2016) Download ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Sahrani Civil Pack (08-02-2016) Download Sahrani Misc Object Pack (08-02-2016) Download Orlandos Partisans (08-02-2016) Download USMC & Woodland Soldiers (08-02-2016) Download ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specials Sahrani Police Pack (16-02-2016) Download ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SRA control UI (08-02-2016) Download ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Missions and other Modmaker stuff Sahrani Map port by SMD Devs Single Mission Pack 1.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pictures: USA Infantry overview SLA Infantry overview RACS Infantry overview Orlando's Partisans overview imageshack gallery ...pictures also include in the addon files ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: The prefix has changed from KPFS_ to SRA_. Older addons don't compatible. Please delete (03-01-2012) the old SLA/RACS troops files of this mod. The new pack has been updated to A2:OA standards like super rvmats and bagpack feature. The soldiers don't wear bags but they could take and carry them.
  6. Free the Officer Description: This is a remake of a small mission, that I made for ArmA: Armed Assault a long time ago. Back than, it was really simple, as I did’t knew much about mission making, so I thoght it would be nice to create a better one in ArmA 3. My ArmA 2 mission Free the Pilot was also inspired by it. The mission is voice acted, however only by text-to-speech, due to my limited knowledge of russian language. I also used internet translator for it, so it may not be correct. Features: -You play as Russian special sqad and are tasked to liberate a officer, that is being held in an enemy village. -You can select from alot of weapons in the briefing before mission starts. -Custom music, that plays randomly. -Custom notification icons. Instalation: Place the .pbo file into your ArmA 3 directory. Example: C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\Missions Notes: Please report any bugs, if you encouter them. It really helps in improving the mission. Known issues: AIs like to get stuck, in the old buggy Sahrani buildings. Just teamswith to your squad mates, if it happens to them. Requirements: RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation RHS: United States Armed Forces RHS: GREF CUP Terrains Complete Mission is currently broken
  7. Hi, I created this forum, so you can share all your screenshots made using my Sahrani Conflict 2020 addon and discuss stuff around it Enjoy W3ndaF
  8. Steam workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=1655750766 MISSION: The SLA are in town having a meeting at Hotel Sahrani. Get inside the hotel and kill them all. There are a few APCs in the AO and SLA snipers and MGs on top of roofs in the neighboring village - make sure they are taken care of as well. FEATURES: Revive Mobile Respawn No Stamina CQB Combat Dynamic Civilian Life Decorated hotel giving you (and the bad guys) cover REQUIRED MODS: CUP Terrains CUP Units CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles CREDITS: Civilian scripts by Enigma A few scripts from Occupation by BangaBob Settings button by nEXaus Thanks to Yumsum, Porte, Diniz, Bruno & Phil for all their patience in testing.
  9. Hi all, Here is a WARLORD ,CUP oriented scenario, on UnitedSahrani island. You can play in MP only but this scenario is fine on solo MP. You need all CUP mods (+CBA). Recommended addons: Enhanced movements, JSRS sound mod (with some limitations on CUP assets) MGI Tactical pack (for beginners). There are plenty of mission parameters, coming from Warlord or added for: - All AIs in a played leader group can heal and be healed/revived by player or Ais. - you can opt for civilian life , and opt for human bombers also (enemy for reds/blues). - you can opt for weapon loots in houses. - you can mark unconscious and/or dead units. There are some enemy areas, all the map. So be cautious when you plan a path to next sector. Have fun! on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1604493442 Pbo for servers: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eaeg7n34fkiwdl9/SAHRANI_WARLORDS.sara_dbe1.pbo?dl=0
  10. First Infantry Division The First Infantry Division Unit was established in early-2017. The unit is run and managed by veteran ArmA players,and make up about 80% of our unit population. The First Infantry Divison aims to set a new standard among ARMA 3 Realism and Milsim units, by providing a realistic simulation of the Royal Army Corps in Combat and Training Operations within ARMA 3. Our Definition of Realism and Military Simulation Our approach to realism and milsim is, effectively, a non-bullshit approach. Members will be subjected to a professional attitude, becoming of a soldier of the Royal Army Corps , is expected of all members, and we expect all members to take operations and training's seriously. The Realism and Milsim aspect is displayed and perfected through how we act and interact as players within ARMA 3. This is a very complicated and in-depth topic that a book could easily be written about, so here is a summarized breakdown. When an individual joins the 1ID, he/she is put through a short and simple introductory course known as Recruit Training. This course bears similarities to the entry-level Basic Combat Training course utilized by the real US Armed Forces, but has been adapted by our unit to fit our needs within ARMA 3. Upon graduation of RT, said individual is assigned to the active-duty 1ID unit under their desired ASC. This could be the Infantry, structured after actual USMC infantry battalion organization ; or Medical Staff, who are attached to every infantry Squad and Platoon within the unit. Once assigned to a unit, said individual will be expected to participate in three main events: weekly Drill, Field Training Exercises, and Combat Operations.The composition of these events, and the manner in which we conduct them, makes the 1ID a Realism and Military Simulation unit - and an outstanding one. Interested in joining the First Infantry Division of the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani? Please make sure you meet the following requirements. At least 16 years of age. (No exceptions) Own a valid copy of ARMA 3. Have a functioning microphone of acceptable quality. Have a valid copy of Teamspeak 3. Be willing and able to install custom content for use in ARMA 3. Agreeable to all of the rules and regulations of the 1ID Available to attend multiple events on a regular basis and maintain activity within the unit. What we offer: 1 ARMA 3 Servers running a variety of missions available for use by members with the proper supervision. Game modifications that enhance the ARMA 3 experience and create a truly unique and realistic experience. ARMA 3 Tech Support Team for any mod issues. Unit counselors who are happy to help with any real-life issues that you may need advice for. A competent command made up of Veteran ArmA player's who shape and manage the unit, keeping it on par with standards. A mature, team-based, friendly group of players. Enlist today! Website: TBA Teamspeak 3 Address: Questions & Answers What can I apply for? What can I do? The IID offers several combat - or primary ASC - (Army Selection Code) and a myriad of Secondary ASC to choose from. Here are our active ASCs. 1130 Infantryman 122 Communications 366 Aviation 840 Medical