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Found 7 results

  1. Myself, along with a few others have been trying to figure out the best way to increase the amount of factions in the Campaign game mode, instead of it being limited (such as in the image below), to the typical BLUFOR, OPFOR and INDFOR factions. As seen here, there is only a maximum of three units, BLUFOR, OPFOR and then the last being INDFOR, which is mainly used for AI. Now, we done some investigating, trying to figure out ways around this, one idea we had was to simply duplicate all of the scripts used to make the Campaign function, but this would involve amending many files and adjusting class names. Another workaround we had was to just create a new Scenario using the ScenarioFramework but how hard would it be to build up a lot of the functionality found in Campaign into another scenario. We done some more digging on the script side of the Campaign and discovered we could just use the modded keyword (as seen below) but we ran into many issues, furthermore, it becomes difficult having to do this for so many files whilst making sure that everything is working together correctly. modded class SCR_GameModeCampaign : SCR_BaseGameMode { [Attribute("Insert value 1", category: "Campaign")] protected FactionKey m_sEXTRA1FactionKey; [Attribute("Insert value 2", category: "Campaign")] protected FactionKey m_sEXTRA2FactionKey; [Attribute("Insert value 3", category: "Campaign")] protected FactionKey m_sEXTRA3FactionKey; } We're really just looking for some guidance on this for someone who is experienced within this area of the game. If other details are needed, I will respond ASAP.
  2. Good day to you soldiers! I am after a team of people to aid me in programme/scripting, altering, map creation and passing around ideas to create a new game mode for Arma III multiplayer. When playing Arma III multiplayer, you never take into consideration the limits of what factions can provide in real life, so I have came up with an idea for a full scale war between CSAT and NATO fighting over Altis with AAF forces stuck in the middle, though rather than the normal game modes on Arma III, I wish to put together a new game mode concentrating on a more strategic approach with a hierarchy on each side, and a currency system which can increase and decrease depending on your logistics teams collecting resources, and if you were to cause collateral damage. The war if won by logistics, not by brute force. I envisage a server of approx. 150/180 players, (60 each for NATO & CSAT and 30 [maybe 60] for AAF) on the server at one time, (BIG MATCH) and as it will be a tournament it will last over a few - six hour days from 1600 to 2359 GMT with a list of rules and requirements, and to negate the risk of non-committed players entering the tournament the server will be locked and only accessible to vetted (kinda) players. Each team will consist of a hierarchy system having one Officer in Command (OC) and his four Commanding Officers (CO's), each CO will be responsible for a quarter of the forces and split between logistics, ground offence, air offence and defence. These 5 will need to keep in constant communication to place orders with logistics, set up defences around FOBs and place minefields, call in airstrikes, and advance the line. Hierarchy & Team layout Officer in Command Confirms/denies orders and procurement of resources, the naysayer of the faction. Only person to speak to the 'Umpire' Logistics Officer Normally have ~11 people under his command (inc. officer, Sgt, 2xCpls, 7x soldiers) Responsible for placing orders of manpower, vehicles, equipment, base equipment etc Collecting resources from around Altis Defence Officer Normally have ~9 people under his command (inc. officer, Sgt, 2xCpls, 5x soldiers) Responsible for installing base defences and setting up FOBs Places down minefields [must keep track of all mines placed and sent to OC] Ground offence Officer Normally have ~38 people under his command (inc. 2xOfficers, 6xSgt,4Cpls,23xSoldiers, 3xCrew Responsible for pushing and disrupting enemy operations Air Offence Officer Normally have ~4 personnel (Officer and 3xPilots) Resources and research There are two types of resources, energy which can be acquired from the wind and solar farms around Altis, and oil that is found at all the petrol/gas stations, each resource returned to your carrier, base or FOBs will be counted by at the end of the game, these will be 'sold' granting additional money for the next day, as well as the bonus expenses, you will also gain favour from your investors which in turn increases the amount they will offer at the beginning of each day. Research can be found at 3 different labs(each have 5x documents), 4 airfields and 4 disused military bases (each have the possibility of having 1x documents) which once returned to the carrier or base can be used to climb the tech tree to have the option of more advanced kit, weapons and vehicles. These are less prominent then large cargo containers and oil drums, the documents will be hidden somewhere in plain sight in structures (much like DAYZ loot). All resources and research will spawn every hour, unless not already taken from marked locations (meaning they will not accumulate if not collected) Logistics With the money gained from resources and investors, the OC and CO's must come up with an order form consisting of how many personnel, weapons, vehicles, defences, etc in which I have done a little research and found the real life equivalent of in game items and their costs, no where near accurate (and this is where I need opinions from a team of people) but still looks like it would make you think when sending in your F-181 which costs ~£72,000,000 and a pilot which costs ~£10,000,000 (over 82% of the investors money alone) into a risky, SAM infested, area, or would it be better to send two squads and 2 APCs which would be approx. £6,500,000. AGAIN numbers aren't 100% accurate but it makes you think twice from a logistical stand point. Everything is priced from 5.56 rounds, a spec ops member with his sniper, to the M5 Scorcher and each individual missile. It will be difficult to overlook every piece of logistics but there will be people out there (including myself) to play a more logistical role in helping the team win by accumulating money and spending it in the right places, as a team. This is just the tip of the iceberg on what I have done so far, so if there is someone out there who would be willing to help out with the scripting especially but other help is most welcome then please let me know, if you wish to know more on this 'project' then let me know and I can show you many many Excel sheets and PowerPoints. Mike Discord: Ravenclaw#5221
  3. Click Here to read the same information in google docs: CLICK HERE Development Status: Early Development We are currently recruiting more developers and staff if you think you have what it takes to join The Fallen team join our discord and sign up. What is fallen? Brief Game mode description Arma 3 The Fallen is a PvE / PvP game mode inspired by Tom Clancy's The Division being developed by the Arma 3 The Fallen team. It is set in a fictional city using Midtown Manhattan's city road layout, in the aftermath of a virus escaping a lab; the player, also known as an agent employed by the United States armed forces, is tasked with helping to try to fight to take back the city from enemy ai factions and combat criminal activity in its wake. The Fallen is structured with elements of role-playing games, as well as cooperative and player versus player online multiplayer, there are no cars or transport; the only way of getting around is by foot. Gameplay Arma 3 The Fallen is an action role-playing game (RPG) mode set in an open world mid-crisis city with destructible environments that can be freely explored by the players. The player's mission is to restore order by gearing up and fighting the factions trying to take over the city. The player can carry three weapons, and explosives like sticky bombs and mines and handheld throwables to fight against enemies, The game mode is played from a third-person perspective. As players progress, they earn Fallen Credits. They can use this in-game currency to buy weapons and gear, and use the Credits to learn perks. You can progress through tier levels to get better perks. The player's gear is categorized into seven levels of rarity and commonality: worn, standard, specialized, superior, high-end, gear set items or the rarer exotic items. Gear can be either bought with credits at the vendors, or found as in-game loot, or crafted from gathered blueprints. There are 3 perk tier categories these are Medical, Security, and Tech. By battling AI and players, completing tasks and objectives this grants the player credits which the player can spend to gain access to new perks and more XP meaning they can fight harder and better AI and higher perk tiered and level players easier, the higher your player level the more chance you have of getting better gear, guns and rarities.The game mode features a dynamic weather system which may bring benefits or disadvantages to players. For instance, storms and mist can hinder a player's visibility and make aiming difficult. The game will also feature a day-night cycle which can change the aggressiveness of the ai in the game. PVE The core gameplay of The fallen is Player vs Environment. The Agents will go against AI Factions. These Factions are split into Tier systems of how dangerous they are (1 is the easiest). Each faction has identifiable gear and items on them and different factions will give you various loot and monetary rewards for killing them. All factions will immediately be hostile towards the player upon seeing them. Some of the AI factions will require help from friends due to number or difficulty. There are 2 player hubs and 7 safe houses throughout the world, these are where you will get missions. Missions are the best way to get rewards and content and give you the highest chances of rewards as you are helping the populace The main hub is where you will respawn when you die and is considered to be the central hub of the world, often most missions will send you through or back here, the hub is a good location to talk to players and try and set up a group. Groups We have no player factions, every player is a part of the Agency, instead, players can form groups, these groups are run by their group leader and it is up to them what tasks and areas they operate in. PVP/Dark Agents In the Fallen zone agents can decide to go rogue otherwise known as going dark. This is the PvP element of the game mode. These agents are marked on the map and can be killed for a reward but also kill other players for their gear and gain the reward. Dark agents are the most extreme and dangerous ways of getting rewards and gear and are one of the hardest methods on the server for gaining gear. Fallen Zone The Fallen zone is where the virus first spread and is the most hit area, thus this area is extremely dangerous. At Fallen Zone 9 Also known as FZ-9 of the Fallen zone is the lab where the virus was created and is one of the most dangerous locations in the game. A Lot of equipment and people were left in this zone as the military tried to gain a foothold and stop the spread of the virus. This area is where a lot of high-end weapons were left behind when the military fell back beyond the quarantine wall because of the increased violence and infection rates in this area. Specialist equipment must be worn to even enter the Fallen zone... Better quality items can be found within the Fallen Zone, but are considered "contaminated"; contaminated loot can be stolen by other players and must be flown out via helicopter in order for them to be available to the player after they leave the Fallen Zone. Players can be accompanied by other friendly agents, however, anyone can turn against each other at any moment, this is called going dark. Players credits may drop if they die too often in the zone. Backstory The year is 2020 a supervirus escaped a lab when there was a massive gas leak leading to an explosion; most of the specimens were contained or were killed by the scorching heat of the flames...but this supervirus escaped the flames through survivors using their bodies as a trojan horse and incubator to ravage through the host’s body, through the flames and into the city population, this supervirus was phage and antibiotic-resistant and ravaged through the population of the city within 14 hrs of infecting patient zero of this viral epidemic, this supervirus was highly infectious and caused symptoms of coughing, sneezing, sweating, viral rash and major respiratory problems leading to lung collapsation. The supervirus was known as the Neo-Virus named after the lab called Neo Virology Laboratories that was based in the part of the city we now call the fallen zone, this virus caused widespread chaos, and the city was placed under quarantine. The U.S. Government activated sleeper agents in the population, they are tasked with restoring order in the city. They combat criminal groups, such as the Rioters, common street thugs who generally want to take advantage of the quarantine, and the Cleaners these are insane City Sanitation workers who wield flamethrowers and believe everyone is infected, You even fight blacked agents who have gone insane after witnessing the chaos and destruction caused during the breakdown of order following the initial outbreak. You also can fight an ai faction called "Darked Suppressors" (DS) that were originally the front line against the darkness that swallowed this fallen city, a blacked private military company that was abandoned by the government during the evacuation, and are now hostile to it. A Fallen Zone is a place that has been left behind and fallen into chaos. This is where the lab was and there is evidence of the damage and how badly the supervirus hit this area of the city, the government walled this part of the city off as a last-ditch effort to keep the infection contained, It’s your job to survive and help the city get back on its feet, will you be the hero or turn your back on your people.. let’s find out! Factions During the short period of this disaster, groups have formed into factions. Most factions within the zone are enemy factions but some factions are friendly or neutral to our cause and will help us during firefights or even give us supply, shelter and gear. Civilians You will have AI civilians walking around the map, some may have missions so make sure to go up to them and check as they have good rewards. Enemy Factions The following are the most prevalent enemy factions, these are the ones that are the most dangerous to us or we know where they are. Cleaners The cleaners are an enemy faction that wants to kill the virus by burning everything...but they believe everyone is infected and won't stop at anything to burn everyone and everyone to death! Darkness Suppressors ( DS ) "Darked Suppressors" (DS) that were originally the front line against the darkness that swallowed this fallen city, a blacked private military company that was abandoned by the government during the evacuation, and are now hostile to it. Looters Looters are AI that attacks people for their loot, they only care about their own survival in this world and will do anything they can to benefit themselves for a higher chance of survival. Dark Agents Dark agents are an ai faction of Agents that have gone dark and are now trying to gain power in the city. More factions to be added! Connection Information Discord
  4. Intrusion 1.02 Description Engage in this timed sector control battle where all units coordinate fighting, support and strategy in a common effort to capture and hold the key winner’s location when the battle ends! Philosophy The philosophy behind this game mode is to create some fun cooperating and TvT gameplay by balancing the imaginary slider between gaming (strafe jumps and hot action) and reality (strategy, losses and waiting times) at a good position somewhere in the middle. Further, it aims to offer good gameplay for the lone player just trying to find a server for some evening gameplay, as well as for friends who whants to join, and even leagues fighting each other. This game is meant to attract players that have some patience and the ability to feel rewarded by doing a bit of good military work before getting the ”ah” feeling of seing their targets getting blown into pieces. Features A Sector Control mission for 1-60 players (that supports SP, COOP and TvT). Capture flags and collect resources to get vehicles and weapons gaining you advantage over your enemy. AI bots can be used to fill up one or both sides, so the feeling of a great battle can be achieved even when you play alone or with just a few of your friends. Easy to get started for beginners. Start capturing the flags, and you will be valuable immediately. It’s also relatively easy to understand the deeper mechanics. It may require a small effort, but it’s all in the briefing. Progressive gameplay. You start out as infantry with standard weapons, but as resources are ticking in, your side will unlock and establish more and more advanced materiel. Fight as an individual. Be strong, do good, and earn higher ranks! Fight as a squad. Team up with friends, share responsibilities, be tactical, help each other out, and earn higher ranks together! Fight as a brigade. Follow the brigade leader’s orders, find a superior strategy, utilize the squads' different abilities, and win the battle together! All squads has a ”profession” (dependent on choice and rank). Like in reality, each squad has one role, and one specialized vehicle assigned that noone else is allowed to use. Download At Armaholic (coming soon) Direct download at OneDrive: Intrusion Malden v1.01, Intrusion Malden v1.02 Intrusion Tanoa v1.02 At Steam Workshop Intrusion Malden Intrusion Tanoa Advice For Best Gameplay Feature rich missions like these run best on dedicated server. Player on hosted server may experience some FPS drop, a bit dependant on number of players and AI in the mission. Code The code for this mission is written entierly in SQX using the TypeSqf Editor. The code is shared at Github. Licence MIT. Dependencies Arma 3. Version History Version 1.02 New Move Base Dialog Rating increase is now "reduced" instead of "blocked" when player respawns/dies etc. Made top screen info appear on one line instead of two. Made rating and rating for next rank visible for players. AI now refuels their vehicles if no human player is on their side. Introducing Intrusion Tanoa. Version 1.01 Added battle locations. Removed AI movement debug information when running locally. Improved the loading screen. Version 1.0. First version. My Other Missions Escape Tanoa by Engima (built on the original Escape Chernarus branch from Arma 2) Operation Shoe Lace Operation Broken Arrow Night in July
  5. In the MP game mode "Commander" you'll play a commander like in "Warlords" but here are just two sides, the NATO vs CSAT & AAF (on Altis & Stratis) ore only NATO vs CSAT (on Tanoa & Malden). You have as commander of your troop fix resources wich you can use (infantry, vehicles) but this depending on the count of towns, villages and strategic important structures they're under the control of your side. It mean, smaller your resources are, smaller your vehicles and count of infantry. In "Commander" also exist a fix command structure, at first the "General" (AI follows a fix scripted plan) who gives orders, at second you and other players (as commander). There are a lot of normal infantry commanders (motorized inf) but also commanders of special groups (with special tasks), commanders of tanks, commanders of artillery, commanders of parts of the air wing, commanders of naval forces and commanders of support and vehicle service. All becomes orders from the "General" but it's on you how you get your goal. Every commander need the others, all units need ammo, fuel, repaire, not every fithing ground of you will be easy to arrive with your resources and not every operation have his fix line of happenings, the other side will try everything to stopp you on your way to the victory. All sides are playable or just one side is playable, but i think the game play will be better when all sides are playable. I would suggest, that also civil losses/causalties can lower the resources of your troop. When you have ideas, write them, i would really like to see that in the future in A3 Vanilla.
  6. Hello guys, let me introduce mod I've been working on for quite some time: Arma Commander is large scale strategy game mode, in which player controls Army Battalion, and captures bases on the island. Player can control his troops from the map, or assume their direct control on the battlefield. Mode can be played in Single Player or Coop against AI Battalion, or in Team vs. Team setup. How to Play - Download from Steam Workshop - Launch Arma with the Mod - Go to Multiplayer -> Server Browser -> Host Server - Select one of the missions called Arma Commander (currently available on Malden only) - (You can go to Params in lobby to change settings of the mission, select battalions fighting the battle, etc.) Game Rules - Request troops of your selection on the battlefield - Attack enemy and empty bases on the map - Each captured base will generate some income to buy reinforcements - Battalion that owns more bases when time runs out is victorious Game Mechanics Requesting units Request new groups by pressing REQUISITION button on map screen. You have to place landing zone and then order new groups. New groups are bought for requisition points. There is limit on how many groups of one type you can request, and there is also limit on simultaneously deployed groups. Taking Control of Groups You can assume direct control of your groups by clicking on 'Switch' button. You will switch into the leader of selected group (if it's not taken by another player), and fight on the batlefield yourself. Only exception are artillery units, which has to be commanded remotely. Resupplying Every group can take losses, run out of ammunition or just lost its transport. For this there is resupply button on group tabs, which will refill the group into its original status. Ammmunition is refilled automatically and reinforcements are dropped on parachute. Resupply is available when you have enough Requisition points and group is far enough from the fighting. Capturing Bases Capturing bases takes some time, so side of the opponent can react on the attack and try to deflect it. Capturing is indicated by symbol of the base on map going red, and percentage appearing next to base name. Progress of capturing is indicated by flag in the center of base going down, switching color and then going up. Only after attacker's flag gets on top of flag pole, and percentage of his color gets to 100% is base captured. Single Player, Coop, TvT Arma Commander can be played in single player, as the mode was originally created for. But multiplayer is limited numbers is also supported, both Coop and TvT. Commanding and subordinates When playing in multiple players on one side, only one can be commander. Other players can take control of groups, or all of them can cooperate in one group. Battalions Player can select in lobby with which battalion he wants to fight with. Each battalion has composition of different group, providing different tactical options and different game experience. Game Modes There are two types of mission, differing in starting situation: Frontline: Both Battalions start with equal resources and starting bases. Invasion: Invading Battalion start with only one base, but large resources, while defeners have most bases on the map, and very limited resources. -------- How to setup new Arma Commander Missions 1. Place Arma Commander Game Mode module on map. 2. Place two teams of playable units on their starting locations, they will become the command group for both sides. 3. Place two Battalion modules near the teams, select their side and battalion type, and select their starting resources (100-200 is good for start). 4. Place bases around the map. 1. Bases must belong to correct side — If NATO and CSAT battalions are fighting each other, do not place a Base with INDEP owner. You can place EMPTY base instead. 2. Select appropriate amount of defending soldiers. 3. You can create positions for defenders: Place group of soldiers into positions they should guard, and synchronize leader with module of the Base. 5. Create description.ext in the mission folder with the line below: It will include all required lobby parameters and respawn + revive settings. #include "\AC\commonDescription.inc" FAQ: Is Arma Commander compatible with other mods? - Not yet, but I’m working on a way how to create your own custom battalion for each side, to which you will be able to insert any group with any equipment you want. ETA — before Christmas. Will there be some High Command functionality? - High Command is hard to modify, so I don’t use it. But I want to improve the controls of the current interface (like chaining waypoints). Are there more missions to play? - Yes! There is dedicated channel for unofficial missions on the Discord server: https://discord.gg/M8ffgUX Will there be more assets - helicopters, airplanes, naval? - Yes, I want to support them at some point. -------- Basically this is my baby project in which I learned proper scripting, created my own Strategic AI and tacke creating UI in RV engine. It's by no means perfect, I'm still tackling problems with some bugs, and network performance. I want to expand it in future to have missions on all islands, create new Battalions, and see how to support popular Arma mods. Any feedback, suggestions or found bugs are highly appreciated!
  7. After a few years of forgetting about Arma, i've returned, and it's been pleasantly Nostalgic. Upon hearing the news of the "Warlords" Game Mode going Live, i had to check it out for myself. I was pleasantly surprised at both how smooth it runs and how easy it was to get deep into the action even after years away from the Popular Niche title that is Arma 3. I was immediately greeted by a team with only 3 active bases, and on the verge of being pushed into the Ocean off the South West coast of Altis, just South of Kavala the Old Capital. Knowing what i know best, i did the only thing i was best at, Special Operations behind enemy lines. I learned how to use the Points System quickly, and get myself an AI, and a medium ATV (Prowler). I raced towards Neochori only to be stopped in my tracks by superior enemy Air Power. They had Gunships, Tanks, Jets, and MRAP's all advancing towards our only remaining bases so i had to think quick. Continuing on foot I fast tracked myself to a position in the fields and with a trusty AI squad, gave orders to attack and capture the nearest towns. In a quick response the enemy returned to counter attack, buying allied forces time to re-group and collect themselves. Didn't seem to be enough because the enemy quickly recaptured most of the points. It then became a Guerrilla War between just me and my Squad separate from the rest of my allies, and Battalions of enemy Tanks, and Brigades of Gunships. I had to Adapt. After capturing a town i requested reinforcements, so Anti-Aircraft, and some Grenadiers. Grenadiers were deployed to further inland towns, while Anti-Aircraft units were spread out creating an Aerial Denial Network. This worked splendidly. In fact, so well i was able to Lock Down the enemy Advance and push them all the way back to the Major Airport. Everything was going well, except for one small thing. I was a lone wolf, a Phantom Operative WAY deep behind enemy lines and i did not have Anti-Tank units. So naturally to my not-so-surprise, i found myself quickly encircled by Heavy Armor, but not beat... At least not yet. To close, finally, after giving the enemy a serious hard time for about 1-2 hours, they finally found me and cleaned up my forces. They then finished the match by rushing our last Base. Great stuff, and a lot of fun. I'm extremely pleased that finally an Official Game Mode has become very enjoyable from the get go, especially for the Tactical kind of player. I am certain it would have been much more fun if i had my crew to assist in the counter-attack, and even confident i could very well have changed the tides of that battle! Conclusion? 9/10 Experience. I suppose the only thing that would make this better is fortifications building. Thank You, Bohemia Interactive.