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Found 58 results

  1. heres my build I5 9600k RTX 2070 16 gigs gskill corsair 750 watt note: all my games run on an external
  2. Hiho Gentlemen, for the past weeks I have been looking into improving the FPS impact my Vandeanson's Apocalypse mod has on missions. What does the mod do? (all the below happens server side only, fyi) 1. []spawn "Position finder function": find well suiting locations to spawn sites of interest (small sized composition of structures, things and AI, e.g. a banditcamp) based on a random players location 2. []spawn "Site spawner function":mark that location (as set in #1.) and starts "waituntil {code to check for condition}" with condition that ANY player gets close to the site 3. create the site, enable dynamic simulation, start despawn timer 4.a [] "spawn hideobjectglobal function" that will hide the objects of a site once no player is near that site, but the despawn timer (item. 5 below) has not run out yet 4.b [] "spawn un-hideobjectglobal function" that will UNhide the objects of a site if a player is near again 5. wait for despawn timer to run out (minimum up-time of a site) 6. start "waituntil {code to check for condition}" with condition that no player is near the site 7. delete the site/AI 8. start at #1. I hope its somehow recognizable, that this should allow for a dynamic environement, with least possible performance impact due to the "waituntil" gating. Sites are only up if really needed e.g. a player is nearby to actually see the site. If the sites and AI are spawned, dynamic simulation is enabled. The performance gains compared to previous versions (where assets where spawned in and FPS was only saved by dyn. simulation) are already quite considerable. The performance saving actions happen through distance checks, waituntil, dynamic simulation, hideobjectglobal and despawn of sites that are no longer needed (e.g. noone within 4k meters proxy) However, the question that is bugging me currently is about the performance impact of having multiple (possibly 100+) waituntil and spawn threads up sametime. waituntil: the mod spawns about 10 type of sites, each sites may be spawned up to 10 times. Each creates an own "waituntil" thread. I seem to understand that these waituntils are continuisly eating up performance until the "condition" is met. Until then, the condition is checked every frame. In my case, these are way to many "check" iterations than needed. A check every 5 seconds is fine as well. Hence I changed the waituntil to waituntil {sleep 5; ...code..}; Question: am I correct that this shold have a "considerable" positive impact on performance of waituntil usage? I got this from forum posts so it should atleast have some hand and feets. [] spawns: most functions need to be spawned in a separate thread, I can not use "call" as the calling script can not be halted until the function returns true and since suspension (waituntil) is not allowed for called functions. Where i can use "call", i do that. Hence, in additiona to a lot of waituntils, I also have multiple spawn threads run more or less complex code sametime. I believe that if i put in sleep timers between each bulk of complex code that should help with performance (e.g. first all bandit camps are spawned, then the next site may start to spawn in). Question: this, if the sleep timers are set right, should put additional ease on cpu. Correct? Also, if I place small sleep timers throughtout spawned code, I should ease possible stutters/lags when spawning stuff. I could also add condition checks (uff, more waituntils) between major functions spawns, that only return true once the previous site/code bulk is done. I hope it is somehow understandable what I am trying to do and what the challenges are that I am worried about. A playable test version of the mod can be found here FYI: (it does not include ALL of the performance saving actions yet, but it should give you a fair picture). Why this post? I would like to understand if: - my thought process is correct - if the issues I am looking into are actual issues worth looking into - if more experienced people would take a similar approach or if I am missing knowledge and the issue could be taken on in better ways. The changes I made already show positive results, but I am sure that there are things that I dont know yet. The above conclusions are based on the last 2 years of coding various projects and reading up various topics online (KK's blog, forum posts, code optimisation guides...) I have no professional coding background, hence I might lack basic knowledge. End of wall of text. I appreciate any feedback, input, source of information and so on that I can get;) Thanks! Cheers VD
  3. Greetings! The 122nd ODST Division is a new unit, looking for people who are active and are 17+ or older. The era the unit will be taking part in is the war with the Covenant (along with fighting insurrectionists as well) and the possibilities can range from dropping behind enemy lines, to supporting militias on occupied worlds or can range to planetary defense or invasion of an occupied world. we are also interested in playing with other units. Information The unit is a community between milsim and casual play, in-game during unit events, members are expected to play with a sense of realism from loading in and grabbing gear to the ending with a debrief. Campaigns will be 4 missions long (1 mission per week), Major Campaigns will be 6-8 missions long (1 1/2-2 months long) operations will be on Sundays at 6pm EST (5pm CST) and training will take place on Friday at 6pm EST (5pm CST). Campaigns will have different endings depending on the outcome of the previous missions before the final one, and can depict of moving the unit to another planet or retreating and changing the outcome of its position in the UNSC's fight against the covenant. Outside of operations members are encouraged to play games with each other in team speak and build a camaraderie between each other to build a tight understanding that can be used in operations without conflict arising. If interested please come join us on our discord is: https://discord.gg/PEw5eM
  4. Simple test: In vanilla Arma, place an ammo bearer at salt lake on Altis (not too much objects, here). In Editor, change its loadout for a bunch of smoke grenades. Preview and throw grenades. Before throwing, I got something like 90 FPS Throwing 2 grenades, not too far, FPS drop to 70, Continue throwing up to 6 grenades, FPS drop to 40 Walking inside the smoke, FPS fall down to 10 !! Config: CPU i7-7700K @ 4.20 GHz video : NVidia GTX 970 Arma on SSD, 8 GB RAM All video settings to ultra or max and: AO: HBAO + medium FSAA: 8x ATOC: all trees + grass PPAA: CMAA
  5. AlbayKilic

    FPS Problem

    System I7 6700k 4.00 ghz NVIDIA 960 4GB 24 GB 3000 MHZ RAM Z170A GAMING PRO MOTHERBOARD and in game fps 24-30 ( no mod, normal Servers ''Invade Annex....etc'' servers ) what is that problem other games not doing like that. anyone help?
  6. I have a windows pc with a amd phenom 1055t x6 six core 2.8 ghz, a pny gtx 960 4gb and 10 gb of ram. I get around 20-30 fps on low to standard settings i get frame drops when shooting and moving. Do anyone have an idea to increase the fps? https://imgur.com/a/H4CRQ6Z
  7. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T130564 Already posted on feedback, post on reddit and forum for visibility. I found a way to reproduce this bug with low fps, even if literally nothing is happening and map is empty. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124746 One of the biggest reason why its happen is bug with “ssAdv”. Even after I delete everything from map, I still have low fps (40 from 120 at start) and everyone on the server, until they restart their clients or just randomly fps goes instantly to normal. I think that everyone encounter it, because it happened after every firefight. Fps suddenly drops, and goes down with every minute. Sometimes after some time it goes back to normal fps, or “just enough”. EDIT: WORKS ONLY ON SERVER! Probably cause is sounds are not cleared on clients. steps to reproduce: 1. Download mission file from first link (works fine with mods/ vanilla, same results) 2. Play scenario in eden / on dedicated server. Bots will spawn after 15 seconds. 3. Wait until bot counter reaches 1000-2000 (best way to force it to happen early, it could take some time. Just leave game with camera pointing at every bot. No worries, only spawn max 40 bots at same time. I think this could be skipped to just 100-200 bots and fps should go to lower values too.) 4. Watch your fps goes from 120 at start, 60 from spawning bots to 20-40 after couple of minutes 5. Stop spawning script when you see 20-30 fps (in my case, depends on PC), delete every bot from map with this command (exec it on server): testing = false; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach allDeadMen; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach vehicles; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach allUnits; 6. Watch your fps stay at similar fps that was with bots, and goes to lower values with each minute. 7. If you have “profiling - Performance Profiling Build” enabled, use command: diag_captureFrame 24; and see what causes it. https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/8rdfag/arma_3_low_fps_and_degrade_over_time_because_of/
  8. Leonid198

    Frame rate lag

    I have this weird problem where the frame rate drops to 1 every 3 seconds, I've tried reinstalling, validating, everything except reinstalling windows. The weird thing is, if I set it to windowed mode it still does this, but if I alt tab and look at it in the background with a window in front of it, the frame rate is completely normal! TL;DR: As long as I can put input into the game it lags, the moment it is out of focus it runs fine.
  9. I do like to introduce a mod created by me to improve the performance or to use unused resources. This has been combined with the render/view distance. The Ideo behind this is: What about having constantly 60 FPS and a good render/view distance? Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1516607781 Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14SoIsXYNSXmUt0ABsgh3-9FAUFt7NCuc Well, let's say this mod is what you are looking for because of... 1st great view distance in air, 2nd high fps in cities like Kavala, 3rd greater view distance on hills or mountains, 4th balanced object render distance, 5th easy transitions from ground to air, like get on a helicopter without changing view distance manually This mod is all about performance and efficiency !ATTENTION! Using Vsync may cause a lower render distance Server Key is included! If you like this mod pay tribute by leaving a comment and vote/rate! I would be very grateful for feedback to keep improvement high! How to use the "Normal Mode" and change settings: 1. Start Arma 3 with this mod loaded. 2. Open the Video Settings Main Menu. 3. Set View Distance as your minimum render distance. 4. Set your prefered fps into the shadow distance field (only active when in Max Performance Mode) Your render distance is: On foot = inserted value In Ground Vehicle = inserted value * 1.5 In Air = inserted value * 2 In addition to this, your altitude above sea level is taken into account. To enter Max Performance Mode: Set the Object Render Distance to 500 If your View Distance is set to 500, set View Distance to 501. Check that Object Render Distance is still at 500! What is the "Max Performance Mode"? It allows you to define a minimum view distance for phases, on Foot, in Vehicle or in Air. This mode removes the factors 1.5 for Ground vehicles and 2.0 for Air. To enter it look at "To enter Max Performance Mode". Here is a video that shows mission test with the mod running in Max Performance Mode. Note for the mission: This is a heavily ai based mission, that holds up to 64 human player slots. In this mission are 200 friendly additional units facing thousands of rebels (Opfor and Independent). In a range of 700 meters, each (1400 km in total) are 300 to 400 Units minimum. Change Log: Update 27.09.2018 13:35 CET + Added FPS Settings for Max Performance Mode (Instructions at "How to use" section in the description!) Update 19.09.2018 20:10 CET * Improved rendering + Added a Max Performance Mode + Added adjustment via Arma 3 Render Settings Menu
  10. Hi. Currently I have a problem with one of my scripts. It uses "sleep" in lots of places (mostly short duration ones, from 0.01 to 0.1). The problem is that when I run a script-heavy mission and my FPS falls below 30, the sleep times do not work very well (e.g I'm using sleep 0.01 but it's too long when FPS is low, so it's like the "actual" sleep time is 0.1 or something) How can I account for this engine behavior? I'm personally thinking of something like this but I'm wondering if it's effective? sleep 0.01*(diag_fps/60 min 1) What I mean is that I want the sleep time to be shortened when FPS is lower than 60 otherwise remain the same.
  11. Personally, I would like to see a first person mode added to the game because it would add more immersion. I would say switch completely to first person but not everyone would like that idea. What are your thoughts on a first person only mode?
  12. Hi there! I am experiencing FPS drops on Antistasi MP servers. #Monitor 5 reports stable drops to 4 FPS and such which only get fixed with a restart. It Works with three HCs Okay, I checked everything, no .rpt fails, checked some CPU - intensive functions to be not looped (BIS_fnc_safePos may flood a server if called constantly, I've seen that), checked all while and waituntil commands to have some sleep delay, I diag_logSQFscripts to see what scripts are running and all of them are loops on the sleep line, even with very few AI spawned. So I'm a bit lost on how to debug this. Is there anything else to look for? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello, I realy like Mini Dayz and pixel arts of it. But i have problem about frame per shoot. It is not too bad but it makes me mad. My phone is General Mobile Discover 1. If this can fix please do it. And my another problem is saving system. All my plays goes after i close game. I tried to go menu again when i closing but it does not work. Just a save button can change it. Is it hard? Thanks. *Sorry for any grammar problem*
  14. Hi Arma lovers We have been playing since the release date of the Arma 3. Our Association exemplifies the Turkish Armed Forces. Our association is preparing a simulation every Saturday with serious entertainment. Official duty Special Mission Legends We are looking for groups where we can organize joint operations. Thanks For Support! Major Spartacus Commander of the Turkish Virtual Armed Forces
  15. FurbyPlatypus

    1 FPS Just On Menu

    my game runs at 1 fps or sometimes a i get lucky with 2 or 3 fps. i have tried a lot of things but nothing is working. specs: i7 6700HQ 2.6 GHz GTX 1060 6GB Notebook 16 GB DDR4 2400 MHz
  16. As in title. Recent i discovered with my group and our own server (i7 6700k, so not problem here) that fps slowly takes down after couple of minutes, probably tied to units count. At start we have 50-70fps, and after a test fight (with disabled damage for us) in 15-30 minutes we all have 20-30fps, and after a while it goes down to 5-15fps! No matter if we play with mods or not. It stays at low fps even if i remove every unit on the map, disconnect from the server etc. still low fps in menu/editor, for everyone on the server. Its just arma being arma, or what the hell is going on? Its frustrating af, make me wanna unistall this game and throw the server out of the window.
  17. Having an extremely strange problem here that I can't seem to find anything about anywhere. Been on Windows 10 build 1607 for the past 8 months after rolling back from the original creators update (audio issue), had updates disabled but Windows 10 ended up pushing the Update assistant that forced me onto 1709 (Fall Creators Update). Still had the audio issue, so I did a fresh install of the Operating system to the Fall Creators Update (1709), installed latest chipset, etc drivers from motherboard website and Nvidia driver 388.31. Tested out my games, Battlefield 4, Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League seemed to be performing fine, may have noticed some more FPS drops in Battlefield 4, but I've honestly never really played that game on this computer. Battlefield 1 performed absolutely atrociously (but we're not here to talk about that). Tried out the regular Exile mod server that I play on (AWG Winter Altis). At first I noticed that the performance seemed to be just slightly lower than before. But after playing for a while, I noticed there was always constant frametime stuttering. There would be small spikes in the frametime that would occur every second. This made even a constant 60 FPS look like 20-30 FPS. Ex: http://s86.photobucket.com/user/Wooohah/media/Arma 3 frametime stuttering 2_zpsbll0u7gg.png.html?o=0 Tried out a different Exile server (Infinity Exile) (and here's where it gets strange), I also got a frametime stuttering issue there, but it was different and a lot worse. Only here, the frametime would be constant, then it would experience a huge spike every 30-45 seconds. Basically, buttery smooth, then a small freeze/ hitch every 30-45 seconds. Ex: (Infinity on Chernarus and Lythium) http://s86.photobucket.com/user/Wooohah/media/Arma 3 frametime spikes infinity_zpsokjwd1bx.png.html?sort=3&o=2 I got similar results on another server (Premium Exile). Ex: http://s86.photobucket.com/user/Wooohah/media/Framerate Chernarus_zpsn7vvefsi.png.html?sort=3&o=1 Then, as you can see here, here is the FPS for Chernarus, even if the Frame rate is fine, there is still frametime spiking. http://s86.photobucket.com/user/Wooohah/media/Frametime Chernarus_zps7snsmfzx.png.html?sort=3&o=0 Then a 4th server a low population DayZ server had slightly less issues, but still experienced frametime spikes here and there. I have 1400 hours logged on Arma 3 (1300 of that being Exile) in the past 6 months. Game definitely should not be doing that, all of those servers are servers that I have played on before (two of which I have about 800 hours combined on). It seems like these issues came after the Creators Update. Things I've tried: Disabling GameDVR/ Fullscreen optimization, disabling game mode, tried 378.78 Nvidia drivers and 388.31, tried with and without Gsync/ Vsync, tried stock launch parameters as well as enabling nologs and hyperthreading. Tried drivers without Geforce Experience installed. Tried closing MSI afterburner (I only use it for monitoring and fan curve) Strangely enough, I have a Lenovo Y520 Laptop that I use for school (seriously I've gamed for maybe 30 minutes on it in total since buying it in September), and servers seem to have terrible frametime spiking issues as well. That Lenovo laptop has completely different hardware and even drivers than my desktop, so I'm confused as to why its happening on two computers but I haven't heard much about it on forums, etc. Specs of my Desktop: (No OC, temperatures are fine) (Everything is at Max performance) -i7 6700k -EVGA GTX 1080 FTW -16GB Gskill TridentZ -ASUS Z170 Pro -Samsung 850 Evo SSD (OS) -Mushkin 240GB SSD (Arma 3 install) -ASUS PG279Q (1440P 144hz Gsync) -Windows 10 Pro, Ver 1709 latest updates. (Currently on Nvidia 378.78) (Tried 388.31 too) Specs of my Laptop: (No OC, temperatures are fine) -i5 7300HQ -GTX 1050ti -8GB DDR4 -128GB m.2 SSD (OS) -1TB HDD (Arma 3 install) (I'd love to run A3 on my m.2, but I don't know how to keep mods on my HDD while doing that). Would really appreciate any help anyone can provide! Going to give it a shot to try and fix this issue before just going back to 1607, since I know Windows is going to likely force me again, and I'll have to deal with it eventually.
  18. Hello, I bought myself a Logitech G430 and reinstalled Arma 3. Everytime I go in a vehicle in first person my sounds starts to stutter, my FPS drop and finally my game freezes. I saw this bug is around since nearly a year now, but I didn't find any fix for it. The game is unplayable for me right now so I hope someone can help me out quick. Here are some related topics: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124112
  19. Hi, I have bought a new PC and in Arma 3 I usually get 40-50fps and decreases to 30fps. My PC settings are: GPU: MSI GTX 1080TI 11GB Mother Board: MSI x299 Pro Carbon CPU: i7 7800x (8 cores) HEAT SINK: Noctua NH-D15S RAM: 32GB HARD DRIVE: Samsung 960 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD PCI-e 512GB Is it normal to have these FPS in Arma with this PC settings? I read Arma 3 used more CPU than GPU. I have also read that for games its better a cpu with 4 cores and more latency (like 7700K) than my 7800x. How can I get more fps or more stability in the game? Is anything wrong? (CPU ~40-50ºC in game) HELP PLEASE! Thanks!
  20. Hola Gents, I wrote this guide about 3 years ago, but since have moved it to a blog site that is dedicated to providing the best quality content on the market. (shameless self-promotion) This guide is to help teams get better at communicating with each other and develop good communication habits. There are many other blog posts all based on items and strategies that I learned while playing Arma 3. I hope you enjoy them all. They apply to pretty much any FPS game out there and it is good tools to put in your team's toolbox. Hope you enjoy them. TwistedxVs www.fpsgamers.co
  21. Hello everyone. I want to ask a question on the well-known problem. On our server we have a problem between count of people and server FPS. When we have low people (10-20) we have good fps 40-65 stable, when we have a lot people, more then 30 (limit of server 100 people) we have 25 fps and lower... At all situations we have much AI. Our map is very big and all ai scattered enough. And we don't know how to use all resources of our specs (Intel Xeon E5-2660v3 - 6 vCPU- 2.6 ГГц-24 GB (DDR-4 ECC)-80 GB SSD RAID-1 and virtualisation VMWare ESXi) , of course we have 64 bit server arma 3. And why only about 50% of all resources are used, i don't know??? At start of server we use simple commands of course (-loadMissionToMemory -nologs -port=2302 -malloc=tbb4malloc_bi_x64 -name=deepzone "-mod=@deep zone" -autoInit -enableHT -maxMem=24576 -serverMod=@inidbi2;@obfusqf;) So may someone give advice what to do?
  22. One of the reasons i bought a new PC was arma 3, now i have a different better new Gaming PC but i get some deja vu FPS drop spikes like nothing, the problem is my friend with normal setup can play and record the game at the same time with stable FPS. My specs: CPU : I5-7400 @ 3.00 GHz (4 CPUs) RAM : 8192MB GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 / 8GB total Memory Windows 10 64bit When i record other games with nvidia shadow play replay feature i feel no different at all, but on arma it dropes from 41 FPS to 29 instantly and outside of cities (on Altis Life Mode) even tho recording is off i still get freezing 1 FPS for 4 secondes when getting near a town, could it be my settings is something wrong ? should i let go of Arma 3 ?
  23. Discopickle975

    Arma 3 stuttering

    Recently, I've been optimizing my arma 3 and have got it to be a steady 50 fps when playing everything except Tanoa. I have been noticing an unfixable issue where the game will stutter when it seems to be loading buildings quickly, such as when driving in a car through a city, or when zooming in through plus on the numpad. It also does it when I start being shot at for some reason. The only fix I have found was to buy an SSD and run arma 3 on it, but I REALLY don't wanna drop $100 on one after just buying an external hard drive to load stuff on. Does anybody know any fixes for this or can Bohemia themselves optimize their game to make it use less of the hard drive to save space for loading things without stuttering. Any help is appreciated!
  24. aksuduud

    HDD bottleneck

    I've been tinkering with A3 performance for a while now and I'm led to the conclusion that I have a rather severe HDD bottleneck, running YAAB I get ~15 fps no matter if I'm on low or ultra preset and my CPU and GPU usage are around 50%, that is single core usage for the CPU, and resource monitor tells me there's massive read activity going on on my HDD, prior to the 64 bit patch my RAM usage was around 95% and after the patch it remains around 95% with no change in performance, the only difference is that now arma itself is using the RAM instead of the windows prefetch service. This is a rather annoying issue, while I get pretty good frames in short missions long or large missions eventually grind to a slowdown, are there any steps I could take to reduce HDD read activity? An SSD would be an obvious solution and I will probably buy one somewhere in the future. Specs: Phenom II 960T @ 3.8GHZ GTX 660 8GB RAM
  25. rocketman120

    Low FPS

    Bought the game a while back and have been playing it on and off a bit, but the FPS frequently drops to a range of 10 - 20 when playing online. It was originally only ~15, but after searching for some fixes online I've managed to get it to ~20. Does anyone have tips? I've turned graphics settings low, and did the recommended editing of the Arma3.cfg file. Specs are as follows: Intel i7-6700k CPU @ 4.00 Ghz 16 GB RAM GTX 1080 Any help would be greatly appreciated.