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Found 4 results

  1. So I've always been a fan of the Dynamic Universal War System. DRO/DCO are great mods, but I liked the grander scale that DUWS can provide. My personal favorite version, for that very reason, was the Dynamic ISIS War System by Godis. My problem with it was that a) it had SO MANY dependencies that were being constantly updated that the mission file itself became more and more unstable, and b) while a very dynamic mission within its own parameters, it wasn't very modular and locked you into US vs ISIS. And it was kind of just old. It's been a while since DUWS got any love. Or at least a big honking overhaul. And it still hasn't, since I'm not a good coder/modder. What I am excellent at, however, is CTRL+F, CTRL+C, and CTRL+V. So when I start listing features here, please remember that I didn't WRITE any of them. Most of the work was done or compiled by a modder called Godis, and a God he is! (That was an admittedly laborious pun, but seriously, the DISWS I based these mods on is a work of fucking art. Buggy, buggy art). From the original/early DUWS missions, if you've never played it: Play on any island. Just rename the .pbo file to end with the name of the Island. That is, changing DUWS EXPANDED CIVIL WAR FIAvAAF.Altis to DUWS EXPANDED CIVIL WAR FIAvAAF.Takistan will port the entire thing over to Takistan. Either manually or randomly place not only your own HQ, but also enemy zones anywhere on the map. Choose relative strength of OPFOR vs BLUFOR, as well as climate and a bunch of other stuff Fight and earn Control Points to spend on vehicles, new squads, and features like artillery or air support. Use high-command to control other squads to be either in the action yourself, or in control of the army. Some amazing features from Godis' version: Civilian reputation system: if you kill civilians, the population will turn on you. The more you kill, the more civilians will take up arms against you, or even become suicide bombers. (Known issue: NPC on NPC violence/car accidents still up the tally, so it's kind of unavoidable, but it's never been a HUGE issue for me) Enemy Occupation System: Entering towns spawns enemies there! No more DUWS where the only enemies are scant patrols and control zones. Capture a town, and it stays captured! Depending on enemy strength/who is spawned, this can and DOES INCLUDE AIRPOWER. Jets, helicopters, BOATS if it's on a coast. Be prepared. (known issue: Sometimes killing all enemies doesn't 'capture' a town. Usually, but it's a little buggy. Also, they will spawn first, and THEN find placement, so there's often a moment where a bunch of Syndikat goons will suddenly appear in the middle of a road you're driving through, start shooting, IMMEDIATELY DISAPPEAR when the system places them throughout the town, and then you can properly fight.) IEDs. These have been a staple of DUWS for years. I play with them off, but they're there if you want them. So, acknowledging that, here's what I did myself: Used https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1159462402 as a base. My goal was to make this compatible with EVERYTHING by making it dependent on NOTHING. I failed here only in that it requires CBA and I don't know why. Sorry. Removed all mod dependencies (like RHS and other content mods), and converted the entire system into the 2035 setting as NATO vs CSAT with vanilla assets. Created several more versions with wildly uncreative names and opposing forces, to include: NATO vs CSAT (Vanilla) NATO vs CSAT (Pacific) FIA vs CSAT (Resistance) FIA vs CSAT (Pacific Resistance) FIA vs AAF (Civil War) [I WAS creating an 'autodefensas,' Cartel Land style FIA vs Syndikat low-level conflict version, but given the racial makeup of the two groups, as well as their respective NATO/CSAT support... I kind of accidentally made what my friend described as a 'race war simulator.' So that version will not be forthcoming.] Unfluffed most of the mission files to make them more Generik(tm) Introduced native MAX_Women compatibility for the civilian population, while not requiring the mod. Just feels like having ONLY male civilians was weird, so I tossed a few women into the spawn list. Tested it, and not having the mod does not break the mission. They just don't spawn without it. Modified the civilian and traffic population rates to make them more present, while not creating a major drag on MY machine. No promise yours won't slow down. Fiddled with the EOS: Entering a town will spawn EITHER the main enemy faction of the mod, 'deserter' AAF forces or Sydikat rebels/looters depending on the DUWS-EX version selected Imported and de-Russia-fied some missions from DUWS-Modified: RHS Escalation by Ceitho Debloated a lot of the selection lists, since I removed so many mod requirements. There are no more native RHS items in the list, just because they were so many options for the same task. Robustly play-tested it in private LAN. I have absolutely no idea how it works in true multiplayer or single player, but you were never supposed to use the first DUWS in single-player anyway. Here's what I did not/can not figure out how to do: Make civilians-turned-enemies stop screaming "allahu akbar" before blowing up or shooting at you. I would prefer they not do this; it feels a little racist at this point. Competely fix the EOS bugginess. Also, it might still tell you that al-Nusra captured a town. I THINK I removed all that, but there's a pretty good chance I missed something. There's probably a lot of 'mission info' stuff on the map I missed that references ISIS, al-Nusra, and probably Russians (I lifted a few mission files from DUWS-Modified: RHS Escalation as well). I got lazy and distracted by other parts of the mod. Traffic pathing is AWFUL. NPCs will drive through fields, crash into literally everything, and forget how bridges work. You know, like ARMA. To be fair, I don't think that one's on me. Enemy AI isn't particularly aggressive. I think I might have borked this up, but I don't know how or how to fix it. As I, and most people I discuss it with, prefer DUWS as a specops offensive game instead of a defensive one, it's not game-breaking. If you spawn your HQ in the middle of a town, you WILL have to fight immediately. I think it's cool, but I get it might not be ideal for everyone. Aforementioned CBA requirement. Compatibility: DUWS Expanded should be, and is DESIGNED to be, compatible with everything. I made it explicitly to work with ANY faction replacer without having to recreate spawn lists for a new version. I have tested it with RHS and NIA replacers by Jarrad96. If it modifies the cfgvehicle files but leaves the paths intact, it works. Works fine/great with ACE, but is not designed around it. Any sound/visual mods should be completely unaffected. Designed to work with Max_women, but it is not required. If you have it installed, female civilians will spawn. FEMAL3/Fifty Shades are supported in that female faces will start populating on random soldiers. INSTALLATION Since Steam/the BI Publisher is being weird to me, I'm putting all my eggs in one basket. Installation is a bit annoying this way, but hopefully better. Once you subscribe to the mod, follow these instructions: Start the ARMA 3 launcher Find this mod. DUWS Expanded, if you forgot. Right-click and select "Open Folder." This should take you to your hidden Steam Workshop folder. Find this mod. DUWS Expanded, for those struggling to keep up. Open it. Go inside the folder and COPY ALL the .pbo files. There should be five. Go up one directory to the ARMA 3 folder, and PASTE the .pbo files into the "Missions" or "MPMissions" folder. They are now playable in their default islands. You can designate which island you want to play on by creating a copy of any .pbo file, and just like any previous version of DUWS, changing the location name as described above. Please be aware that for mod-added terrains, you may have to experiment with what the island is actually called. For example, Isla Panthera would use '.panthera3' for no particular reason, much as Isla Duala uses '.isladuala3' Have fun, and bitch at me about how complicated I made it in the comments! So here's the thing I made. If you enjoy it, great! Thanks for playing something I worked really hard on! If you can FIX it, EVEN BETTER. Blanket permission to repair, refit, and reupload so long as credit is given not only to me, but those that came before us on this enormous project with such a storied history. Thanks in advance, and I hope you enjoy it! Steam Link
  2. when I rename the DUWS mission in order to be able to play on different maps like Tanoa, I still have aproblem: all the units are wearing arid camo and the vehicles have the wrong color as well. how to I fix this? Is there a way to replace the units or add additional ones?
  3. Hello mates, I hope this is the right place to come to, cause I'm about to get chronical headaches from trying to solve this problem by myself. The last couple of days I'm spending some of my time overhaulin' a version of DUWS (Dynamic Universal War System), and most of the time everything worked like a charm. But right now I'm not able to find a solution for this problem I've ran into. To make my issue more clear, I'd like to be a little bit more specific, so maybe my helping hand is able to fully understand. In DUWS - I guess many of you know this mission - you are able to buy vehicles, units, squads etc. Since I'm reworking some parts of DUWS Unofficial from scratch - esspecially the units, vehicles and squads -, the one who made it in the first place delivered a very nice template for the things I wanted to do. The unofficial version of DUWS has build in mod support, like for RHS Escalation, etc. I have expanded this, by adding in support for some other mods like "Global Mobilization", "BWMod" and "FFAA" . You can play it vanilla, or with those mods. If you have the mods, you can buy the units and vehicles of those factions, if not, a little hint will pop up, telling you that the mod is missing - this is done by checking if the requested unit is available in the first place. Here is a little insight of how it looks for requested foot soldiers: The same goes for vehicles, of course... BUT... here comes my problem: I'm not able to get it to work for requested mod squads - like a fireteam, or a tank platoon. I mean I'm able to get the mod squads working of course, I can buy them and they are fully functional, but I want the game to check if this squad is available in the first place. Otherwise you will pay credits for nothing if the needed mod isn't installed. And since I'm planning to release this version someday, I really want to get this fixed and implemented. And here is a little insight of how it is defined for squads: (Original, only changed the squad and the faction) It's really driving me crazy. I'm no professional programmer, sure, I've learned and catched many things by myself, and I already tried to solve it by myself, but after many failed attempts I can't think of anything else then asking for help, cause I'm running out of ideas. If some mighty coding paladin would be so kind to point me in the right direction, or even take this template above me and make it functioning, I'd really, really appreciate it. I just want it to work like it works for units and vehicles, and I'm sure this is possible. But I can't figure it out. Well, enough said. Have a nice day folks, hope to hear from you! Regards, MajorBlunderbuss.
  4. Hello again dear Community, Some of you may have heard of the glorious DUWS (Dynamic Universal War System) which basically creates a small Campaign where the player is the commander of blufor forces. Those missions can be accessed in the "Scenario" Section (at least I did it that way). Since the last 2 days I have a big problem called "Arma 3 crashed". Yesterday I had to reboot my pc (alt + f4, task manager and cmd killing didn't work) and all of my save files of DUWS were gone, completely erased! Normally in the Scenario Tab there is a button called "resume" where you can load the last save but there is just the button "start" so I have to start again :( Maybe somebody can tell me a bit more where DUWS stores the saves / files or how I can prevent my saves from being erased. *Extra Note* I subscribed to the mod in the steam workshop as I was unable to download it from the armaholic site (If I want to download it I just download the Page called "page.php") - Armaholic Link:http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21816 - Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=167274881&searchtext= Thx for any kind of help! Warm regards, Mister GTX aka. Lt. Halliwell