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Found 14 results

  1. I wanted to change the missions params for my official combat patrol missions but ingame in the parameter section where the number should be it is just empty and after i died it shows unlimited respawns. I just wanna set the tickets to 100 and change the objective etc. (NO WORKSHOP OR CREATED MAPS) Someone told me for official missions i can change them in the server.cfg and following this example it should work but maybe i forgot something or i'm just to stupid to get it right. class Missions { class TestMission01 { template = MP_Marksmen_01.Altis; difficulty = "veteran"; class Params {}; That's what i did so far: // MISSIONS CYCLE class Missions { class Mission1 { template = MP_CombatPatrol_02.Stratis; difficulty = "Regular"; class Params { class BIS_CP_tickets { title = $STR_A3_combatpatrol_params_18; values[] = {5, 10, 20, 50, 100}; texts[] = {"5", "10", "20", "50", "100"}; default = 100; }; }; }; class Mission2 { template = MP_CombatPatrol_01.Altis; difficulty = "Regular"; class Params { class BIS_CP_tickets { title = $STR_A3_combatpatrol_params_18; values[] = {5, 10, 20, 50, 100}; texts[] = {"5", "10", "20", "50", "100"}; default = 100; }; }; }; };
  2. Hi guys, Here is a link to my → Basic Starter Kit ← to start personalizing your own Combat Patrol missions. Everything is include and parameters are defaulted as if it's regular Combat Patrol. Notice: There is not a single "difficulty" setting, it's a combination of different variables that sets the real difficulty, such as: The location/environment, assets (vehicles, etc), Size of the AO, Number of buildings in the AO, Number of units per enemy patrol, Number of tickets, The objective, Number of players playing, Number of available slots to join, etc. Getting Started Customizing Exporting for Multiplayer (MP) Play, Try and Host Bugs can occurs, it's Argo... just disconnect/reconnect. Hope you'll enjoy !!!
  3. HI.I love the combat patrol game mode and I have tinkered with Basstards Custom Combat Patrol with some success, but I need help modifying the combat patrol init.sqf so that a new objective is spawned when the current objective has been completed.: fn_cpinit.sqf I think for my idea to work I would need to remove the ? "CPEnd"? mission fail conditions and then replace the remaining ? (BIS_CP_ending)? cases with ?"CCP_init"? to restart the script. I am not sure at all that I have identified the functions properly, Nor am I sure how to go about it. Please help. Thank you.
  4. I almost exclusively play Combat Patrol only. I enjoy the game a lot most of the time and these are my observations after reaching level 12. The most annoying bug right now in Combat Patrol is missing loadouts. After mission creation, randomly the game does not provide me with my custom loadouts. It mostly defaults to Grenadier, AutoRifleman or Marksman and sometimes Team Leader. It also happens rarely that I select a loadout but when the mission loads I have a different weapon. Serious players try to do the missions with no forced respawns. Occasionally, we get "Zero Casualty failed" messages right at the start of the mission. It's really frustrating. Target tagging or player marker missing on the minimap. It happens quite often that we don't see each other or each other's marks. AI "unfairness". This includes many things: 1.) AI seeing through vegetation. 2.) AI shooting through windows covered with shutters. 3.) Unrealistic aim with the grenade launcher. There are other annoying bugs but in my opinion, the bugs above make people leave the game behind. Unfortunately, it's hard to find dedicated players who stick around with Argo. On an average evening, I can probably find one standard server with 8-9 people and maybe one dedicated server with 1-3 people on it. That does not look good. Another performance issue, which is probably known by many players. Graphics settings have to be dumbed down in order to be able to play the game at all. If I set my graphics settings up, input lags become a huge issue. I would love to play the game on triple screen, it would improve my FoV dramatically, and would help me, but it's impossible to aim once three screens are enabled, the input lag can almost be measured in seconds. I hope you keep improving the game-play and fix the bugs, because the game is amazingly immersive and addictive. DrKiss
  5. caliban55

    The long watch

    Mission summary: Mission name: The long watch Mission type: Coop combat patrol Maximum player number: 14 Supported world island(s): Malden 2035, Tanoa, etc. Features: Virtual Arsenal Dynamic Groups Auto-scaling of enemy troop strenght with connected player numbers Medical and revive system Mission parameters changeable for servers Description: The long watch is a ArmA 3 combat patrol mission which mainly puts the focus on infantry combat and teamwork. A dynamic mission assignment is generated for the players to complete (for example, destroy something, download, support, scout, etc.). The next step is for the players to reach the exfil point to finish the mission. You can create a dynamic group by pressing the U key and invite players to your group, or join an existing group. The default medical and revive system is enabled, you will need a medikit or field aid kit to revive a downed team member, medics have a massive speed modifier to revive. Some mission types will have civilians present, so be carefull what you shoot at. Killing civilians can result in a mission failure. The mission requires players to work together to complete the mission. You can test the mission on our server and I will also add the mission file to my Steam Workshop and Play with Six repository. Please leave any feedback here, if you want to . Server IP:Port Steam Workshop link for Malden 2035 version: The long watch Malden 2035 Steam Workshop link for Altis version: The long watch Altis Steam Workshop link for Tanoa version: The long watch Tanoa
  6. CUSTOM COMBAT PATROL ON SANGIN (FRENCH ARMY). Mission Coop for 10 players which will quickly plunge you into the action against a militia Taliban. The base of the mission is a fight patrol, (present module since Malden on 2035), with some objectives in more ... The squad leader and the team leaders have the possibility of calling up of the support (logistic dropping, air support and artillery). Given that the players have tactical supports the IA you reserve a small surprise if you stay too long in the battle zone. VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1B5Hb1YbzM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrV7QQgKbjg MISSION FILE : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1148383037&searchtext=
  7. One thing that really gets annoying is spawning right into the middle of heavy firefighting after dying. Because then you just keep dying and dying and dying... or you spawn inside of a rock. Could there be a way to implement spawn beacons that could be captured across the map as a team advances? They could be inside of buildings as a safe way to spawn back in without immediately taking a bullet to the head. Much like how you have the two spawn points in Link? spawing in and immediately receiving fire or dropping from 10 feet in the air is entertaining and all... but also frustrating. Air drop after losing 10 tickets could be helpful. Lootable crates across the map?
  8. Hello I have tried yo host a game of COMBAT PATROL but my friends can't see the game even on direct connexion. can you help me please
  9. Currently, it seems that Combat Patrol doesn't reward the player after the completion of missions. Will this be changed? If not, what's the reasoning for it? I'd much rather play this game co-op to level up and get weapons necessary for performing well in pvp maps. This reduces the pressure and frustration from being a new player and helps to get them acclimated to how to play the game without ruining pvp matches due to a large skill gap.
  10. It's Combat patrol, with Zombies. Do yo-do you get it, Zom-Bat? Like, it's a portmanteau of Zombie and Combat? Yeah, I know it's dumb a joke... in my defence, it's a pretty dumb addon, but I like it, and, I hope you too, gentle reader, will also like it. And if you don't, I'm going to hunt you down, and make you like it. RIGHT NOW THIS IS AN EARLY BETA. While it is functional, there are bugs, there are balancing issues, and there are things that are have not been tested. So, first things first, you'll need Ryan_D's Zombies and Demons. Click here for the BIForums link. Right now, it's just a module, find it with the rest of combat patrol modules in the editor. It works exactly like the combat patrol init module, just plonk it down, and it does all the work. You'll probably want to add some of the zombies and demons configuration modules, to get the zombies working how you want. In terms of content, it's basically just the same as the vanilla combat patrol, only you're up against zombies instead of discount Greeks or Spaceballs. The objectives have been slightly modified to fit the zombie theme (mainly just changed the strings), and I've added in some randomly spawned civilian vehicles, if you like the vehicle throwing mechanics from Z&Ds. More stuff is planned for the future (arsenal support, more objectives, more configuration options) Theoretically this should work with any map, in practice, your mileage may vary. Generally speaking, if it's "like" Altis, or one the CUP maps (except the ArmA.1 ones), it'll probably work. The most important things are properly configured roads, buildings with properly set up interiors and properly set up towns/locations (though this is entirely necessary, as you can use the combat patrol "add location" module). Known Issues: Sometimes civilian vehicles spawn inside other vehicles, while the pyrotechnics do somewhat aid the whole post-apocalyptic feel, this might cause issues with the "destroy vehicles" mission. Sometimes the "destroy demon" mission completes itself. I'm not sure what's causing this, though I think it's caused by them running off the top of tall buildings or spawning inside walls. (Also happens with regular zombies, but, that's not really a huge problem) There may be issues with East or Resistance player factions, but that might also just be that I was hadn't set it up properly. The main thing I'm interested in, in terms of feedback, is balance (personally I think it's a bit too easy right now, but I'm sure someone will disagree), performance (particular with a larger number of player) and how well it works with various community maps and addons. Changes in Pre-2: Cars now have semi-random loot. Time is now random, by default Added a script to turn off streetlamps, but then disabled it because it wasn't working properly. Download Links: Pre1: https://www.4shared.com/archive/3XjKo2Awca/HSO_ZombatPatrol_Pre1.html (depreciated) Pre-2: 4Shared Steam Workshop
  11. My last match ended with all objectives completed but no exfil point being set by the mission. Even though the task is activate it can't get located.
  12. Please advise whether the AI defence in Combat Patrol is continually regenerated or that there is a finite number of defenders. Ta!
  13. So I'm making a custom version of the Combat Patrol mission for the community I'm with but I've run into a bit of a snag. I grabbed the parameters settings from the description.ext of the sample mission and added it into the description.ext I already have. However they don't seem to actually affect the mission in any way, weather and time doesn't change nor does amount of enemies if garrison size is changed. I don't believe it's my description.ext that caused it as the same thing happens on the sample mission itself with no changes. Here is the parameters from the Combat Patrol sample mission that I used. I'm not real good with code so I can't really tell if anything is wrong with it myself. class Params { class startingDaytime { title = "Starting time of day"; values[] = {-1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4}; texts[] = {"Random", "Dawn", "Morning", "Afternoon", "Dusk", "Night"}; default = 1; }; class weather { title = "Weather"; values[] = {-1, 0, 1, 2, 3}; texts[] = {"Random", "Clear", "Semi-cloudy", "Cloudy", "Storm"}; default = 1; }; class garrison { title = "Enemy garrison"; values[] = {0, 1}; texts[] = {"Standard", "Reinforced"}; default = 0; }; class reinforcements { title = "Enemy reinforcements"; values[] = {0, 1}; texts[] = {"Standard", "Advanced"}; default = 0; }; class showInsertion { title = "Mark insertion position"; values[] = {1, 0}; texts[] = {"Yes", "No"}; default = 0; }; class tickets { title = "Respawn tickets"; values[] = {5, 10, 20, 50, 100}; texts[] = {"5", "10", "20", "50", "100"}; default = 10; }; class enemyFaction { title = "Enemy faction"; values[] = {0, 1, 2}; texts[] = {"CSAT", "AAF", "Random"}; default = 2; }; class locationSelection { title = "Location selection"; values[] = {0, 1}; texts[] = {"Manual", "Random"}; default = 0; }; };
  14. So I tried to load up the example mission of Combat Patrol that is in the Arma 3 Samples and I get the following errors upon loading it in editor. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzGoGkZqU2KBdmhsdjhrSTdjcnc https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzGoGkZqU2KBWEFMMkRqTFo0OFU anyone know how to fix?