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Found 2 results

  1. . . . Making missions is tough, it really is. On top of learning a metric ton of scripting commands and SQF syntax, mission makers are also expected to extensively test their scenarios and hope to god everything falls into place as expected. Although it's a job that can feel unrewarding, make no mistake: without missions, no community can exist, and by definition, neither can the ArmA series. So how do we solve these two problems? How do we kindle the interest in making scenarios within the general player-base, without forcing people to spend precious time learning extensive scripting? Throughout the years, BromA - my community of choice - struggled with missions who had a standard of quality, something we could rely on and that wasn't gonna just break at one point or another, pissing off all players and ruining the session. And so, we've started to develop a template for all of our missions, which through lots of testing and debugging, would be stable enough to use and simple enough to be actually utilized. Long story short, as time went by and we got a bit better at scripting, here we are. The Framework comes with a robust and flexible Plugin system, which makes sharing functionality across missions super easy - take a look on what's already implemented. Another powerful feature is the ability to make your missions completely retroactive compatible with any gameplay mods you might want to use: in uses no modules placed from the editor, spawning them all through scripting. On top of making the mission.sqm cleared of clutter that might stop your mission from loading, this also means many module settings are linked to the mission parameters, enabling an unprecedented level of customization. Some of the features include: ACE3, AGM, TFAR, ACRE2, ALIVE and DAC are fully integrated. AI spawning system, complete with unit caching for performance. Cargo loading made simple. Casualty Cap and Body Removal. Casualty Cap for civilians. Commander Lock. JIPs handling. Limit player movement to the AO. Loading screens. Mission time limit. Respawn system with tickets and respawn waves. Setup Zones. Spawn protection. Tasks system which is very flexible and simple to understand. Team Roster. Team killing warning. Very effective Loadout System. Well organized and scenario-agnostic. Important note: this Framework absolutely requires CBA to run. You may need to use a modified version of DAC, compatible with HC to run this properly. Please keep in mind DAC is Silola's work and therefore we ask everyone to keep distribution to a minimum. Yes. Although we don't have any binds like DAC to make its use easier, it's still entirely possible to use ALIVE in your missions and several of our mission makers already have. This project was developed and grew alongside me and its contributors as a great learning experience. As one would expect, we utilized a lot of reference and cannibalized many scripts written by other awesome ArmA modders, so let me stress this as much as I can: although the vast majority of the scripts utilized in the framework have been extensively modified to fit in as a proper Plugin with many hours dedicated to make everything would work, credit to the original authors is fully retained and this is in no way an attempt to upset anyone. That said, this Framework is open-source and free for everyone to use and abuse; if you want to credit me for any of it go ahead but otherwise I really don't care. However, the same might not be true for the authors of the original scripts so please be considerate and don't remove the licenses I've included. List of all Framework contributors. Special Thanks: Ferstaberinde for his work on the F3 Framework and Naught & Olsen for the Core Framework, which basically inspired this one into existing. The BromA and /a3g/ communities, for being nice sports and keeping things always fun to be around. You, for reading all this crap. Although in the future I plan on making a series of video tutorials explaining how to properly utilize every aspect of the Framework, so far the best I've managed is a bunch of dumb streams of myself making missions. This might help you get started on it, but otherwise I recommend the Wiki for documentation. This project is young and still has a long way to go: If you run into some trouble or just have any questions, please hit me up on Steam any time and I'll get back to you ASAP. As a small side note, someone has taken the time to impersonate me on reddit; I do not ever post there so please, kindly ignore whatever is in that account. We hope this Framework helps you to finally make those mission scenarios you've always wanted to make, and then more. Thanks for giving it a shot!
  2. Are you getting exhausted of hard-line milsim groups? Is Altis Life driving you insane? Do you just want to enjoy military combat in a relaxed environment? Then BromA is the place for you! WHAT IS BROMA? BromA is a veteran group founded in 2010 by a band of anonymous image board users which primarily used it for playing Arma 2. Over the years the group grew, broadened its demographic, and reshaped its playing experience to its current state, that being a seasoned group of skilled, but easy-going Arma 3 players. WHAT KIND OF A COMMUNITY IS BROMA? The easiest way to describe BromA would be to call it a relaxed, easy-going community. The mod roster is broad and non-specific, the mission makers are focused on creating a fun and colorful array of operations with a wide variety of factions, the players have a casual, fraternal attitude to one another, but everyone attempts to remains organized during operations, allowing us to behave like a casual group, while putting the skills of a milsim group in practice during operations. HOW DO YOU ORGANIZE UNITS? While there is a structure of Admins and Moderators, there is no coherent rank structure in-game. Groups are organized in the setup screen for each different operation. There are few bars of entry for anyone trying to change their role; Provided enough motivation and courage, yesterday's rifleman can be a tomorrow's platoon leader! Be sure, however, to listen to slotting recommendations/orders of the operation's leader. WHAT IF I'M AN UNSKILLED PLAYER? Don't worry: in BromA we accept players of all backgrounds and competences, as long as their attitude is up to par; If players however need some help learning the game itself, we have semi-regular Training Sessions where newbies can learn the ropes in a very relaxed and casual environment - we believe that this is a game where the more you know, the more fun you can have. WHAT KIND OF MISSIONS/OPS DO YOU PLAY? CAN I MAKE MISSIONS? The majority of missions and operations in BromA are COOP, though a certain amount of TVT and COTVT (where some players are enemies alongside the AI) are also present. They typically last 1-3 hours each. Sometimes longer missions are left running until the next session, or are split into longer campaign segments. All of them are built on the Broma Mark 3 Mission Framework, an in-house dynamic framework which can be configured for creating any kind of a mission. As it is very easy to learn and master, anyone can request a folder of the framework and use it to create new missions for the group. WHEN DO YOU PLAY MISSIONS? Missions are played on 20:00 GMT every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Though, depending on the amount of new missions, changes to the server, PWS breaking, mods breaking, and Arma 3 breaking, pre-determined schedules may change. Always track the Steam Group and the TS3 channel for further info. Missions start after Pre-Ops, which are 30 minute to 1 hour sessions in a playground which give players time to try out equipment, mess around, and prepare for the incoming operation. Mandatory attendance is not required. You can also get on the server outside of scheduled mission times and re-play or test missions. CAN I JOIN THIS GROUP? Of course! The bar of entry is pretty low: Simply joining the TS3 server and the Arma 3 server upon game time is all that is needed. The correct attitude, however, is a must. It is expected from every newcomer to adapt to the language and behavior of BromA members, which may at times be acid, cynical and overtly banterous; But the spirit of friendship and camaraderie which surround the group makes it all worth it. WHAT DO I NEED TO PLAY WITH BROMA? 1. Arma 3. The DLC is entirely optional, but expect Tanoa to be mandatory upon release. 2. PlayWithSix. While it is regarded as bad and unreliable, it is the only current way of handling the BromA mod repo. 3. Broma Repo. Use the following link in your browser to acquire the mod list: pws://broma.co.uk\repo_a3\broma_a3.yml 4. TS3. All operational comms and player interaction is handled through TFAR. 5. Functional microphone. While talking is not mandatory, you cannot assume leadership roles without a microphone. 6. Time to attend any of the scheduled ops. 7. Being a good sport. WHAT ARE THE RULES? 1. Micspamming only with moderation and common-sense. 2. Intended friendly fire and medical overdosing is not allowed. 3. Command mismanagement and incompetence is punished by being banned from assuming FTL, SL, PL, and specialist roles. 4. Hacking is not allowed. 5. Grudges and attacks on other players are to be settled with admins present outside of ops. DO YOU HAVE WEBSITES/SERVERS? The following is a list where you can find BromA media, information, data, and game servers: http://bro.ma - The BromA Website. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/broma3- The BromA Steam Group Page. bro.ma - Arma 3 Server IP - The entry password is "nofun" bro.ma - Teamspeak 3 IP - The entry password is "allowed" pws://broma.co.uk/repo_a3/broma_a3.yml - The PWS Mod Repo Thank you for your attention. Be sure to check the group out and see new updates and content in this thread!