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Found 44 results

  1. This is Unsung 3.0 Hotel! We've updated the S&S based equipment in Unsung, thanks simcardo!, and fixed a number of long-standing bugs. Jamie provided us with new textures for the liferaft, a new PAVN helmet and a Mao cap. {E-Z}Johnny.D provided more updates to the units, seals in particular. The flight models of C-1 Trader and O-2 Skymaster were improved to make them more manageable. The CH-21 helicopter now sports a rescue basket option. The parachutes and planes and helicopter and radio configuration were fixed in regards to skeleton errors and event handlers. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943001311 https://tetet.de/arma/arma3/Download/unsung/@unsung-3.hotel.torrent Changelog: The Unsung Team
  2. Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2583639543 January, 1969. RT Raleigh is tasked with conducting an ambush on an NVA supply convoy headed for VC positions in-country. Getting in is easy, getting out will be the hard part. FEATURES A branching single player scenario designed to match the quality of the S.O.G. Prairie Fire co-op campaign! SOG PF Radio Artillery and CAS, and Helicopter Transport support modules! Virtual armory-enabled S-4 Logistics! SP-compatible AI revive script (speak to the doctor near the Dust-Off helicopter near the launch pad to use this feature)! Detailed FOB2 Kon Tum and FSB Quan Loi with tons of hand-placed occupants, props, vehicles, weapons range, scuttlebutt, and even a boat showcase to discover! Multiple approaches to completing the mission, call in a 20-man 'exploitation force' to help even the odds! Dynamically-spawned friendlies and enemies, Show/Hide module used for optimized CPU-friendly performance! No additional addons required besides the S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC (rare for my scenarios)! AUTHOR'S NOTES This is my second release for the excellent SOG PF DLC, hope you all enjoy it. While working on it, I learned a ton about the new modules, as well as various ways of spawning vs using show/hide module. Although I have a lot of learning to do, this scenario is inspired an informed by both historical and fictional sources related to MACV-SOG. This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to real people, units, or events is purely coincidental. The author and this mission is not affiliated with Savage Game Design. This is a beta release, some bugs may exist. Also, it's Arma, so there are bound to be things that will affect your playthrough. Reloading the mission can solve some issues. Please let me know if you run into any game-breaking bugs. NOT RESPONSIBLE for any game-breaking bugs or issues playing with any addons in addition to the required ones listed here, I designed the mission to support Virtual Armory, but I can't be held responsible if things don't work because of another modder's addon. I'm interested to hear about your playthrough! If you enjoyed playing, please leave a comment, give a thumbs-up, or add it to your faves! CREDITS Thanks to Frost for beta testing, feedback, and suggestions Savage Game Design AI Revive Script by pierremgi Carpet Bombing Script by Grumpy Old Man Post processing effects created using Recolor addon I forgot to make a post here when I released this scenario earlier this year. Wanted to share it here, hope you enjoy! Would love to hear your AAR!
  3. CPT Hounddog

    LFG/Unit - SOG Prairie Fire

    Hey all. I am looking for a unit. I Will try to be fried, but here goes: 1. SOG team missions and campaigns ran weekly - If a unit has a hatchet force or a bright light team that is a big plus. 2. Trains regularly once a week, together -Would be cool if there were qualification training such as Airborne School 3. Has full integration in a system that uses PERSCOM (soldier profiles, ranks, awards/badges a Code of Conduct, website, Teamspeak server - and a dedicated server that isn't in someone's bathroom. Yes that has happened.) -If a unit needs this I can provide it. It is ready and only needs branding. -The ranks/badges/awards are great but not everything. A lot of times people will award a medal for someone just doing anything, like donating to a server fund. The integrity of a medal or rank should always be protected. 4. Knows how and utilizes the full spectrum of missions (very important - not just HVT stuff, but recon, intel gathering, ambushing, POW rescue, BDA missions) 5. Has maybe a monthly or twice monthly meeting time. 6. US based time zone - all are fine About me: I have over 5.5k hours in game, I make my own Arma 3 mods - was a part of the UNSUNG team doing helicopter pilot helmets and ACAV skins. I am a aviator in game and would love to have a spot. But I would like a unit that knows how to use assets. Of course I am talking about aviation, but after playing 5.5k hours I notice most folks don't know how to use them or when to employ them. Often it's transporting troops and that's it. A lot of sitting around - which I utilize to train up during that down time. There's a boatload one can do and use aviation for. I love to organise and do paperwork in PERSCOM and just help people. If someone wants to start a unit, I am open to that, but would rather have a main 'leader' of the unit. Please DM me on Discord - Gunfighter 6#1130. Thanks!
  4. Welcome to Unsung Redux - the Unsung story continues. With the creators DLC S.O.G. Prairie Fire being released today, we want to stress that Unsung is not going away. Quite the contrary, with Unsung Redux we will provide a Prairie Fire compatible version of Unsung, reducing duplication of assets and taking advantage of the premium assets now available. First Unsung Redux Dev build will be made available on Steam Workshop and later Unsung Redux Stable. The Dev build is intended for developers and testers primarily, while the Stable release is targeting the general player base interested in the Vietnam war. Of course Unsung itself will continue to be available as the total conversion mod it is. Steam Workshop URL for Unsung Redux DEV: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2479495652 It will be unstable and work in progress, so expect frequent breakages.
  5. simcardo

    S & S

    Sus and Sus Service and Supply For you bunch of hippies to chew on. utilisable pieces of wearables from the Cold War, primarily 60s-era US military. (and some bonus like the Nederlanders and possibly more to come!) This addon is composed of 20% cotton, 40% synthetic polymer, 40% Spastic nylon Blend, OG-107 Ranked Uniforms S&S includes a modified version of KP Ranks, which (currently) only works for S&S Uniforms. in an MP game, the host can assign ranks to players via the KP ranks menu which is accessible through the in-game context menu. All credits to Wyqer for the original KP ranks code Source code : github Download: Steam Workshop Units/Groups S&S includes no units/groups by default as these and only has arsenal items. groups/units that are insertible via eden/zeus however can be found here: S & S: Units (Armed with CUP weapons, therefore requires it) Additionally, Radios in S&S are compatible to TFAR. For ACRE2 compatibility, please use this workshop entity: S & S: ACRE Compatibility Files This pack has been configured to be rather modular so that you can remove certain files if you wish to not play with certain things. - simc_uaf_67: US army assets - simc_uaf_68: more US army assets - simc_uaf_67_preview: icons for arsenal and editor etc (do not remove) - simc_mc_67: USMC assets - simc_nv_67: North Vietnam assets - simc_svn_67: South Vietnamese assets - GR_Medium_Utility_Helicopters: modified version of Medium Utility Helicopters by Grumpy Rhino which includes a set of UH1Ds and Hs - sns_dutch: Cold war era Dutch Army - sns_vehicles: M38A1/Nekaf Jeep - simc_uaf_67_cfg: config files for US army gear, requires simc_uaf_67 - simc_uaf_68_cfg: config files for additional US army gear, requires simc_uaf_67, simc_svn_67, and simc_uaf_68 - simc_mc_67_cfg: config files for USMC gear, requires simc_mc_67 and simc_uaf_67 - simc_nv_67_cfg: config files for North Vietnamese gear, requires simc_nv_67 - simc_svn_67_cfg: config files for South Vietnamese gear, requires simc_svn_67 - simc_uaf_67_gruppe: config files for all the groups. requires CUP Weapons Known Issues - M38A1 Jeep is currently missing proper backlight - Dutch Faction is still WIP and does not have its own webgear, however, we recommend using SPEARPOINT's british webgear for now 🙂 Included contents: Full Changelog: (Possible) Upcoming content Disclaimer: No designated ETA - Dutch Web gear - US Field Jackets - ARVN rucksack - ANZAC If you do enjoy the content i made, please consider supporting me vie patreon or make a donation to my paypal (address: arkan_ebi@hotmail.com ) Credits - Justin N. : Lead-dev; assets such as Machete, 3D scanned compass pouch and mitchell pattern covers, Dutch uniforms and helmets, VC and NVA uniforms, importing vehicles - Grumpy Rhino: Hueys that are included, originally from Medium Utility Helicopters - Wyqer: original KP Ranks script - Bohemia Interactive: arma sample models - Motta: providing M1 helmet shell and chinstrap, M61 grenade model, and Leather combat boots - Ethridge: M1 Helmet shell texture - Lakarak: M1 Helmet cover, Towels - Jujurat: M56 pouch, 100rnd box bandoleer, and ALICE pack model (converted to an LW rucksack) - Petr Švenda: PRC-77 model - Olmo Potmus: M1974 SWDG model; part of the CVC helmet model - Pandemic: making eden/zeus group configurations - Frenchy56: collar rank textures, screenshots - adriaNsteam: Tiger stripe pattern texture - TeTeT: Fixing NEKAF rearlight - Lackrica: Unit patch textures - Bigstone: Unit patch textures - Schwienyy: helmet accesories texture, screenshots - Toney: USMC advisor - Шоиветс: references and death threats - Carrick: ACRE racks config for vehicles - ashton324 and Joe: TFAR compatibility for radios - did I miss anyone? S&S: Service and Supply title was coined by Motta and Ethridge Brought to thee by Justin N. along with the Simcardo Association: - Simcardo (himself) - Brainfag - TheGrass - Vagineer089 - Casper_TFG - did I miss someone? Additional screenshots : (Disclaimer: S&S only includes uniforms, gear, and M38A1 Jeep and the hueys, every other thing u see in the screenshots (such as guns) are from other mods such as CUP Weapons or UNSUNG.
  6. Air Cavalry Patrol (ACP) is a MILSIM/Semi-MILSIM/Casual MILSIM dynamic mission generator that provides replayable objective focussed gameplay for minimal effort, ideal for communities of 5-15 players but playable with a single player! Players take the role of either a ground infantry squad or a Huey crew to fly into the jungle (walking's for chumps) to complete an objective, then fly out onto the next objective. Each objective should take around 15-20 minutes (depending on flying time and catastrophe) and the mission has parameters for 1 - 6 objectives per mission! All objectives will be able to be done with enemies still remaining, and in some cases you won't be able to fight them all off - so expect hot extracts as well as hot insertions, because hot LZs is what a Vietnam game is all about, right? Mission available for download here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2482465442 Introduction Video (v0.1): Version 1 now released! Current features: Clear Camp mission Recover Supplies mission Destroy Truck mission Ticketed respawn (adjustable in Parameters) End conditions for all players dead (and out of tickets) or all objectives complete and players returned to base. Optional arsenal crate Semi-dynamic briefing that changes depending on what the objectives are. ACE medical loadouts with the correct supplies A "hardcore" mode with limited maps and compasses, for that true lost in the jungle feel. Number of enemies scale to number of players Planned features: MORE missions - so many more! ACRE/TFAR compatability with spectator chat and radios US Only and All Vietnam arsenal options In addition to this I'll be making a ground-based patrol mission (for those walking chumps I mentioned) that is similar but without the requirement for a helicopter.
  7. Hello. When I host a local ArmA 3 server via the server browser menu, my friends cannot join. I have set in my router that my PC can independently release all ports it needs and I have also released all ports separately for arma to be on the safe side (port: 2302 ...) but under which IP can the server be reached? I've tried sites like whatsmyip but my friends can't join at this address. I have an IPV6 address. I want to buy the new Vietnam Dlc when it is available and then play the co-op campaign and therefore I want to see how it works with the local servers.
  8. 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment The 2/5 Cav is an Arma 3 milsim unit that strives to create a realistic environment focused on the Vietnam War. Our overall goal is to create a fun, professional, environment that our members can enjoy. We emulate an actual Army unit that served in Vietnam for the vast majority of the war. As a result, we prioritize immersion and realism in our efforts involving mission making, ranks, in-game assets, and unit structure. Billets: 11B Rifleman 062D Helicopter Pilot About us: North America based unit (Operations take place at 1900 CST) Teamspeak IP: Website: https://2-5cav.net Home to former and active duty service members Requirements to join the 2/5 Cav: Must be proficient in English 18+ years of age Availability to attend operations on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month Demonstrate maturity and professionalism Have valid copy of Arma 3 / TeamSpeak 3 Must not be active in or take part of any other Vietnam War realism unit
  9. Group: United Task Force (UNITAF) Branch: Flexible Schedule / Attendance - MILSIM just without the Yes Sir no Sir. Availability: Join on operations as often or as little as you like, including reserve roles if you want to join but aren't sure you'll make it. Language: English Time Zone: Central Europe (but we have plenty of people from the Americas and Pacific and wouldn't say no to more) Our Arma-integrated Website: United task force Discord: discord Operation Times: CEST/GMT/UTC - Flexible schedule (attend by choice from 1 to 20 ops a month) using our dynamic ORBAT deployment application. Operation Type: COOP (from 5-man Special Operations missions to 40-men+ beach assault we have it all) Mods: ACE / TFAR / RHS (Full list: mods) Roles available for:- Marksmen- Snipers- Leadership- Fixed Wing pilot- Rotary pilot and gunner- Tank crew- Autorifleman- Anti-tank/anti-air- Everything, seriously, any role is a potential option. Other Information: United Task Force is a one-of-a-kind session based cooperative MILSIM experience for the Arma series. A unique blend of realism, solid teamwork, just without the yes-sir-no-sir. Our Website: United task force FAQs and more information about UNITAF on the website. - 24/7 Public Server - Just search for UNITAF in the public server list. - Private session based MILSIM operations. - Numerous training sessions so you can become an expert in whatever roles you choose. - Our one-of-a-kind game integrated MILSIM website application. - Full of cool and friendly people from across the world. - Powerful and well maintained servers to reduce frame-drops and keep the game as immersive as possible. Email adress: hq@unitedtaskforce.net Website features: /- Order of Battle: Deploying on our missions looks something like this which makes it super easy to keep track of what team you're in and what your radio frequency is etc ORBAT Snapshot /- Operations Order [OPORD] are written in full for all official operations. To add immersion and let you know exactly what you should be doing on operation. OPORD Snapshot
  10. Unsung 3.0 - W.I.P THREAD Hi all , Well its a new year and time to move forward. The unsung team have had a rest from our 2.6 release for A2 and we are looking to move into the next installment of the Arma series. We have done extensive testing and work on the 2.6 release to the point where we are happy we have a solid base to work from as we progress. However, We need your help. We are currently seeking Config writers, Modellers, Texture artists. Especially those whom have experience in porting A2 content to A3 taking advantage of PhysX and other engine enhancements. So if you want to be a member of a strong team and a mod that's been around for over 10 years, then please send me a PM For those new to the Arma series who don't know who we are have a look here: Unsung History (needs an update :P ): http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/The_Unsung_MOD Latest work : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?181703-The-Unsung-Vietnam-War-Mod-v2-6-Released-!!!&p=2749195#post2749195 Some WIP's so far:
  11. 1st Platoon (formerly Project Delta) was created by Eggbeast (Unsung mod lead Developer) back in 2017 as a way from which some of the developers as well as beta testers could play the mod together, it was then expanded that idea to include the general public but still handpicked. We have our orientation course for new members joining the group on Saturdays at 11:00 EST/16:00 UK and our large campaign operations (50+ players) every Sunday at 11:00 EST/16:00 UK time, we also have a monthly World War 2 event to change things up a bit. We take part in various campaigns of the Vietnam era from 1964 to 1971 as well as WW2 era from 1940-1945 and consists of three squads, a recon team and a flight element - Spartan, Viking, Vandal, Wraith Recon Team, Eagle Flight . Each campaign we do is 12-13 weeks long with a different 'theme' for each new campaign, rotating between Air Cav, Marines, Airborne, Armoured and even Special Forces plus we use the task force radio mod for communication but only Nco's and officers carry radios in their load out. Simplicity and fast paced action is key to our gameplay, we use the AIS medical system and only employ two formations: Column (single file or staggered) for moving when out of contact, and battle line when in combat. To be a member of 1st platoon you must attend the 3 hour orientation course to get access to our events and other channels in our discord. The orientation course is there for us to get to know you, let you know what you can expect at our events and what we expect from you. Attendance is never mandatory but if you want rank then you need to show up on a weekly basis and stay for the entire 3-4 hour ops, Pfc's can ask for a specialist spot if there's one open as they're the ones who have attended the most events. RULES: Comradeship: Our large ops can get long and complex with multiple objectives, combat noise, radio traffic, etc so we ask that you never argue or debate with your squad nco's while we're in ops as we have a chain of command. We have squad debriefs after every op so if you want to voice an opinion or concern then that's the time. Respect: Please be friendly and DO NOT use offensive names/images as we have zero tolerance for Nazis, trolls or extremists. Understand we're all trying to enjoy a game on our free time and have no time to manage someone causing offence to others. Discipline & Teamwork: Rambo's/Lone wolves are not welcome as you will be expected to follow orders and stick with your assigned squad, fooling around at our ops is highly frowned upon as we're trying to focus and have fun. Team Speak: We're on Team Speak when we play and you're required to be there and have a mic when playing with us to receive the server info and password. Team Speak address: nlsmain.com:9988 Mods: Steam Workshop::1st Platoon Vietnam Mod List Steam Workshop::1st Platoon WW2 Mod List
  12. DarkBall123

    Campaign "Nam 65-75"

    Download Campaign (STEAM) Campaign "NAM 65-75" is a description of historical events during the Vietnam conflict. The main characters are fictional, and some are taken from the history of events. You will have to play as a helicopter pilot of the 173rd brigade, a soldier of the US Marine Corps, a soldier of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam, a soldier of the "Study and Observation Group" ... The campaign is under construction and the final number of missions is unknown. So far, 6 missions are ready. About 30-40 scenarios are expected. But it is not exactly. The campaign was created in Russian, but there is an English-language description of tasks, a briefing and captions of conversations. The translation was made through Google translator online. AUTHOR: - RAY VOICE ACTING: - RAY - DarkBall - Hornet
  13. USMC M41 Packs, in Vietnam Era setup (basically everything is in OD7) Don't mind the picture; i dont have unsung in my disk right now so i tried to make the chars look at least vietnam era even though its just uhh mix-nd-match but yea come on Cheap thing really, originally from the US GEAR pack just modified to become od7 so it fits vietnam. not sure if i plan on adding more to it, maybe camo rolls and stuff but expect nothing Download: Steam Workshop Credits: - Mushroom: sort of making me think of this idea - Justin N. : teaching me how to sculpt in blender - Motta : teaching me how to measure in blender, and giving the data for the sizes of e-tools (for the m43 e-tools u see on this pack) - did i miss someone? ----- If anyone happens to appreciate my work and feel like somewhat helping, (which will help me in a rather significant way) one can try donating to me via paypal; send it to my paypal email adress arkan_ebi@hotmail.com either way, thanks (; Brought to thee by The Simcardo Association: - Simcardo (himself) - Brainfag - TheGrass - Vagineer089 - Casper_TFG - did I miss someone?
  14. THE RAIN Take on the role as a Platoon Leader with the 1st Australian Task Force. Your mission is to complete a LRRP deep in the Vietnamese jungle, but things are never that simple in the 'Nam... Find the mission here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2107193170 CREDITS: - Big thanks to the UNSUNG MOD Team. - Thank you to the CBA Devs. - Music clips sampled are by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. - Thank you to everyone who has helped me learn throughout the years. - Finally. Big thanks to BI.
  15. UNSUNG TEAM RECRUITING In order to continue producing this great mod at a high level of quality and quantity for the Arma community we are currently looking for the following people to boost our team productivity: 2 x model porters - porting models from arma 2 to arma 3 (e.g. motorbike, bicycle, helicopter, tank) - you need to have basic knowledge of Arma Tools (object builder) - we can teach you the rest, you just need to be willing to follow our guidance. - These posts allow people the ability to grow and develop their knowledge in model development. 2 x building artists - high level of ability to make new scale models from scratch in whatever program you use - uv mapping and texturing models - we can import to p3d / rig / animate / and config - The buildings are for a new urban map based in Hue 1968 that our world-builder artists are developing. - Your creative input to that map would become legendary! To be part of our team you will need - about 6-10 hours a week for no pay, except being part of a supportive 14 year-old modding team - open-minded and teamworking mind-set - skype account for group-chat - tortoise svn (we can teach you how to use that) Interested? please send me a PM or join the skype group here ok now onto the plan.... HUE 1968 We are planning to build a giant map of Hue City, 1968, to re-enact the Tet Offensive battle for Hue between 16 battalions of ARVN, US Army and USMC vs 10 battalions of PAVN and PLAF (VC). The city has a giant historic Citadel with moats from the Perfume River this is our satmap so far this is the approximate area footprint we plan to create Some useful resources http://1project2far.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/six-block-war-finding-your-way-around.html http://www.miltours.com/image/data/brochures/lneckhuepart2.pdf https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2vQ__WUjXkGaHNUWnYxRjQyT0E?ths=true https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwNE3oNWMiBDRGV3R2JlT24yMHc?ths=true original map from 1968 and other free maps of vietnam here: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/vietnam.html original vietcong 2 assault on the citadel this is the key one - the MACV compund and streets to the bridge The aim is to build both banks of the river, with a variety of key features: - the hospital, treasury building and provincial admin building, cercle sprtif, MACV compound, etc - the main focus of fighting - citadel, Dong Ba Tower, Tong Tu Gate, West wall bridge, etc - Nguyen Hoang Bridge (6 hump suspension road bridge) - factories - churches - cinema - shopping streets - housing - river and canal bridges - stairways - bunkers - offices - roads and street furniture - fences, walls and railings We are also building a range of new armour and air assets to support this battle, which will be added to Unsung mod during the coming year, these include: - M41 Walker Bulldog - M42 Duster - M50 Ontos - PT76 - Type 63 APC we also need a new M274 Mule - if anyone fancies making one, or donating for it (Edit - Howells is making one) some pics of Hue buildings follow. We are keen to attract some new modellers to help - port and convert Takistan buildings and other A2 assets (not much experience needed as we can teach you) - retexture A3 assets if and where possible (and legal) (texture artists familiar with photoshop or gimp) - build new models (experienced modelers - we can help rig and config for arma) We feel that the release of this map will be a legendary event in the Arma series. Why not join the gang creating it? If you don't have much experience, we still have work, so long as you are prepared to make a commitment to completing one model task. Time-wasters need not apply! the work can be hard, so you mainly need enthusiasm and endurance. so yeah, it's a big project, we need people who can make street-signs, shop signs, railings, bridges, rubble piles, right up to citadel bastions, bridges and cathedrals. so if anyone out there can lend a hand, it's gonna be an awesome battle in the end - a legendary map for the arma series. we already have the satmap done, with the rivers and canals already in. Razorback, Londo and maybe Icebreaker are gonna be working on the basic layouts and ground textures we just need a lot of buildings and parts. I have imported a lot of stuff from takistan already, but if we could get some guys wh ocan just do the importing process on more of the takistan houses, i can help them with a process to follow, and guidance. it's a good way to learn your way around arma building models. then we need texture people to retexture the buildings to vietnamese colonial colours and signs, add shutters and details etc
  16. THE EXTRICATION Take on the role as a MAC/V - S.O.G Recon Teamleader - Your mission is to rescue a downed pilot deep within the Cambodian jungle. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Inspired by a legendary OFP mission by Toadlife called Operation LoJack. This was a fantastic mission where you had to track and locate a kidnapped Officer on Kolgujev. Unfortunately, my .sqf knowledge is pretty poor so I was unable to implement the Tracking script. If anyone would like to attempt it or has the know-how to put it in the mission please let me know! Find the mission here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1753529688 CREDITS: - Big thanks to the UNSUNG MOD Team. - Thank you to the CBA Devs. - Thank you to Bludclot for the amazing Prei Khmaoch Luong | ព្រៃខ្មោចលង. - Music clips sampled are by Trent Reznor and Attic Ross. - Thank you to everyone who has helped me learn throughout the years. - Finally. Big thanks to BI.
  17. Vietnam '69 Take up the role as a Platoon Leader sent on a dangerous and suicidal mission to assault and secure an enemy stronghold hidden deep within the dense Vietnamese jungle. Find the mission here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1748457883 CREDITS: - Big thanks to the UNSUNG MOD Team. - Thank you to the CBA Devs. - Music clips sampled are by Jimi Hendrix. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. - Thank you to everyone who has helped me learn throughout the years. - Big thanks to BI. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
  18. HECATOMB Take up the role as a MAC-V/ S.O.G Recon Team Leader deep within the Cambodian jungle during the early 70's. You will be hunted soon as you step off the chopper. Keep moving. Eyes open. Complete the objectives. Stay alive. Extract. The enemy will hunt you down soon as you're on the ground so get moving quickly or set up ambushes to counter and eliminate them. Find the mission here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1736862444 ABOUT ME: This is my first published mission on Steam. I've been creating missions and scenarios since the good old OFP days. Feedback is greatly appreciated. CREDITS: - Big thanks to the UNSUNG MOD Team. - Thank you to the CBA Devs. - Thank you to Bludclot for the amazing Prei Khmaoch Luong | ព្រៃខ្មោចលង. - Music clips sampled are by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. - Thank you to everyone who has helped me learn throughout the years. - Finally. Big thanks to BI.
  19. BMNS Milsim Group 'A fun and somewhat casual unit but with hints of military realism' Where we started: Anyway, nice to meet you if you are reading this and I hope your day is going wonderfully my name is Skelly and I am attempting to make a 'Unit' out of this unit we have running. We as a unit are a somewhat small tight knit group of friends with a large passion for gaming and Arma especially, but we are looking to broaden and expand our horizons to new members. We were 'formed' sometime in late 2018 and have been playing regular operations every Saturday we are small and have been small for a while with us playing a load of operations since our forming. Some of our members come from a unit that used to play as the 506th Airborne (US WW2) and have experience in those matters. Some Information: Some useful information includes No age restriction in joining, so long as you are eager to learn and play we'd be happy to play with you We use ACE, ACE Medical etc meaning having knowledge of such would help but is not required as it is easily taught. We have a discord which you can join which should have the main information needed to you We are currently in WW2 playing as US Airborne units but we have a cycle among our main Zeus's (Myself, Skelly, Pequod and D-Dom) We have a rank structure which is somewhat lax and you can often climb ranks to a certain rank unless you show signs of leadership for example if you are interested in Squad Leading you have to prove 1. you are capable and 2. you are somewhat active in operations Although we are a European Unit we love to see faces from any part of the world as we do have American members of our unit. Our operations are at a graceful time of 3PM GMT every Saturday which gives time for even the laziest of the unit to wake up. (Also handy for Americans who want to join as approx it falls at about 10am for Americans which isn't much to ask to wake up for.) When playing we try to allow those playing to have the most fun possible but of course we do enjoy Squad organisation as much as the next man so we try to make the best organisation possible when playing and lone-wolfing/rambo-ing is not fun for anybody and can often ruin operations so its up to your discretion to make it fun for everyone. We cycle between Modern Day, WW2 and Vietnam and are currently playing WW2 if you could of not guessed! We currently have two squadrons of which we would be happy to expand to allow others who wish to make their own, make their own; We have Windmill Squadron We have Jackass Squadron Open for you to join or to create your own! Command Structure/Administrators of Servers Main Bois: Skelly (thats me) Pequod D-Dom Secondary Bois: Michel Benjamin Links: Discord: https://discord.gg/YY4KR2u Teamspeak: [Given on arrival to our discord] Website: [None planned] Closing: I'd like to thank anyone for even reading through this little write up and hope to see atleast some of you on the battlefield soon! We will be beginning a campaign this weekend (Saturday 13th April) and would love to see any of you there! Anyways this is me, Skelly your friendly neighborhood milsim recruiter saying adios!
  20. Introduction Established on 10/7/18 the 3rd Battalion 4th Marines aims to provide a unique experience to those interested in a Vietnam Era Unit. We pride ourselves in being a Serious but fun unit which likes to include a realistic and unique experience into our Operations. What We Offer While we are currently looking for more infantry focused players we do offer Air Crewman roles as our Pilots are currently full but when we do expand we will take your interest into consideration over new people. We also like to provide unique and immersive operations which allow you to live out your dream character as long as it makes sense and follows our Rules. Ranks and promotion points so you can rise up the ladder, but most importantly we offer a kind and welcoming community that will help you when needed and is always there for you! Positions Infantry Roles ♣️ While we currently are a new unit we do offer limited roles but as we expand new roles will be added. Do keep in mind this does also apply to the AirCorp Roles. - Machine Gunner - Rifleman - Grenadier - Lead positions ( Must talk to Commanding officers if you wish to become a lead position when joining ) Air Corp Roles ? - Heli Pilots ( FULL ) - Air Crewman ( Doorgunners ) - 1x ATC Operator How to Join Feel free to either add me on Steam or leave a comment but the most efficient way would be through our teamspeak! TS - Website - https://3rdbattalion4thmarines.enjin.com/ " Ready For All, Yielding to None"
  21. COOP/SP mission with dynamic objectives for 1-6 players on the Prei Khmaoch Luong map. Try yourselves as SF team members during Vietnam war period. MISSION LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=959340725 FEATURES: - 3 different type of tasks (search and destroy, search and rescue, patrol)... I hope will be more - Random enemy strength, patrols and objective location every time you start scenario - Revive sytem - Combat support (transport helicopter and arty) - No respawn - Customizable mission parameters (weather, time, arsenal, ai) - Three different SF units (MACV-SOG, SASR and 173rd AB LRRP ) with authentic, custom made arsenal and loadouts - FPS friendly - Whole map mission MODS REQUIRED: - UNSUNG 3.1 http://www.armanam.eu/downloads.html - Prei Khmaoch Luong map http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=950966660 - Huey Pack http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=370592133&searchtext=huey (cause Unsung Huyes dont work properly with AI) Thanks to all authors of scripts which I used in this mission. Leave feedback in comments and dont forget to rate mission if you like it, thanks. HOW TO LAUNCH THIS SCENARIO 1) subscribe scenario and required mods 2) Launch Arma 3 via launcher, turn on all required mods and launch game with them 3) In game menu choose Multiplayer game =} server browser =} host server(local or internet) =} host server 4) In opend map/missions menu choose map with scenario =} this scenario 5) Choose role, press play 6) Profit... Screenshots:
  22. 101st |Airborne| Division| Vietnam War ______________________________________Welcome to The War________________________________________ Who we are? A unit that simulates the Vietnam War, with quality, combat doctrine, brings the game to reality. We take films about the Vietnam War and turn it into a mission Unit activity in 3 stages basic training and advanced training Operational activity almost every day And special tasks. Operations and training are held three to five times throughout the week, typically starting at 2000 GMT, with a focus on tactical realism. We do not discriminate against nationality, race, gender, or religion. Clan FRT Fight for your country Fight the best unit in the Vietnam War - No 3rd Person - Al 3 Enemy + Scripts - Quality tasks - No NVGs while looking down sights - ACE3 Advanced Medical System - ACE3 Advanced Ballistics System - Stamina Enabled - Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 (ACRE2) - Uniform & Equipment Standards - Cooperative PvE Missions - Positions: Assaulter, Grenadier, Autorifleman, Breacher, Medic, Zeus, Pilot (rotary/fixed) Join Here
  23. task force 47 is looking for people to join we are based off of army and some marine doctrine, we utilize multiple mods for the different eras such as iron front, the unsung mod and multiple modern mods, if you would like to join us or have any questions about us post on this forum
  24. Delta Company of the 7th Cavalry Regiment [D/1-7] is currently recruiting. We are a Vietnam era Arma 3 clan using the Unsung mod and part of one of the largest and oldest milsim groups in Arma (Founded 2004. Active membership of 250-300 in 7th Cav 50-60 in ACV). Our style is realistic with a well-defined CoC, classes for almost all MOS, flight schools, milpacs, award systems and an infrastructure that is committed to making sure you get the most out of your time with us. The Unsung mod gives us dozens of Vietnam era jets and payloads as well as over 100 weapons, uniforms, choppers, etc. The ACV public server even has VC Spider holes! To join 7th Cav Air Cav Vietnam you must: Be 18+ years of age Not belong to any other FPS clans Must agree to conduct yourselves according to the rules and regulations of the 7th Cav Attend SP one hour a week (Multiple SP times available) and sign roll call weekly Join us on our Steam page http://steamcommunity.com/groups/aircavnam You can also join us on our teamspeak server and public server: Server Name: =7Cav=Official Air Cav Vietnam Server IP: Port: 2302 TeamSpeak 3: ts3.7cav.us Port:9987 Pass:7thCavalry Mods required: - Unsung (delta version): Unsung Download[www.armanam.eu] - Collection modlist COLLECTION - APEX DLC
  25. We're getting out of Vietnam. The order has come directly from the President, so we've consolidated our forces at the Da Nang airbase. There are some friendly squads stuck behind enemy lines and we need you to bring them back to the airbase before we pull out completely. Take your Huey, designated as call sign Shark, and get our boys back safely. Your going to be venturing into enemy territory, so watch for anti-air emplacements. Features: -Singleplayer -Helicopter rescues -Rearming and repair -Original music Download the mod on the Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1253858447 Listen to the original soundtrack here: https://youtu.be/kUOm1rWhY6A Or checkout my other mod, Wave Defense, here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1214321608