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Found 26 results

  1. Lost Son Wiggles

    Arma 3 Taki Life

    Hello A3 Community. My name is Mr.Wiggles and I'm here to advertise a Arma 3 Takistan Life community starting up later this month before the holidays! The Server is planning to have a casual RP feel but with additions of some quality of life mods and TFAR. For those of you that miss the feel of some Arma 2 communities I recommend giving the discord a shot. They're won't be any long or complicated whitelists or RP applications for factions. Just submit a small form and you'll be given a tag. For any questions, go ahead and submit a ticket. https://discord.gg/pXcmSR7T
  2. Steam Workshop - Full Release Overview Insurgency - 2035 is a project focusing on fleshing out the various insurgent and paramilitary groups scattered across the globe in the Armaverse, focusing on the 2030s onwards. This modification uses the Western Sahara CDLC from the Rotators Collective, as well as Arma 3 Aegis and Atlas. Both are essential to Insurgency - 2035, and I am immensely appreciative for the fantastic work they have done. A full list of dependencies can be found on the lower right-hand side of the Workshop page. For any additional queries, feel free to drop me a private message here or reach out to me on my Discord. Factions Chernarussian Radical Party Although the original Chedaki insurgency was wiped out by a joint U.S. and Chernarussian offensive at the close of Operation Harvest Red little was done to curtail pro-Russian sentiments in the north of Chernarus. In the intervening years, a loose coalition of political parties and citizen militias have formed together as the Chernarussian Radical Party, and have since seized control of the north of the country. Reinforced by foreign fighters and equipment from across the border in Russia, the party has proclaimed itself the successor to the Chedaki insurgency of old. Pro-Akhanteros Paramilitaries The outbreak of the Altian Civil War in the mid-to-late 2030s saw the rise of paramilitaries on both sides of the conflict that were quietly backed by foreign countries with a vested interest in the island nation. Those that supported Georgious Akhanteros and his military junta were known to employ death squads, brutalising the population of Altis. Takistani Insurgents Despite the relative stability brought to Takistan following the NATO intervention during Operation Arrowhead, insurgent forces have continued to operate freely in the country. One of the most prominent groups is believed to be led by the son of former dictator Muhammad R. Aziz, and is currently engaged in a bloody insurgency against the CSAT-backed government in Takmyr. Pictures Changelog Credits
  3. Steam Workshop - Full Release Overview Sunset over Takistan is a project encompassing the Green Sea Region between 1979 - 1992, and takes numerous creative liberties in an attempt to flesh out the conflicts between Takistan and her neighbours, as well as the Takistan Civil War that ultimately led to the end of the monarchy and the rise of the dictator Muhammad R. Aziz. At this time, the plan is for Sunset over Takistan to focus on two primary conflicts; the Takistan-Ardistani War 1979-1987 (the "Oil War") and the Takistani Civil War 1988-1992. Additionally, special attention is planned for the Chernarussian Soviet Socialist Republic and the Republic of Karzeghistan given their presence in the region. By design, Sunset over Takistan utilises Global Mobilization from Vertexmacht, Western Sahara from Rotators Collective and The Free World Armoury by TepacheLoco. All are essential to Sunset over Takistan, and I am immensely appreciative for the fantastic work they have done. I'm currently investigating creating / importing more equipment into ArmA III to supplement the project further. For any additional queries, feel free to drop me a private message here or reach out to me on my Discord. What's included? At this time, Sunset over Takistan includes the following; What's planned? Pictures Changelog Credits
  4. I N S U R G E N C Y TAKISTAN [ REQUIRED ADDON: CUP:Terrains ] [ OPTIONAL ADDONS: TFAR ; CUP_Weapons ; CUP_Units ; CUP_Vehicles ; TalibanFighters ; TacticalBeard ; RHS:USF ] ACE3 Compatibility is still WIP! 'Takistan Insurgency' is a cooperative multiplayer mission/game mode for ArmA 3, influenced by the insurgency mission made in ArmA 2:OA by PogoMan and Fireball. [CO-27] FEATURES: SCREENSHOTS: VIDEOS: TO DO LIST: DOWNLOAD - 26.NOV.2017 SAMPLE SERVER SETTINGS: (OUTDATED!!!!) OFFICIAL SERVER: Hostname: ~TAKISTAN INSURGENCY~ [@CUPTerrains;@TalibanFighters;] IP: Port: 2302 BattlEye: No FilePatching: Yes VerifySignatures: Yes TeamSpeak: ATCAG.TS.NFOServers.com Website: www.ATCAG.com
  5. Heroic slovniacs An Arma 3 CO-OP scenario. Heroic slovniacs trailer: What's this? Takistanian milita has taken a Takistanian army airport, the Takistanian army has requested the help of the Russian army to retrieve that airport. Three soldiers and a Su-25 were sent in order to assist (or more likely do all the job by themselves) retrieving that airport, but are met with a strong resistance due to the fact that the Takistanian milita acquired a huge amount of equipment from the same airport. The mission theme is Close air support (Su-25) that is guided by the help of the three soldiers on the ground, so 4 players. Download from Steam Workshop: Normal version or ACE version. Player slots: Squad leader. Marksman\Enginner. AT soldier. Pilot. I also have an ACE version, which replaces the Marksman with a medic. Pros: I have spent 350 hours on this mission, I hope it will be great enough! Cinematics! (they suck because Arma 3 cinematics suck). Voice acting! (for the commander, it will give you PTSD). Random events (that will kill you, such as a minefield). Long mission (depends if you keep bullshiting or not). Unlock ground vehicles as you progress, making you stronger. Thanks to LAMBS mod, the AI can actually outsmart you by miles, so be careful. Multiple respawn points to save traveling times. Music player (that randomly plays music every 10 mins). The commander welcomes players who connect, and whines when a player disconnects (who the ♥♥♥♥ cares remove this point idiot). There is no acting in this mission, you play however you want and unlock vehicles (ground vehicles) as you play through the mission, as long as your play-style is not about you being a complete idiot, you will pass. At least you can feel that the world is a bit more "alive" than other missions. Cons: The Intro is quite long (7 mins) but that's because I wanted to lay out information in a better way (btw the intro is not boring). Since I wanted the performance to be good (and this mission is so large that I pushed Arma 3 to its boundaries) I had to make it so that the hosting computer (whether it's a player or a dedicated server) take the weight of the scripts and units, so only the host will suffer from a poor performance (if his PC is older than 2018) while the rest of the players will have no problems in performance :), so not a huge con really. Last part of the mission might be heavy on the hosting PC, but you can always quit, since that part makes %10 of the mission anyway. 13 mods (19 if ACE) (most are light weight) so that you can experience the full experience without AI being dumb etc etc. Other stuff: I have became a no life making these missions, and thank to all the people who helped me (even slightly) who are mentioned in the end of the mission, I hope you will give this mission a try, since it doesn't require a huge number of players (3 players are acceptable, 2 players will cause the guy on the ground to eat huge metric tons of organic ♥♥♥♥). Also, I hope Digger won't traumatize you for life. Download from Steam Workshop: Normal version or ACE version. Report any glitch in the comments (below) or I will call out targets for the pilot to annihilate.
  6. Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, Yesterday we (the Team behind Global Mobilization), have released the first two addons from the Global Mobilization Extra addons series. The goal for these addons is to provide additional usecases for the GM CDLC content, give you examples of what can be done with them, and to add some additional features in the future. The first two are - Global Mobilization Extra - Takistan Armed Forces - Global Mobilization Extra - Altis Armed Forces For further discussion or bug reporting feel free to use this thread or head over to our discord
  7. MajorBaguette

    Arma maps for IRL GPS systems

    Hey, I'd like to know if someone here know where I could find GPS files (.kmz .mbtiles ...) for the most used maps especially Takistan & Takistan Mountains ? I need it for JTAC training and I can't find these on google or here. Thanks for reading me. Major
  8. Hi all, Welcome back to Takistan. This (old) mission is totally reworked for far better compatibility in SP or MP. You need: - CBA, - all CUP (Steam workshop), I do recommend the enhanced movement mod by badbenson. Anyway, walls are collapsible by vehicles. You can choose a lot of parameters (MP) such as: - revive/heal for AI bros, - time acceleration, - weapon loots in houses, - civilian life + kamikazes, - and more... Be sharp with your resources and have fun! On steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=817287859 Pbo for servers: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s3bt08bm4bnivhb/TAKISTAN_RIDE.takistan.pbo?dl=0 This mission can be hard in single player (SP) even if you can revive after a 2 minute unconsciousness. Don't forget to kill AA barrier and use UAV at highest altitude. Don't spread too much your units if you want they can heal each others... (SP or MP) Manage your supports (secure them but use them!) Repack your mags, double clicking on it in inventory. Despite of that, if you feel it too difficult, play it in multiplayer SOLO. This way, your units can respawn and you can choose all parameters you want. Have fun! Pierre
  9. I N S U R G E N C Y TAKISTAN [ REQUIRED ADDON: CUP:Terrains ] [ OPTIONAL ADDONS: TFAR ; CUP_Weapons ; CUP_Units ; CUP_Vehicles ; TalibanFighters ; TacticalBeard ; RHS:USF ] ACE3 Compatibility is still WIP! 'Takistan Insurgency' is a cooperative multiplayer mission/game mode for ArmA 3, influenced by the insurgency mission made in ArmA 2:OA by PogoMan and Fireball. [CO-27] FEATURES: SCREENSHOTS: VIDEOS: TO DO LIST: DOWNLOAD - Dec 23, 2016 Development Thread OFFICIAL SERVER: Hostname: T A K I S T A N I N S U R G E N C Y -verifySignatures ON IP: Port: 2302 BattlEye: No FilePatching: Yes VerifySignatures: Yes TeamSpeak: ATCAG.TS.NFOServers.com Website: www.ATCAG.com
  10. jake maisy

    Maisy's Mil Sim

    would any want to join my mil sim group i am creating? i have a server and we plan on doing zeus made missions, and campaigns on the weekends, we are scheduled to launch this coming Saturday and really need players, theirs no recruitment atm we are looking for players that just want to have a good time and enjoy aspects that Arma 3 offers that a lot of players dont get access to, there are no time requirements or skill requirements, We do plan on being realistic and structured but at a its a video game and we are going to make sure we have fun kinda view. discord with more information https://discord.gg/Wx3vQw4
  11. New server that just released. Spots for Police, EMS, and Civilians are open. We also have free gang packages available if you can bring a certain amount of people over (Gang base and Gang uniform included). Unwhitelisted server Download the mods and hop in game! Discord/Teamspeak/Website https://discord.gg/SxYkDaz http://forum.armadeluxe.com/
  12. Hello all! Welcome to Aegis PMC, an Arma3 semi-milsim experience. We try to act in a tactical and serious manner while trying to stay fun and somewhat casual. We have a wide range of roles within the unit, from a grunt in a squad or a pilot up in the air! We have hosted some very fun operations in the past, ranging from modern combat in the middle eastern front, to WW2 campaigns in the European theatre! If you would like to join our clan, please friend me or one of the other recruitment officers on steam. We can discuss the role you would like to fulfill within Aegis. I am Jimulance You can also contact Dr. Reaper or M. Jiare Also you can join the teamspeak server: ts3.akl.wombatserve.rs:9991, and if one of the recruitment officers is there, we can get you set up within our group. Have a fun firefight, Aegis Pmc 1st Lieutenant Jimulance
  13. [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-8] War In Takistan The Islamic radicals ISIS have managed to gain a foothold in Takistan. Your Job as part of a NATO multi-national force is to eradicate the enemy from the country. ISIS hold 4 key locations on the map and they can and will send in reinforcements. ISIS are also aware of where you base is located and it is possible that they might launch an attack themselves. Prepare yourself for War! CO-OP Mission for 1-8 players Features: Zeus Revive Ability to Call in Cas Ability to call in Arty Ability to call for transport Remember to ensure your soldier is carrying a Laser Designator to ensure that you can fully use the ALiVE features and to have the abilities to call for support. Requires the following mods (which can be all downloaded through Steam Workshop) CBA_A3 ALiVE Cup Weapons Cup Units Cup Vehicles Cup Terrains Core Cup Terrains Maps Cup Terrain CWA Spyder Addons RHSAFRF RHSUSAF Project Opfor JSRS Soundmod (optional) Advanced Rappelling (optional) Link To Steam Download Steam Workshop Download Google Drive Download Armaholic Link Please leave any feedback below. It would be appreciated as I am always looking learn and see how I can do better. :) Thanks to HeroesandvillainsOS, for the help the other day!!
  14. Hello guys, I'm trying to find a mission with the Original CTI 16 Warfare in Takistan with AI Air Units and airports where i can buy Aircrafts. As i searched for a solution i have seen threads but mostly they were for normal Arma 2 in chernarus or Warfare Bennys Edition (I hate it). Of course i tryed to get it working by myself, but i can't get it function, so i ask here now to help me get that working. If anyone can help me , It would be nice if you can just send me the mission folder with all files in it. Would be very nice. Here is a short note with all Information again: Game: Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead (Standalone) Mission: CTI 16 Warfare in Takistan My Goal: The Vanilla Warfare just with AI Air Units and The ability to buy Aircrafts on the Airport I hope anyone have time to help me with this problem. Best regards, Motion_Digital
  15. Hey everyone! I wanna introduce a new community! It's called RevolutionGaming [RGRP] We are some old RLG players that created our own server! RevolutionTakistan is a community made for arma 3 Takistan life. We are starting on our journey to give players the ultimate Takistan roleplaying server. If you love Takistan and you wanna take a look, look on our website! Website> http://revolutiongaming.gaming.bz Ts3> RGRP.ddns.net Hopefully we will see you soon, with you're friends ofcourse! Kind regards, Robin (Senior Administrator)
  16. -Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=928488263 Mount up in command of an M2A2 Bradley IFV crew, deploy an infantry complement, and smash the Takistani Army's elite Republican Guard! Mod Requirements: RHS USAF RHS AFRF RHS SAF RHS GREF CUP Terrains/Maps CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles TFR Another short, simple, and enjoyable mission as a Showcase of a roughly OIF-OEF era US Army. Utilize the weapon systems of the RHS M2 Bradley IFV in support of NATO coalition operations against the Takistani Army's infantry, IFVs/APCs, and armored assets. SITREP: CENTCOM has assumed command of NATO Coalition forces deployed to deter Takistani aggression against neighboring Free Karzeghistan. Operation Guardian Edge is in effect. NATO forces have advanced into the Royal Caliphate of Takistan, and have inflicted significant casualties against regular army forces. The US Army 1st Cavalry Division faces serious resistance from the 5th Republican Tank Corps of the Takistani Republican Guard, threatening the momentum of the allied advance. Further mechanized reinforcements requested at the Forward Line of Troops. Hey there, everybody! I'm not exactly brand new to mission making, but I am fairly inexperienced. As a result, I would like to improve the quality of my missions and to do this I need criticism, comments, and advice. I would very much appreciate any comment or piece of advice that may help me further my technical proficiency in mission-making.
  17. Takistan Life Rise of South Dear ArmA 2 Community, today I officially release this Takistan Life mission to any community and player out there. This mission builds up on Takistan Life: Revolution but has been futher developed for the last 3.5 years by me. A few of you may know this mission from British Borders, those who don't know it can test it by searching for "armitxes.net" in the server filter. No clientside mods, only a 3k KB(!) missionfile with tons of features, and lot of space to extend such. A server-side mod which your clients will never notice is also included together with an included debug mode for modders and scripters. The Network It doesn't matter if you only want to play a few hours with your friends, or setup an own community. All Servers are connected to a network, this way we can grant you a fast setup with management tools and own saving system. Some stats are saved forever and shared between all servers. Others, such as faction, rank, nation, admin powers and vip status are dependend and manageable by the different server owners. The ArmA 3 reward system rewards you for not giving up the ArmA 2 servers by rewarding you in ArmA 3 once you get there! Account suspensions are managed by each community via BattlEye. Yet I provide some optional AC detections, within the mission and within the network, which can add specific players to an optional shared banlist which adds bans to either arma 2, arma 3 or both servers. Gameplay TKL:RoS allows you to the same things as in any other ArmA 2 Life server. The map is divided by 2 nations: North (lead by elected PM) and South (lead by the strongest group) with own modifiable laws each. There are 3 main factions: Law Enforcement, United Nations and Civilians - the network allows you to add up to 252 more factions with own ranks. There are 4 additional featured professions (Judge, Lawyer, PMC and Medic) and all the rest (Miner, Trader, Factory, Transport, etc.) Permissions Mission Files (.pbo): ANY COMMUNITY IS HEREBY ALLOWED TO USE THIS MISSION FOR IT'S SERVER. ALSO, YOU ARE HEREBY ALLOWED TO FULLY MODIFY AND RE-DISTRIBUTE ANY FORKED[!] VERSION OF THIS REPOSITORY BY GIVING CREDITS TO TONIC AND ARMITXES. @ArmiNET (Server-Sided-Mod): I hereby grant you to extend(!) any of the existent .sqf(!) files given in the @ArmiNET folder. You may add, modify and re-distribute files created by yourself. By using the files you agree to not decompile, replace, distribute or modify the ArmiNET.dll file contained in this folder in any way. Official Site, Installation Guide, Download & Serverlist https://armitxes.net/Projects/TakistanLife/ Source Code https://github.com/Armitxes/TakistanLife If you got any questions: ask. Big thanks to Tonic for all his initial work with the life missions, always list him in the credits! Cheers, Armitxes
  18. Hi all, SP MP up to 16 players. CUP mission. you don't need more addons than the CUP collection and CBA. Ride across Takistan and establish a bridgehead from South to North. Randomized scenario and enemy forces. Advanced side missions. Choose your parameters as Arsenal presence, day duration, civilian life and suicide bombers occurence, weapons loot in houses, and more... Be prepared for counter attack. In Takistan, there is often nowhere to hide. YOU CAN RUN, YOU CAN'T HIDE! I suggest MGI Tactical pack addon for beginners . Steam link: TAKISTAN RIDE by Pierre MGI
  19. Hi, Here is the RHS version of TAKISTAN RIDE. You still need CUP terrain map + core for Takistan map, but BLUFOR units, weapons and vehicles are from RHS. Talibans units are from EricJ taliban addon + RHS fix for it. More on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=820541831
  20. Alrighty. So I've got a server that mostly unused right now and I decided that I might as well do something with it. The plan is to put an Invade and Annex scenario up on it with the good mods like RHS: Escalation and TFAR, since I had a hard time finding a server with those running on it. I know I'm not the only person who likes I&A and those mods, so why not combine them? Only problem is the map...I know not everyone has Tanoa but its such a great map and I really want to do it. Poll results will tell me the answer I guess.
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1NKrEk3X-o&feature=youtu.be Server info: Port: 2302 ----------------------------------------------------- TS3: ts32.gameservers.com:9211 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello errbody. You're welcome to come and clear out Syndikat on my server: Black Dragonfly Operations ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hosted mission: Alive Tanoa Insurgency by Black ***Required mods: @CBA_A3;@ALiVE;@FFISv1.26 CBA_A3 ALiVE FFISv1.26 Bloodlust friendly. Only a few guys who play now, looking for more people interested in tactical play but no saluting or yes sir no sir. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vpQJV71rZ0
  22. Recently an idea came to me to make a map based on Eastern Afghanistan and the ecosystem in provinces like Kunar, Nuristan, and Nangarhar. The provinces make up a very unique ecosystem in Afghanistan, being widely covered by foliage and having a very high elevation. Along with that, they are some of the most violent areas in the country and are some of the hardest to maintain control of. They are a hotbed for Taliban insurgent activities and gun running. We've seen maps like this before, such as Clafghan, FATA, and Tora Bora from ARMA 2, but I wasn't very happy with either of those maps for a variety of reasons. FATA's mountains aren't dense enough, Clafghan is too lush and I just generally dislike the atmosphere, and Tora Bora is too light on foliage and just kind of boring. I know the process of map-making can be a very long and trying experience, and I have absolutely no experience with terrain creation in ARMA, and that prompted the main driving idea behind this proposition. I thought, why not use the Takistan Mountains Cut-out map and tweak the flora, ground textures, and Sat-Image to represent this type of ecosystem? There's plenty of villages and military bases in this area, and the mountains are a perfect size and steepness. What do you guys think of this? Is it even legal? Is it feasible? Is it something you'd like to see/use? Where can I get started on undertaking this, supposing there's enough reason to begin? TL;DR; put trees on takistan cut-out Here's a proof of concept I threw together with the Eden Editor
  23. TAKISTAN BASES Story: After a while we go back to the distant Takistan so we are here to help with the construction of bases on the wishes of the command of ISAF troops who operate in this region. Description: It will be about the two airports + FOB in the Jilavur, Feruz Abad, Garmsar, Rasman. I assume that this project will take me about two maybe three months, so whoever likes Takistan and my work will wait :). Right now I'm working on an airbase Rasman and here's an example where you would, of course, this is just a basic layout that will change the course. I will add here weakly update. Feruz Abad FOB: PS: Sorry for bad picture resolution. If you have some good ideas please write me a message! Thanks Donbass
  24. Hey. After a long time I decided to do a part in this section of my project about Takistan bases. I think a lot of you what's on my work interested to find out that this is a FOB in Feruz Abad, Jilavur, Garmsar and police station in Rasman, then there are 3 checkpoints, as there are 2 telecommunication towers outposts and eventually it best which are MOB Rasman and Loy Manara. Regarding both MOB'll be inspired several templates of Arma 2, where I came across a really great pieces that I would like to paste into my project. Of course I will not somehow copied from one play to another but I'll remake several objects that are not sincerely hope appear in Arma 3.
  25. Takistan bases by DonbassCZ Description: It will be about the two airbases in Rasman and Loy Manara, FOB Jilavur, Feruz Abad, Garmsar, police station in Rasman, threecheckpoints and two telecommunication towers outposts. Regarding both MOB'll be inspired several templates of Arma 2, where I came across a really great pieces that I would like to paste into my project. Of course I will not somehow copied from one game to another but I'll remake several objects and I hope they will appear in Arma 3. ;) I hope that you will like my bases. Pictures: Feruz Abad FOB Jilavur FOB Garmsar FOB Rasman police station MOB Rasman Checkpoint 1 Checkpoint 2 Checkpoint 3 Telecommunication towers outpost 1 Telecommunication towers outpost 2 Loy Manara HAFB(Helicopter Air Force Base) Download link: Takistan bases by DonbassCZ Greets DonbassCZ