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Found 27 results

  1. Hey y'all, I'm freshly dipping my toes in the waters of Arma III modding in general, with the aim of tweaking MP gameplay for my friends & I. I've been doing my own research for a bit, but I'm getting to the point where I ought check my understanding with others. I ideally want to play around with infantry movement, and eventually, health, damage, and weapon mechanics. First thing I've been looking at is how on-foot movement speed is controlled. Despite my best hopes that there would be a object definition with movespeed vars I could change via console functions to modify an object's movement speeds - it seems the only option for that, is setAnimSpeedCoef. Which definitely makes you move faster\slower how I like, and looks very funny, but the intense crackhead energy it gives off doesn't strike me as ideal (yet). I would like to adjust move speed independently of animation playback speed. To test changing config values, I modded configFile >> "CfgMovesMaleSdr" >> "States" >> "(movement animation here)" >> "speed" using someone else's mod (didn't want to play with the core files). I increased the "speed" property for certain animations (like sprinting) but like the wiki suggests, it just changes playback speed and gives the same crackhead energy as setAnimSpeedCoef, albeit for whatever animations you chose. I'm going to look for other properties, possibly under CfgMoves (relSpeedMin\Max) or CfgVehicles(maxSpeed). If that doesn't work, I'm wondering if the movespeed is controlled somewhere along the animation inclusion process or behind a source code wall. That still strikes me as strange, considering the ability to mod in new vehicles with their own movement properties independent of animation. On the odds anyone knows exactly what I'm looking for, had experience with these areas, just sees an error in my understanding, or knows I'm about to hit some brick wall, just lmk. Thanks.
  2. Steam Workshop GitHub Get in the right positions to take the right shots. Lean Out Lean over a window or ledge to shoot along or down the wall! When your weapon is deployed on a surface, press Infantry > Adjust Stance Up (Ctrl + W) to go into leaning mode. Use View > Raise/Lower Turret (E/Q) to adjust the lean angle. Be sure to decrease the lean angle before exiting! At maximum lean angle, exiting or being killed will result in you falling over the ledge! Works for Zeus-remote-controlled units, so mission makers can setup AI in defensive positions.
  3. I posted something similar to this in a previous thread https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/241729-land-contacts-on-vehicle-mod/, however that most likely was the wrong topic to be posting in about this issue. I have currently rigged and put into the engine a M983 HEMTT. I've got bones for the wheels, and all the sockets I should need to get it to function in game. Scaling atm is a bit wonky but that just takes some fiddling in blender and then a full reimport(side note, re-import does not update the xob, fbx, or txo in engine with new mesh, colliders, or bones. I have to delete the xob, fbx, and txo then re-import the new fbx and let the engine register it, then I have to set all the gamemats, and skinning options). Alright back on topic. The prefab I started with was the M923A1 base prefab. Just the cab on frame et no canopy or cargo etc. I figured that would be the closest to what I was trying to mod in. The M983 has 4 axels, the M923A1 has 3. I added additional axels and associated triggers in the prefab so that the wheel sim would recognize the additional axel. When running the model in game I run into issues where the model spawns in, doesn't bounce on the suspension, or roll whatsoever. The vehicle engine starts, stops, all the sound effects work, but nothing is applied to the wheels. I currently have the animations from the M923A1 for basically all of the animations in the prefab. Would there be anything else I need to change to get this model to work? Also should I change the prefab I start with to one of the base ones and if so which one because if I go with the base truck one I feel as though I'll run into the same issue.
  4. MourningStarV

    Can’t Lay Down or Prone

    During an encounter, I try to go into the Prone stance, only that it doesn’t allow me lay down, leaving me exposed which has gotten me killed before and is beginning to ruin my gaming experience. I’m not sure what steps I took to have this happen, I’d run around, find a person, then try to lay down and crawl closer to them. This doesn’t occur in every Encounter, but is extremely annoying when it does happen. Sometimes I’d begin the match being able to get in and out of Prone, but further into the Encounter, the game doesn’t allow me to enter Prone anymore. This can’t be my controller, since I’ve recently bought a new one.
  5. onemanwolfp4k

    I'm New

    So I started playing this game around the middle of November as a friend got me to try it out (he is a founder). Initially I was not a fan of the shooting bc the recoil felt horrible lol. Felt like you had to start at their feet just to hit their chest. BUT I kept playing and started to like the shooting mechanics bc there has to be some skill involved. You cant run around like COD and drop people, it actually takes a little strategy in planning how you take your shots. I enjoy going from single fire for long distance shots to full auto for the closer encounters. I do hate the movement when trying to vault or climb hilly terrain bc jumps you think you should be able to make you cant. i enjoy the gameplay for the most part bc there isnt a strong aim assist. I seen in one of the other comments about duos vs trios and I personally dont have an issue with this bc i feel like it adds to the intensity of the encounter. Do you buy insurance, do you risk it all and keep a low profile, do you scope out your enemies and try to pick apart the enemy right after their gunfight. My partner and I have been fortunate enough to eliminate quite a few trios and it feels great when you do, but is equally depressing when you get dropped by the third after downing 2 of 3. With me being new i dont know how the game played early on but i would say dont cater to new players as someone else mentioned in another post. Make people adjust to YOUR game. Make YOUR game stand out from the crowd. If there are glitches then yes please address those but I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Norway since picking this up. I like the variety of weapons although more could be brought in. Gun customization could be something you explore outside of skins, I love the AUR sniper but hate the scope for it. Maybe be able to craft certain attachments for the weapon of your choice? Definitely enjoy the game and i hope you continue to support it and look forward to playing more.
  6. So I have been using this fnc to control the movement of dog agents: vRunnerChargeFeral = { params["_dog","_dogSpawnPos","_runner","_dogTarget"]; _pos = getPos _dogTarget; switch (true) do { case (speed _dogTarget > 2 && speed _dogTarget < 4): {_pos = _dogTarget modelToWorld [0,3,0];}; case (speed _dogTarget > 4 && speed _dogTarget < 6): {_pos = _dogTarget modelToWorld [0,7,0];}; case (speed _dogTarget > 6 && speed _dogTarget < 10): {_pos = _dogTarget modelToWorld [0,12,0];}; case (speed _dogTarget > 10 && speed _dogTarget < 15): {_pos = _dogTarget modelToWorld [0,16,0];}; case (speed _dogTarget > 15): {_pos = _dogTarget modelToWorld [0,20,0];}; default {_pos = _dogTarget modelToWorld [0,1,0];}; }; if (isAgent teamMember _runner) then { _runner moveTo _pos; } else { _runner doMove _pos; }; }; }; The problem is that when the _dogTarget is walking/running backwards the Dogs never reach the target. Is there any way to get a position towards the direction of the movement of a unit instead of the direction of the unit itself?
  7. I can not use my WASD keys for movement, unless i hold the alt key down before pressing them. I realize ALT is default for looking around, and have thus double clicked, triple clicked, clicked times infinity that particular key to make sure it is being used correctly. I have uninstalled and reinstalled ARMA twice. I have disabled all my mods and just played vanilla arma. The Arrow keys still function as intended for movement purposes. i can still actually control and use wasd to change stances. the only thing i can not use the wasd keys is for movement. i can rebind them to any other feature, and they still will only function if i hold ALT down prior. now if i clear every keybind EXCEPT for WASD, they still wont work. If i go through every key bind, adding left ALT to it along with having WASD they might work, i will let you know if i ever get around to doing that. Otherwise if anyone has any other thoughts on why they are not working, please let me know.
  8. Hi everyone! J cant move in buldozer, menu(F1) is bugged. Does anyone know how to fix it? .exe path: P:\buldozer_x64.exe launch parameters: -buldozer -name=Buldozer -window -exThreads=0 -disableSteam -noAsserts -cfg=p:\buldozer.cfg -showScriptErrors Data directory: P:\ (j have mounted project drive )
  9. Hi, since the update, the tracked vehicles are slipping and sliding all over the place far too excessively. This is true of all original Bohemia Arma 3 tracked vehicles on any map, including the original Arma 3 maps. Something to correct pretty quickly.
  10. To sum it up, I am trying to get an AI unit inside a 3 floor building, to do so I am using unit1 doMove (hotel buildingPos 153); as a sidenote, hotel buildingPos 153; returns the coordinates : [7063.92,2619.78,7.28142] Now the issue is that unit1 doesn't go to the 3rd floor, where buildingPos 153 is located, but goes "under" the designated location while staying on the ground floor (coordinates [7063.92,2619.78, 0.00143909]). The most surprising, is that if I issue the command to unit1 through the in-game command menu, it gets to the right position (that is on the 3rd floor) ! So gentlemen, any guesses for a way to get unit1 where I want ? (No, setPos is not a viable option :p)
  11. BrendanCiccone

    Map Movement Solution

    As it stands right now the way the map operates can be pretty deadly, especially if you did not set a waypoint to the exits before grabbing loot, a crate, and/or something else, since opening it stops you from moving completely. I've noticed a lot of my friends I made get the game have been complaining quite a bit about it. I think my proposed control scheme would be a good middle ground because it doesn’t involve adding any new functionality, but instead just switches around some of the inputs from the controller and leaves completely free one of the directions on the D-Pad for gestures or other usage. Proposed New Map Control Scheme - Left On D-Pad: Opens/Closes Map Up & Down On D-Pad : Zooms In/Out Left Analog Stick: Remains Controlling Character Movement Right Analog Stick: Controls Map Crosshair Y Button: Focus On Character Location A Button: Place/Remove Marker
  12. Hi after playing Vigor now for a while, i have to say that i allready see some smoother gameplay since the closed preview. anyway i have some points, that i would love to see some optimizations. 1. can you please add the option to punch, if i aint got a weapon equipted 2. can you please integrate anlaloge character movement. that would allow a smoother gameplay while loot, walk through doors, jump over fences etc. 3. can you please add a crosshair aswell if you aint have a weapon eqiupted, that would make it way more confortable to loot. i always have to select a weapon else, and from time to time i am on the run without a weapon in my hand. 4. can you please add a distance counter for marked locations, so i see how far i am away from my target area. thanks forward
  13. I just purchased the Arma 3 Apex edition on a Steam sale right now. Installed the game, fired it up (no mods), and went into bootcamp. the cinematic plays, the guy goes out to his point, but when it coimes time to move to him, nothing. The screen acts as though my character is moving, but I dont go anywhere. I get the sounds and the bobbing of movement, but I get no physical movement. I've tried the arrow keys as well, same issue. I've made sure my keyboard doesn't have a background issue running on it like a language other than English or anything. I've restarted the game multiple times. Still no movement. What's the deal?
  14. I'm not particularly here to big up the use of WASD instead of ESDF. I'm just wondering how many other do so and if they have any issues. But as a point of interest I see the advantages of ESDF as: The 'F' key has a pip on it (as does the 'J' key and '5' key on the num-pad), so you can rest your hand on the keyboard feel the pip and know your hand is in the right place. Any touch typist would already know this. The little finger now be use to operate the QAZ keys (as well as Shift, Caps and Tab) - I like using 'A' for reload. The obvious main disadvantage is you are having to manage the keys all the time but in the past (when I played other games) no 2 games had the same set of keys (aside from movement) so you always have to do some key management. S
  15. Roger Dodger

    Re-mapping is a train wreck

    I have been re-mapping PC games for twenty years.. (so stop with the presumptions before I start). I was the first person to upload a downloadable .ini file of Left-handed controls for The Witcher 3 (until the Devs fixed that error of theirs). I have tried a thousand times to get this ARMA 3 game working properly after re-mapping. BUT When I go forwards, the game sends me sideways. W,A,S,D (for me [leftys]) is Numpad 8,4,5,6 etc... So I press NP 8 instead of W to go forwards. BUT The game sends me sideways EVEN THOUGH ONLY the ONE Action IS MAPPED TO THAT KEY. AND; Every update seems to destroy previous re-mapping. If I delete EVERY SINGLE CONTROL AND START AFRESH (with no double-mappings) the game still will not allow me to move around logically in game. Around 780,000,000 other left-handed people today: So (out of my 950 Steam games); Its about time there was more than ONE game that has a pre-set of Left-handed Keyboard settings (as Right-handed players are given 100% of the time). Does anyone know how to fix this train-wreck of controls?
  16. I want to have AI assets moving randomly within a radius of an arbitrary point (the objective). ALiVE does not do what I need. DAC appears to be incompatible with the current version of ARMA 3.
  17. Hello, before I start I would like to say a bit about me as a player/pilot. I know how to fly, take of, land, etc as well as how to use guided bombs and missiles. But there are still some thing about flying and fighting planes/jets which I just dont get. 1) How do you control jets as well as choppers with your mouse? In the options it says "MOUSE UP/DOWN" to move the nose up/down but it doesnt work. Do I need to activate these controles somehow? 2) Whenever I fly the movements of the aircraft as well as the free look camera (when you press "Alt") feels smoothed by the game even though i turned mouse smoothing completely off. 3) When flying jets without a radar (as an example the To-199 Neophron) I'm just sometimes able to lock on to other aircrafts even under seemable same conditions (less then 2km away, clearly aiming at the other aircraft, etc). What am I doing wrong? Or is there some kind of bug? 4) Can you recommend any workshop maps to train dog fights, etc.? I'm thankfull for every tipp and advice you guys can give me! :)
  18. If I spawn animals via script using _animal = createAgent [_animal,_pos,[],0,"NONE"]; they only seen to be able to walk in a straight line when spawned on a Dedicated Server They seem to still do their Animations but walk or run only in one direction. but in SP they move in any direction and I can use the MoveTo command. Anyone else seen this ? Is this just a update bug or do we also have to write our own animation scripts if you want Animals injected into your mission Via script. Hopefully someone has a work around.
  19. I've built a compound that is required as part of the mission to have a narrow entrance coridoor. It's probably a little over 2m in width, maybe 2.5m - and should be perfectly navigable by an infantryman. However, the AI can't seem to make sense of how to use the route to get into the deeper pats of the compound. Is there any way of specifying a 'safe route' that AI will automatically follow? In the same sort of way that when driving the AI recognise a road and follow it in most cases. Thanks. Law
  20. Hello, I've been looking all over and cannot seem to find an answer to my issue. I've used Enhanced Movement in the past but I recently downloaded it through Steam Workshop, for some reason I keep getting this error below. If anyone has any idea on how to fix this I would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Hey guys, spent some time searching the forums for info on configuring or setting Movement speed values for the player, or all players, infantry or civilians. Specifically Tactical, Walk, Strafe and Sprint speeds. I can't seem to find any commands related to this, whether console commands or creating a custom script. All I found was for vehicles or setVector commands. I couldn't find anything anywhere for player movement speeds, nothing in the forums, nothing on youtube, no mods anywhere either. At this point I'm wondering if its hardcoded and there's no way to change these values for soldiers.
  22. Hello everyone, I don't know if it's the appropriate place to post but anyway... Does BIS have already considered making BIS_fnc_UnitPlay function to work on dedicated servers ? As a milsim organization, we'd love to see this function fully working on dedicated servers since the AI is terrible regarding chopper insertion/extraction procedures. This provides a great immersion and realism feature. Thanks !
  23. So, I'm having some serious problems with agents. Objectives: 1. Spawn 200 fish near three markers 2. Have the fish roam freely about within around 100m of the marker. 3. Have fish visible on all clients simultaneously. I've tested performance, and there's no impact from the initial 600 fish that get generated... the problem I have is, they all swim north continuously, and no matter what I script in, the fish don't respond in any way. The monitor script then sees that there aren't 200 fish near the markers anymore, so spawns another 200 fish... For reference, these are both executed on the server only. /* filename: fn_generateFish.sqf Author: Stevo Description: Generates additional fish at server startup */ Private ["_fish","_markers","_fishIndex","_markerPos","_fishExist","_fishCount","_index","_type","_posDiff1","_posDiff2","_fishPos","_newFish"]; _fish = ["Salema_F","Ornate_random_F","Mackerel_F","Tuna_F","Mullet_F","CatShark_F","Turtle_F"]; _fishIndex = 6; _markers = ["m_fish_1","m_fish_2","m_fish_3"]; { _marker = _x; _markerPos = getMarkerPos _x; _fishExist = nearestObjects [_markerPos, _fish, 125, false]; _fishCount = count _fishExist; if (_fishCount < 200) then { while {_fishcount < 200} do { _index = round(random(_fishIndex)); _type = _fish select _index; _posDiff1 = round(random(25)); _posDiff2 = round(random(25)); if (round(random(1)) == 0) then { _posDiff1 = (_posDiff1 - _posDiff1) - _posDiff1; }; if (round(random(1)) == 0) then { _posDiff2 = (_posDiff2 - _posDiff2) - _posDiff2; }; _fishPos = [(_markerPos select 0) + _posDiff1, (_markerPos select 1) + _posDiff2, (_markerPos select 2) - 5]; _newfish = createAgent [_type, _fishPos,[],0,"NONE"]; _newFish setVariable ["BIS_fnc_animalBehaviour_disable",true]; _newFish disableAI "FSM"; _newFish setVariable ["home",_marker]; _newFish enableSimulation true; _newFish allowDamage true; _fishCount = _fishCount + 1; }; }; } forEach _markers; [] spawn life_fnc_monitorFish; /* filename: fn_monitorFish.sqf Author: Stevo Description: Recreates fish that have been "caught" in another location. */ Private ["_markers"]; _markers = ["m_fish_1","m_fish_2","m_fish_3"]; { [_x] spawn { Private ["_fish","_marker","_fishIndex","_markerPos","_fishExist","_fishCount","_index","_type","_posDiff1","_posDiff2","_fishPos","_newFish"]; _fish = ["Salema_F","Ornate_random_F","Mackerel_F","Tuna_F","Mullet_F","CatShark_F","Turtle_F"]; _fishIndex = 6; _marker = _this select 0; _markerPos = getMarkerPos _marker; while {true} do { sleep 600; _fishExist = nearestObjects [_markerPos, _fish, 125, false]; _fishCount = count _fishExist; if (_fishCount < 200) then { while {_fishcount < 200} do { _units = []; _index = round(random(_fishIndex)); _type = _fish select _index; _tooNear = true; while {_tooNear} do { _posDiff1 = round(random(100)); _posDiff2 = round(random(100)); if (round(random(1)) == 0) then { _posDiff1 = (_posDiff1 - _posDiff1) - _posDiff1; }; if (round(random(1)) == 0) then { _posDiff2 = (_posDiff2 - _posDiff2) - _posDiff2; }; _fishPos = [(_markerPos select 0) + _posDiff1, (_markerPos select 1) + _posDiff2, (_markerPos select 2) - 5]; { if (_x distance2D _fishPos < 20) then {_units pushBack _x;}; } forEach playableUnits; if (count _units != 0) then {_tooNear = true} else {_tooNear = false}; }; _newfish = createAgent [_type, _fishPos,[],0,"NONE"]; _newFish setVariable ["home",_marker]; _newFish enableSimulation true; _newFish allowDamage true; _fishCount = _fishCount + 1; }; }; }; }; } forEach _markers; while {true} do { { _marker = _x getVariable ["home","m_fish_1"]; _pos = [(getMarkerPos _marker) select 0,(getMarkerPos _marker) select 1,-1]; if (_x distance2D _pos > 100) then { _x MoveTo _pos; }; } forEach entities "Fish_Base_F"; sleep 10; };
  24. Abd El Rahman

    door movement problem

    Hello I'm new to designing buildings I've designed many buildings but I couldn't put the door opening and closing movement Can anyone explain to me how do I put the motion of closing and opening the door in writing or pictures or video Preferably video These are pictures of some of the buildings designed by: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g71f1ib5ht7qsuu/2015-12-05_00004.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/d534nt8altva37w/2015-12-19_00002.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ru92f9nref7tqq/2015-12-23_00002.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/g1qtln92ymjhs0h/107410_screenshots_20160325131131_1.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/c9wpk3rcu720o5b/20160326040808_1.jpg?dl=0 your opinion I'd Thanks for reading topic
  25. jack_bathe999

    Arma 3 movement

    How do I make my gun and sceen move together instead of the gun being able to move all over the screen and when the gun gets to the right side of the screen the camera will move right same with when it goes left,up and down