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Found 6 results

  1. 1. The purpose of the buttons, in general, the game has a good overall layout of the purpose of the buttons. But the "View" button is usually associated with the map by players on the console. And by itself, pressing "View+X" to select a weapon is not convenient, as it makes you stop. I suggest moving the weapon selector menu to the "Left Bumper", and the map to the "View" button, and the walkie-talkie to the "D-Pad Right". 2. FOV by default is too large for a console gamer. The value 74 is too much when you are sitting at a distance of 1.5-2 meters from a large TV. Everything seems too small, and far away, given that this game has a measured pace, there is no need to have such a large FOV. Values around 50-60 will be optimal for a console player. Experienced players change it to their liking. 3. Smoothness, considering that the game runs on a console in 30 frames, it urgently needs "Motion blur". This will remove the discreteness of frames, make the overall gameplay smoother and more natural. It may be worth making it optional. 4. The game is in dire need of TAA, this will allow you to increase productivity without sacrificing picture quality. FSR2.0 or dynamic resolution would be a good solution for this game, and a stable frame rate of . 5. We also need minor general improvements, more work with the camera, especially when looking from the 3rd person in transport, it lacks movement and shaking, other cameras can also be improved in this direction.
  2. Matthew Aiken

    Experience gain

    So since the update came to fix to fix the premature arrival of the next season I noticed exp gains have shot up again. Highlighting what I suspected previously in that exp gains were halved! Thankfully now we’re getting lots of experience for the battlepass and I wanted to ask The devs to please keep this in? It’s more rewarding for those with premium battlepass to really get that exp, especially when you do good like hitting both safes, the container and the drop. Previous to this the exp gains were so low you were forced to do it all or get barely anything which kinda sucks, I would like to feel rewarded for having premium pass and see the benefits rather than feel throttled with halved exp gains.
  3. When I have leveled up to the lvl.5 I didn't get any skill point (to unlock more weapons). XP works fine, previous lvl. fine. bug?
  4. Hello everybody, i am currently working on a very big and detailed plan to make a properly done arma 2 dayz mod mod oldschool style proper first day of release. I have played dayz since the very first day i know what its all about and i have done alot of research on what was there and how everything setup, unfortunatly i cant do all the coding and modding myself as my skills are limited on the heavy hitters. So i am looking of for some modders and coders who share my vision and passion for the old dayz and are down to work on this unique project, the project it aims to catch tha flair and feel of the good ol days of dayz arma2 mod. As some of you might know, there like 1 or 2 other server out there trying to do this and even tho they do horrible job on it, yet their server are still filled to the brim allmost allways so emagine what a proper done server will achive. A little overview of what is planned https://www.pic-upload.de/view-33301738/Overview.png.html (about 15 pages font size 11 in total and still growing) The main tasks would be : -Getting the hud up to date or rather down to date https://www.pic-upload.de/view-33301742/512231231.jpg.html means all the icons changed (i allready have all the icons ready to go just needs to be changed) -Importing all the guns we need from arma 2 into arma 3 (full list of all guns that where in the game back then is ready) and making them work with sound animations and very important ZEROING, obviously back then guns didnt have attatchments so now they wont have them either which means every gun has fixed attatchments (i allready started with that task) -Map changes chernarus back then was looking quite a bit different obviously this needs to be changed to fit aswell im sure you can find the code for the special dayz mapping somewhere in the dayz files (i got allmost every dayz version file from vanilla to now) but if that wont work ill just map in the stuf. -Custom loottables will ofc also be a task that needs to be done i allready got everything planned out on what spawns where just needs to be added in a lootcompiler -Importing skins from arma2/dayz to arma 3 and make them work i thought of putting them in the vest slot since i plan on giving certain skins more armor like the hero skins to encurage less kos. -Importing all the sounds from arma 2 to arma 3 including the (background music from dayz (dont know if we are allowed to do that might have to get a license)) -Getting custom models from arma 2/ dayz for all the misc items bloodbags, car parts, etc. -Also getting a repair system working because the normal all in one duct tape exile fix is just boring. -Possibitly of making cars damaged and also make guns spawn with attatchments if needed -Getting a debug monitor running -Adding helicopter crashsites with special loot Thats roughly the goal to get these things done and working. I know very well that this is no over the weekend project or even over a few weeks but this project would go off like a rocket i already asked many ppl (100+) if they would be interested in playing on such a server with highly positive responce. I am looking very much forward to translate this into action and make a proper oldschool arma 2 dayz server. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR ATTENTION Best regards. Chris. STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046410470/
  5. If this isn't the correct place to post this (I'd imagine it is) would a mod please move it to the correct sub-forum? As the title says, what's your best or worst experience in Arma 3? My best: I was playing the End Game public test w/ the developers. We were pinned down in the hospital, CSAT forces were every where. If I remember correctly, the people on my team were Ondrej, End Star, and a few other people. We were being suppressed from people behind the rocks, and me being a grenadier, I decided to use my UGL and see if I could take out anyone. A fired a few blind shots, no hits. Not a minute later, some of them begin to push up. I fire a few more grenades, one hitting zipper5 and killing him. We continued to hold our ground, but eventually the other team broke through and slaughtered us. In the next game, we managed to get our FOB up first and I hopped in one of the offroads headed to the objective where you kill the officer. We parked about 200 meters away from the compound. I was an AT man this time. I scanned the hills as we approached the objective, and mid-way to the compound, I noticed something on the horizon. It was an offroad. I grabbed my PCML and locked on, firing a rocket at them. The rocket hits and kills 4 guys. My worst was during Bingo Fuel, where I got the fuel truck after an hour and a half of sneaking around in broad daylight. I started driving to the drop-off point for Miller, and then a Mora notices me and blows up the fuel truck with me in it. GG.
  6. Company Quebec http://companyquebec.enjin.com This community is where there is no "yes sir, no sir" system. Everyone is considered equal. We want a so called serious fun experince were we aim for perfection but in a more fun way. We're an international clan that will be playing on EU timezones, but that doesn't mean that people from NA should not consider applying. We're aiming qualities such as in our operations: -PvP & PvE oriented, as a member your expected to attend both sides. - 1st person only - Low powered scopes, we aim to have infantry men equipped with something that brings balance in PvP enviroment as well. -PvP enviroment will be heavily focused on TvT aspect, KOTH/Wasteland type deals are off the table. - Single life, with a respawn system & spectate mode. We aim to have that realism aspect in that if you're fatally wounded, you will die. We've modified our medical module so that there's a chance that you go unconcious and a medic will be needed to revive you, otherwise if you die, you'll be prompted to a spectate mode and you'll await for respawn which is controlled by the Zeus. -Fun factor in a realistic setting, this is first and foremost a game. We expect that your enjoying your time here rather than having flashbacks of Afghanistan & Iraq. We have fixed slots in squads but not hard fixed. If you want to play something else, then you can aslong as you dont take another persons fixed slot that him/her are going to play in that game. Example: Alpha squad has 2 missing, Johnson usually plays the AR in Alpha Squad, he can ask his SL if he can be apart of the AT team this mission. Example 2: Alpha squad has everyone participating, Johnson & Tyler ask their SL if they can take Roger & Adams spot for the AT team, Roger & Adams need to say it's okay for them to slot into it. We accept feedback & suggestions on community structure from members, but we don't offer company leadership positions to non-military experienced members. With company leadership positions we mean rules and how to community are going to progress. You will still be able to play as a squad leader or a platoon leader. At a base we are an infantry community focusing on warfare as a whole so we aim to play with vehicles and aircrafts. That said, we are not going to be using heavy units like attack helicopters and tanks that often because of balancing. Situations may occur where we field as a tank battallion for example. Age limit is 18. Exceptions can be made but then a current member must recommend you. You are expected to participate in atleast 2-3 dedicated operation monthly but real life always comes first. If real life does come first, we expect to be informed via forums / pms. Forums is the most preferred way. Recruitment process: -Fill in the application on our website (http://companyquebec.enjin.com/home) // If you have problems on filling out your application feel free to join our teamspeak for assistance. -Join our Teamspeak ( for a short interview. - If your accepted, we'll teach you the ropes of how we do things within this unit. (If there's something that we noticed that you already know, we'll skip it and move along to something that your not familiar with) -Trial period is 2 weeks long, under that time, you'll be evaluated further. -Once two weeks is over you are promoted to PVT