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  1. virtuelle Panzerbrigade 21 (virtual tank brigade 21) Our unit was founded in September 2013. Since then we try to combine milsim and fun in our unit. Therefore we usually meet on Saturday at 19:00 CET (7:00 PM). Our unit is characterized by experience and knowledge, which comes from active and former soldiers. We try to use the knowledge we have gained as much as we can in Arma and work out meaningful trainings. However, we are aware that Arma is still a game and all members want to have fun. The real unit that we depict in Arma has different battalions that we try to depict ourselves. This gives us a wide range of possibilities. Whether as infantry, mechanized or with tanks, we offer everything and even have fun with it. We are interested in friendships with international communities. More Informations: Klick YouTube-Channel: Klick Facebook: Klick ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Die vPzBrig21 ist eine deutschsprachige MilSim-Community, die seit 2013 eine authentische Nachbildung eines Teilbereiches der Bundeswehr darstellt, dabei aber die Vielfältigkeit im Spiel nicht vernachlässigt. Hierfür treffen wir uns im Schwerpunkt Samstags ab 19:00Uhr. Um dies zu erreichen verwenden wir u.a. eine Vielzahl an Mods wie ACE3, ACRE2 und den BWMod. Abwechslung wird in dieser Community groß geschrieben. So stellen wir in den Missionen nicht nur Teile der Bundeswehr, sondern auch anderer Nationen und Zeiten dar. Hierbei haben die Missionsbauer sehr viel Freiraum, um ihre Missionen zu gestalten. Wir bieten an, als Gastspieler bei unseren Missionen teilzunehmen. Hierfür reicht ein Gespräch auf dem Teamspeak. Zudem sind wir an Einladungen zu Events interessiert und freuen uns über jede neue Freundschaft zu anderen Communities. Wenn du mehr über uns wissen möchtest, oder einfach nur mal reinschnuppern, dann besuche uns doch einfach mal auf unserem TeamSpeak3-Server. TS3: ts.vpzbrig21.de Weitere Infos findest du unter: Klick YouTube-Kanal: Klick Facebook: Klick Voraussetzungen für Bewerber Bei uns kann grundsätzlich jeder mitmachen, der folgende Voraussetzungen erfüllt. Vollendetes 16. Lebensjahr Funktionierendes Headset und Mikrofon Interesse an der Bundeswehr Zeit um an Aktivitäten der Brigade teilzunehmen Teamfähig Solltest du alle Punkte abdecken, steht deiner Bewerbung nichts im Wege. Dabei kannst du dich bei der virtuellen Panzerbrigade über 3 Wege bewerben. Über unser Forum unter: Klick Per E-Mail an: s1@vpzbrig21.de Oder am einfachsten per TeamSpeak ts.vpzbrig21.de Der schnellste Weg ist dabei meist direkt per TeamSpeak, da wir jeden Bewerber zu einem Gespräch einladen. Sobald du auf den TeamSpeak bist, wende dich an einen Kameraden mit der S1 Gruppe oder an den zu dem Zeitpunkt ranghöchsten Kameraden auf dem TeamSpeak. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Videos:
  2. First of all, it is not perfect, but we are getting better ;) Secondly, our vehicles are never meant to be played with AI, we are focusing on coop content. This means, some functions may not work with AI Redd'n'Tank Vehicles 1.4.85 10.06.2018 The Team: Redd: Config, functions, model, textures Tank: Model, textures Redd'n'Tank official website: http://reddiem.portfoliobox.net/ Discuss AW-Forum (german): https://armaworld.de/index.php?thread/3258-redd-vehicles-marder-1a5-release/ Discuss BI-Forum (english): https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/210296-redd-vehicles-marder-1a5-release/ Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1128145626 YouTube: Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/Uv1Ei GitLab: (See the whole Changelog) https://gitlab.com/TTTRedd/Redd_Vehicles pls report issues here Support us: https://www.patreon.com/Redd_Arma_Modding Contact: redd.arma.modding@gmail.com Addon Pack Contains: - Gepard 1A2 - Wiesel 1A4 MK20 (No AI Vehicle) - Wiesel 1A2 TOW (No AI Vehicle) - Fuchs 1A4 Infantry (No AI Vehicle) - Fuchs 1A4 Infantry-Milan (No AI Vehicle) - Fuchs 1A4 Engineers (No AI Vehicle) - Fuchs 1A4 Medic Vehicle (No AI Vehicle) - Marder 1A5 (No AI Vehicle) - Static Milan - Redd Vehicles Main Features: Gepard 1A2 - Full animated radar - Commander and gunner have two stances when turned out - Woodland, desert and winter camo - Customisable Battalion/Regiment and Company numbers Wiesel 1A4 MK20 - Woodland, desert and winter camo - Commander has two stances when turned out - ViV transportable - Slingloadable - Customisable Battalion and Company numbers Wiesel 1A2 TOW - Woodland, desert and winter camo - ViV transportable - Slingloadable - Customisable Battalion and Company numbers Fuchs 1A4 Medic Vehicle - Actual Fuchs has two brake pedals, try the difference between normal brake (S) and handbrake (X). We tried to simulate pushing both pedals with the handbrake (X) - Rotating blue light - Woodland, desert and winter camo - Animated doors - Animated Surge Plate - Animated Bullet Shield - Customisable Battalion and Company numbers Fuchs 1A4 Infantry, Infantry-Milan and Engineers - FFV left and right rear hatch - Actual Fuchs has two brake pedals, try the difference between normal brake (S) and handbrake (X). We tried to simulate pushing both pedals with the handbrake (X) - Mountable rotating beacon - Mountable Milan for middle hatch (Only Infantry-Milan) - Woodland, desert and winter camo - Animated doors - Animated Surge Plate - Animated Bullet Shield - A few more little animations - Customisable Battalion and Company numbers Marder 1A5 - Rear ramp can be opened and closed by driver or rear FFV-seat - Turned out Commander can assemble Milan on turret - FFV, rear-back-seat, left-back-seat, right-back-seat - Commander has two stances when turned out - Marder has Static Milan in its cargo - Woodland, desert and winter camo - Customisable Battalion and Company numbers Static Milan - Static Milan can be assembled and disassembled Known issues: - Some missing details in Marder interior - Localization only english and german, all other languages display english names - Thermal vision always starts in black/white after changing the polarity once it has the correct color Changelog: Version 1.4.85 - Added Gepard 1A2 - Added all wreck models, they can be found under "empty->wrecks->Redd'n'Tank Wrecks" - Added empty Milan tube, can be found under "empty->things->objects" - Readded static Milan - Readded Milan to Marder and Fuchs - Changed static Milan model and Marder Milan model to Tanks model - Fixed "Fix GetIn Bug" user action radius was 25 meters, now its 5 meters Version 1.3.79 - Added some Tank DLC config stuff - Added distance LODs to Fuchs interior - Added the "Fix GetIn Bug" user action, so you can now manually unlock the positions which sometimes wouldn't unlock and you cannot enter e.g. Fuchs co-driver anymore - Added second Animation for Wiesel MK20 commander, now he can switch between a low and a high turned out animation (Low is default) - Changed RSC UI optics for all vehicles and weapons - Changed Fuchs "Commander Hatch" is now called "Middle Hatch" - Changed Marder and Wiesel MK20 turret rotating speed - Changed new radio model in Fuchs interior - Tweaked Marder, Wiesel TOW and Wiesel MK20 PhysX - Tweaked all soundshader - Tweaked some selection names and removed unnecessary config entries - Removed Milan on Marder and Fuchs, due to a change in the engine it is not possible to aim with the missile if they are not part of the main turret (Will be fixed by BI) - Removed static Milan due to an issue with the model.cfg for the backpacks Version 1.3.66 - Fixed broken Main pbo BI Key - Fixed broken static Milan backpacks Version 1.3.64 - Fixed broken FFV positions - Fixed Marder broken sandbags Version 1.3.62 - Added Wiesel 1A4 MK20 - Added ACRE2 SEM90 Rack with two SEM70 to all vehicles - Added support for virtual garage to all vehicles - Added new optics for all weapons - Changed all optics and separated day and night vision from thermal vision - Changed MG3 250 rounds magazine to 120 rounds - Changed Wiesel TOW now has 6 shots - Changed Wiesel interior engine sound - Changed reload animation for all Milan weapons - Fixed Wiesel TOW can now be slingloaded again - Cleaned all configs from unnecessary entries Version 1.2.51 - Fixed Wiesel can now be dropped via parachute from ViV-transport Version 1.2.50 - Added Wiesel 1A2 TOW - Changed Milan tube backpack now carries the ammo for static milan - Fixed MG3 soundshader - Fixed MK20 soundshader - Fixed Milan soundshader - Fixed error in Fuchs stringtable.xml - Fixed spelling mistake in Static Milan memorypoints "pos_gunner" and "pos_gunner_dir" Version 1.1.44 - Added simple thermal texture to Fuchs 1A4 - Removed the function to force players to open doors and hatches manually before entering a vehicle for all vehicles. Seats are no longer locked. User actions to open doors or hatches are still available, so you can decide by yourself if you want to open a door first or enter a vehicle vanilla style. - Fixed Marder can now be refueled via ACE3 - Tweaked B.O. lights for all vehicles - Tweaked some animations Version 1.1.38 - Addes Fuchs 1A4 Infantry Group-Milan - Addes Fuchs 1A4 Medic Vehicle - Added a function to let players only enter vehicles if the doors/hatches are open (player has to open doors/hatches manually. Changing seats inside while doors are closed is no longer possible) - Added Fuchs mountable rotating beacon (Commander can assemble and disassemble while turned out, Driver and Co-Driver can turn on and off) - Added Marder "EngineMOI" PhysX parameter - Fixed, set launching positions for Marder smokegrenades on the correct position - Removed stabilization for Marder maingun - Changed, MG3 closeShot sound - Changed german displayname "Beschussschild" -> "Beschussklappe" - Changed position for Marder gunner to enter the vehicle to the rear ramp (rear ramp has to be open for entering) - Tweaked Fuchs Gearbox so it will not stuck at 30 km/h at normal acceleration (W) - Tweaked Marder Gearbox a bit - Tweaked Marder engine parameters a bit Version 1.1.25 - Added Fuchs 1A4 Infantry Group - Added Fuchs 1A4 Engineer Group - Added new PhysX parameters to Marder - Added some MG3 mid and distance sounds from BW-Mod (Thanks to Ironie) - Added 500 rounds MG3 magazines - Fixed Marder tracks can now be repaired via ACE3 - Changed, Marder maingun is now stabilized in all axes - Changed, Marder countermeasures moved to commander - Changed the spelling of all folders to lower case - Changed MG3 tracercount - Changed Redd_smokeLauncher.sqf so it will work for vehicles without turrets - Changed SoundShaders for MG3 - Tweaked Marder engine parameters Version 1.0.14 - Added new Redd'n'Tank logo - Added Marder Drivewheel animation - Fixed issue where choosing 2nd company shows the letter 1 - Tweaked Marder Geo LOD, GeoPhysX LOD...again, tell me if it still flips Version 1.0.10 - Added simple thermal texture to Marder 1A5 - Changed order for all optics to, "Normal" -> "NVG" -> "TI" - Changed materials for glass - Tweaked Geo LOD, GeoPhysX LOD and FireGeo LOD a bit - Tweaked PhysX.hpp now it should drive much more smoother and flips less Version 1.0.5 - Fixed issue where crew can get killed by small arms from outside of the vehicles, now it is possible to shoot or throw grenades through the rearramp - Fixed missing modelpart - Fixed missing track animation Version 1.0.2 - Added strings for Marder 1A5 Eden attributes in stringtable.xml - Fixed some commander animation issues License: Licensed Under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/ Thanks: - Thanks to T4nk for joining me - Thanks to Tactical Training Team and TF47 for testing and support - Thanks to Schubert for all background informations - Thanks to Pazuzu for original Fuchs config - Thanks to commy2 for smoke launcher script - Thanks to Ironie for MG3 sounds - Thanks to Nobilis for help with support for virtual garage - Thanks to Golani for promo shots - Last but not least, thanks to my wife and my daughter for giving me the time to do all this stuff :*
  3. This addon will add Cold War era aircraft reskins to your A3 for several NATO and Warsaw pact armies. It is intended for use together with the GM DLC to give the some air mobility. It also adds pilot gear for both sides. RELEASE DATE: 28-Apr-19 UPDATE V 1.03: 16-December-19 AUTHOR: Lennard (Steam name: Thunderstreak) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLASSNAMES: BW UH-1D - "len_uh1d_bw" CSLA Mig-29A - "len_mig29a_01_cs" LWP Mi-8 - "len_mi8amt_lwp" LWP Mi-24D (AT) - "len_mi24d_AT_lwp" LWP Mi-24P (AT) - "len_mi24p_AT_lwp" LWP Mig-29A - "len_mig29a_01_lwp" NVA Aero L-39 - "len_l39_nva" NVA Mi-8 - "len_mi8amt_nva" NVA Mi-24D (AT) - "len_mi24d_AT_nva" NVA Mi-24P (AT) - "len_mi24p_AT_nva" NVA Mig-29A - "len_mig29a_01_nva" SCREENSHOTS: REQUIREMENTS: Arma 3 RHSAFRF RHSUSAF RHSGREF KNOWN BUGS/ISSUES: None known at the moment. CREDITS: BIS - Arma 3 game RHS - A2 Ports da12thMonkey - Config help EULA: By downloading this content you agree with the following: - The addon shall in no way be modified or repackaged, unless permission is given by the original author. - No responsibility can be claimed on the original author for (im)possible damage to your system/game that may be caused by installation of this addon. - You may not use this addon for any commercial or military training purposes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATES: V 1.01 - Added ZEUS compatibility - Added pilots for BW and NVA V1.02 - Added NVA Mi-24D and Mi-24P variants - Added NVA L-39 - Added NVA pilot gear - Updated NVA pilot uniform V1.03 - Added LWP Mi-24D and Mi-24P variants - Added LWP Mi-8 variant - Added CSLA, LWP, NVA Mig-29A - Added LWP pilot uniform Download direct Steam workshop Mirrors are welcome! Have fun!
  4. Panzergrenadier-Brigade 41 "Vorpommern" Bereit zu Helfen – Fähig zu Kämpfen – Wir im Nordosten 2. Kompanie, Panzergrenadierbataillon 411 Milsim community "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few" Who are We? We are the Panzergrendaier-Brigade 41 "Vorpommern". We portray the brigade of the same name in the current year of 2020 as the Soviets prepare for an all out offensive against Western Europe. We consider ourselves a semi-realistic milsim community with relaxed trainings and ops. None of the "Yes Sir, no sir" stuff, just a lot of fun for the whole family! Structure: 1 Zug "Peiper", 2. Kompanie, Panzergrenadierbataillon 411 - Infantry Support 2 Zug, 1. Kompanie, Panzerbataillon 413 - Armor Support (Currently Closed) 1 Swarm, Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 74 - Air Support (Currently Closed) 2 Swarm, Transporthubschrauberregiment 30 - Helicopter Transport (Currently Closed) What do we have to offer? Currently we are filling positions in our rifle platoon. We will slot you into your desired role when it comes available though. Current positions available are; Squad Leader Rifleman Sniper MG Gunner AT (PzF 3) AT (Milan) Puma Crewmen and many more How to Join You can add me on steam or you can join our teamspeak to take with one of our members about joining today! Discord: https://discord.gg/DfTduUE TeamSpeak Address:
  5. A3 Bundeswehr Vehicle Retexture Pack for Arma III Introduction This mod is meant to bridge the gap of missing logistical vehicles for communities and groups using the BWMod by retexturing Arma III vanilla vehicles to Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) standards. Features Flecktarn (German Woodland) camo for all vehicles. (Tropentarn (German Desert) camo is planned for a separate future release) Custom textures for each vehicle. Custom dirt maps for each vehicle to make it feel more realistic. Accurate tactical signs. Individual license plates for each vehicle. Adding unarmed transport and medevac versions the Arma and Pandur APC's through hiding the turrets. All vehicles have accurate BWMod units in them when placed via Editor or Zeus. All vehicles have custom inventory loadout's featuring weapons like the G36 / MG4 / PzF3 and ammunition from the BWMod. All vehicles are fully compatible with the Editor / Zeus / Garage. Media screens: GroundVehicles: (Flecktarn/Woodland) Offroad Offroad "Feldjaeger" (MP) Offroad Repair SPw Fennek SPw Fennek Medevac SPw Fennek 1A2 HMG 12.7mm SPw Fennek 1A2 GMG 40mm M-ATV M-ATV medevac M-ATV HMG 12.7mm M-ATV GMG 12.7mm Truck 7T transport Truck 7T transport covered Truck 7T medevac Truck 7T ammo Truck 7T fuel Truck 7T repair Truck 7T medevac Truck 7T device Truck 15T multi container Truck 15T repair Truck 15T ammo Truck 15T fuel APC Arma transport APC Arma medevac APC Arma FLW APC Pandur II transport APC Pandur II medevac APC Pandur II FSW ARV Nemmera AH Sholef 155mm AirVehicles: (Helos) AH6 LNU MH6 transport AW159 LNU AW159 transport AW159 SAR AW101 transport AW101 SAR CH67 transport CH67 SAR Taru LH Additional Info I tried to keep the quality of the textures high and as close as possible to reality and to match the vehicles of the BWMod. Some of the names of the vehicles are based on real vehicles and some are fictional. this is my very first public mod so be kind and let me know if there's any way to make this mod better. constructive criticism is always appreciated. also let me know if there are any bugs appearing, i'll try to fix them as asap. Dependencies this mod needs CBA and the BWMod to function properly. Download Team / Author © Williams/OsiriZ 2016 Special thanks to: - Koffeinflummi and the whole BWMod Team for giving me the permission to use they're content and for the great mod. - Zigomarvin for his "usable cargoramp script" - Bohemia Interactive for the awesome games and trey're support for the modding community Changelogs v1.0.0 Classnames v1.0.0 Contact info.a3mods@gmail.com License Do not open or change the pbo's! Do not upload anywhere else! Use at you're own risk!
  6. It is time to make this Project "official", Global-Mobilization (GM) is a a joint venture of the former "GAF" Team (Maverick and Myself) and MBG (Mondkalb). The goal is to deliver a highly detailed environment for cold war combat in central Europe. This includes Aerial Vehicles, Characters, Ground Vehicles, Objects, Weapons and Terrains. GM is by no means intended to be a German Army Addon only, but will focus on the various nations that would have been involved in a 1980s conflict in central Europe. Due to its location in the center of Europe and the "would have been" front line of such a conflict, Germany, both east and west will form the Core of GM. Current Content for RC 1 Vehicles - Leopard 1a1a1 (+variants) - Leopard 1a3 (+variants) - BPz2A1 - Biber - Gepard A1 - MAN 5t gl (+variants) - MAN 10t gl - TPz Fuchs (+variants) - Iltis (+variants) - M113A1 (+variants) - BRDM2 (+variants) - Ural 4320 (+variants) Infantry - West German Army (+equipment) - East German Army (+equipment) Small Arms - G3 (+variants) - MG3 - P1 - P2A1 - Carl Gustaf - Various Handgrenades, Smokeshells and Flares Terrain - 20x20km Terrain of Area in Central Germany (Inner German Border) Misc - German Radio Protocol (8 Voices Studiorecorded) - ACRE SEM25/SEM35 Radio - Bridge Laying - Uniform/Vehicle Customization The Team - GalComT Western Vehicles, Small Arms, Configuration, Feature Design - Maverick Eastern Vehicles, Aerial Vehicles, Water Vehicles - Mondkalb Characters, Terrain, Configuration, Feature Design And last but not least The Pictures! (i know thats the only thing that realy matters) https://imgur.com/a/u3F7n Contact: - BIF Forum - Discord https://discord.gg/XbhfF37
  7. Kampfgruppe Oberpfalz (Panzerbrigade 12) Who are we: the Panzerbrigade 12 is a Realism community based on the real Panzerbrigade 12 in the Bundeswehr. We mainly play in an alternate reality were the Berlin Wall never fell and Communist insurgents are battling it out with West Germany in the current year, 2018. Our main focus is on accurately portraying Mechanized Infantry and Armored units in Arma 3, from the weapons and specials to the tactics and commands given. Training in the unit is based on the manuals of the time so you can rest assured your experience will be as close to what the real soldiers of the time went though. What do we do: Our unit strives to provide a realistic experience in ARMA 3, to this end we organize campaigns with shifting front lines and the ever present need for supply. What do we play when we aren't in Arma 3: We play Post Scriptum, War of Rights and War Thunder as well as many other games Current Order of Battle: Kampfgruppe Hauptquartier (Havoc) Gebirgspanzerbataillon 8/ 3. Kompanie (Edelweiss) - Leopard 2a5 Panzergrenadierbataillon 122/ 1. Kompanie - IFV Puma Aufklarungsbataillon 8/ 2. Kompanie - LGS Fennek Division Schnelle Krafte/ Kampfhubschrauberregiment 36 (Mako) - EC665 "Tiger" Division Schnelle Krafte/ Transporthubschrauberregiment 30 (Reaper) - NH-90/CH-47 "Chinnock/CH-53 "Super Stallion"/ UH-1 "Huey" Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/panzerbrigadeoberpfalz Discord Link: https://discord.gg/CrC5tfz Signed, Major Joachim Alder Haeuseler Kommanduer der Kampfgruppe Oberpfelz
  8. Hello Guys! So me and 2 other guys have started a Milsim group, this is Bundeswehr, so yeah it's modern war. We basicly have some fun Operation everyday(doesn't mean you need to attent everyday). We don't force you to get on, if you rather play something else that day etc, but we are having lots of fun, we are not the most serious nor realistic, but we try to make it fun for everyone and that's what it's about. We have Hostage Situations, Patrols, Base Attacks, Kidnaps, Zombie Apocalypses and so much more! If you wanna join you'll be way more than welcome to join and reach the ranks and get up high up guys!. TS: Server: Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v5d6VdKr8prCi26Eq_I9AAhidQ7-HB2WyW5RzlLtHW0 We are around 15 members already so please feel free! Regards: Bundeswehr Milsim Group High Commands.
  9. marseille77

    Bundeswehr 1985 Addon

    This pack contains West German Army Units of the 1985's era. West German Infantry and Weapon Pack (15-05-2017) Download Needed: BWMod 1.6 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional West German Tank Pack 1.2 (15-08-2015) Download West German Vehicle Pack 1.3 (08-05-2017) Download West German Objects Pack 1.0 (16-05-2017) Download needed: West German Infantry and Weapon Pack, BWMod Marder, Leopard & Wiesel ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gallery Scene HS-30 Jupiter trucks Tanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Credits Marseille77 (Textures, Models) Sanctuary (models, Textures) Cubus (models)
  10. Spezialkräfte Bundeswehr The Projekt: We started this project for our Clan about 3 Month ago. We play as German KSK and EGB. Our plan is to support the German Arma Community playing as German Special Forces without having any equipment to disposal. The first results of retexturing and config writing were really not good. I've got to know a modder of the 'BWMod' who can help me to keep up my project. Media: http://imgur.com/a/DJLYZ http://imgur.com/a/GvgKb WIP Media: http://imgur.com/a/aUlcx G38 alias HK416A5 http://imgur.com/a/CpGoP G82 Gunbag with ACE support http://imgur.com/a/GPhj8 New WIP Pics from Dragbag http://imgur.com/mfoGJBl and the G38 The Roadmap: Units and Uniforms Backpacks Helemts and Vests Weapons Drones Satcoms Sniper Gun Bag to carry a Sniper rifle and an primary weapon with ACE and mayby Vehicles Done and in Progress: Units and Uniforms 85% complete Backpacks 90 % complete G38 55% complete Vests 25% complete Satcom 80% complete Helmets 5% complete Requirements: BWMod CBA ACE 3 Optional: Spec4Vets SOC Gear TFR Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n79jd92aekzxapx/%40Bundeswehr%20Spezialkr%C3%A4fte_v%201.0.zip?dl=0 Timeline: Next update in 2-3 weeks with G38 and Helmets Notes: Feel free to give suggestions and ideas. I'll try to realize them all. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. I'll try support you so good as possible. Special thanks to: Road Runner for really great retextures Ir0n1E for support me with this projekt Marshal_Jud for support with Photoshop and textures Qwer for helping with Configs My Clan SRU for testing and support me Authors: Bounty Ir0n1E alias BECK´s License: APL PS: DO NOT publish this on withSix. We only want it on Armaholic / thank you
  11. Hey lads. There's been some news over at our homepage, including a couple of screenshots. Since our homepage is still german only, here's a short summary and all the screenshots: Infantry: More images: 01 | 02 Latest version features revised textures by Snorri, as well as detail maps. metalchris also finished the model, all lods are done, it's just a bit of fine tuning left. The Infantry is due for release soon, and that's not a 'BIS soon'. LKW 5t mil gl: Some of you might remember our MAN truck pack for OFP. Well here's a completely new version made by our newest addition to the team, frankyman. It's still in beta state, as it has a dozens of bugs and needs some finishing touches. Screenshots feature a repair and refuel variant of the truck, but there will be more in the release. However, it's unsure at this point if we're going to do 10t and 7t trucks, too. More images: 01 | 02 | 03 Feedback appreciated. Cheers, TeRp //edit: links fixed, thx MEDICUS.
  12. charon productions


    Many people still know TroopMon1 from the Arma1 times. Initially i just wanted to make it compatible with Arma2, but i decided to enhance its functionality and optimize the code. It now contains tons of new helpful functions to effectively debug missions. Hope it helps you guys design your missions. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwBdUDqYo-8&hl=en&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwBdUDqYo-8&hl=en&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object> For those who don`t know TroopMon yet: DOWNLOAD PAGES: TroopMon2 V0.9 Download (Armaholic) TroopMon2 V0.9 Download (SWDepot) UPDATE V0.91 : TroopMon2 V0.91 Download (assaultmissionstudio) http://www.sendspace.com/file/iwkrdb
  13. There are couple of islands WIP (work in progress) now and only few got released so far. Creators would like to know what would you like to see, what kind of terrain do you prefer? Do you like Euro like terrain as Chernarus, forests, rivers and mountains in Panthera, deserts and rocky terrain as we saw in Isla Barbuda (A1) and Tonal (OFP)? Do you miss big towns like we saw on Tatawin, Sahrani and all Opteryx maps? Tell us. --- I'm currently working on: Island Panthera - finishing up v2.2 with all the bugfixes and improvements. Status: 99% Isla Duala - two countries in war on two major islands with a lot of smaller ones with fishing villages, deep jungle areas and some deserts/vulcanic areas in the non-water areas. Status: 30%. Isla Terra - miniature version of a real world, Status: 10%.
  14. Version 1.6 released on 05/22/10! Download link below! Hey there. We've just released version 1.6 of our mod. This version includes the most of our addons in desert camo and some carefully chosen addons with ISAF markings. Thanks to Xeno the mod is now fully ACE-compatible, however Extended Eventhandlers are now required for the mod to work. On a side node: we will provide a seperate config which will make some ACE specific changes, e.g. to the solider loadouts, on a later date. Key Features: - Includes various personal weapons in use with the German Bundeswehr - Includes infantry character models - Includes tank crew character models - Includes MAN 5t truck ammo, repair and fuel variants - Includes TPz Fuchs 1A6 and Fuchs BAT (armored ambulance vehicle) - Includes SPz Marder 1A5 - Includes Leopard 2A6 main battle tank - Includes UH-1D transport helicopter - Includes most vehicles in desert camo and with ISAF markings - supports both XEH & ACE (beta) - customizable tactical signs - customizable license plates - customizable rank patches - customizable tank ids - new script effects: screen shakes when high powered weapons are fired nearby - new script effects: unique vehicle smoke screen - new script effects: Panzerfaust 3 backblast - numerous missions, including coopevent missions used during the betaphase of our addons Now enjoy our addons and have a nice day. P.S.: We know there are some errors on the Marder 1A5 (e.g. invisible crew), but we've decided to release it in it's current state as it is still playable. We will fix these bugs once our team finds more time to spend on the mod. Download v1.6
  15. TeRp


    BWMod v0.4 released on Jan, 23! Hey everyone. After a lot of work we've finished yet another load of addons, this time it's the Wiesel MK20 as well as the UH-1D (transport and SAR variant). Helifreak's Wiesel MK20 should be a nice addition to the Wiesel 2 Ozelot and OPK's UH1D should provide the necessary transport means for our troops which had to move on foot until now. Also there've been quite a few bugfixes, and the BWMod_UI.pbo is now optional. If you don't like it, just trash it. We'd like to thank Sgt.Ace (Project '85) for adding working instruments to the UH1D and especially RockofSL for allowing us to use his Dynamic Rotor System and helping me implementing it into the UH-1D. Some pics by burns: High Resolution: Pic #1 Pic #2 High Resolution: Pic #1 Pic #2 Have fun! You might be better of downloading from one of the mirrors instead, gamepark.cz has been very slow lately. Alternative links to the pictures if those are down too: http://armed-assault.de/screenshots/bwmod_04-1_1_4819.jpg http://armed-assault.de/screenshots/bwmod_04-2_1_4820.jpg http://armed-assault.de/screenshots/bwmod_04-3_1_4821.jpg http://armed-assault.de/screenshots/bwmod_04-4_1_4822.jpg Download link: Download v0.4 Public Beta Mirrors: Mirror #1 - Thanks to ArmedAssault.de Mirror #2 - Thanks to ePrison.de Mirror #3 - Thanks to armaholic.com Mirror #4 - Thanks to armedassault.info Mirror #5 - Thanks to armabase.de
  16. lockjaw-65-

    Why quad core?

    One thing i dont understand is why the recomended spec is a quad core, when as far as i am aware they are only optomising for duel core. would it not be better just to get the fastest duel core?