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Found 176 results

  1. bf.lyth

    Malden Zeus?

    When the Malden update comes around, does BI have any plans to add a zeus mode to it as well for use in the Official servers and our own private servers?
  2. lawndartleo

    Random Zeus failures

    This has been happening a lot lately... Zeus works, then doesn't, then maybe it starts working again, and then stops working again. All in the same game session. Doesn't matter if I or my other admins are #adminlogged on our dedicated or if I am just dinkin' around on my own machine, locally. Ideas?
  3. Hello everyone, upon glancing at the biki for more information regarding the implementation of sounds into the zeus user interface I wasn't able to find anything I did however with my sound add the following to my config entry: units[] ={"MySuperCoolSound"}; and supposedly this'll open the sound up to the zeus curator player. But to no avail, any insight on this?
  4. Hello everyone, upon glancing at the biki for more information regarding the implementation of sounds into the zeus user interface I wasn't able to find anything I did however with my sound add the following to my config entry: units[] ={"MySuperCoolSound"}; and supposedly this'll open the sound up to the zeus curator player. But to no avail, any insight on this?
  5. WurschtBanane

    Teleport to players!

    It is a convoy mission, and the players are allowed to use whatever path they want. This makes me often loose them. But here is the issue. I want to be able to teleport to players as Zeus, but stuff placed in editor cannot be edited by Zeus. Is there a way to spawn PLAYABLE units in-game, so that i can just use them like normal ones? Or is there a way to go around the issue, for example by using some kind of a script?
  6. RaptoR DanKel

    Opening Zeus in Debug

    Is it possible to open Zeus using the A3 debug console, i've tried searching ways and found nothing.
  7. I am currently playing on arma 3 's official 16+2 zeus server, and Im struggling to add more than one faction. When choosing mission as admin I only have the option to make: master stratis/altis NATO/CSAT/AAF but not two at once. I would like players to compete. How can I change that?
  8. So at the moment there are a couple of roadblocks and bases available as well as the normal squads and fire teams for each faction. However, in the Eden editor, you are able to put down a certain collection of units, props or both and save that for later use. It would be great if these compositions could be used in the Zeus Editor as well as being able to create new ones that can be saved from Zeus. I doubt this would be too much work as it is essentially already in the game, but just not transferred and would be very useful for "Zeusing".
  9. Scooterknight47

    Unusable Modded Units in Zeus

    So I don't know why, but when I try to change "Use Official Addons" to "Use All Addons[including unofficial addons]" in the Game Master, it won't let me. Is anyone else having this problem, and if so, how do I fix it?
  10. When i place a game mastee module, it gives me the option to set the owner, name and addons (mods) that can be used by this zeus. The Problem: i cant edit the addons option as the module wont let me open the selection menu from where i usually could select 1 of three options (i think it was addons active on scenario, official addons and all addons (including unofficial)) Please help. It is elemental for me in order to create a zeus mission.
  11. Hello, I am sorry if this question already has been asked before.. So I am having this problem, I made my own mission using the following mods UNSUNG VIETNAM MOD DELTA 3.0 and UNS TRAPS. The mission that I made was a zeus gamemode on the map SEA , Lam Dong, Vietnam I did everything right all the things worked except zeus, you can enter zeus but you can only spawn the DEFAULT ADDONS and the UNITS ALREADY PLACED IN THE SCENARIO (http://prntscr.com/eutwm4). Here are my settings in the editor http://prntscr.com/eutwpt (game master module), http://prntscr.com/eutwrw (available units from the mods and already placed units). If I host this game on multiplayer only the host (if he is the zeus) can place all the units from the mod, but if my friend is the zeus he only can choose those units (see first link) and it is the same otherwise if he host the game. So can someone help me with this!? Greetings, BaiJie90
  12. Hello, So I'm working on a super simple Zeus fire support module that should make it very easy for Zeus to call in fire support from any artillery-capable unit on the map. I've started working on the functions that would handle the procedure and it works perfectly. The script, when run, searches for the nearest artillery-capable unit that isn't already assigned to a fire mission and then gives it a fire mission based on pre-set variables. So it works as a script, but I always intended this to work as a module where you place it in zeus, then you get a nifty menu and you click OK and bad shit happens. Now I have started to convert the script to work as a spawn-able module, but what happens is that when I try to spawn the module in Zeus nothing happens. I have the module on my cursor and I click and just nothing happens. I tried to follow the biki in terms of how its set up but I've obviously done something wrong. I would love some help. Thanks, Morthon
  13. Hello. I was hoping that someone could help me. I am trying to make a custom faction with custom units, using gear that is already in the game (as well as in a few mods such as in RHS, etc.). I managed to get the gear and units to spawn in, however all of the units come under one heading, "Men". I want them split off, for example, "Police Troopers" and "SWAT". See the picture below for reference. As I said, I want them split off into different subsections instead of just "Men". How would I do this? My code is below, in a config.cpp.
  14. So, I just launched A3 Editor after update to create Zeus mission and... Zeus Mod Setting doesnt working. I can just choice "All Official Addons"... Tried to launch A3 with mods and without, still doesnt working... Any ideas?
  15. WurschtBanane

    Zeus rights

    As noone has answered yet, i will simplifiy my post: I created 2 playable units. I synched game master modules to them (and put the units names in the owner line) I synched the game master modules with a game master gamemode module I hosted the mission, a friend joined... and only one of us was able to place everything. He one was also able to acess zeus, but could only place markers. Why? And how do i fix this.
  16. I noticed this issue started after update 1.64, so I think that is when the bug got added when the search function also got added to Zeus. A lot of the objects that were able to be placed are not showing up for Zeus to place anymore. It looks liek they aren't missing entirely, they are just missing from the Zeus list. Most notably, off the top of my head: Objects like sandbags and hbarriers. There is also others that I can't remember, and who knows how many other missing items that I haven't come across yet. I didn't find any forum post on it yet, but I found these in the feedback tracker: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T120337 https://feedback.bistudio.com/T120735 https://feedback.bistudio.com/T120423 More here: https://feedback.bistudio.com/maniphest/query/9w_nsMfxZ7Ku/#R Any news on this getting resolved or if it is even being worked on?
  17. So i saw a video a couple of days ago where the player that controled zeus has access to thermal vison. After a google search i found this http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=17794 on the Arma 3 feedback website. I tried multiple times to get it to work but no progress, so i went in the editor and looked up the function in the function viewer. This is what i got from it. I have tried a couple of things but nothing has worked yet. If anyone knows how to get this to work that would be great. Hopefully it will also help other mission makers in the future. Thanks in advance for any help or tips i get.
  18. I have no issues hosting a server. I can host my own custom made Zeus missions that work correctly, so long as I do not place any buildings/props beforehand in the mission via the Eden editor. I would consider myself a beginner at Eden, so I'm hoping I am just missing something. So the problem I am having is that when I place either buildings or props in my custom Eden created missions, players are unable to connect. It tells them that they do not have the required mods/addons. However, while creating the missions I have no mods loaded and the mod list in the editor states that I am using only official Bohemia mods. I also made sure the players connecting did not have any of their mods loaded. Any idea how to fix this issue? At the moment I just don't place any props in order to get around it, but I would like to place things so that I can create a somewhat pre-made mission where I only rarely need to use Zeus so that I can enjoy the mission with my friends. Here is what I've learned from testing so far... Players can connect when... "A3_Characters_F", "A3_Modules_F_Curator_Curator", "A3_Supplies_F_Heli_CargoNets", "A3_Supplies_F_Exp_Ammoboxes", "A3_Modules_F_Multiplayer" Players cannot connect when... "A3_Characters_F", "A3_Modules_F_Curator_Curator", "A3_Supplies_F_Heli_CargoNets", "A3_Supplies_F_Exp_Ammoboxes", "A3_Modules_F_Multiplayer", "A3_Structures_F_Mil_BagBunker", "A3_Structures_F_Mil_Shelters", "A3_Structures_F_Mil_Cargo", "A3_Structures_F_Exp_Signs_Traffic" If this is a common fix, I apologize, but I have been unable to find anything on the internet that addresses this problem.
  19. Our Friday night mission had to be called of in the middle of the mission again since our Zeus had a disconnect from out server, He could not access the Zeus UI after reconnecting for unknow reasons. The UI wouldn't simply come up. Did anyone else experienced this issue?
  20. A new cooperative [ZEUS] and PVP unit, If you enjoy team based action across a dynamic environment then this is the unit for you. [NON UK MEMBERS ARE STILL WELCOME AS LONG AS YOU CAN SPEAK ENGLISH]. Join here --> https://units.arma3.com/unit/ukaf We will be playing every saturday night unless of issues we will move it if so.
  21. It was 2017, and the objects in the Zeus never returned. I'm with my friends loved to spend time in this game mode, placing a many of objects in real time, after starting the battle. Bohemia, maybe finally released the update and return the objects (props) in Zeus Mode?
  22. Hi. I know how to create a Zeus mission (connect the module to the player, make respawn=base in the description.ext etc.). The only problem is: When the Zeus rejoins he looses his Zeus-capability (as syncing with playable units goes away when JIP-ing). What can i do to prevent that? I tried placing a trigger that activates itself every 30 secs and synchs the player with the zeus module again, but i am not sure if that will work...
  23. Alright I'm so close I have at most 5 fixes left before this server/mission is perfect. So what I need done I feel like should be simple I just cannot figure out a way to do it. So in Zeus there's an option to add a briefing. Every time you add a briefing with the same name it just adds it and the update time. What I need is for regular players to be able to trigger this interface and add "Intel" to this briefing.
  24. lawndartleo

    Zeus blocked

    Picking at the inner workings of Dynamic recon ops and attempting to place a Zeus module as I do in every other mission I have made or modified, I have run across an instance where the module has been completely disabled. Put in the module with owner set to a unit name, UID or #adminlogged and nothing happens. What might cause this kind of disabling?