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Found 187 results

  1. XXIV (24th) Armeekorps The 24th Armeekorps was founded to create immersive and realistic ArmA3 community with a focus on the Germany Army during World War 2. Part of this Community is a dynamic campaign that starts with the Occupation of Czechoslovakia, the Invasion of Poland and the Blitzkrieg in the West and takes in important Events like Dunkirk, the Battle of the Bulge, the fight for Stalingrad and the Battle of Crete. We feature - Zeus-aided Missions - Dynamic and Chornologic Campaign - Regular Trainings and Events - Ranks - TFAR - Website / Forum - Teamspeak 3 - EU/US Friendly Times We are recruiting Currently we are looking for: - Pilots - NCO's - Medics (Requires knowledge of ACE-Medical) - RTO's - General Recruits and Personelle You can contact us over ... ... our Website ( http://xxivarmeekorps.gamerlaunch.com/ ) ... our Steam Group ( http://steamcommunity.com/groups/24thArmeekorps ) ... our ArmA3 Unit Page ( https://units.arma3.com/unit/xxivarmee ) ... our Teamspeak ( ) ... me personally ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/thedesertfox_xxiv )
  2. seelenlos Zeus This mod allows the whitelisted players to use Zeus in every mission. You just need to press the Zeus Button (Default: Z). We use the mod to play missions in different ways, "unstuck" broken mission flows or add mod weapons to vanilla missions. That means, you get the ability to play a mission again with different loadouts, vehicles and enemies without the effort to change it with scripts or the editor (unpacking, changing, testing, packing, uploading). The use of the ARES-mod is strongly recommended. Features: - server side only mod - only the whitelisted players can use it - does not interfere with any existing Zeus in the mission - add objects to Zeus (optional) - share created objects between mod Zeus (optional) Add Objects to Zeus In the slz_settings.sqf, you can define a array of objects which will be added to zeus. More infos in the slz_settings.sqf. Add all addons to zeus In the slz_settings.sqf, you can set slz_addAllAddons to true (default) to activate all available addons. Changelog v.1.7 CHANGES - slz_addAllAddons variable added - if it's set to true (default) all available addons will be added to the mod curators v.1.6 CHANGES - slz_sharedObjects variable added - if it's set to true all objects which are created by slz curators are editable for every slz curator FIXED - possible fix for exile server v.1.5 CHANGES - neutral Zeus removed - SLZ_editPlayerUnits variable removed FIXED - zeus remotecontrol caused diconnect from curator module - some other bugs v.1.4.1 FIXED -userconfig path capitalization changed to lowercase (issue with case sensitve file system) v.1.4 REWORKED CODE - complete rewrite CHANGES - no admin zeus anymore (i think there is no need anymore) - SLZ_whitelist variable added - in the userconfig there is a array where you can add uid's (it is the number in the steam-profile link) - if your uid is in this array you have zeus abilities - SLZ_neutralZeus variable removed - if you press zeus key you get the control of the virtualCurator which is always neutral - your playerunit become hidden and invulnerable - SLZ_editPlayerUnits variable added - all playerunits can be edited if these players are in curatormode - if it is set to false these units can also add to the curator editable object list by other scripts or mods like ares KNOWN ISSUES - Don't mix up to many zeus login methods (native use, too) - if you use #adminLogged Game Master Modules and virtualCurator entities or player controled curators don't login as admin if you are in a other curator slot - the native curator itself has a bug: if you are in the mission, go back to loginscreen and join again, you have to die before you can use the curator again (expect the #adminLogged method) v.1.3 FIXED - bug in the per frame eventHandler v.1.2 REWORKED CODE - remove while do loops ---> replaced with a per frame eventHandler FIXED - known issues from 1.1 v.1.1 ADDED - neutral zeus - this option change the playerside if you enter the zeus to logic because only a neutral zeus can set all attributes: for example the sector control module - copy the userconfig folder to your arma 3 folder and change the value in the SLZ_settings.sqf to true. (default = false) FIXED - if the admin logout the other players can't be the zeus. KNOWN ISSUES - if you are logged in as admin and you go into lobby and return to the game you have to logout and login to use the zeus again v.1.0 - first release Credits: Fry & Chucky from seelenlos-Team http://arma.seelenlos.eu License: GPLv3 Known Issues: - none Download Links: - Steam Workshop - Dropbox - Armaholic (outdated) Recommended Mods: Ares: - Steam Workshop - BI Forum - Armaholic
  3. Hi everyone, Is there a way to get some of the interface from 3den into Zeus. I am finding Zeus is in dire need of an update since 3den has come out.
  4. Hello Folks, this is my "new" Mission created for MP Dedicated Clan Server environment. its supporting several Mods and have lots of adjustable functions. Like: Group Manager with ranking (choose your No.1) Invite players to your Group Pre define existing Groups Kick players from your group Request joining a Group Predefine Keys for easy access the Group manager Create own persistent Groups Team Color Management a.m.m. Combat Support: Artillery support with: accurat Laser Guided Rounds a.m. Transport support with: Pickup Landing Rope insertion CAS Support with: Napalm, accurat simulated laser guided JDam and GBU! Predefine Keys for easy access Combat support a.m.m. Civilian interactions Ask for enemy locations Try to communicate and stay polite Trigger Missions by speak to civilians up to 3 missions per group at one time cancel missions in group manager (see above) Task Creator in Main base: Available Tasks: Kill Officer. Destroy Weapon Cache. Wipe Enemy Convoi Find Intel Free Hostages Deploy Communications Download Data Destroy AA or Arty Defend City (WIP) + Main Mission + Clear Area! Special Roles in seperate Slots Pilot (Air support Roles) Logistic (support your friends) EOD (Defuse Mines or IED´s) Engineer (Repair vehicles) Leaders (Manage your Team) Medics (heal 4 times faster) Restrict Arsenal (Parameter) [Configurable Whitelist Files for every Role!] Restrict CAS (Parameter) Restrict (only Pilots can Fly) (Parameter) GPS MAP Force Tracking (Parameter) Revive System (Parameter) ACE3 Supported Mission Environment (Parameter) Choosable Startloadouts for: Vanilla (Tropic/MTP) RHSUS (D/W) R3F(D/W) 3CB(D/MTP/W) BWMOD (D/W) FFAA (D/W) (or choose Random automaticly) Coosable Base Vehicle Sets: RHS,Jack French,3CB,BWMod,FFAA Mod (or choose Random automaticly) Own Logistic System with many Features... Multiple Headless Client Support FPS Optimized Mission! Dedicated Server KIT for Download Find your way to Free the Map! Read the Briefing (ger/eng) REQUIRED MODS (works without Mods too!) ACE3 + ACE Compatibility Mods Supported Maps STEAM WORKSHOP FTP SERVER MISSION FILES (latest Versions) Dedicated Server Starter Kit POST BUGS HERE PLEASE!
  5. I am having a bit of an issue with something I tried to do extensive research on. I am trying to make some preset vehicles that the Zeus can edit, start out with being able to respawn on position. When I use a Vehicle Respawn module placed in the editor, and sync that module to an Add Editable Objects module for Zeus, the vehicles aren't editable even if the vehicles themselves were added to the Add Editable Objects module. Only if I remove the Vehicle Respawn module, and keep the vehicles synced to the Add Editable Objects can the Zeus edit the vehicles. I need some alternatives to fix it, if you can help me find a way to make any of my ideas work, I would most appreciate it! Try to make it so any vehicles spawned by the Vehicle Respawn module will be added for the Zeus to edit. Make it so if the Zeus deletes the Vehicle Respawn module, have all the vehicles associated with it delete. A script/initialize string that will enable/set the respawn option for vehicles to the On current position for the Zeus. So that way the game starts with the vehicles being able to respawn on position. Have the vehicles use a respawn script that doesn't require the respawn module. I would appreciate anyone who could help me out!
  6. Working on an RTS game mode and looking for some feedback. Please tell me what you think. New video
  7. Hello all! Now I have a tiny bit of a problem, after playing a primarily Zeus run mission with a friend, using about 16 mods, RHS, Project OPFOR, CUP, MCC and CBA_A3 to name some of them. After playing for a long while we decided to take a break, so I press escape, Save and Exit, and we quit the game, upon returning to the said game, I simply clicked on the mission, pressed Resume, loaded in the lobby, people pick their roles, and we load the game. After loading in I access Zeus to find out I can use ONLY the units that I've used in the previous session. For example, I could only use RHS Russian Cars, Soldiers, and APCs because that's all we used, but not tanks, helicopters, planes, they completely disappeared from the Zeus "Create" menu altogether! After a while I tested it out in a singleplayer scenario, if I resume a mission only the vanilla units and the units I used in the last mission are accessible to me, if I use AKs all units with AKs can be used if they are in the same tab under OPFOR for example, but that's it, everything else just disappears! Can somebody please help me this has to be the most annoying problem I've run into so far. There doesn't seem to be an obvious fix for it!
  8. After the Orange DLC i have been getting crashes while playing with Zeus when i delete units. Happened to the 3 other people from my group who usually use Zeus ingame. Is there anything i can do?
  9. When I had went to gamescom this year, I found that the Arma Community was as strong as ever. I talked to the developers, and talked about the many stories that were created from playing their game, especially from the modding scene. Antistasi was a mod that really took into account the strategic aspects of rebellion, giving me and my friends good stories to talk about. After we finished our interview I realized the story potential of Arma, as a gateway for education and plot. My experience with Laws of War had confirmed these thoughts. Now I wish to build a story, one of rebellion, international alliances, the balance of power, and the realities of postcolonial states. I am currently running a server for ARMA 3 and we are looking for people to help tell the story for it. It is a CSAT Roleplay server, one that tells the story of a rising empire and the winner and losers of this change in power. The following form will be used to find the best in the gaming community to help create a space for creativity and story. We hope that from all over Arma, we can build something special with game masters, writers, and student alike. The Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfj-mfFrL_IfVqo96JOtMC__5qjxVI_FJzbGwAEeLoPCNyBHQ/viewform?usp=sf_link#responses Good Luck fellow Story Tellers Sean.
  10. I want to change the posture of placed characters. Instead of just having the stance changed to lay, kneel or stand, I also want to change how they hold their weapon. Instead of it being at the "up and ready" when I place them, I want to maybe have the weapon at the low ready or something like say they were guarding prisoners. Heck, somewhere I had seen a quick build video on utube and a character was placed laying down on his back, working on the bottom of a vehicle. I don't remember the video to go back and ask the poster about a mod or setting. As I get to know Arma, I want to make some of those pics of builds or scenarios that the pics get posted in one of these threads. Is this going to be a easy setting change or a mod of some kind, or something more challenging like scripting (which I know nothing of yet)? Thanks for y'alls time. Mike
  11. Hi, I've been searching for how to add scripts in Public Zeus Server for 1 month and could not find anything that really helped me. As an example "Virtual Arsenal". The problem is I can click on the subject, but nowhere will init be displayed. I've read that I need to create a file in stored missions, but how am I supposed to retrieve it at all if that's not possible. I can not add a saved mission anywhere. I've already logged in as an admin of the server and have changed the mission or I was in the window where you can then select the mission. I did not find any stored missions. Would be nice if someone could help me with it and if possible step by step. Here are screenshots of how it looks to me, do not be surprised it is in German. https://www.pic-upload.de/view-34234514/20171105000326_1.jpg.html https://www.pic-upload.de/view-34234528/20171105000343_1.jpg.html Sry I dont know how to Add them normal.
  12. Let me point out that I know little about codes in arma 3 and that I just started. I am trying to edit one mission that is not created by me (for private use). I have made almost all changes but there is one thing that I can't get working. Zeus on that mission is enabled but under his create tab is nothing, all empty. I have tried fixing it with the code but I cant get it working. This is the code i used to fix it: If anyone knows a way to enable that would be great.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to make heads or tails of getting around an error that I'm getting when attempting to make Radio Channels to specific units to private communication between Zeus to Squad Leaders. The error is that the variables are undefined for the radioChannelCreate when the unit with the variable does not exist. I'm thinking I will need a !isnull check to an array but I'm unsure how to implement this as I am still very new to Arma scripting. Here is the code I am using, Most of this is from a script I found on another post: if(isServer) then { west_channel = radioChannelCreate [[0, 0.2, 1, 1], "GM-Bluefor", "Game Master", [bz1,bz2,mz1,mz2]]; east_channel = radioChannelCreate [[1, 0, 0.2, 1], "GM-Redfor", "Game Master", [rz1,mz1,mz2]]; independent_channel = radioChannelCreate [[0, 1, 0.2, 1], "GM-Independent", "Game Master", [iz1,mz1,mz2]]; RADIO_fnc_manage = { private["_unit","_channel","_bool"]; _unit = [_this,0,ObjNull,[ObjNull]] call BIS_fnc_param; _bool = [_this,1,false,[false]] call BIS_fnc_param; _channel = [_this,2,0,[0]] call BIS_fnc_param; //Series of checks? if(isNull _unit) exitWith {}; //Null unit if(_channel < 1) exitWith {}; //No channels below 1 should be passed. switch (_channel) do { case 1: { if(_bool) then {west_channel radioChannelAdd [_unit];} else {west_channel radioChannelRemove [_unit];};}; case 2: { if(_bool) then {east_channel radioChannelAdd [_unit];} else {east_channel radioChannelRemove [_unit];};}; case 3: { if(_bool) then {independent_channel radioChannelAdd [_unit];} else {independent_channel radioChannelRemove [_unit];};}; }; }; }; Variables "bz1, bz2, mz1, mz2, iz1, rz1" is referencing unit's I've placed within Eden Editor with those variables tagged to them. E.g, "bz1" = Blufor Zeus or "mz1" = Master Zeus The intention of this script is to allow private communication from Squad leaders. (In this case bz1,bz2,iz1,rz1) to have separate channels to the two Master Zeus's which will be acting as "game masters" That is not seen by anyone outside of the units aforementioned. > I am using RHS, ACE, CBA Pack, ARES:Achilles and TFAR mod's as well.
  14. Ubermensch-

    Draw Distance in Zeus?

    So I'm trying to change the draw distance in my custom Zeus server. The in game configure menu doesn't allow me to change the actual server settings, I've heard there is a module or script or something that allows you to but I can't find it after 15 minutes of googling. Is this just not a feature or am I just missing this?
  15. Just a little snippet that you can put in the init-field of a unit in oder to spawn a dog in its place. The dog is actually attached to the unit and the unit is made invisible. Therefor you can simply play, command or remotecontrol the unit in order to move the dog. Action menu (or the button to hold your breath) allows you to bark. If you go prone without moving, the dog will sit. if (isServer) then { 0 = [this,"Fin_random_F"] spawn { params ["_guy","_class","_act"]; private ["_dog"]; _dog = createAgent [_class, getPos _guy, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _dog setVariable ["BIS_fnc_animalBehaviour_disable", true]; _dog attachTo [_guy,[0,0,0]]; _guy hideObjectGlobal true; [_guy,["Bark", { params["_me","_you","_id","_d"]; _d playMoveNow "Dog_Idle_Bark"; _me setVariable["bark",true,true]; sleep 1.5; playSound3D [format["A3\Sounds_F\ambient\animals\dog%1.wss", ceil random 3], _me, false, getPosASL _me, 40, 1, 10]; sleep 2; _me setVariable["bark",false,true]; }, _dog, 0, false, true, "holdBreath", "_target isEqualTo _this", 0, false, ""]] remoteExec ["addAction", 0]; while {alive _guy && alive _dog} do { if (speed _guy > 10) then { _dog playMoveNow "Dog_Sprint"; } else { if (speed _guy > 6) then { _dog playMoveNow "Dog_Run"; } else { if ((speed _guy > 2) || (speed _guy < -2)) then { _dog playMoveNow "Dog_Walk"; } else { if !(_guy getVariable ["bark",false]) then { if ((stance _guy) == "STAND") then { _dog playMoveNow "Dog_Stop"; } else { if ((stance _guy) == "PRONE") then { _dog playMoveNow "Dog_Sit"; } else { _dog playMoveNow "Dog_Idle_Stop"; }; }; }; }; }; }; sleep 0.05; }; deleteVehicle _guy; }; }; Note that this is not meant to feel like playing as a dog, it is just a tool for gamemasters to have some easily controllable dogs that they can use.
  16. Hi there, I am having an issue with zeus, where vehicles won't respawn at all. And which still happens after a fresh install of Arma 3 with no mods and removing all profiles :( Any help would be greatly appreciated Many thanks
  17. Script Version This mod enables Curators to see the Frames-per-second of each individual client when playing in multiplayer. Allowing the Zeus to identify if there is a widespread framerate problem, or if a few select users are experiencing issues. Comments in the code explain how to modify it if you want to change the 'Warning text' threshold which by default is 20fps.Given Arma 3 is now in 64 bit it's the perfect opportunity for players to test their performance in multiplayer coop games with large scale combat. Find out who's computer is the beefiest when playing with your unit, or be able to identify which player's computers are having trouble keeping up with all the action. A great tool for mission makers looking to maintain an optimized experience for their players when monitoring their progress in Zeus. Workshop Google Drive Armaholic
  18. I was wondering if there is a way to create custom loadouts for AI in Eden, group them into squads and then use them in Zeus? I was trying to do this with Copy and Paste in zeus but the AI reverted to their original loadouts.
  19. Just want to put this out there in case anyone else is experiencing this. I've been using Zeus on the multiplayer server I play on with no issues for a few months and ever since the Laws of War update I can't use the map without my game crashing while using it. I can open the map and change camera positions once, beyond that any time I open the map it crashes my game instantly and references a memory issue. I have no problems operating Zeus as long as I don't use the map, but slipping up means restarting the game. Anyone else dealing with this?
  20. lawndartleo

    respawn loadouts module

    Dabbling with the respawn loadout module. Dropped it in while playing mission, selected some of my loadouts, asked my guinea pigs to respawn and see if the loadouts I shared were available and they were. After selecting one of the kits I shared, when they respawned they just had some random kit. It's worth noting that we are using mods such as ACE and RHS. Is there something else I have to add to the mission structure to allow the loadouts to actually transfer (aside from the name of my shared loadouts being available in their list)? Running on rented dedicated server. Zeus Respawn Loadouts Saved loadout can be given to players as respawn loadouts by Zeus. Works only in scenarios with MenuInventory (CHECK) respawn template enabled. Save your loadout CHECK Play a scenario as Zeus CHECK Place Modules > Respawn > Loadouts CHECK Select side tab CHECK Expand Arsenal category CHECK Select the saved loadout. CHECK After confirming, players of the given side will be able to respawn with your loadout. NOPE!
  21. I have made a Zeus Mission. Now i want to have a script/eventhandler that automatically changes the owner of EVERY AI unit i spawn to Headlessclient, which i called HC. I am doing this for performance reasons. I have been looking, but i havent found anything, except for this https://gitlab.gruppe-w.de/Missionsbau/W-Zeus/tree/master/Zeus/components/headless ... but i have no idea how to implement it.
  22. Apoligies, this is more of a MCC related question than Zeus, but I figured this was the best place for it. I'm using Zeus along with MCC4 to create some re-playable SP content but Im running into a bit of an issue. After entering preview mode and making my mission and changes within Zeus, then saving via MCC (export sqm data, replace sqm data in mission file) everything works BUT.. the units/events are not starting from where they were originally placed, instead they are starting from wherever they were when I saved the sqm data, which is obviously not ideal. I've watched some Youtube videos and done some reading (to learn what I know to this point) but Im not seeing any mention of this problem or how to address it. So I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong. Any ideas?
  23. All of the mods for the server.VcomAI: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25381CBA_A3: CBA_A3 A Workshop Item for Arma 3 By: CBATeam CBA: Community Based Addons for Arma 3 Current version: 3.4.0 What does the name Community Base Addons mean? It is a system that: Offers a range of features for addon-makers and mission... Advanced Rappelling: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31254Advanced Urban Rappelling: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31357BloodLust: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30802CUP Terrains-Core: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30044EM: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27224Mocap: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27262RHS Pack: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=843770737Ace: ace A Workshop Item for Arma 3 By: acemod Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3) http://ace3mod.com/img/ace3-logo-black_600.png ACE3 is the collaborative efforts of the former AGM and CSE teams, along... Ares Mod-Achilles Expansion: Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion A Workshop Item for Arma 3 By: Kex Add-on description: First of all, I want to thank to Anton Struyk for his Ares Mod which expands the Zeus real-time editor with... Task Force: http://radio.task-force.ru/en/Chemical Warfare: Chemical Warfare A Workshop Item for Arma 3 By: Assaultboy This mod adds Chemical Warfare to Arma III. Github Link Summary I noticed a lack of any chemical warfare mods and I decided to fill the void the best I... Enhanced Soundscape: Enhanced Soundscape A Workshop Item for Arma 3 By: LAxemann If you enjoy our content, feel free to Donate <- (Click). Donations will be shared 50/50 with jokoho. Unlocked Uniforms: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25418Zombies and Demons: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28958------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Rules1. No Team Killing (only excuseable if accident)2. No Radio Spam3. No Toxicity, harassment, racism, etc4. Listen to your squad leader and command5. No leaving your radio frequenty 6. No inappropriate names (we will kick you out)=======================================================================PunishmentIf you violate any of these rules you will be given a warning by a admin, you will be given 3 warnings till we give you a ban from the server. If you don't get a ban within a week, you will get 1 extra allowed ban, meaning if you were on your 3rd ban, you will be placed on your 2st ban. Warning #1 - Verbal WarningWarning #2 - 1 Token RemovalWarning #3 - 2 Token RemovalBan #1 - Whole DayBan #2 - 2 DaysBan #3 - 3 DaysBan #4 - Permanent Ban=======================================================================Ranks For ranking, everyone will start out as a Private, depending on how well you do in your mission and depending on how well your squad leader thinks you performed, you will be ranked up this way. The MVP of the squad will earn a token towards their next rank, once you get 3 of these you qualify for the next rank .After you are ready to rank up, you must poke or ask a squad leader to get a server admin to promote you up.During gameplay you must use a rank abbreviation before your name or else we will kick you from the server.heres a example [ PVT Mogambo ][PVT (your name) ] Heres a list of all the ranks in order....--------------------------------------------------Private - PVT - 0 Tokens---------------------Private 2 - PVT2 - 3 Tokens---------------------Private First Class - PFC - 3 Tokens---------------------Corporal - CPL - 3 Tokens---------------------Sergeant - SGT - 3 Tokens---------------------Sergeant First Class - SFC - 5 Tokens---------------------Master Sergeant - MSG - 5 Tokens--------------------- Sergeant Major - SGM - 5 Tokens--------------------- Warrant Officer - WO1 - 5 Tokens---------------------Lieutenant - LT - 7 Tokens--------------------- First Lieutenant - 1LT - 7 Tokens--------------------- Second Lieutenant - 2LT - 7 Tokens---------------------Captain - CPT - 9 Tokens---------------------Major - MAJ - 9 Tokens---------------------Lieutenant Colenel - 11 Tokens---------------------Colonel - COL - 11 Tokens---------------------Brigardier General - 12 Tokens--------------------- Lieutenant General - LTG - 15 Tokens---------------------General - GEN - 20 Tokens---------------------General of the Army - GA - Can't earn=======================================================================RequirementsIn order to play you need.....Arma 3Teamspeak ( )Mic (recommended)We will annouce when the server comes up in our group, typically when there is 1 hour before we start.=======================================================================If you have any mod suggestings, post them below, we would love to add a more realism experance to our server. :)
  24. I cannot see any official Servers being online anymore
  25. Spartan Security is looking for new applicants interested in building a PMC based group that performs various operations using Zeus and vanilla gameplay. If you are interested in being the first to join, please head to the Unit page and apply there or leave a response on this thread.