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Found 180 results

  1. Hi. I know how to create a Zeus mission (connect the module to the player, make respawn=base in the description.ext etc.). The only problem is: When the Zeus rejoins he looses his Zeus-capability (as syncing with playable units goes away when JIP-ing). What can i do to prevent that? I tried placing a trigger that activates itself every 30 secs and synchs the player with the zeus module again, but i am not sure if that will work...
  2. Alright I'm so close I have at most 5 fixes left before this server/mission is perfect. So what I need done I feel like should be simple I just cannot figure out a way to do it. So in Zeus there's an option to add a briefing. Every time you add a briefing with the same name it just adds it and the update time. What I need is for regular players to be able to trigger this interface and add "Intel" to this briefing.
  3. lawndartleo

    Zeus blocked

    Picking at the inner workings of Dynamic recon ops and attempting to place a Zeus module as I do in every other mission I have made or modified, I have run across an instance where the module has been completely disabled. Put in the module with owner set to a unit name, UID or #adminlogged and nothing happens. What might cause this kind of disabling?
  4. Okay, weird question here, I play a great deal of WLA, I love the sand box nature and fairly active self sustaining world. I also make fairly heavy use of the Zeus through MCC, I was wondering if anyone was familiar with a way to get Zeus to use all the addons I run? I'm aware of the way of adding it into new scenarios I make but since this one seems to reference maps already made and has nothing in the scenario PBO itself, what do I do? Can this even be done? Many thanks! :)
  5. Description: Zeus Integration with Servers and Headless Client aims to transfer all spawns from Zeus, and distribute onto server and headless clients, as well as automatically allow other zeus users to see and edit units placed down. This is all accomplished without any overhead. Everything is handled with EventHandlers, so no messy, constantly running scripts. This mod is designed to be run on server, headless clients, and clients to function properly. Will work with no headless clients, or however many you manage to connect. Will also work with non-dedicated servers. Beta Version 0.3 Features: Adds all players to all curators on respawn Transfers vehicles/units/groups placed by curator to server/headless client Adds placed vehicles/units/groups to all curators Server keys ChangeLog:v0.3 - Efficiency -Changed way MP is sent to be more efficient -Fixed rotation not being retained on moving objects -Fixed a few minor bugs v0.2 - Rotation - Added MP functionality for rotating objects in Zeus v0.11 - Hotfix - Fixed locality not switching correctly - Fixed group leader not being correctly retained - Fixed units in mechanized spawns not being added to curators v0.1 - First implementation - Added - make players visible to all curators - Added - Distribution system to evenly distribute units across all servers and headless clients - Added - make placed units visible to all curators - Added - server keys Known Issues: -Will not add or transfer units placed by init scripts, mission, or various modifications (will not support this as intent is zeus support only) -Air vehicles do not start engines and begin flying immediately after changing height to midair Plans: The intention of this mod is to allow units, such as 72nd Airborne Division that I am apart of, to use Zeus on servers more efficiently. The idea is to allow even more players to join the server with even more AI, with less of a performance impact. - Plan to add configuration to allow weighted spawns. IE, twice as many units being spawned on headless clients than the server. - Plan to add configuration to allow weighted spawns on clients. IE, all clients connected to server will handle 1 AI, when server and headless clients may be running 10 AI each. This will mean more people connected to the server, the better it will run Note- My release model is this. Internal Testing means its an Alpha. Public release without all planned features implemented is a Beta. Full release means all planned features are added to the mod and working correctly. Debug: Downloads: Dropbox- https://www.dropbox.com/s/zqgpihjy0ys3rnu/%40ZISHCv0.3.7z?dl=0 Google Drive- https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6b2GOkx9cBCUEpDRHVOb3hfTlE/view?usp=sharing Steam Workshop- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=639965833 Zeus Integration with Servers and Headless Client v0.3 beta Special Thanks! 72nd Airborne Division for continued support and testing SFC Z. Katz for help with testing Rekkless and the Flying Monkeys In Space, Arma 3 tactical realsim clan
  6. Hello folks. Two questions: 1. Is there a function call that returns a boolean when a curator is actively using the camera? something along the lines of: "inCamera curator" => returns true when actively using the birds-eye view camera and false when controlling their normal physical character. Pretty much some way to recognize a trigger for when the player enters and exits zeus. my current awful solution is detecting the "Using Inventory" animation for standing, crouching, and prone. This, however, doesn't work if the player is in an advanced stance or in a vehicle. 2. Is there a way to disable unit markers on the zeus map for zeus. I don't mean the difficulty setting for all player maps (that's already disabled) nor do I mean removing units from the curator editable objects (that's also already disabled). Despite the magic map being off and the units not in the curator's editable objects, they still show up on zeus player's map. Anyway to disable this? Thanks for the read.
  7. Having a problem - When using the Remote Control feature while I am Zeus - to take over the driver of a vehicle, I cannot turn the headlights off and on. In fact Remote Controlling any bot on the map and getting into the car, "L" does not - the headlights stay off (or on, if forced on). When I jump in as the Zeus unit himself, its fine. But those under his control cannot. Please fix this! Means a Zeus controlled unit cannot get into a vehicle at night and then turn the lights on!
  8. Hello there Arma community (and developers)! Is there any way to assign costs directly to groups (of units) such as OIA_InfSquad and so on? Well heh, actually I know that it is possible: you just declare the costs of individual classes in the cost table and then call it with bis_fnc_curatorObjectRegisteredTable; That does work so long that when I place a vanilla infantry squad for example the CSAT one, the individual costs I've set will get summed up and then subtracted from the total amount of available Curator (Zeus) points. Why is it then that when I declare individual class costs for a game modification such as Iron Front lite placing individual soldiers works as intended (the set points get subtracted) but when placing a group that consists of those same individual soldiers no curator points get subracted Shouldn't the game handle modifications the same way as it does with vanilla game's groups? That is, when placing a group of units -> sum up all the individual costs and then subtract the total amount. So what gives? Might this be an issue with the base game or the modification I'm using.. or maybe I should declare some additional stuff somewhere that I just currently don't know what to declare and where. I even tried to declare cost (0.9) for LIB_GER_infantry_squad in the very same list where I have set costs for the individual soldiers but that didn't help much. By using the module Set Costs - Soldiers & Vehicles it is possible to circumvent the behavior I'm struggling with here. In that module there's an empty field Men where you can set a cost for every class type "Man". By setting a cost (eg. 0.5) in that field every class type "Man" gets the same cost and then the cost for placing a group from game modifications (such as Iron Front in this case) will be subtracted from the available Curator points. But if I set the cost like that I lose all the control over setting individual costs for every single soldier and then every grunt, marksman, officer and so on will cost the same amount to place and that's a thing I'd like to avert as much as possible.
  9. Hello all I have some questions and suggestions to developers (and players if you have the answer) 1) Is he expected in the future that the arsenal is equipped with predefined loadout (list of units like in the editor / Zeus, which should not be too difficult to include) rather than having to create a big list we almost never use 2) New official MPmissions / Gamemode planned ? Like classic Warfare/CTI (Already requested by the community it seems), coop, or new game mode (Zeus + players vs AI for example) And two stupid questions: 3) I think I know the answer but still raises the question : New vehicles of control mode ? (like the classic control of Arma:CWC, with the mouse to point the direction, particularly for aircraft) 4) During the game, it often happens that someone is AFK temporarily, there is a command for the AI take control of the character temporarily? (like Intro / Outro in editor) Thank you ;) P.S : Sorry if my english is bad =S
  10. Greetings from the Zeus Community. I was wondering if I could arrange a night whereby the Zeus Community and another community would engage in a realistic PvP/TvT/A&D (or however you want to call it!) on a large scale (around 100 man). Even if you are not in a community it will be open to anyone who enjoys playing in a structured and organised way. We are a casual milsim group focused on teamplay, tactics and realistic objectives. We have our non-addon game nights on Thursdays and Sundays, while our addon game nights occur on Wednesdays and Saturdays. However, we have many players active on the other days as well. We reckon we could muster about 30-50 people if this was to be organised. If we were to arrange a TvT, I would suggest: We would have to find common ground with which to play with. For example, we use a range of CUP terrains and RHS units. I'm guessing at the very minimum we could both have task force radio and CBA. The mission involved would be realistic and objective based (none of that CTF/invade & annex). We have mission makers who would be available to cater to our/your needs (whatever mods we decide to both use). We could play on our server and on our TS. Basically, we can handle all the preparations, but we just need to find middle ground in regards to the addons to use and when we should host the event so that all can enjoy. At the end of the day, if need be we can start off with vanilla Arma3 with CBA and task force radio for our first meeting, just to get the ball rolling as smoothly as possible, and if it is successful and met with great interest, we can start adding more mods to our encounters. If you are interested and don't play with mods, we can still do this as well. Please let me know if you are interested! Our Teamspeak Address is: teamspeak.zeus-community.net Kind Regards, Tipsi - Game Admin of Zeus Community
  11. zyfer

    Zeus help

    Right, I've managed to make a zeus mission (pretty simple), but. I have an issue where I can't seem to set opfor as a side in any of the objectives, and I have no idea why, I can set every other side but them. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Hello, from some time I really wanted to create public mod with custom compositions for Zeus and Eden Editor. I know how to save custom compositions using editor which then saves here : C:\Users\*******\Documents\Arma 3\compositions. Question is how to put the compositions file into a mod that can be loaded and used my editor and zeus. I tried using this this tutorial: https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/2b2cef/creating_custom_zeus_compositions_in_arma_3_x39/ I'd like to create something like this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=642912021&searchtext=composition What i Did: mod.cpp name = "Konkel's"; picture = "icon.paa"; actionName = "Website"; action = "http://armann.eu.org/"; tooltip = "Konkel's 0.9.0"; overview = "Public custom Composition/Templates for Zeus and Eden Editor, Enjoy"; author = "Konkel"; config.cpp (after conversion its KONKEL_COMP.pbo) I Get this error :
  13. ZECCUP A collection of many small to medium compositions for use in Eden/Zeus using CUP Objects. CUP Terrains is REQUIRED. This addon is planned to be used along beside ZEC, which provides a much larger selection of compositions using vanilla objects. BUGS: Compositions don't all show in Zeus The compostions are 100% functional in the Eden Editor, so this addon may still be useful for some. SAMPLE IMAGES: http://imgur.com/a/yqgH8 DOWNLOAD (v1.0.2): Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=750186990 Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31175 Direct: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B85IzH-_03ErYUNVZDZ4dC16NFE/view?usp=sharing SOURCE: Want to make your own addon or help expand ZECCUP? Source below: https://github.com/LISTINGS09/ZECCUP/
  14. taketotheshadows

    Need help with Zeus Items

    I have a quick question about items for the new Apex expansion. My question is, If I make say, a custom bunker in Zeus on Tanoa, save it, and then try and load that into a mission on altis, will players who don't have the Apex expansion be able to see and use these items?
  15. EatDefeat

    Using enemy supports as Zeus

    For the purpose of a multiplayer mission, I want to play as a NATO unit with access to Zeus. Normally when you access the supports tab on the Zeus screen as a unit of a specific side, you are unable to use the planes of enemy factions for air support. I understand why this is in place, but is there any way to avoid it?
  16. karka255

    Zeus Unit Circle Color issue

    I have an issue with seeing the difference between my units due to the new update, the issue is due to the new color setup in the Zeus Gamemaster module, when I spawn a unit/or multiple units I mainly have to guess what unit I have to control, The Circle (When highlighted) turns to the same color as the unit identification color I have chosen, making it really hard to use it on a live multiplayer server, Anyone have a way to fix it? - Sincerely Karka255
  17. hi @ all Since a pretty long time i got a bug in Arma that drives me mad. In our community, we play a lot coop missions with a zeus as missionmaster. In the beginning when i play as zeus, everything works fine. I can place all the units and modules, no problem. But after a while (let it be 2-3 hours after missionstart), my zeus seems to get fcked up. The units that i place are invisible to the players, I cant call firesupport anymore and also the modules arent working. When this happens, I have to completely close Arma and start it again. After that, everything works fine again. Yes, we are usig mods, but every other zeus-player in our community have the same mods but not such problems as I. I did a reinstall of Arma with no positive result. Anyone got an idea what it could be? Thanks! Greetings, befubo
  18. I'm using zeus a lot. But everytime im on my server & open zeus I need to use ARES to add all players to zeus so I can follow them. Can't there be a module for like adding all pre-placed objects into the zeus interface? Would love this feature
  19. Hi all, We recently released a new mission - Last Stand: Kavala Features: /Squad Leader has full access to the Zeus interface (Press Y in game) //Revive system and dynamic respawn points //Virtual arsenals at all key locations - including a controllable UGV //Unique AI system - fast paced relentless combat like never before //A selection of the best music from Arma 3's soundtrack //A hidden Easter egg in Castle Kastro that really blows... We would love to see more people give it a try, if you want to join the 1000+ people that already have check it out via the link below: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=603109334 (Please leave a rating on the workshop for us!) Or https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=4ED2B8655B077EDB!568618&authkey=!AA7pOOfZXgn4gjA&ithint=file%2cpbo Feel free to leave feedback for us on the workshop or post something here - we read every comment we get, so you won't be ignored.
  20. Hi Guys, Im developing a mission that requires the use of many modules, such being modules for zeus sectors and setting their capture state etc. The issue i have is that i have run out of groups to use, modules cannot be grouped and if i attempt to group them to a unit that has no probability of presence, it removes their positioning and makes them stop functioning. Is there any resolution to this? Below is an image of the setup. What i am trying to achieve and have achieved is; A visible area on the map that changes color when captured by a faction [bLUFOR, OPFOR, INDEPENDENT] An area that becomes editable inside after capture to the capturing side. Extra points to be given to thats side after capture. The above requires very few modules/triggers etc however, it becomes large when it is setup below to allow for it to switch back and forth as it is captured and recaptured.
  21. hello, I own a hosted server on Linux, but some addons doesn't work well. All what I want is to be able to use RHS units with Zeus + Ares. But Zeus doesn't read it. Is there a conflict between the mods ? Cause I have the command line -mod= @CBA_A3;@ares;@RHSUSAF;@RHSASFR; Does someone have at least maybe a pbo file where every configuration similar to what I want available on download ? Thanks.
  22. moricky

    Zeus Documentation

    Here's a documentation for everyone interested in implementing or modding Zeus, or Curator how the system is called internally: Basic explanation of how the system works Scripting commands Event Handlers (those starting with curator prefix) Multiplayer Game Types
  23. master11388

    Saving/Loading Zeus Missions

    Hello guys, im copy pasting this post since i posted it in another part of this forum. First of all i love the arma series and most of all i love the editor, that gave me hours of joy. Since the release of Zeus i have been playing more often, because it gave me the ability to play my missions with other people, or enjoy the missions of other good mission makers. Sadly im not in a community or something so these server's are the only place i can enjoy missions that aren't just capture the island. So my wish for Zeus is the ability to save and load pre created szenarios in Zeus. I've read that the Ares mod has such a future, but it is not allowed on the Official Zeus Server's (Where i am playing on). It would bring many positiv things: You could start a campain of a series of missions without having to play 10 hours, because you could just save the szenario and play it again on another day. Also, which is the reason i want it, you could prepare missions offline on your lan server, create everything with alot of detail (without having to worry about time) and then just save it. I dont see any downsides to this feature.
  24. Hello guys, this is my first post, i hope this is the right place to talk about my wish for arma 3. First of all i love the arma series and most of all i love the editor, that gave me hours of joy. Since the release of Zeus i have been playing more often, because it gave me the ability to play my missions with other people, or enjoy the missions of other good mission makers. Sadly im not in a community or something so these server's are the only place i can enjoy missions that aren't just capture the island. So my wish for Zeus is the ability to save and load pre created szenarios in Zeus. I've read that the Ares mod has such a future, but it is not allowed on the Official Zeus Server's (Where i am playing on). It would bring many positiv things: You could start a campain of a series of missions without having to play 10 hours, because you could just save the szenario and play it again on another day. Also, which is the reason i want it, you could prepare missions offline on your lan server, create everything with alot of detail (without having to worry about time) and then just save it. I dont see any downsides to this feature.