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Found 165 results

  1. Since my last question regarding HUD visibility in land vehicles got positive answer I decided to give it a go and laid down a basic HUD config and tried it out. With a little trial and error I got it to show up and got it set up so that it is on the helmet and not on a screen. After the initial success I noticed that out of the 3 men crew only 2 see the HUD. The driver and the commander see it, but the gunner does not. For starters I thought this to be a gunner issue (which it still might be) but just now I realized that the commander is a gunner too and the HUD is visible when on that seat. And now im asking here if anyone has an idea what could cause the gunner to lose the HUD, but the driver and commander (another gunner) sees it. Both the gunner and the commander have pretty much the same config, except for weapons and primaryObserver and primaryGunner attributes. --UPDATE-- When I wrote the last sentence about the differences I realized I had not tried switching the primaryGunner attribute around. The "commander" is both primary observer and primary gunner due to the seat being the commander seat and it having missile weapons that require proxies to show up (show only on primary gunner) and it seems that the HUD also is tied to the primaryGunner position. Issue kinda solved itself, except if someone knows how to get HUD to show for other than primaryGunner and driver views. This might lead to losing the commander seat altogether, but that might be the simplest solution and something I have been considering for the particular vehicle.
  2. Hi, I didn't find similar topic. Since 1.60, I experience severe lag (black screen, FPS drop to 0), lasting 5 to 10 seconds, each time I embark or disembark a vehicle. This happens during some public MP missions like Greuh Liberation ones . First I thought it was a bad scripted HALO jump, but finally it happens on any vehicle. This server seems to me the most impacted but there are some others with this kind of lags. Anyone else experienced that?
  3. Edit: I've did some editing to the mission and it seems like the issue does not happen as much as it did before, or at least it occurs much less frequently. There is still a problem with helicopters not working at all, but that is being handled by a different script, so I am probably gonna open another thread with focus just on that. Hello! I am having a problem with AI in Arma 3. It's simple, I want to spawn an enemy vehicle with AI in it and then send it on a death mission where it gets almost surely destroyed by players' heavy fire. However, oftentimes (at ~25% chance) the unit just sits still after its spawn and does nothing at all. So, this is my (almost) whole code. The important part is marked between ↓↓↓↓↓ and ↑↑↑↑↑: _group = createGroup east; _type = _usableUnits select floor random count _usableUnits; if (_type isKindOf "Car") then { _unit = objNull; if (_type == "B_G_Offroad_01_armed_F") then{ _unit = [_spawnLocation, random 360, _type, resistance] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; }else{ _unit = [_spawnLocation, random 360, _type, EAST] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; }; (_unit select 0) setdamage enemySpawnDamage; driver (_unit select 0) spawn scr_killWhenOnFoot; gunner (_unit select 0) spawn scr_killWhenOnFoot; _unit join _group; (_unit select 0) spawn scr_noFuelWhenCarIsStatis; AIunits = AIunits + (_unit select 1); // ↓↓↓↓↓ _wp = _group addWaypoint [posTarget, 0]; [_group, 1] setWaypointType "HOLD"; _group setCombatMode "YELLOW"; _group setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _group allowFleeing 0; driver (_unit select 0) spawn { while {alive _this} do { _startPos = Position _this; sleep 10; _currentPos = Position _this; if ( (_startPos distance _currentPos) < 1 ) then { _this DoMove posTarget; }; }; }; // ↑↑↑↑↑ }; This code is a part of a larger script which spawns a vehicle, fills it with AI units and then sends it to position posTarget through a waypoint. The last part is the problem. The unit sometimes refuses to move, even if its path is not obstructed at all. I've tried to fix this by telling the unit to DoMove every 10 seconds if its detected to be still, but it still doesn't fix the problem. Does anyone else have similar problem? Do you know how to fix this, or work around this issue?
  4. If you are in the gunner's seat of a vehicle, and you connect to a UAV, AI behaviour will take over - ie, while you are piloting the UAV, your character will use the vehicle gun to engage any nearby enemies. This can really give away your position if you're trying to be sneaky!
  5. After numerous changes to memory points and config file, I still cannot get my vehicle to stay on the ground so it can be driven. If anybody can help me that would be awesome! Here is an image >> I can also provide the p3d, config file, and model.cfg files as well. Thanks for any help!!
  6. Hello there, im new here and i wanted to ask what ways there are to add police light bars to vehicles. I know there is that hidepolice 1,0 stuff. I tried that but yea just works for the offroad and doesnt look that nice to be honest. Thats why i wanted to add police lights to old arma 2 vehicles which i have retextured. This is how they look atm http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/548682046894741237/78F1BEFC860618782D8D282B0C64DD4BD5013005/ (this is how i wanted them to look like https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/94/Police_car_from_Afghanistan.JPG ) Btw: if you want give me some feedback on those and maybe what to do even better since these are my first skins ever. Anyways. I want to add some sort of lightbars to them but google doesnt give me anything usefull.. All i need is like a tutorial on adding lightbars to vehicles and maybe how to make them actually work (light flashing and sound) Youtube doesnt show me anythin usefull aswell. Everybody is just showing off but nobody explanes.. If you guys could help me that would be amazing :) sorri for brad english im from england im not :D anyways have a nice day! Edit: why are the links not working? They did for me before i put them in here..
  7. Hello guuuys, I have a question. Especially with the most recent AI overhauls, AI tends to like to move around a lot. This is problematic, especially when making defensive missions where the AI are placed in prepared, covered positions. Instead of remaining in them and using the meticulously planned ambush position to best effect, they instead leave the position and start racing around (and are shot up much more quickly as a result). Waypoint type does not seem to matter, they leave the position once they spot an enemy no matter what. The type of vehicle also does not matter. Independent cover selection by the AI is extremely bad for vehicles in defense, so I am looking for a workaround for this. Any Ideas? I have thought about using disableAI, but that is something I'd rather not use because once taking hits, I want the AI to move. As waypoints don't seem to work, and I do not know how to script, I am out of Ideas myself. Any help is appreciated. Cheers Instagoat
  8. Hey guys, The Question is if it is possible to get a list of objects shown in vehicles radar? The reason is that I am working on some little FSM scripts to enhance A.I. shooting from vehicles. Until now I have a zu-39 tigris with this "Tigris Flak Conversion Script". The vanilla ai begins to shoot only if the directly attacking plane (a10) has passed the tigris. My FSM script enhanced that behavior and now tigris begins to shoot if A-10 is about 1.000 m away. Maybe I can optimize it some more. Why I need that radar objects? I want the tigris to target and shoot the A-10 only if it appears on the radar of tigris.
  9. I'd like to give some turrets an IR Laser pointer. It looks like addWeaponTurret will not work since there is no weapon for IR Laser Pointer. Is there any way of achieving this effect? Thanks for any tips.
  10. Above all, I really loved its design, I liked its reminiscence to the Interstellar´s Ranger, the textures and the level of detail it has so far and all, but to me there´s one thing that still bothers: the wings. Why does it have such small wings for a planet like Mars with almost no atmospheric density at all? Judging it for its landing gear, it is designed to land horizontally but it would fall like a brick if you try to fly that ship with those wings. Or was it designed for landing/taking off vertically on/from Mars and then for reentry on Earth? I think an Ascent Vehicle does not need any aerodynamic surfaces at all for a planet like Mars and because most probably it would be used to just reach low orbit and dock to an already orbiting ship or station. Aesthetics aside, I think that it would have been more appropriate for that goal a ship similar to "The Martian" MAV. Overall I think its design, although being awesome, doesn´t make much sense.
  11. epicgoldenwarrior

    Mute Vehicles?

    HI It's been a while since I've been on here...anyway I need help for 5 seconds, searched but no answer. I need to figure out how to silence a vehicle until a trigger activates allowing it to make sound again. Thanks.
  12. The VhC is the new system responsible for the customization of vehicles, either, defined or randomized. It consists of a set of config properties and classes and a set of functions. It has been introduced in order to replace the old system which consisted in a set of scripts. [vehicle player, ["blu",1], ["AddBenches", 0, "AddTread", 0, "AddHoldingFrame", 1, "AddTread_Short", 1]] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; More information available here: http://dev.arma3.com/post/oprep-vehicle-customization Usage for designers Mission designers will find what they need with the following examples, which cover most of the cases of use of the system. In addition, an example mission has been published in dev branch of Arma 3 Tools. Parameters: 0: vehicle to customize 1: Variant (textures) BOOL - true to restore default texture source ; false to skip texture source change VOID - Nil to skip the texture source change ARRAY - Array of texture sources with their given probability: ["textureSource1", 0.5, "textureSource2", 0.5] STRING - Variant class name(from the configFile >> cfgVehicles or from the missionConfigfile >> cfgVehicleTemplate) SCALAR - index of the texture source (same as the old system) 2: Animations BOOL - true to restore init phase of every animation sources VOID - Nil to skip change of the animation sources ARRAY - Array of animation sources and probability: ["AnimationSource1", 0.5, "animationSource2", 0.5] STRING - Variant class name(from the configFile >> cfgVehicles or from the missionConfigfile >> cfgVehicleTemplate) Examples: Do nothing because default VAR texture and VAR animation are "false" result = [this] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; Restore default texture and animation sources (reset) result = [this, true, true] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; Randomize everything according to the config file result = [this, "", []] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; //<-- Prefered result = [this, "", ""] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; Skip everything result = [this, nil, nil] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; //<-- Prefered result = [this, false, false] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; Apply the given texture and ignore the animations Priority is given to [missionConfigFile, "CfgVehicleTemplates"] result = [this, "TemplateName", nil] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; random weighted on the given texture sources and their probability, then randomize the animation sources according to the config file result = [this, ["MyTextureSource1", 0.5, "MyTextureSource2", 0.6], []] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; MyAnimationSource1 phase has a 50% chance to be set to 1 and MyAnimationSource2 has a 70% chance to be set to 1 result = [this, nil, ["MyAnimationSource1", 0.5, "MyAnimationSource2", 0.7]] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; MyAnimationSource1 phase will be 1 whereas MyAnimationSource2 will be set to 0 result = [this, nil, ["MyAnimationSource1", 1, "MyAnimationSource2", 0]] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; Change animation sources with a given template result = [this, nil, "MyTemplate"] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; Usage for Modders On the other hand, in addition to the documentation (still wip), modders will find examples of implementation in the samples (car and boat) of Arma 3 Tools (dev branch only for now) As per usual, issues, feedback and suggestions are very much welcome :cool: This feature is still actively developed, meaning it will be adjusted and extended during the upcoming weeks. To be 'extended'...
  13. Greetings! I'm currently building a Mod Database app and I'd like to collect feedback as to the attributes that I am assigning to each mod. So far I have: Category Tags Requirements (Tags) Author Images 1/2/3 Featured Image Youtube Link Version License License URL Code Repo URL (Bitbucket/Github/Other) Mod Website Overview Features Changelog Credits Excerpt BIS Forum Link Any missing or not needed/redundant? Second question, should I allow anyone to add to the database any mod/mission or should only the author be able to?
  14. In order to fix http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=11899 we wanted to make some changes to how switching seats is currently handled and how it is restricted in MP. Because this is a change to a behavior which has been around for some while we'd like to ask you first for your opinion and also ideas about possible risks of such change. E.g. we are aware of several game modes which are using vehicle buying mechanics which could be affected in some way. Our initial intention was to allow for switching to any seat for any player as long as that seat is free or occupied by the AI. But... let me ask you a question first. What behavior would you expect? To be able to switch only to empty seats? Or also to those occupied by an AI? What if this AI i subordinate of someone else and he or she doesn't want you to steal his/her subordinate's position? Or should players always take priority? Would that break or be risky to any of the currently used mechanics? Would you expect yourself to be able to switch to any seat you can get in from the outside? Or not being able to switch seats at all unless you're also the effective commander of the vehicle? Thank you for your feedback!
  15. Hello, how can I extract ingame map to .png file ? Is it possible to use PBO editor or similar software for this purpose? I found this resource dayzero.xam.nu/podagorsk (can`t attach link), this is ingame map for podagorsk. I think men who create this don`t did screenshots from game and don`t collect it in photoshop. I believe that there is an easier way to extract ingame map in img file. Thank you for your attention!