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Found 68 results

  1. Forgive me if anyone else has suggested it, i didn't see anything in the forums about it, and my error messages aren't easily sent. I too have been suffering from the 3fps 'bug', and i'd like to make the following suggestion regarding submitting feedback. Is it possible to add 'send' buttons on the error messages so those could be sent directly to BIS? (I guess you'd need a dedicated SMTP mail server like JangoMail or similar to handle the log traffic, but this would likely generate more feedback for you guys.) I have no idea if this would help the DEVS to examine logs to see if any of the crashes share a common trigger, or if even the logs reveal such things. What i do know is that many users have short attention spans and probably won't take the time to share their crash data in the forums or feedback tracker, especially if they aren't yet Arma addicts. Here's my suggestion for sending error logs directly to you guys (in green) : Cheers and keep up the good work friends!
  2. So I randomly started getting this "No message received" error on only 1 virtual server box from my arma unit. It started happening around October, but was fine playing on the same server for almost 2 years prior with no errors. What happens is that I join the server, randomly anywhere from 5 mins up to 50 mins I will eventually get a "No Message Received" error then eventually lose connection to the server. It happens only on the servers hosted on this one particular virtual machine, every other server I join hosted on other boxes, I have no issues with. Also no one else has this issue when they're playing on this server but I'm the only one who will eventually lose connection every single time. I have the last .rpt file from when I tried joining the server today but it is fairly large so if someone needs to see it to see if there is anything at all in it then I will post it. If anyone has absolutely any idea on how to troubleshoot this, please let me know, thanks.
  3. Ben Laden

    Can't launch Arma 3

    When i launch the game i get the following errors Exception Processing Message -xc000007b Parameters 0x7ff90fc41d28 0xc000012f 0x7ff90fc41d28 bad image 0xC000012F - STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_NOT_MZ I've tried updating directX, i've reinstalled the game, i've also looked at Dependency Walker, which gives about 20 dx files i think not found. Please Help
  4. Hi! Im getting max 40FPS looking at the sea or the ground and i get 15 in the city and just looking at the city I get 25 and driving around I get 30fps. If i change my settings from ULTRA to LOW there isnt much FPS difference. I have my Arma3 instaled on SSD. My specs: GPU: GeForce GTX 970 (i bought it 2 weeks ago) CPU: Intel® Core i5-2310 CPU @ 2.90Hz Memory 8.00 GB RAM (7.98 usable) I have 4 Cores and 4 Threads. I have been looking at videos and forums and nothing helps. I've got better PC then some of my friends and they run arma3 just fine. Please help me!
  5. ok first of im not sure if this is the correct forum to post this?....but anyway, basically, im haveing a few issues as when i have a few scripts running on my dedi server sometimes it freezes on load screen (but i can hear sounds and seem to be able to walk around), it mostly does it when i try to rejoin the server as first time it loads straight in, i can can upload my mission file here if someone would be willing to have a look, i am a bit of a newbie when it comes to scripting, but it all works fine on lan server and iv researched this like hell and anything i have tried doesnt help. ps iv been through all the trouble shooting for being stuck on load screen, its defo something to do with my scripts, im 90% sure its how im executing them, so would really need someone to take a look, sure let me know!!! :)
  6. Ive spent a long time making a mission in the new Eden editor and I havent had any problems up to this point. Ive tested the mission muiltiple times throughout making it never having any problems. But when I was pretty much putting the finishing touches whenever i test it the camera is put in the sky looking top down like there is no player in the mission. I have checked muiltiple times I DO have a player and muiltiple playable characters. Does anyone know whats wrong?
  7. I have been having troubles with opening ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead. I also have the following problem after continuing the problem I posted as the title above: Shaders Not Valid (mismatch of exe and data?) I am unsure of the issue, and unsure how to resolve it. I am willing to go to far extents to fix the issue. I have searched google, with no results. I tried installing Microsoft Redistructable, however did not manage to fix the issue. If anyone can help, thank you.
  8. Hi all, this is my first post here, tho i registered a long time ago. I would like to see if someone has the same problem,let me explain: I bought the game (CZ version) via my-sprocket.com, and I downloaded the game's download manager (sprocket.exe). The problem is, whenever I try to start the download, it says "Login failed!,try another server." I don´t see any login screen, and the CZ mirror is the only server i see there. Maybe the server is too busy? :S Thanks, XJ ps:yes,my firewall is closed,and I've opened basically ALL my router ports (unsafe, I know ,but the game is worth the risk),I also used the search feature with no results. pss:sorry for my bad english
  9. Thread Purpose To inform members of problems and their resolutions for playing ArmA on the Vista 32-bit and 64-bit operating system. This thread should also be the one and only thread to discuss playing ArmA on Vista, mostly about Stability, Performance and Connectivity Issues. Sticky and lock of old Troubleshooting threads have been requested to Placebo. Information Resources Unofficial ArmA on Vista Troubleshooting BIKI Page (will be updated and contains links to old forum discussion threads)
  10. I have a problem with patch 1,14 Withnout mod is work great but with mods its problematic. When I shoot with BIS M4 or AK74 its display to me: SIZE:'AK74Recoil/' not an array and the same with M4 Do anyone know why ? thank you Â
  11. Hello I need help on particule texture. I made a texture of explosion but when i test it on A2, I've got this result : Blurred ... mip map problem, the model .p3d is a simple square plane with texture apply on it. Do you have any idea about this issue ? I test to change all video settings : not solved mipmap in TextView : not solved O2 face properties scales U&V parameters : not solved Thanks in advance,
  12. Game autodetects 5040x1050@56hz, as running in Windows using 190 series nVidia drivers. 1.01 runs fine, patch to 1.02 and I get the error message, "Error creating Direct3D 9 Graphical Engine". If I edit the settings files (User/Documents folder) and manually set the res down to 1680x1050@60hz, it launches correctly. Please fix this!
  13. vRS_Billy

    Help please,

    I have been fiddling wi the esettings in the game to try get a good combo and now there is a wierd like imprint on the screen when playing? I cant get rid of it even if I change settings and restart the game? This ARMA 2 game is the worst game Ive ever purchesed! and if there were none of these troubles it would be the best game! I am proper p!$$£d off with this now! ---------- Post added at 05:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:41 PM ---------- here is a screen shot of it. you can see it on the ship and its like that in game too no matter what I set things to. I have even tried slightly speedin up the GFX card and have put it back to std and no change????? [/img]
  14. For anyone having SecuROM related problems, the best advice we can give you is to go through SecuROM's own troubleshooting support directly, they have a large and dedicated support staff and will almost always provide support with the issue you're having much quicker than if you were to contact the publisher directly. https://support.securom.com/index.html
  15. thy_raven

    FOV and map problem

    Firstly i'd like to say i'm really happy with the new 1.14 patch, especially the warfare game mod, been waiting for a decent CTI for a long time. My problem is i have changed the FOV in my arma profile because i don't like the zoomed in view it has since 1.12, only problem is, now the map screen seems to have some issues, my mouse cursor and the mission briefing book don't match up, when i click on a tab it thinks i'm clicking off the ledger and to click u button i have to click about 1/2 way down on no tab at all. what i'd like to know is, is there a way of keeping the in game FOV without messing up the map? maybe setting the FOV of the map diffrent? Many thanks Raven
  16. eagleusa

    UK mod

    I want the desert john bulls to appear with the hemelt on their head what can I do
  17. Most recent troubleshooting info can be found at BIS Wiki Troubleshooting FAQ ----------------- Please note below the official support information for the particular versions of the game: Sprocket Version (version from sprocketidea.com) Idea Games Sprocket support Email. Operating on czech working days (usually Mon-Fri), expect response time around 24 hours. European Version (version from 505 Games) Official 505 Games contact page ArmA tech support phone numbers: UK Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â 0870 600 1698 IRELAND Â Â Â 1800 882433 FRANCE Â Â Â Â 080554 0282 BELGIUM Â Â Â 80080838 German Version (store bought or downloaded version from Metaboli) Morphicon Support Page Official German forum Metaboli's support Email (use if you have any problems buying ArmA from Metaboli). Czech Version (store bought or downloaded version from Sprocket) Email ArmA@IDEA-Games.com Czech support forums At this moment in time, the BIS troubleshooting forum is not an official means of support, you're welcome to post your problems here and perhaps you can help each other out but for official support you should use the above information.
  18. Here I go again, neeeeeeeew infantry CTF called Breaking Point. Its a pretty big map so maybe its not quite the right time to make something like this since a lot of people don't have the game yet, but anyway here it is <span style='color:red'>Version 2</span> Well after taking another look at the mission to work out while guns weren't shooting I found out that I'd left the camera in from making the intro/outro, so thats gone now. I added some small extra's as well such as the respawn dialog from some of my other missions. Basically, now it works! Breaking Point - Image 1 Breaking Point - Image 2 Breaking Point - Image 3 Breaking Point V2 {USI}_Tommo