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Found 42 results

  1. I checked this thread and was not sure anyone mentioned this so here goes. I have been searching out emulators for ZX spectrum / Arcade / Amiga 500 mainly and found some good sites. First of all MAME works out of install with many arcade roms for all old classic cabinet arcade machines: MAME (arcade) can be downloaded here: http://mamedev.org/updates.html Games for install "Roms" (you place them in the "Roms" folder and let the software validate them) http://www.freeroms.com/mame.htm Amiga (winaeu) can be found here: (click alphabet) http://www.rom-world.com/dl.php?name=Amiga&emulator=yes Games: http://www.freeroms.com/amiga.htm ZX Spectrum http://www.worldofspectrum.org/ Games: http://www.worldofspectrum.org/games/a.html Having some fun playing Way Of The exploding Fist, Lesuire Suit Larry, Outrun, and simply laughing at some of the games I loved in my school days.
  2. Ahead of the official release, here is a Release Candidate of Cougar Patch (1.04) We are mostly looking for showstoppers (e.g. installation errors) for this patch. Do not worry, as beta patches and further tweaking of the game will continue after this patch is released. WARNING :eek: This update will modify your existing game installation. Rollback to previous version is not possible. Upgrading to the final 1.04 patch also may not be possible. It is recommended to back up your full installation folder and profile folder first (you can restore those before applying the final patch). As always, use at your own risk. Thanks a lot for your support! Highlights: Massive flight model upgrade (RotorLib 4.0) Rolling takeoff for wheeled Landing Gear Systems Initial introduction of Java scripting DRM-free for users of legitimate installations FXAA and SMAA support added Time Trial functionality improvements Bonus Light helicopter Cougar livery Direct download from bistudio.com (428 MB ZIP) MD5: AC8A0FA31F3F1F514AACC6916E5C332A ReadMe:
  3. Dear Community, As we head towards the release of our first DLC, it's time for another patch for Take On Helicopters. Next to the fixes and improvements, enjoy flying the complementary new livery Find a selection of download links on the official website. Important Information This patch is for non-Steam versions of the game, requiring any version from the initial retail release v1.01. Steam and other digital platforms will be updated automatically as soon as possible. Patch Highlights Massive flight model upgrade (RotorLib 4.0) Initial introduction of Java scripting DRM-free for users of legitimate installations FXAA and SMAA support added (new anti-aliasing techniques) Time Trial functionality improvements Changelog
  4. Beta patch rev. 89942 released Changelog: We would have your feedback on whether this version fixes the loss of collective controls introduced in the previous version (CIT issue). We were unable to reproduce it on any of our PCs, so this is a blind fix. Thanks!
  5. I allready found some stuff, however, for some reason its not working for me. i want to limit live for player m1 to 3,third time death ends the mission. in my Init.sqf: m1Lives=3; Trigger in Game: Condition: ! (alive m1) OnAct: m1Lives=m1Lives-1; Endtrigger Condition if 0 is reached for m1Lives: m1Lives<=0; OnAct:End1 what is wrong...?
  6. Hi test pilots! We are finally rolling out our beta patches for TKOH :) Be aware that these are experimental patches, and should only be installed if you are willing to encounter potential crashing and broken features. :icon_exclaim: Please visit the official website for more information. Changelog:
  7. In Seattle, there is much visual contrast between terrain on which objects are rendered (<= object view distance) and terrain with no rendered objects (> object view distance and <= visibility distance). Generally, objects (especially trees) make terrain look much darker than distant terrain with no objects. Reduction of such visible contrast would improve appearance of distant views by making them more seamless with closer terrain having objects. Two ideas to reduce contrast: 1) Darken distant terrain beyond object view distance so that overall histograms (brightness/contrast) match those of terrain with objects. 2) Have a reduced-resolution map (like distant raised grass layer in A2OA, but in this case derived from map of terrain with objects) display in areas beyond object view distance.
  8. How can you check whether a human controlled infantry unit is lying on the ground?
  9. Dearest community, We are finally able to provide a nice little package for those of you out there looking at creating their own helicopters for TKOH. It contains: Livery templates for the light, medium and heavy helicopters Unpacked model and configuration sources for the medium helicopter Packed version of the sample model as a working in-game expansion Find detailed information, as well as the download link on the Community Wiki We will endeavor to keep updating this page with more documentation, links and in future possibly more samples. License :icon_exclaim::
  10. So did anyone else notice that BIS fixed the AI-sees through grass issue and didn't bother telling us? Go try it now, on the Balota runway or something. You can run into the enemy's sights, drop into the grass, and he won't know where you are when you crawl away. Unless he's standing up, of course, in which case you can try crawling behind one of taller tufts of grass that covers the full height of your helmet. Doesn't everyone remember how much wailing and gnashing of teeth there was over this issue? One of the most-voted tickets on the bugtracker (first place was warping, how's that for service?) Every day you would get someone moaning how the grass issue was the single biggest flaw in the SP and co-op game, preventing them from enjoying a fair fight against the AI. And at long last, they sneak it into a beta patch and I learn about it months later. So let's hear it for BI, and what this ticket is really about. Because honestly, now the grass works almost too well. It hides prone people from prone people very well on Utes and Chernarus, but sometimes it makes the AI more blind that it should be. In particular, they should be better at seeing standing opponents when they are lying down. Before I realized what was going on, I spent a lot of time cussing out an AI sniper who wouldn't fire.
  11. Hi there international flight community! We've recently had the game translated into various languages. Since we didn't want to make you wait for the next patch, we decided to put some effort into releasing a dedicated Language Pack. It will give access to the following languages in primarily the digital online and Czech DVD versions: Spanish German French Italian English (already present) Czech (already present) Important information :icon_exclaim: This pack requires patch v1.03 (i.e. Patch Bainbridge). Steam will update automatically.
  12. Arma 2 CO/OA/RFT 1.60 Update RC3b is available now, it should be compatible with any previous version including RC1 and RC2 and RC3: RC3b fixes only the ARMA 2 update issue ftp://downloads.bistudio.com/arma2.com/update/ARMA2OA_Patch_160RC3b.zip Mirrors: http://www.multiupload.com/QXFZKRNK6R Thanks to everyone involved, we are getting close to final state. * all signature problems should be gone finally * the official expansions are handled better using registry based system now, should make the in game expansions manager more useful than before As our plan is to release final 1.60 prior Christmas please focus on regressions or installation problems only at this stage. Note: this RC contains ARMA 2: OA update 1.60 ARMA 2 update 1.11 ARMA 2: BAF update 1.03 ARMA 2: PMC update 1.02
  13. Today we present you with a Release Candidate of our second Patch (1.03 Bainbridge) :xmas_o: Please help us test it before we release the final patch into the wild. This RC is not compatible with Steam versions WARNING :eek: This update will modify your existing game installation. Rollback to previous version is not possible. Upgrading to the final 1.03 patch also may not be possible. It is recommended to back up your full installation folder and profile folder first (you can restore those before applying the final patch). As always, use at your own risk. Thanks a lot for your support! Highlights: Reduced Ground Effect strength - engine-based improvements Small flight model tweaks - based on community / internal feedback Heliport character animations – mission briefings include new animations Czech language support – more languages to be added asap Benchmark added - challenge your hardware! Picture-in-Picture quality setting - select the quality of PiP (performance) Direct download from bistudio.com (142 MB ZIP) Multiupload mirrors: http://www.multiupload.com/EWH8SW61FK MD5: 2674bde3e0ec21ba1bc9cbcd7075a967 ReadMe:
  14. Hi ! I use this script to respawn players with the same loadout they died with and it works. As you can see i already have a "selectWeapon" part. private ["_unit","_corpse","_w","_m","_b","_bm","_bw","_structure","_type","_muzzles"]; _unit = _this select 0; _corpse = _this select 1; // Get weapons from corpse _w = weapons _corpse; _m = magazines _corpse; _b = typeOf unitBackpack _corpse; _bm = getMagazineCargo unitBackpack _corpse; _bw = getWeaponCargo unitBackpack _corpse; deleteVehicle _corpse; // Structure of action text _structure="<t font='EtelkaMonospaceProBold' size='0.8' color='#885555ff'>"; // Give the unit the weapons back removeAllWeapons _unit; removeAllItems _unit; removeBackpack _unit; { _unit addmagazine _x } foreach _m; { _unit addweapon _x } foreach _w; if(_b != "") then { _unit addBackpack _b; clearWeaponCargo (unitBackpack _unit); clearMagazineCargo (unitBackpack _unit); for "_i" from 0 to (count (_bm select 0) - 1) do { (unitBackpack _unit) addMagazineCargo [(_bm select 0) select _i,(_bm select 1) select _i]; }; for "_i" from 0 to (count (_bw select 0) - 1) do { (unitBackpack _unit) addWeaponCargo [(_bw select 0) select _i,(_bw select 1) select _i]; }; }; sleep 0.1; // Select a correct weapon if (count weapons _unit > 0) then { if ((primaryWeapon _unit) != "") then { _type = primaryWeapon _unit; _muzzles = getArray (configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _type >> "muzzles"); if (count _muzzles > 1) then { _unit selectWeapon (_muzzles select 0); } else { _unit selectWeapon _type; }; } else { _type = ((weapons _unit) select 0); _muzzles = getArray (configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _type >> "muzzles"); if (count _muzzles > 1) then { _unit selectWeapon (_muzzles select 0); } else { _unit selectWeapon _type; }; }; }; Now the problem is that after respawn the player has to press the F key (switch weapons) twice to select a weapon. He always respawns with no weapon selected (regardless of which weapon) Is this a ArmA bug or did i miss something ?
  15. Hi all. I was about to finish the fifth Arma II campaign mission, "Razor Two", when by some mistake I reverted to the beginning of the mission and all my saved games seemed gone (didn't appear ingame). This bothered me a great deal, because I was playing through it for the third time and finally managed to get all the evidence and get to Bardak in time. I thought I was in luck when I found the saved games in my "home\Documents\ArmA 2\Saved\ca\missions\campaign\missions\C2B_RazorTwo.Chernarus" folder. I opened the last one with the OA executable and reloaded the game successfully. However, although I can finish the mission, it will no longer advance the campaign. Successfully ending the mission does not unlock the following one. Also, after loading the savegame the "Suspend" option in the menu is replaced with "Abort", and it will delete all mission saves, or so the message says. Saving in a new slot and reloading that game doesn't change this. I've tried copying the old save somewhere else, like "home\Documents\ArmA 2\Saved\ca\missions\campaign" but it didn't work either. Only restarting seems to restore the normal menu behavior (and would likely allow me to continue the campaign). Looks like this behavior was intended (perhaps as an anti-cheat measure?) but as I mentioned I have already played through the mission three times and wasted a lot of what little free time I have, and I'd rather make that old save work if it's somehow possible. Does anyone know of a way? Thank you.
  16. Hi fellow scripters! We've just added documentation on an initial batch of 30 new TKOH script commands. We will both do more batches and add more detail to currently posted documentation. This thread shall keep you in the loop on major updates. Of course any community assistance is more than welcome, and in fact, the first commands were added by MadDogX :cool: Highlights of batch 1: Helicopter engine commands Persistent saving / loading to / from user profiles (very powerful for any scripted system needing to store data on the disk - read the warnings please! ) Custom radio channels (potential for a extensive ATC system if desired)