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Found 164 results

  1. This terrain has ceased developement and will NOT be developed any further, Thank you for understanding. Hey ya'll.. So i dont really know how these forums work and all because i'm kinda new here. But anyway.. I'm here to present an addon wich is currently in the making named the "Lowlandz Project". Currently it's not much. Just a small developement team with some good ideas. We're currently a team of four but most of us are working on sideprojects. We kinda want to focus on this being our main project again so we decided to just announce our work so far. -Current Team- [LL] JMR - Map Design & Terrain Builder [LL] The_Fake_German - Map Design [LL] Siem - Map Design & Regional Information [LL] Justin - Configuration & Blender works Here's an older video of a flyby. It doesn't show much. Just some northern islands we call "The Waddenzee" (The plane is a P-3C Orion ported over from the Dutch Armed Forces mod for Arma2 and it won't be included) And here's an older screenshot of the southern region of the map. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/477771277028294778/38ACBC77F854CA1E9E05688186FCB7E95A82ED7C/ Well that's about it. Just wanted to let you guy's know what we're working on. P.S. I really dont know how the Bohemia forum's work. So if i messed up im sorry
  2. About a year ago (and a few months) I started working on a terrain that was supposed to be an african terrain with a somewhat mixed geography (savannas, swamps, some mountains etc.). Unfortunately, due to a lack of time and energy (lots of other things going on and terrain-making is very time consuming) I've been forced to realize I won't finish the project (after not working on it since sometime this spring if I remember correctly), now, I don't want all the work I did to go to waste, and I'd love to see the map finished, so I figured I'd put the word out there if anyone wants to continue the work. So far I set up a basic satmap and heightmap and had started to add more detail to the terrain in some areas using L3DT (mostly around a long ridgeline in the center of the map and some areas way down south), but more work on the heightmap is required if the map is going to look good/be interesting to play on (it's far too smooth in most areas now, and a lot of the dry riverbeds don't look too good). I was also planning a very large swamp in an area along the river which looks ugly right now but with some more work on both heightmap and satmap could probably look good. Anyway, the folder with all the source-files and the work so far is around 8gb so I'd probably need to set up a torrent for anyone who wants to continue the work, if anyone is interested let me know. You can either just use the existing work to create a map of your own ideas (the terrain is very versatile and could probably be used for various settings as long as it's somewhere with a few deserts), I can also share some of my ideas about how certain areas would look like etc. For anyone who wants to take a look I uploaded a working version of the map, of course it's far from finished but at least you can fly around and have a look of the general feel and satmap etc. https://drive.google.com/file/d/15AQM01pZ9ZUKFpBPgdEqXqavt6vzoWkT/view (download in the top right corner). Anyway, here are some screenshots of the terrain: https://imgur.com/a/mP6M4
  3. Krokom is a part of northern Sweden brought to Arma 3. Most of the area exists in reality but has been heavily modified and fictionalized to some extents to meet quality. More screenshots can be found here. Krokom currently features: Size: 8x8 km. Season: Late summer. Terrain: Wetlands, lakes, mires, rivers, fir forests, deforested areas, the mountain Ansätten, small villages, industries and farms, military airfield. Objects: Custom trees and vegetation, roads, textures along with some modified vanilla objects. Current mod dependencies are @sfp_objects and @CUP_TERRAINS_CORE. Release is scheduled for January 2018 - this, all of it's features, dependencies and other details, is obviously subject to change. I have stopped working on this project and the project's ownership has been moved to SFP. For more details, read my post on the third page.
  4. Hello all i have been following a tutorial on getting started with terrain builder, however i have got to the point where you load buldozer and i get this error. my layers cfg is this. My MapFrame settings are these. however the files its looking for do exist any help would be apreciated.
  5. Hi there, I feel there is currently a lack of maps in Arma 3 for Exile. The best zombie survival map was Esseker but most people are done with this map. We did got chernaraus redux but this really wasn't a new map but just a remake. Anyway I was wondering if anyone is working on a map zombie survival/normal map. - Thomas
  6. Hi there, I feel there is currently a lack of maps in Arma 3 for Exile. The best zombie survival map was Esseker but most people are done with this map. We did got chernaraus redux but this really wasn't a new map but just a remake. Anyway I was wondering if anyone is working on a map zombie survival/normal map. - Thomas
  7. Introducing my first terrain: Ergon County [WIP] Ergon County ([WIP] name) is based off a fictional region in the Rocky mountains, Canada. It has dense forests and a few villages with surrounding military bases. The map also varies greatly in elevation seeing as it is created with inspiration of the rocky mountains. Dense forests with tall trees and various locations give it a feel of a county up in the north with a vast wilderness as well as scattered villages and military installations. Features: 4km X 4km terrain making it a small but detailed terrain Detailed villages / towns scattered around the map Several military installations Completely created with Buldozer Dense forests with beautifull snow themed trees and mountains Several open areas open for possibilites such as camps, or base building Almost all buildings are enterable Planned features: Airfields (2 or 3) where there will be a mix of military airfields and civillian airfields More custom areas with great detail added to them More towns and possibly a connecting river across the map Screenshots (Bare with me, I am not the best at taking pictures) Old Castle One of the towns One of the military installations Abandoned quarry The complete album:
  8. hi all, i'm actually develloping a terrain for arma 3 and my ground textures are like this: https://prnt.sc/h3vqcq , how to fix this please ? thanks all :)
  9. Swedish Pyromaniac

    Terrain won't show up in Arma

    I am following a tutorial to help me with my first terrain. Tutorial: https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:ultimate-terrain-tutorial I wanted to test the terrain in the Eden editor, but my terrain did not show up on the list. I used pboProject to binarize it, then I mounted the pbo to Arma. This is my config.cpp: class CfgPatches { class swp_Ukanta_terrain { units[] = { "swp_Ukanta_terrain" }; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1; requiredAddons[] = { "A3_Map_Stratis" }; }; }; class CfgWorldList { class swp_Ukanta_terrain{}; }; class CfgWorlds { class Stratis; class swp_Ukanta_terrain: Stratis { cutscenes[] = {}; description = "My First Terrain"; worldName = "\swp\swp_Ukanta_terrain\swp_Ukanta_terrain.wrp"; author = "Swedish Pyromaniac"; icon = ""; previewVideo = ""; pictureMap = ""; pictureShot = ""; newRoadsShape = ""; centerPosition[] = { 2560, 2560 }; ilsDirection[] = { 0, 0.08, 1 }; ilsPosition[] = { 0, 0 }; ilsTaxiIn[] = {}; ilsTaxiOff[] = {}; drawTaxiway = false; class SecondaryAirports{}; class ReplaceObjects{}; class Sounds { sounds[] = {}; }; class Animation { vehicles[] = {}; }; class Subdivision{}; class Names{}; }; }; If you need me to show any other files from this map, please ask.
  10. So I've been struggling for a long time with this problem mentioned in the title. I have made several maps in the past year and followed the same Atlas guide throughout all of them. Not once has the clutter shown up. I'm getting really frustrated because there doesn't seem to be a universal fix for this problem, and it seems like everybody's error is unique. This my first time posting and have no idea how things work around here so please be gentle. Please excuse my English, it's my second language. cfgSurfaces class CfgSurfaces { class Default {}; class del_deathland_dry_grass_Surface : Default { files = "del_deathland_dry_grass_*"; rough = 0.08; maxSpeedCoef = 0.9; dust = 0.75; soundEnviron = "drygrass"; character = "del_deathland_dry_grass_Character"; soundHit = "soft_ground"; lucidity = 2; grassCover = 0.99; }; class del_deathland_soil_Surface : Default { files = "del_deathland_soil_*"; rough = 0.09; maxSpeedCoef = 0.9; dust = 0.5; soundEnviron = "dirt"; character = "Empty"; soundHit = "hard_ground"; lucidity = 1; grassCover = 0.0; }; class del_deathland_Concrete_Surface : Default { files = "del_deathland_Concrete_*"; rough = 0.09; maxSpeedCoef = 0.9; dust = 0.1; soundEnviron = "dirt"; character = "Empty"; soundHit = "hard_ground"; lucidity = 1; grassCover = 0.0; }; }; class CfgSurfaceCharacters { class del_deathland_dry_grass_Character { probability[] = {0.21,0.35,0.21,0.09,0.06,0.02}; names[] = {"del_deathland_GrassDryGroup","del_deathland_GrassDryMediumgroup","del_deathland_WeedBrownTallGroup","del_deathland_WeedGreenTall","del_deathland_ThistleYellowShrub","del_deathland_PlantMullein"}; }; class del_deathland_Soil_Character { probability[] = {0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0}; names[] = {"del_deathland_BigFallenBranches_pine","del_deathland_BigFallenBranches_pine02","del_deathland_BigFallenBranches_pine03","del_deathland_GrassDryGroup","del_deathland_GrassGreenGroup"}; }; class del_deathland_Concrete_Character { probability[] = {0.0,0.00}; names[] = {"del_deathland_GrassGreenGroup","del_deathland_FlowerLowYellow2"}; }; }; cfgClutter class Clutter { class del_deathland_GrassGreenGroup: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\plants_f\Clutter\c_StrGrassGreen_group.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.6; swLighting = "true"; scaleMin = 0.7; scaleMax = 1.0; }; class del_deathland_GrassDry: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\plants_f\Clutter\c_StrGrassDry.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.5; swLighting = "true"; scaleMin = 0.8; scaleMax = 1.2; }; class del_deathland_GrassDryGroup: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\plants_f\Clutter\c_StrGrassDry_group.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.65; swLighting = "true"; scaleMin = 0.65; scaleMax = 1.0; }; class del_deathland_GrassDryMediumGroup: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\plants_f\Clutter\c_StrGrassDryMedium_group.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.7; swLighting = "true"; scaleMin = 0.8; scaleMax = 1.0; }; class del_deathland_WeedBrownTallGroup: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\plants_f\Clutter\c_StrWeedBrownTall_group.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.3; swLighting = "true"; scaleMin = 0.9; scaleMax = 1.25; }; class del_deathland_WeedGreenTall: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\plants_f\Clutter\c_StrWeedGreenTall.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.3; swLighting = "true"; scaleMin = 0.8; scaleMax = 1.2; }; class del_deathland_PlantMullein: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\plants_f\Clutter\c_StrPlantMullein.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.35; swLighting = "true"; scaleMin = 0.7; scaleMax = 1.15; }; class del_deathland_ThistleYellowShrub: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\plants_f\Clutter\c_StrThistleYellowShrub.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.2; swLighting = "true"; scaleMin = 0.7; scaleMax = 1.1; }; class del_deathland_ThistleThornGreen: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\plants_f\Clutter\c_Thistle_Thorn_Green.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.3; swLighting = "false"; scaleMin = 0.3; scaleMax = 1.0; }; class del_deathland_ThistleThornGreenSmall: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\plants_f\Clutter\c_Thistle_Thorn_Green.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.25; swLighting = "false"; scaleMin = 0.4; scaleMax = 0.7; }; class del_deathland_FlowerLowYellow2: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\plants_f\Clutter\c_Flower_Low_Yellow2.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.4; swLighting = "true"; scaleMin = 0.6; scaleMax = 1.0; }; class del_deathland_BigFallenBranches_pine: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\Plants_F\Clutter\c_bigFallenBranches_pine.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.0; swLighting = "false"; scaleMin = 0.3; scaleMax = 0.7; }; class del_deathland_BigFallenBranches_pine02: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\Plants_F\Clutter\c_bigFallenBranches_pine02.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.0; swLighting = "false"; scaleMin = 0.3; scaleMax = 0.7; }; class del_deathland_BigFallenBranches_pine03: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\Plants_F\Clutter\c_bigFallenBranches_pine03.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.0; swLighting = "false"; scaleMin = 0.3; scaleMax = 0.7; }; }; Layers class Layers { class del_deathland_dry_grass { texture = #(rgb,1,1,1)color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1,cdt); material = "DEL\del_deathland\data\del_deathland_dry_grass.rvmat"; }; class del_deathland_soil { texture = #(rgb,1,1,1)color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1,cdt); material = "DEL\del_deathland\data\del_deathland_soil.rvmat"; }; class del_deathland_Concrete { texture = #(rgb,1,1,1)color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1,cdt); material = "DEL\del_deathland\data\del_deathland_Concrete.rvmat"; }; }; class Legend { picture="DEL\del_deathland\source\mapLegend.png"; class Colors { del_deathland_dry_grass[]={{255,255,0}}; del_deathland_soil[]={{0,0,255}}; del_deathland_Concrete[]={{0,255,0}}; }; };
  11. PMC Editing Wiki is the place to be for ArmA 3 terrain information and other editing info. Most important for new terrain guys is PMC Ultimate Terrain Tutorial which covers everything to get your first terrain in-game. Forget about outdated and plain wrong tutorials, now you have tutorial which will be kept always up to date and correct. There are just tons of good arma3 terrain editing information so dig in and use the search function to go through what PMC Editing Wiki has to offer. If you cannot find some information or tutorial, ask and I'll see what can be done to get it added. Direct to PMC Editing Wiki: ArmA 3 root and PMC Editing Wiki: ArmA 3 Terrain.
  12. BARIGA EDIT: 1.4 out: - repacked content for better filesize - fixed objects not showing on ingame map - minor changes to placement of some trees (wich were ranging too far into roads) (older version also included:) - Replaced bulletproof bushes with custom made (non bulletproof) bushes. - Added signature and bikey steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=886316372&searchtext=bariga Armaholic download: withSIX download: ArmA3.de Mirror also avialable (still 1.2): DESCRIPTION: This terrain is completely fictional and not based on any realworld location. I tried to acchieve a look that differs from other terrains, as it is always nice to have some variation. Background: The area of Bariga had to be evacuated because of an incident in a research facility nearby. Nobody ever returned and the evidence of the escape in a hurry still can be found all arround the settlements. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- some specs: size: 25 km² about 300000 objects (mostly plants though ;-) ) custom terrain-textures ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my first terrain ever, so please be dulgent ;-) SCREENSHOTS: And as requested... SATELLITE IMAGE
  13. Ginger_jihadi

    Cant generate layers

    Heya guys whenever I try to generate the terrain this error keeps popping up, and I have no idea what to do ? my Map legend is in the same file as my layers.cfg http://prntscr.com/gnuyr0
  14. Welcome to Alaska. It's 2035 and eastern aggression has brought war to the wild frontier of Alaska. Working within the constraints of Arma 3 vanilla content, I am working to bring a representation of a war time Alaska to life. The terrain is at a point where I can release the alpha version. Please feel free to post your comments, questions, and complaints about the terrain. Keep in mind that there is still A LOT of work to be done, and is by no means a finished project. However, the terrain does have some areas that could definitely be played on. Terrain Specs Grid Size: 2048 x 2048 Cell Size: 10 m Terrain Size: 20 km x 20 km Satellite/Mask Specs Size: 20480 x 20480 px Resolution: 1 m/px Tile Size: 512 x 512 Overlap: 16 px Texture Layer Size: 40 x 40 m Preview: http://imgur.com/a/Eli4k Revision Update 10/26/2015 8:18 PM - v0.7 DOWNLOAD HERE Google Drive
  15. Hi, I make a terrain on arma 3 (Farkhar valley ) When i make pbo with pbo project, there is troobleshoot and error log " checking config.cpp's for land_xx..." and there are many objects error " error P3D: unknown odol format". An idea? Can you help me? Thank you Best regards
  16. ========================= KASTELLORIZO - ISLAND ========================= I’m pleased to announce that the island of Kastellorizo has been released today in beta. Kastellorizo (Καστελλοριζο) is a beautiful island in Greece of 11.98 km2. It is the easternmost Greek island and is situated in the Eastern Mediterranean. This is a self-contained mod that has no dependencies, which can be downloaded from: the Steam Workshop SHOWREEL IMAGES GUILTY PARTIES 2RGT SCAR 2RGT EagleOne 2RGT Rigel 2RGT Tapparella Comments and feedback welcome. _SCAR
  17. I feel like this should have been asked and answered somewhere already but I haven't found it yet. I'm working on the Takistan CUP map and have just discovered that the minarets are indestructible. This is most unfortunate since I've just spent a while working on a script to detonante an IED inside one which I was really hoping would bring the building down. I was looking into ways of destroying and deleting objects that are already part of the terrain but haven't yet been able to get it to work with CUP buildings. Is there a way?
  18. So I've got a small problem with my terrain. There are a lot of bushes wich have collision. Usually that's totally fine but when there are big fields of bushes, those will block shots far too good. (making infantry within those fields nearly invulnerable) So I'd like to turn off the collision on those bushes to offer better gameplay. Is this possible at all? And if so, HOW do I do it? I haven't found any setting or option. (Of course I could rework all fields so that they just consist of a texture with those bushes added as clutter. But I wanted them to be good spots for hiding. And clutter will disappear on lowest gfx setting ingame, wich completely ruins the purpose of those dens bush-fields)
  19. I've been playing Arma 3 fine but recently my game started having these Terrain issues. I don't really know what they are or how to fix it and i tried to look for it somewhere else but couldn't find someone with the same problem. https://gyazo.com/1d525042839229882e872bc5b383818f - A picture of the issue. Please help I do not know how to fix this.
  20. Every time I try to load my map into buldozer, it loads until it gets to "Extruding hills and valleys". When it gets here, it stops loading and if i try to do anything it says that buldozer has stopped responding.
  21. Dear all, Until this day, I've added polygons and shapefiles directly in Terrain Builder. This is ok for smaller terrains, but definitely not for the ones I'm doing now. Now, for the past two weeks I've been trying to add OSM data to my terrains. I've followed these two main tutorials: Terrain Processor PMC Editing I appreciate the efforts, but I've tried everything I could and these simply are too incomplete to successfully finalize a map. For instance: In TB maps need to be of a power-of-two size, such as 10240. It is rather unclear how you can ensure that your satellite map is of this size. One solution is to select a square size in Terra Incognita, but then the coordinates you specify will not match exactly the ones of the map that will be downloaded (you can try this yourself, just save a square map selection from Terra Incognita as OziExplorer and then open it up in QGIS: the area will extend the coordinates you first entered). This means that if you use your reference coordinates you entered in Terra Incognita, they will be off for all of your other downloads. All the tutorials specify WSG 84 / UTM Zone 31N, however all of the downloads from Terrra Incognita, OSM and even OpenTopography are in WSG 84. It is far from clear when these conversions should happen, and how. Most of the times I end up having portions of data in completely different areas of QGIS even if they all are in the same Coordinate System, after following instructions. Once you export a reference height-map from Terrain Builder for a 10,240 sized terrain, the coordinates will extend from 200,000 - 210,240E and from 0 - 10,240N. All the tutorial specify to move the roads & other OSM data by switching the WSG to Zone 31N, but the scale is always off. I was able to move the elements but then they covered a tiny little portion of the destination area. When should the scaling happen? One of my areas is in Afghanistan, which is in UTM Zone 42N. Tutorials say you should use this when importing the data, but they also state that in Terrain Builder it MUST be UTM Zone 31N. This is so confusing and it doesn't help understanding what to do. This is such a pity. My best option is still to go ahead and draw 1,000+ roads and 700 polygons for forest areas BY HAND. Doesn't sound like a "best option". Hence: has some kind soul posted somewhere a precise how-to example workflow with screenshots or videos, so that it can be really clear what it must be done, in what order, etc? I'm pretty familiar with terrain building (latest map Kastellorizo is currently #1 on Steam's workshop), would love to contribute more and help back; however, I'd love to have someone finally dissolve clearly what is a good WORKFLOW to make all of this happen seamlessly. ....Pretty please? :) _SCAR.
  22. While I've kept the IRL island name, this terrain has been largely altered from the real island for various reasons. Besides the buildings and vegetation, I've chopped the top of the mountain off, altered a lot of roads, etc. However, it does still resemble the real place in some ways. Iwagi is a small island located in the Ehime prefecture, kinda in between Okoyama and Hiroshima. I'm planning on using assets from the Apex expansion, and so it will require having the expansion to play. Right now, it's a total of 6x6km(I guess that could possibly change if it's too small). The island itself is roughly 4x5km. I'm using a cell space(hoizontal scale) of 3m, which is slightly less than what is suggested by all the Arma terrain gurus, but I'm hoping with it being a pretty small terrain it will work out alright. While I tried to keep a lot of places true to it's IRL form, I'm mostly limited to Google streets and as such I'm completely winging most of the island. Besides that, it needs to be military friendly.. so I completely chopped the top of the mountain and I'm going to put a military base there. =] I think I started working on Iwagi in February of this year. Originally, I had started with a completely custom terrain taking bits and pieces from all over the world in Google Earth Pro and piecing them together like a Frenkenstein. After a year of killing myself I decided to jump into a smaller terrain and use a real world place. This will be my first terrain for anything. Being as small as it is, I'm not sure it will be suitable for anything milsim related(hopefully I'm wrong), I'm hoping to be able to use it for Battle Royale and/or maybe some survival mods. GOALS: - I want to keep the mod filesize as small as possible. Thus, a smaller terrain with very limited user made content/models. - I don't want to require the user to have any other community made mods loaded to play on the terrain. TO DO LIST (as of 14 Sep 2016) Finish surface mask. Finish sat map. Finish watershed erosion and reservoir objects. Place random rocks. Finish rock outcrops. Fix mixture of vegetation in forests, add rocks and fallen trees. Finish military housing area. Finish military base layout and objects. Finish airport runway, objects, and buildings. Remove all vegetation from roadways and under buildings and other objects where it's noticeable. Set water level. Check AI movements along roadways and bridges. Have all bridges placed and remove road textures from underneath. Place road intersections and transitions. Finalize clutter mixture for all surfaces, no texture issues, set color and wind variation. Fix all road gradients, remove protrusions, smooth. Place polygons for vegetation. Place back roads and trails polylines. Place secondary roads polylines. Place main highway polylines. Put together a rough sat mask for ground textures. Make a place for a large military base and housing. Sculpt a rough height map with L3DT. Put together a rough sat map to use as a guide. MEDIA IRL Location: https://goo.gl/maps/YMEwqNyjmD32 Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iwagi,_Ehime Photo album: http://imgur.com/a/hqQSr I don't really have many pictures or videos yet, but I'm usually streaming on Twitch when I'm working on it. Once I can get it working in Arma I'll take some snapshots and make a video. https://www.twitch.tv/cring0 https://www.youtube.com/user/cringocringo I'll be back once I have more. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.
  23. I am trying out the Terrain Processor Tutorial but I have problems to succeed the Heightmap step. I downloaded the corresponding heightmap "n50_e014_1arc_v3.dt2" from http://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/. Then I reprojected it with QGIS (Raster > Projections > Warp (Reproject)) to "tut3.tif". And later I converted it to ASC (Raster > Conversion > Translate (Convert Format)) to "tut3.asc". Now I am trying to process the heigtmap with the Terrain Processor and the "HeightmapGeneration.tpp" project. I have waited over an hour but the Terrain Processor did not finish the task. So I really need help with this. How can I process a heightmap from earthexplorer with QGIS (or an other tool) to Arma 3? I uploaded all files to Dropbox. Thank you for your help.
  24. Hanter's Gorge By Bushlurker As most of you will be aware Bushlurker, a well respected member of this community, sadly passed away in January. During the development of the Imperial Assault mod I approached Bush to ask for his assistance in creating a terrain for the mod. Despite the fact that he already had a lot on his plate he very generously agreed. He chose to do Tatooine and specifically a region called Hanter's Gorge. What is Hanter's Gorge I hear you ask? Fair question and when he told me I had never heard of it. In fact you wont actually find it listed on most maps, but you can see it listed on this picture here (no. 6): For those that saw our first live stream, this was the terrain we used. Unfortunately for a combination of reasons we were unable to get the terrain to a state in which it could be released. With the news of his passing I have been asked to consider releasing the map as a tribute to his fine work and honour the many contributions he made to the community. I'm more than happy to do this however I have never had the time to learn the terrain tools so I will need some help. Status of the map The terrain itself is done but is completely barren of any objects, this includes the basics for any map e.g. rocks. The map has no in game map picture The map title has a typo "Tattoine" instead of "Tatooine" The map has hard cut off of hills on all sides. I understand it may be possible to give the map endless mountains I've made a little video with a fly through of the map in an unfinished X-Wing from the cancelled mod. So where to from here? As I see it, there's a few options: Release it "as-is" with all its outstanding (minor) issues and lack of terrain objects. I have a packed version Bush sent me which can be released immediately. This will be the default option if I dont receive any offers of help Fix all the outstanding issues and add some appropriate nature objects. Bush was kind enough to send me the source files so this is definitely possible. Go all out and make a proper Tatooine map complete with buildings and towns. This is going to require a lot of help and would take time Please share your thoughts and if you would like to help out please send me a PM. Cheers Pomi
  25. Hello guys, I'm new to this area and would like to know more about how to create my own island for ARMA 3 on the basis of real data. Recently I've come across a Russian-language article in STEAM workshop which described the process of creating an island on Google Maps. I used Google translate to understand the article but it was still quite complicated and a part of the article was not clear to me. Perhaps, some knowledgeable people would find it easier to understand this. I would be very grateful if any of you agree to write a similar lesson! Here is the link to the lesson (rus): https://arma-play.ru/kak-sozdat-kartu-po-google-maps.html And here is an example of the result in the steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=844987995&searchtext=