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Found 64 results

  1. I am noticing a really odd visual problem in my ground textures for my terrain. Everything seems to work fine, except in some areas I get weird 'outlines' or 'borders' around a certain texture type on my terrain. It is as if it is trying to fade into a different texture when it shouldn't be. For example: http://imgur.com/3xmh33A http://imgur.com/Kv1XMyA http://imgur.com/eFEWAMY
  2. isenhand


    is there a way of getting log messages from terrain builder and terrain processor? I'm having problems with both and would like to get more information to see what the problem is.
  3. Hi, http://i.imgur.com/fAm3XqV.png Has anyone come across this problem: 1. Place Objects in 3DEN editor 2. Export Objects From 3DEN editor. 3. Import objects into Terrain Builder with absolute height. The result is the objects positions are all messed up. Some seem to be in the right location, others are floating in the air or at odd angles. I think the problem occurs when the objects touch each other as placeing a rock in the middle of a empty feild and importing it from 3DEN into terrain builder seems to work fine the imported objects are even more messed up if imported with relative position. I can't see anyone having mentioned this as a problem before on forums or google, does anyone have experience with this problem / a solution? Thanks.
  4. Capt. Fantastic

    [WIP] UK Maps Pack

    Uk Maps Pack! Firstly welcome and thank you for taking the time to read my post. A few months ago I learnt to make maps for Arma 3. After reaching a stage I felt I would be able to give it a shot, I made several small test maps to have a look at the functionality of Terrain Builder. I have now begun making my first official map for Arma 3, it will be a UK based map, as stated in the topic title. It is based on a small Island called Fair Isle (See Here For Location) I will try to be recreating the Island as accurately as possible, this may be difficult due to the cliffs that surround its cost line & the angle at which the cost lines drastically changes but I will give it my best shot! I will be creating custom buildings for this Island as well, this will increase the immersion and benefit missions scenario. But this will be a secondary aim as I want to get the map created and A3 buildings in as place holders to start. Also every map will have a winter variant so there will be a large variety of maps and seasons. For Details about the map and its towns, airstrips and layout see the image below. Map Screenshots Below is an album I have created that will be continuously updated as I add more locations and features. It currently includes one map location in early development, general screenshots and some building models in early development. http://imgur.com/a/bCsRt The terrain will take priority over the models, the map will hopefully be released for Christmas in working order to allow people to give feed back, any issues found with the map will be fixed by next release in February next year. Please be aware that I am the sole developer on this pack so it will take time to finish but i will be working as fast as possible with the intention of the best quality possible. Please leave any comments that you have here I will try to respond as quickly as possible!
  5. Hi, I have an issue on my map, i can't read my key point in map. I read my keypoint on 3den editor but not in map (2D)! Capture: http://www.mediafire...z7tugge3wqnlt51 Can you help me ? Ps : Only "NameCityCapital" variable works.
  6. Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the arma 3 editing/modding community. I've just started my first map but when I try to preview it in Buldozer its showing nothing. Does anyone happens to know how to fix this? Thanks!
  7. Hello ArmA 3 Community. For the last 4 months i've been working on a terrain called "Finland". It's a fictional terrain based off Finland, the country with the 1000 lakes (and a few more). This is not a release but an inside look at what it will turn into when it's finished. Finland is a winter terrain at the size of 10 x 10 km, all of which is playable. Features: (so far) Custom Trees (A2) 1 Big city 2 Airfields, 1 military and 1 civillian Few military outposts and bases scattered across the map. Couple of small and medium sized villages all across the map. Lots of lakes (It's finland after all) Lots of mountains. A big easter egg (physicly big) https://gyazo.com/0249191e61b5cbf357b78846d2c863d1 https://gyazo.com/c77d388d13640de5ab3ae4631ed67068 https://gyazo.com/198fc7a43c1ca300984df17db51049e6 https://gyazo.com/d1740f7c859a897f70cb0bfeac15b699 https://gyazo.com/2c5da9ef2cc25fa8f37cc3d42e8b3032 https://gyazo.com/5c242f4eed67279c1d6f93cb20512368 https://gyazo.com/c15876b640c9985dbd899d1f6f2d8d66 https://gyazo.com/b3528ce3ce716b86e3e68dffbd7fd934 https://gyazo.com/09493ee068d2d42cca6abd874a57fece https://gyazo.com/40824d0d3f10360ac4542824b584145b Planned Features: 1 more big city Few more villages Complete second airfiled Flatter roads and much more. I am happy for any feedback that i can get, positive or negative :) Thanks for reading //Cookies
  8. http://imgur.com/EV1VXZa So I have recently installed arma 3 tools because I wanted to work on a map but I have followed videos to get it all to work but everytime I get this happen to me which just takes the piss. If anyone has any ideas pls help when you can. http://imgur.com/KaJ5gRn This is another error I get. Thank you Ill re upload the images to somewhere working once I can
  9. Hello, I have a problem with the bulldozers in terrain Bulider. I'm trying to create a map in the size of 41x41 Km. With my settings, I have unfortunately the problem is the brush in Bulldozer extremely large and I have difficulties to work so the terrain of the streets. At at a photo as the size for me is the brush and how it is when I tutorial. And then a photo as the settings for me are. I hope you can help me My settings http://imgur.com/YByMj1M As the brush is with me http://imgur.com/uCqBhM4 As the brush with others http://imgur.com/Z4IVfoL sorry for my bad English Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit dem Bulldozer im Terrain Bulider. Ich versuche eine Karte zu erstellen in der Größe 41x41 Km. Bei meinen Einstellungen habe ich leider das Problem das der Pinsel im Bulldozer extrem groß ist und ich so Schwierigkeiten habe das Terrain zu bearbeiten für die Straßen. An bei ist ein Foto wie die Größe bei mir ist vom Pinsel und wie ich es bei Tutorial ist. Und dann ein Foto wie die Einstellungen bei mir sind. Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen Meine Einstellungen http://imgur.com/YByMj1M Wie der Pinsel bei mir ist http://imgur.com/uCqBhM4 Wie der Pinsel bei anderen ist http://imgur.com/Z4IVfoL
  10. So I'm building this island with a completely custom heightmap. The roads are on the map and I used Terrain Processors road integration but the result is not what I want.. Let me give some examples: http://imgur.com/c0xui9m http://imgur.com/18L1sgg http://imgur.com/Ny5597j http://imgur.com/cTgpyIO Don't mind the bright colours because thats far from final:D But as you can see the edges of the roads angle very agressively. I know I can up the "affected terrain" parameter in TPP but the results remain rather chunky... My own theory is that the roads.shp file looks very pixelated and because of that the result are not smooth (while TB is prfectly capable of smoothing!) Or maybe it has something to do with the "side maximal slope" parameter because I have no clue of its function.. I also tried trippeling the islands size allong with the shape file but the results remain the same. Can it have anything to do with cell size? So basically if someone knows what to do I'll glady hear it. Or if someone can fix it for me I can give you the .shp and .asc
  11. Hey everyone ! I'm working on the France, and i'm stuck at creating roads. I try to connect smaller road to bigger road than the road joining it but it don't work. If anyone knows how to fix this I would appreciate it ! My polylines : Result :
  12. I'm trying to create an island, and the layers generation is failing with the following error: Layers generation - Unable to load the file "P:\". Can't load image from file 'P:\': file does not exist Layers generation - PNGOVerlapV3Style.cpp bool v3PictureDataMod::LoadFromFile( const char* filename = "P:\") Unable to open the image file. Layers generation - Unable to load file "P:\". I have looked over the forums and most people who have this issue say they resolved it by fixing a typo in their Layers.cfg file, however I cannot find one. If any of you can spot where I've gone wrong I will be eternally grateful. class Layers { class grass_green { texture = ""; material = "slawterer\mann\data\grass_green.rvmat"; }; class sand { texture = ""; material = "slawterer\mann\data\sand.rvmat"; }; class seabed { texture = ""; material = "slawterer\mann\data\seabed.rvmat"; }; class steep_grass { texture = ""; material = "slawterer\mann\data\grass_steep.rvmat"; }; class weed { texture = ""; material = "slawterer\mann\data\grass_weed.rvmat"; }; class concrete { texture = ""; material = "slawterer\mann\data\concrete.rvmat"; }; class cliff { texture = ""; material = "slawterer\mann\data\rock.rvmat"; }; class scrub { texture = ""; material = "slawterer\mann\data\grass_dry.rvmat"; }; class steep_scrub { texture = ""; material = "slawterer\mann\data\thistles.rvmat"; }; }; class Legend { picture="slawterer\mann\source\mapLegend.png"; class Colors { seabed[]={{230,230,120}}; grass_green[]={{140,195,80}}; steep_grass[]={{140,185,70}}; scrub[]={{170,190,80}}; steep_scrub{{=170,180,70}}; sand[]={{120,190,180}}; weed[]={{170,180,70}}; cliff[]={{120,120,120}}; concrete[]={{255,0,255}}; }; };
  13. I've made some additional parts of the map for one of my "older projects". But it seems that TB deletes some of the new keypoints (NameVillage, NameLocal, NameCity etc.). Aren't they stored in .tv4p - I have backups of those, but I cannot export keypoints and then import them each time TB somehow losses them? I couldn't figure out how that happens - it doesn't happen everytime, but I notice random new keypoint just dissapears from the map and keypoint list - often several of them(!) too. I just continue to work on the map and save the project every 10-30min or so. Of course I also use more project names, but I'm sure to close Buldozer first, otherwise work gets lost anyhow if you save to a diff project filename...
  14. Hey guys, I'm fairly new to this forum, so please be kind ;) I'm currently working on a new map and am stuck with a problem I can't solve by myself. The map contains a wide range of "bioms" (desert, great plains etc.), which is why I need a various amount of textures to keep everything close to reality. - Everything is set up properly - .rvmat's look all the same - layers.cfg got all textures (so far) configured and RGB's defined Everything worked at that point, but some of my custom textures weren't seamless, which is why I had to replace 4 textures. When I replaced the [...]_co.paa's and the [...]_nopx.paa's, I changed neither the names (still the same) nor colors or .rvmat's. Now the strange thing I can't solve: Since I replaced 4 textures and created a new project in terrain builder, terrain builder keeps reducing my amount of textures to 4 or 5, which is really annoying. Seabed is all over the desert i.e.. - I deleted all "terrain builder created" files - all parameters are the same as before - my RGB-codes worked before - rebuild everything plenty of times from scratch, still the same problem I can't move forward at that point and would appreciate any help. If you need layers.cfg or sth alike, just write it and I will try my best to support you with all the information you need. Regards Umbarion