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Found 34 results

  1. On Twitter you welcomed constructive criticism. It's hard not to be constructive and flame off on a game when the issues are this blatant. Its difficult for me to comprehend that you have not done any QA for your infrastructure. If this is-us quality testing the game for you, how about we get some feedback from the dev's or a moderator on your forums? How about a quick patch so we can see some incarnation of the game that doesn't have game breaking issues? When I just killed a dude cause I was lucky my gun didn't jam, only to die because a guy knifed me after I shot him point blank in the face. I'd consider that to be game breaking. Did the issues not come up when you tested? I'm all for positivity but when you can't even play the damn game cause it's seriously not ready. Its not easy, the game has so much potential - but it just seems to be getting harder to see with such deep rooted issues. - UnlixGhost
  2. My suggestions for the future of Mini DAYZ: 1. Enhanced control pad On swipe event or move + Pointer will move along with the user's finger. + Pointer cannot overlap the control pad. (no more teleportation for pointer) For me, a great and accurate control of your character is very important. Some of users are struggling on control specially when the game is getting laggy because of a very long time progress or some causes. There are times that your character move to the opposite direction when you move and fire. 2. New user interface (UI) of actions for throwable items such as grenades and flares If there is atleast one flare/grenade available in inventory, tapping the switch weapon icon can switch to flare/grenade. For example: If you have a melee weapon, no primary firearm, no pistol, have 5 stacks of flares, and a grenade in your inventory. The switch weapon rotation will be... melee weapon -> grenade -> flare -> melee weapon... This is helpful to avoid the unintentional throw of grenade/flare upon tapping the "throw" option of item. Here are the sample images of UI and some explanation: Grenade Before and after of UI when user tap the "throw grenade" icon. After tapping the "throw grenade" icon, the "cancel" icon (red X) will replace it and the user can tap the screen to throw the grenade. The attempt to throw the grenade will be cancelled if the user tapped the "cancel" icon. After throwing the grenade and no grenades left, the actions UI will automatically change into flare (if available) or melee. Flare Before and after of UI when user tap the "light-up flare" icon. The "light-up flare" icon will be removed once the user tap it and the flare will be lightened. Before and after of UI when user tap the "light-up and throw" icon before "light-up flare" icon. After tapping the "light-up and throw" icon, the "cancel" icon will replace it and the user can tap the screen to throw the flare. The "light-up flare" icon will be hidden because it will automatically light-up upon throwing the flare. But if the attempt to throw was cancelled, the actions UI before will return so the "light-up flare" icon will unhide. After throwing the flare and no flares left, the actions UI will automatically change into melee. 3. Live mini map view A small screen that will display your character's current position, obstacles (i.e. trees, buildings), and current tile according to mini map. This is a big help for smaller screen devices, secret location hunters, explorer of the whole tile/map so you can ensure you've seen the area of a tile completely while you move around. Miniview at northeast of screen. Miniview at northwest of screen. The red dot at the center of miniview is your character's current position. Buildings in miniview will show as what the area looks like in the inside. I think having an option to toggle miniview is good too because some people may not like it or don't need it specially to tablet users. 4. Auto-stacking of stackable items No need further explanation. 5. Stab in the back Could be a default melee combat mechanism or could be a perk. Attacking an enemy from behind will count as a backstab. Backstabbing an enemy will guarantee you to deal damage first and the target will only attack after the damage was dealt, not when you are getting near the target before you attack. Some additional ideas: + Guaranteed to deal critical damage or; + Higher chance to deal critical damage 6. Tactical backpacks Backpacks that can handle rifles and pistols. These are very helpful in looting firearms. Here are some images and explanation: Let us assume this "Mountain backpack" is an artificial "Tactical backpack" and have 7 slots too. The 2 arrows at the rightside of "Tactical backpack" is the switch slots icon. Tapping the switch slots icon will show the slots for firearms. In this backpack we have 5 slots for firearms. Each of these slots show what kind of gun it can handle so we have 1 slot for primary gun and 4 slots for pistols. This is what it looks like if we put "FN Cal" and "Glock" in "Tactical backpack". I am not sure if "Tactical backpack" is a right name or specific name to use so names may vary. 7. Archery perk "Increase the reload speed of bows by 50% and increase the chance to re-use shooted arrows by 20%." Numbers may vary. This will be a good reason to give love to "Improvised Bow" and "Crossbow". 8. Optional zoom-in when entering a building Allow users to turn off/on the zoom-in transition in options. 9. Detect friendly survivors by "Scout" perk With "Scout" perk, we can detect bandits and traders around. However the description is subjecting to survivors so why not detect the friendly survivors too? This way, we can not miss them whenever we hear them shooting their firearm nearby then suddenly become silent. 10. Dexterous perk "Traps will not trigger when you step on it and stepping onto barbed wires won't slow you down." Although the immunity to triggering traps may sound OP, I think it is still fair for the scores invested to learn this perk. 11. Protective "Bulletproof vest" Whenever a character equipped with bulletproof vest has been damaged by bullet shots: + only bulletproof vest's condition will be damaged or; + bulletproof vest will have the highest rate to absorb damage to condition than any other gear. 12. Actions control for friendly survivor Retreat When friendly survivor is attacking, friendly will retreat to a fight and will follow the character. When ally is in retreat state, ally will not attack even when being attacked. Lasts for a few seconds. No action will be made when friendly is not attacking. Scout Using this action will allow the user to pinpoint an area from screen. Once the user pointed an area, friendly will go to that pointed area and will stay/guard for a few seconds. Attack Using this action will allow the user to tap a specific target. Ally's attack will priotize the selected target. This may seem complicated to implement since there is no capabilities to select a target by tap. But if feasible in the future, that would be nice. However there is another way... instead of allowing the user to tap a specific target, make it tap an area. The nearest enemy (or any attackable target) to the tapped area will be the ally's priority target. 13. HP regeneration for friendly survivor Ally will slowly regenerate HP when unattacked or not in combat in a few seconds. Ally taking damage will interrupt the HP regen. 14. First aid kit Can be found in hospital and abandoned ambulance vehicle (secret location). This item is very rare. Using it will cure sickness and bleeding (like Tetracycline and Bandage), heals 25% of max HP (like Saline Bag), and gives a fast HP regen in a few seconds (like Vitamins). 15. Option for lower graphics Some users including me are experiencing lag like 15FPS as you progress for very long time. So I think this option might help. Maybe a little game optimization and bug fixing too can fix this lag issue. These are just suggestions and I will not be disappointed if all/one of these are disapproved. I hope my thread can help the dev team somehow on their current ideas and goals to the development lifetime of Mini DAYZ.
  3. Here's a little thread for suggestions that you guys could possibly add- after you tackle the bugs of course. * Huge trader camps (Sort of like communities, which would appear on Island 1) * Improvised tents * Multiplayer (Its probably been suggested more times than there are pixels on an entire map) * Attachments * 2 story houses/rooftops * Good 'ole Makarovs * Crouching/proning (reduce visibility, increase accuracy) * More building materials (brick, cinder blocks, etc.) and a better building system. * More awesomeness!!!
  4. Mini DayZ is a great game and i really love playing it and i cant wait for next update , here is some stuff i think would make this game even better maybe some of it is already coming with the update : Its would be really cool if we could put Handguns or Headwear and other Clothes in item slots , we can holster a knife so i think we should be able to carry another handgun or night vision goggles in backpack , also hatchet and other small melee weapons. With new weapon attachments coming i hope we can attach rope to primary weapons and carry them in inventory or in backpack . Or make it so that in hand slot we can put spare rifle or any other item (maybe even backpacks or tents ) as if it would be carried in hands . Now when you find something on the ground you first have to put it in your inventory before using it , and if your inventory is full you need to drop something on the ground pick the item you want to use , use it and then pick the item you dropped earlier , this is very time consuming and annoying , would be great that we could just use items like food drinks bandages ammo straight away without picking it up If player drops something on the ground or in some building it should stay there for some time , now items despawn and disappear randomly and you usually cant comeback for them it just feels very random , especially when you have to drop backpack to build a tent somewhere and want to comeback for it . Auto stacking would be awesome Enemy npc should drop everything they have on them , now sometimes bandits drop only ammo and consumables but not their weapons/clothes and military zombies with guns will always drop a gun and very rarely ammo but they can shoot for unlimited time and never run out of ammo , there should be at least some ammo in their guns . Hunting requires Knife , Hatchet , Matches and some kind of firearm it is never worth it , in so many runs i never used it reliably but only to mess around when i have a base built , there are easier ways to get food Sewing kits dont work on Hunters Gear , Backpacks and Headwear making them only good to sew Gorka gear .. First island needs to have one military base to make it more interesting , currently there is no point to explore first island you just want to rush to the other shore with a hatchet or woodpiles and leave it as soon as possible , there is no point in staying longer and actually longer you stay on first island harder it gets to survive , meanwhile on 2nd and 3rd islands you just loot more and more ammo making it easier for yourself . 3rd and 4th islands needs more NPC bandits and traders , now when you settle in with a tent you just run around looting same military bases and killing same zombies again and again and dont meet many npc on your way . Bandits and Traders should get generally stronger over the time passed now even after 20 days you meet unarmed suicide bandits who pose no challenge but rush to kill you . Secret locations should never be empty , considering how rare they are , also there could be more of them in each map making it worth to explore every island before moving on . Shooting in houses is very buggy and you can get shot or hit trough wall , or you empty the clip hitting only invisible walls but not the infected , also buses on the road , infected will hit you trough bus walls and enemy bandits will shoot trough the bus .. When shooting multiple targets your target would change by which one is closest to you this is a real problem when fighting bandits with guns and infected together , maybe targeting could prioritise bandits over infected or NPC with guns over melee ones . Very dark nights is great and makes this game so much more fun but currently when playing during daytime and its night in game all i can see is my reflection on screen and even max brightness does not help .
  5. * Bandages should be usable for making firestarters. * Items stack automatically on pickup if stackable
  6. Let me preface by saying I understand that Arma 3 MP is hit and miss, and that it doesn't really matter how good your hardware is if the server being played on isn't any good. I am no longer interested in Arma online! Now, with that out of the way. I'm looking into building a new PC from the ground up and my main goal is to run Arma 3 single player, scenarios, etc... at max settings. I have a GTX 960 4GB GPU and will just hold on to that, knowing that Arma is mostly powered by the CPU. My specs as of now are:AMD 8350 clocked at 4.3 ghzCooler Master heat sinkGTX960 4 GBASUS budget board16 GB RAM @ 1880 MHZ650 W PSUI'm looking into getting:I7 7700k 4.2 ghzMSI Enthusiastic Gaming Intel Z270 moboCorsair Vengeance 16GB ddr4 3200 mhz(I'd like to keep my PSU if possible and will upgrade my GPU when I can (probably a GTX 1080) ) Would this build suffice? Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.
  7. Ok so I came up with some solutions to make the DLC even greater 1) visibility bar DEDICATED to Air vehicles, which means you will be able to boost the air vehicles objects showing further away without compromising your fpses when in a plane 2) I would suggest a kind of script (for low specs computers) that allowes you to decrease significantly the details on the ground and focus at 100% on air targets/visibility which is necessary for flying..i don't know if this is possibile but the arma engine is being pretty editable so I hope there won't be any problems 3) I would suggest a realistic stall system, together with flutter effect, g-forces 4) one more thing...camera shake when shooting with a freaking 20mm air gun..that's...NECESSARY. 5) I also suggest a much cooler pilot helmet featured by NAVY Pilots on the actual F-18s https://goo.gl/images/AJFV2I
  8. Hello everyone, I have a request for the developers of Take On Mars regarding the scenarios, particularly the manned ones. I, like many, have had many hours of enjoyment in Arma 2 and its expansions. Like Take On Mars, it has a great editor and an excellent engine. However, very few BI-created missions and campaigns shipped with the game. The first game had two very short campaigns, and three single missions. The first version of IL2 Sturmovik had a similar problem. It felt like the developers were depending on the community to create their own missions for it. This is fine, but not all of us want to go through the hassle of learning how to code and make missions. Nor do we want to play our own created missions, because we already know how to beat them! Yes, I can download other people's missions and campaigns, but there is no way to tell the difference between the good stuff and the badly-translated, badly-coded crap before downloading them. What I am trying to say is; please don't let Take On Mars go down the same road. Yes, giving the community the ability to create their own scenarios is great, and I'm sure there will be many quality scenarios made by them, But please make sure the final game ships with plenty of BI-created scenarios too, if only to give us an example of what a good one looks like. Take On Mars is essentially a game, after all, not just an engine. The test scenarios that are in the Beta are pretty fun, make more of those! In short, don't just give us the tools; give us some goals to strive towards. Let me know what you think. Keep up the good work. JollySam
  9. Hi guys My nickname is Trpaslik and I’m one of the environment artists at BI. We welcome every kind of feedback, criticism and suggestions you can give to us about the Altis map so please use this topic to make some. Please note that unfortunately we can’t promise to have the time to reply but we appreciated every piece of feedback here.