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Found 87 results

  1. Hi, Everytime that I launch Steam it tries to re--download all my mods. Which is rather annoying because: a) I already have the mods (my C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop folders is 80 GB!) b) It downloads 10+ GB c) Which then leaves my SSD with < 600MB d) Then it says that it is "Working..." on the CUP Weapons mod Any ideas on how to cure this? I've had A3 for several years and I've never suffered this issue before
  2. Hi there, Need some support. I have lost the ability to control when mods download for Arma 3. I want to be able to select a list of mods via the launcher from the workshop and queue them up for download, but i might not want to download them straight away i want to choose when to download these mods. I used to be able to control this via steam downloads but the launchers list of mods to download does not get imported properly into steam downloads anymore. I have settings in steam to stop downloads when playing a game but these now seem to be ignored so if i have mods needing to downloaded in the launcher the launcher carries on downloading them regardless of if i start a game or not. I cannot pause the downloads in the launcher as there is not such functionality, I cannot pause the downloads for arma3 mods in steam downloads because the steam downloads pause button seems to have no effect. The only way i can take back control is to unsubscribe from the queued up yet to be downloaded mods in the workshop and then re-subscribe to them when i want to download them, but this is a pain of a workaround. EDIT - Pressing the Pause button pauses the download for about 2 seconds then it just starts again.
  3. commando180

    Steam Workshop

    Hello All, I've recently installed arma 3 on my new laptop, however the workshop auto downloads all the subscribed mods on my pc...... This means that it is overloading my laptops ssd...... Is there a way to: A. Stop the workshop downloading the mods? B. Download the mods on the laptop to another drive? C. Any other suggestions?
  4. As the title says, at random the game launcher will decide to "update" all workshop content and re-downloads it or says that its missing, even tho all the files are still on my computer. I have Arma 3 installed on my 2nd drive, as far as i got from different, yet incomplete forum posts, that is what's causing it. I don't know if it's steam's fault or the games, but either way the solution shouldn't be "move it to main drive" and "unsubscribe and re-download all mods again" because that's stupid. I'm not asking for help on this one, I'm just asking for this problem to be fixed, because honestly its messing over everyone that has arma not on their main drive for different reasons , be it storage or just preference to have all games a different drive. Thank you.
  5. Is anyone else having an issue at times when you search for a workshop mod to subscribe to, such as 3den Enhanced pages outside of the steam client has the mod, but you're prompted to log in - when you already are? When I searched for 3den Enhanced (Within) the steam client, the workshop pages within steam shows No results. However, if I search another page (posted at the link below) this page pops up from outside of steam, it tells me to log in. But I AM logged into steam. I emailed the support at steam about this before, and never got a solution. I was able to search all the addons such as CUP, Red Hammer.. CBA.. ect. And I was able to subscribe to them fine. But again, that was all done from inside the steam client a few weeks ago. But I'm not finding the 3den Enhanced addon from inside the steam client. This page below is the only page I'm able to find it, but the page below tells me I'm not logged in, but I AM logged into steam. Why am I getting privet pages outside of steam prompting me to log in? Why is that addon not coming up in the search option from with in the steam client? hxxp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=623475643&searchtext=3den Thanks
  6. The game was still on sale this Tuesday evening, so I prepared my credit card, then headed to the Steam store, added Arma 3 to cart and was ready to purchase the game, but since I had some issues with the internet connection or something, I apparently "abused" the Steam money transaction validation by trying to add to cart/purchase the game too frequently while getting this message from Steam: " It looks like you've been attempting a lot of purchases in the last few hours. Please wait a while before trying again. ", so I was forced to wait "a while before trying again". I waited, waited and waited, and finally, after exactly 1 hour, I was able to continue, but by that time, the autumn sale hit the deadline! Looks like no money for you, developers! See you next autumn sale!(Hopefully not few minutes before on its deadline, if being on it at all.)
  7. I recently decided to start making bases for my singleplayer survival modes. I finished one, and saved it, but the button to publish it was grey'd out. I don't know if it's because I used mods to make it, or what, but I don't even know if it's a thing that's been implemented yet. If anyone's curious, I'll add a link to download and poast screenshots. Armaholic is down and I don't want to upload a scenario to the Workshop so the forums sounded like the best place to me. Requires CUP Terrains Malden 2035 (official addon, for the resources) Helicopters DLC (helipad lights) RHS US Armed Forces (turrets) Screens Download File contents Installation
  8. I'm looking to stop the Workshop content auto-update. The particular issue: A friend comes round an uses a spare PC I have (used for my dev work). At home she* uses Steam Workshop content on her setup where as I like to do everything with downloads in an attempt to keep away from the Steam auto-update system (Who wants to be stopped joining a game because the Workshop content has been updated but the server still has the old version - and hey! I'm a hacking-fu black belt** ). She uses her account while she plays here. The problem is when she tries to start ArmA it wants to download all her Workshop content she uses on her own PC. Up until now we have been dealing with by nu-subscribing her from her content but that leaves her having to re-download it when she gets home! I'm sure there is some sort of thing you can do by setting the update system to only run at a time when you do not have the computer on. Not actually tried this yet but hoping someone will know if it works or if there is a better solution. S * If only : ( ** Really, if only : P
  9. Im a guy comming from mission-scripting and have been there for a while. I have now made a simple client-side gui controls script. The actual purpose of this script was coded with the "mission-file" context in mind. Now people asked me if i couldnt upload it to the steam workshop for easier installation and convenient use. I did some research on this but i cant fint anything relevant anywhere. Is is possible to pack a single script in an workshop-addon and expect it to load on every mission that it is executed with? When yes, how do i perform this?
  10. duty

    Minidayz in steam

    I play MINIDAYZ a long time ago What if MINIDAYZ try to get to the steam?
  11. ARMA Community, This is my first Addon for ARMA 3 so any feedback you have would be really appreciated. Steam Subscription Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1096111437 Included in this addon is 25 Faction Insignia's included are for: Imperium of Man Chaos Eldar Tau This is my first Addon for ARMA 3 so any feedback you have would be really appreciated.Would you like to have other warhammer 40k insignia's included? If yes then please feel free to contact me. Please try include an image if you have one and I will see want I can do to include it in a next version. Lastly I do hope to create further Warhammer 40k addons such as posters, billboards, fonts etc. So add this to your favorites, give me a 5 star rating and subscribe. Cheers Dave :) My contact details: Discord: https://discord.gg/pe48rhdSteam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ShootinnScuttin Example Screen Shots:
  12. Hello. I noticed 1 problem with setObjectTexureGlobal command (with .paa format in general in steam workshop...). For example my friend hosts a mission, so he is the host. In mission there are some objects, where I added path to the texture (icons\MyTexture.paa). When we start the mission - sometimes, but not always, I see error message - cannot load texture 'myTexture.paa'. And if we continue to play the mission, there are some objects on the way, which becomes custom texture with setObjectTextureGlobal command (executed on server only, evidently...). But it doesn't work too (Well if at mission start there was an error, then nothing will load with setObjectTexture command). Exception is only with hint parsetext and so on, where all works fine. Also the .paa-images by Host-player works fine. Only if you are client, there is that error. But it's not always. And this problem appears only if you download the mission from steam workshop. If you use .pbo file, which is in your MPMissions - there is no problems with textures. Anybody know maybe some solution to this..?
  13. DodgeballWizard

    Steam Workshop Folder Lost

    Hello, My brother has been playing on my PC for a bit and for some reason has delete my "!Workshop" folder, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling numerous times if anyone has any ideas or fixes please help me.
  14. I recently bought Arma II:OA on steam (holy steam sale) and tried the multiplayer but got this error. /You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.chernarus, caweapons_ammoboxes, CAWater, cawater2_fishing_boat./ I only bought Arma II:OA but this error is driving me crazy, is there a way to get these files without buying Arma II and if not, can I refund arma 2:oa and buy arma ii and copy its files and refund it again and re buy arma ii:oa and paste the files there ?
  15. Alex150201

    Can't even launch Argo

    Hi Argo just released and I downloaded it. It was strange to me that it was only 100MB. Upon trying to launch it I get this error: E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Argo\argobattleye.exe Any help?
  16. I'm trying to post a question for another thread, and I can't get my screenshots to insert from Steam Gallery. Could someone please assist in this? Thanks in advance.
  17. Can't connect Steam accout to Bohemian account.. All time I get this error.. http://imgur.com/FrQaSJt
  18. after reformatting, I've reinstalled steam 3 times now and I get the same message. please exit the game to manage your mods. I've googled this and came up with "some what" of what people did, but no real solution.. just some guesses. there isn't really any complete answer. So I'm hoping someone has had this issue and can tell me what to do.
  19. Jimmakos

    Podagorsk gone, now what!?

    So as far as we know there is an ongoing situation with various mods over steam workshop and some of them got taken down for good, podagorsk was one of them, been working on a mission for that map and sadly since there is no map there is no party. Does anyone happen to know anything further than that, map doesn't seem to be located (uploaded) elsewhere other than there. Anyone familiar with the guy that had uploaded the mod there, or is there a way we could contact him? It's really sad because some good content got lost recently which i'm not sure if had to deal with copyright issues.
  20. Task Force Cyrus Is Recruting Players! Hi viewers, I am J. Hansen of the 13th MEU, Task Force Cyrus. I invite you (the viewer), to join our growing community of like-minded ARMA 3 players! We are a community unit, meaning, we will do our best to bring you a fun community that you can feel right at home with! We are a small unit currently (under 20 people), and we would love it if you made us your first unit, or official unit! We at TFC, expect you (in a nutshell) to participate as much as you can unless otherwise noted. We have a server and TeamSpeak server for everyone to hang out on. We are active on the forums, constantly targeting potential players to join our numbers! As of now, we have a full squad, and are moving on to open a new squad! Could you be that one man in our 2nd squad? Well, come on our dedicated TeamSpeak and talk to me or a recruiter NOW! (IP Bellow) Q&A: Q: "I am still browsing units and I like yours thus far. Can I try you out?" A: "Go right ahead! We have only a few mods you need to download to play on the server, and we accept tryouts! We want you to try us out, it is the only logical way we can show our true stripes!" Q: "I'm looking for a squad leader position, do you offer that?" A: "YES! WE DO! You just need to get a squad sized element organized, and have attended at least 2 operations (including your team), and also have completed your squad lead trials." Q: "Can I be a recruiter when I join? I'm really great at recruting." A: "Yes, you can be a recruiter. However, in order to be trusted that you will not misinform or spread inaccurate unit information, you will be monitored during recruitment sessions, just until you get the hang of our unit's recruitment material." Q: "I have a buddy who is joining with me. Can we serve together in the same team/squad?" A: "OF COURSE! He is your battle buddy! You will be paired together when assigned to a squad, new or old. If neither squad member wants to give up their position to you, then HAVE NO FEAR! You will be queued and assigned to a new team that opens. In the time being, we urge you to participate by being in a temp-squad." Q: "Is there oppertunity to grow?" A: "Absolutely! Right now, growing is as easy as learning ABC and 123! Claim your spot NOW before we grow to a 20 member unit. Then it will get a bit hard to grow." Q: "When are your operations?" A: "We have 2 seperate operations. A recon op, and then a normal op. We go by PST, and conduct our ops on Saturday. Our operation times and further information is bellow." Operations: Our operations, as mentioned above, start at 12:30pm and last until 3:00pm PST. DONT BE ALARMED! We have 2 operations (as stated above). First operation is a recon operation from 12:30pm - 12:50pm PST. OUR operation is from 1:30pm PST - 3:30pm PST. Recon element can participate during the real op, but they will be normal infantry. Mods: Our modpack is under 20 gigs. We use all the latest designer mods, to really enhance our unit experience. From map gestures to realistic radio communication mods, we use a variety of client mods, and much more! To download our mods, we use 2 services, that I'm sure you have heard about. If not, that's fine. We use a program called ArmA 3 Sync. 2nd, we use a program called withSIX. Either one will do. DO NOT USE STEAM MODS. There have been issues with the server mods and steam mods. Please get our mods @ armaholic.com, if thats what you prefer. Age: We have an age limit of 13+. As long as you are mature, and swear you won't break any rules, you will be let in, without questions! Code of Conduct: We conduct ourselves in an orderly fashion, and with as much dicipline as you would expect in the real military, with a few exceptions, just so that you feel more like a player rather than a slave. We are strict when it comes to insults and impulsive behavior. That ruins the community experience, and the unit. WE DO NOT ALLOW THE FOLLOWING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! Being cought breaking more than 1 of these terms, will send you to a trial, then we will discharge you from unit. If you continue the behavior, you will be banned from all of our services. No make-ups or kiss-ups will be allowed. Racism Bullying Whining Complaining Dual Uniting Spamming Scamming Yelling Hostility between fellow players Inappropriate radio conversations during operation times Bribing anyone for anything Misconduct during combat (use your imagination) Disobeying orders without a good reason (You can ONLY successfuly disobey an order, if you state in a short sentence why you can't fufill it. You will then be peacefuly reassigned to a different objective.) Unapproved custom loadout configuration (If you don't like what you have, please report to a high-ranking member.) Use of unapproved ordinance in clustered civilian/allied areas (Please alert those around you via radio before tossing an ordinance, such as a grenade.) Killing or destroying civilian entities without approval (If you suspect a car to be rigged with a bomb, please warn your squad leader. He will then alert nearby units and command.) Unapproved class actions (Engineers are the only ones allowed to disarm bombs, while medics are the only ones who can FULLY heal those wounded.) Unauthorized civilian integrogation/detainment (Get permition from your squad leader before capturing entities.) Unauthorized mini-operations (Get permition before doing anything on the server.) That is as far as I will go. Use common sense and keep it clean during combat communications. Closure: We are pleased that you took the time to read our statement. It is what everyone does. Please take nothing personal. This is common unit material. Be mature and do no harm to anyone or anything. Information: Please comment on this post if you have any questions. Please stop by our 24/7 TeamSpeak! IP: Please visit our NEW website! https://taskforcecyrus.enjin.com/ Unit name is subject to change based on what name type is currently popular. Task Force Cyrus may or may NOT be our final name. Thank you for understanding our unit motives, and please, don't let this forum post down you. We just care for the community sooo much, that we want to keep it fun and productive for new and old members. Thank you again for understanding. Everything mentioned is mutualy assured. Your friend (not supreme leader), 2LT Jonathan Hansen: 13th MEU, Task Force Cyrus P.S. Add me on steam if you would like to know more that I did not mention! I accept and keep all friend requests! I'm very friendly!\ My Steam name is Big Smoke. (Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/NATORedemption)
  21. Lord_Dust

    Steam User ID Error

    hi ive been playing arma 2 for the last 2-3 years now and ive spend over 250 hours on the game but for some reason today it keeps saying session lost on all the server i join so i googled it and it says see if you have a steam user id which for arma 2 i do but when i play Operation Arrowhead i dont seem to have it any more ? any idea's? online they say delete and reinstall battle eye and arma 2 which i have done 3-4 times but i still have the same error
  22. Steam is trying to download something from ArmA 3 - Workshop Content, but the file size reads 0 bytes and it flashes on/off really fast. I have to hit the pause button to get it to stop. It all started when I unsubscribed to a VSM mod. I have subscribed to said VSM mod, I have cleared my cache, I have unsubscribed to all mods and subscribed to them again. I've verified game files, and so far nothing has worked. I've googled the issue, read forums, and tried the fixes that I've read about. I don't have McAffee AV so that is not the issue. Anyone know what is going on and what the fix might be?
  23. Hello, i noticed the following post about mods and Steam. I also noticed the big support and engagement of BIS_Wizard, a member of the BI Developer Team. Maybe now it's time to ask for something about Steam / Arma 3, because I think BIS_Wizard is the right man for this! ;) I also checked the Forum first, but I couldn't find an existing post about this problem. Following problem: If I download my Server with the Steam CMD with the following command, %STEAMPATH%\steamcmd.exe +login %STEAMLOGIN% %STEAMPW% +force_install_dir %A3serverPath%\ +"app_update %A3serverBRANCH%" validate +quit and run the Server, you find the Server with a RED Circle in the Server Browser. All official BI Server are also faced with this problem. And yes, I disabled all custom Mods, verified my Steam/Arma3 cache and tried a lot of redownloads of the dedicated Server (logged in as anonymous and I tried it with my private Steam Account too). So I tried to google this issue... A lot of people don't care about this, BUT if your server is RED and not GREEN, less users connect. Of course, you can connect, but it is RED and not GREEN. :huh: I found a dirty workaround, download the Stable Client and then copy the DLC folders (mark, kart, heli, curator) to the Server Folder and overwrite the server files with the client files. Only one stupid thing with this workaround - if you download the client, you need a Steam Account with Arma 3 (ok, that's no problem :D). But steam will also download all subscribed Mods and that are a lot of mods.... So I have three questions: Is it possible to deliver the same files for client/dedicated Server or whitelist the client files for dedicated Servers, so that the Server shows up with a GREEN dot in the Server Browser? Is it possible to disable the automatic mod download for the Client Download over Steam CMD? (You cant change something there right? Because it's Valves thing? But i ask you anyway - maybe it's possible) Should I open a new ticket (feedback.bistudio.com)? If there is an easy solution, please tell me that magic stuff. If you need any further information, feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading! Internal Armajunkies Ticket: https://armajunkies.atlassian.net/browse/AJWL-76 Greetings from Bavaria, Staynex
  24. All STEAM related issues will be merged into this thread after being resolved, answered or acknowledged ... you can also post into this thread ... it will be sorted as needed :D post please Your Please post full specs of your system: mainboard brand,model, chipset processor model,speed graphics card brand, type, ramsize, interface, driver build audiocard brand,model,interface driver build which OS and what servicepack each HDD brand, model, interface and ingame settings (or if it does at any settings), especially both UI/3D resolutions and friendly advice, several people who experienced various performance issues solve them by (order doesnt matter sometimes they needed only some sometime all): - temporary disabling antivirus while running ArmA 2 - disabling all unneeded applications (especially browsers, media players, scanners etc.) - using windowed mode instead of fullscreen - using fullscree mode instead of windowd - disabling forced AA / AF in drivers (huge performance killer as game does that self ingame) - changing ingame advanced video settings (needs lot of try&fail cycles) - using -maxmem=2047 (with 3+ GB ram only) - restarting OS - defragmenting drive - place ArmA 2 (demo) on different drive than OS (2 HDD system) and ideally different than swap file (3 HDD system) - updating drivers - installing SP2 for Vista - installing SP3 for XP - validating the STEAM file cache (select arma2 in STEAMgames list>right mouse button> properties > local files > verify integrity of game cache + restart steam - checking this for key issues : https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=4950-EKAM-2644 * try above first before posting :)
  25. PFC R. Fox

    Family Sharing in 2016-17?

    I believe this was a statement in 2014 and outdated by now. I'd like to have an update on steam family sharing in general but more specifically I'd like to know: What is the issue as of know preventing Bohemia Interactive to enable the feature? And what exactly are "multiplayer cheating issues"? I hope the explanation is not simply "If somebody uses your account and cheats in ARMA 3, your gameID gets banned". Best, Foxxy