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Found 61 results

  1. 23rd TRU is looking for a few more players for weekly special ops missions. We focus on challenging, teamwork oriented missions while taking out the boring parts that make up a true mil sim. Spots are limited but we will be hosting small recruiting missions this week in order to give players an opportunity to join us.
  2. Who are we? Black Tails is an European, casual milsim Arma unit. We have been playing together since early Arma 2 days. Are you interested in a casual and friendly community? We're recruiting! What do we do? We play PvE and PvP, casual milsim missions on Sundays at 20:00 GMT+1. Anybody can select any available role that they want, as long as they fulfil their role and don't go running off on their own. We occasionally also run training missions for those who want to learn more about Arma. Do you use mods? Yes. We mainly use mods like ACE3, ALIVE and TFAR, for added immersion. We also use weapon, unit and map mods when needed. But we keep the number of mods and file sizes to a very reasonable level. What do we expect? The only real requirements we have is that members are nice to each other, act in a mature way and are team players. We don't have a minimum age or skill requirement. We also don't have rules in regards to the attendance, we understand that real life has priority. I want to join or have questions! If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please send a PM, or add me on steam; =BT=Albireo. You can also send an email to: blacktails.vfs@gmail.com Looking forward to meeting you. :)
  3. Summary: Two teams fight for control of pre-defined sectors using limited assets — the team with a majority of sectors held bleeds the others tickets, with the match ending when one team reaches 0 tickets. The intent of this missions is balanced and fun infantry combat. Armed vehicles have limited respawns and longer respawn timers than their soft-skinned counterparts, and the better equipt classes have fewer available slots than standard riflemen. My friend who worked on this mission and I are hoping this resembles gameplay you'd get from games like Project Reality or Battlefield's Conquest game-mode — except in ARMA. Feature list: Respawns available at your base and on your Squad Leader's rally point (Destroyed on Squad Leader's death) Lightweight niceties like earplugs, squad name markers, health display (all toggleable, F1-F5 keys) Custom bleeding values using RHS ammo class names (So larger calibers can cause higher tiers of bleeding) Custom medical - very slow health regeneration that can be somewhat sped up by sitting down. This is to avoid players deciding to respawn (losing their team a ticket) if they're too badly injured to continue. Pre-defined classes with unique roles, while not being unfair — you won't get a rubbish PDW simply for going medic. RPG assistants also carry a disposable 1-shot launcher along with the ammo for their reloadable counterpart carried by the primary AT role. There are also two types of standard rifleman. Opfor have the choice of an AK74m or AK-103 rifleman, while Bluefor have the choice of an M4 or M16. Magnified optics are reserved for Designated Marksmen and Special Forces. Limited vehicle selection. While there is some asymmetry with vehicle loadouts, this is hopefully both balanced and flavoursome. Only the largest version (Athira) includes high-tier modern vehicles. This is primarily an infantry mission and we did not want thermals or high-power vehicle weapons / GMG's to be common. REQUIRED MODS: RHS: AFRF RHS: USF DOWNLOAD (current version: 1.01) : Steam Workshop: 32vs32: Pyrgos Kore Athira* 16vs16: Terminal * The Athira version is an experimental mission with one very large capture zone, plus high-tier vehicles and gear (Tanks, jets, high-end helicopters, plus a crate at base with static ATGM, GMG, and MG backpacks). Servers: N/A Future plans: If anyone actually plays this and likes it we might expand this mission with new areas (perhaps also on upcoming maps like Tanoa or Taunus), add extra features (BIS revive was tested but disabled in this release due to a bug with spawning), make prettier FOBs (The current bases are quite lazy but I wasn't going to waste time on immaculate item placement at such an early stage), add side missions or other random events. If you have feedback this is the place for it; there may still be some rough edges here and there, so if you notice a problem or have comments on balance/ticket values, let us know and we'll take that into consideration for the next iteration. The new 1.60 respawn screen also now appears to allow class limits, so we'll take a look at using that rather than the arma 3 lobby for role selection (so you can change your kit on respawn w/ a preview of its gear).
  4. Hi everybody its been now 4 days i'm looking searching the net for a response but i can't find nothing that works, so this why i came here asking some help, as i'm sure its very simple to resolve, but i'm not a dev. i'm learning. i have a script that respawn on squad leader but the check to see if squad leader is alive doesn't work for some reason. if team leader is dead, players are able to respawn on his dead body, if the team leader is gone from the server, players can respawn on their own dead bodies. if team leader dies he can also respawn on his own dead body ! here is the code what is wrong ? player addEventHandler ["Respawn",if (leader player != player) && {alive (leader player)}) then _groupLead = leader player; player setPos ([_groupLead, 2, -(direction _groupLead)] call BIS_fnc_relPos); } else { systemChat "Group leader was not alive, you have respawned at base."; };
  5. How often does squad.xml refresh/load? I have a squad.xml file that randomly chooses an image every time it's loaded, and I'm wondering how often I'll be able to see the change ingame.
  6. FUSION currently is looking to expand its ranks, we are looking to bring in more players who wish to become part of our community. To give you a brief insight into what FUSION is: FUSION is a merger between two Squads: Platoon and Geeks With Guns (GWG). Both Squads already had a rich history, with Platoon going back to the CC4 days (2001), and GWG being there from the start of Operation Flashpoint (2002). The majority of the members are English and/or Dutch speaking, English being the language used during gaming. We also have several members which ran the OFP/Arma1 leagues European Flashpoint League (EFL) and the European Combat League (ECL), which means we have access to a good selection of maps and map templates which can be used for a variety of game types. We are an active squad who meets regular on: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday , starting roughly at 20:30 BST/21:30 CET, and lasting until the last man falls asleep behind the keyboard. Although currently FUSION is not currently active in any leagues. We play mainly CTF, C&H and Combi maps (a combination of CTF and C&H, created by one of our former members), Blitzkrieg maps and Valhalla style maps. On a Sunday we normally play against another Squad in a variety of maps types and have been able to take part in up to 9 vs 9 maps. We also have several FUSION Members who play and participate in an F1 League which is run by FUSION, we normally do a full F1 season over several weeks. We currently have 15 members participating in this. What has FUSION to offer? A group of relaxed and mature friends, with a focus on fun. Well organised outfit Community Website High Powered Gaming Server What we feel you should bring? A relaxed and mature attitude Dependability What do we need to know of you in case you fill in a form? Name Age ( a minimum of 18) Country where you live (city is OK too, but not necessary). Has to be in Western Europe due to time zone differences Your native language (apart from that you should be proficient with English e-mail, Skype or Steam your nickname Where did you hear of us? Once we have these details, we will contact you as necessary. :)
  7. http://www.menofwargame.com/games/assaultsquad2/ http://steamcommunity.com/games/mowas2 http://steamcommunity.com/app/244450#scrollTop=0 Men of War: Assault Squad 2 is the next chapter in the award-winning Men of War strategy game series and a continuation of the Men of War: Assault Squad experience. Discuss...
  8. domcho

    Malden forest???

    Hello everyone. I was thinking of posting this thread long ago but I always forget. Why do I have this strange feeling that Malden had the same forests as Everon and Kolgujev? http://cdn3.steampowered.com/v/gfx/apps/65790/ss_7fde608cd7f7df6003933cd362429673851a9589.1920x1080.jpg?t=1319591526 (133 kB) - this is an official screenshot I have on the back of my original OFP GOTY edition CD box I think long ago when I played OFP I remember that. But I think version updates changed the Malden forests. Am I right?
  9. SQUAD CONTROL (SQCTL) The goal of this tool is to provide mission makers an easy to use, easy to implement, way to control more than one squad or group at once. While this tool allows you to control an unlimited amount of squads (up to the hardcoded max of 63 groups per side) it’s mainly focused on scales from fireteam to platoon size. Anything beyond that can easily become a management nightmare, even with all the tools provided. I wouldn’t suggest going beyond company level, but it’s obviously up to you. Features Manage several groups at once, from fireteam level to company and above Keep track of the health status, current orders and position of all the squads under your control Issue orders to individual squads or to the groups they belong to Transfer units between any of the squads under your control Create new groups and assign squads to existing ones Rename your groups or squads to be easily identifiable The location of enemy squads will be broadcasted among each side Squads will move and follow the player in formation DOWNLOAD v1.0: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?lu7473dgt6ddc97 Includes the template, a demo mission where you control a platoon and another one where you control several fireteams in a USMC squad (this one requires WW4). Requires USMC Symbols v1.2: - ftp://ftp.ofpr.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/USMCsymbols12.zip - http://www.ofpec.com/addons_depot/index.php?action=details&id=69 Installation Merge the template mission into yours Copy all the files and folders in the template mission (except mission.sqm) to your mission’s directory Edit the SQCTL_settings.sqf file you copied, if appropriate. Advanced: Instructions To put a squad under the player's control you'll have to add it first, using something like this: [<this group>,<nameOfTheSquad>,[<groupItBelongsTo>,<nameOfTheGroup>]] exec "SQCTL\addSq.sqs" So, if you want to add a squad to group number one you'd do something like this: [group this,"",[1]] exec "SQCTL\addSq.sqs" To add a squad to group number two you'd write: [group this,"",[2]] exec "SQCTL\addSq.sqs" etc If you'd like to name the squad you'd do something like this: [group this,"1st SQUAD",[1]] exec "SQCTL\addSq.sqs" And if you'd like to also name the first group you'd do: [group this,"1st SQUAD",[1,"1st PLATOON"]] exec "SQCTL\addSq.sqs" If you don't provide a name the squads and groups will be named automatically ("SQUAD <x>" and "GROUP<x>" respectively). To name groups you only have to provide the name in one of the squads. It doesn't matter if it's the first or the last. To issue an order to a squad or group: Click on the “ORDER†button to issue orders to the selected squad or group Select the order you want to issue from the combo box. Using the arrow buttons move the map where you want the squad or group to execute the order Click the “ISSUE†button Expanded instructions: Known Issues Sometimes an error will occur when issuing a follow or any order that requires a formation if the squads or group is already in one. This might occasionally stop the new formation script, forcing the player to repeat the order. This will be fixed in a future version. Notes This version isn’t MP compatible. This feature will be included in a future release. I’ve considered allowing the queue of several orders per group, but I finally discarded it. The goal of this tool is to provide a simple way to manage several squads at once, through simple orders. For other uses you should probably use something more feature-packed, such as the Command Engine or Drongo’s Toolkit. This tool makes extensive use of the forceMap and mapAnim commands. I always wanted to figure out their potential and decided this was a good project to try them out. While it has the big disadvantage of having to navigate by clicking buttons and not dragging with the mouse it allows me to forget about the headache inducing and easy to break onmapsingleclick. So far I like this, but if you think it's a nuance feel free to say so. Credits vektorboson (OFP script lib) Toadlife (formation_extended.sqs) Snypir (distancepos.sqf) bn880 (sortbubble.sqf) Drongo’s Toolkit and Command Engine for inspiration EXTRA Below it's the OFP Dialog Maker file I used to create this. Take it if you want to edit the appearance of this tool or add or remove features for your own use. Or whatever. DOWNLOAD OFP Dialog Maker save file : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dpxlp08347p9b2t
  10. So I just got this through Steam yesterday. I'm still going through the boot camp to get all the controls down. My question is, in multiplayer, when I go to join a server, every time it said I didn't have the map. Is it supposed to automatically download somewhere or do I have to do it manually? I'd like to play online, but I can't. :(
  11. I updated the good ol' squad.xml to support individual avatars on a website. The layout is also changed so its more a single column page with the members under the squad section instead of side by side. The theme can be edited in the stylesheet. The avatars are defined within <avatar></avatar> in squad.xml for each member. Download here