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Found 329 results

  1. Here's list of error I got Config : some input after EndOfFile The exception unknown software exception (0x000dead) occurred in the application at location 0x000000007441DAD8 Exit code: 0x0000DEAD- .rpt file config.cpp #define true 1 #define false 0 class CfgPatches { class RTAF_plane_cas_01_f { units[] = {RTAF_plane_cas_01_f}; weapons[] = {}; requiredAddons[] = {}; }; }; class cfgVehicles { class B_Plane_CAS_01_F {}; //External Class Reference class RTAF_Plane_CAS_01_F : B_Plane_CAS_01_F { _generalMacro = "Plane_CAS_01_base_F"; scope = 0; displayName = "RTAF A-164 Wipeout (CAS)"; faction = "BLU_F"; author = "Unknown"; vehicleClass = "Air"; Side = 4; crew = "B_pilot_f"; typicalCargo[] = {"Soldier"}; hiddenSelections = {"Camo_1","Camo_2"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures = {"\RTAF_10\data\RTAF_plane_cas_skin_00_f.paa","\RTAF_10\data\RTAF_plane_cas_skin_01_f.paa"}; class Library { libTextDesc = "RTAF_A164"; }; }; }; This code works well on wheeled vehicle but I cannot use it on Air vehicle I don't know how to fix this problem This is code I use as template (The one that I says it's works well) #define true 1 #define false 0 class CfgPatches { class B_MRAP_03_F { units[] = {B_MRAP_03_F}; weapons[] = {}; requiredAddons[] = {}; }; }; class cfgVehicles { class I_MRAP_03_F {}; //External Class Reference class B_MRAP_03_F : I_MRAP_03_F { scope = 2; displayName = "Strider"; faction = "OPF_F"; author = "Tactical Light"; vehicleClass = "Car"; Side = 0; crew = "O_soldier_F"; hiddenselectionstextures[] = {"\csat_strider\mrap_03_csat_ext_co.paa"}; class Library { libTextDesc = "Strider"; }; }; };
  2. Hello, I'm developing an airborne mission for my group, basically the guys (Two fire-team consisting of four members each, named A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4) spawn in an C-130 and parachute into the A.O. The problem is, I need them to have their backpacks when they land, so they have enough ammo and equipment to complete the mission, so I came up with this Idea, a trigger executing a script for each unit, the script will wait until they land and then add backpacks and equipment into it. The C-130 will enter the trigger area with the team onboard. These are the trigger's specs: ACTIVATION: BLUFOR ACTIVATION TYPE: PRESENT CONDITION: this && isServer ON ACT: para1 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\A1.sqf"; para2 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\A2.sqf"; para3 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\A3.sqf"; para4 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\A4.sqf"; para5 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\B1.sqf"; para6 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\B2.sqf"; para7 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\B3.sqf"; para8 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\B4.sqf"; Now this is the A1.sqf script: I tested it and it worked great, except when I tested it in a multiplayer server (I hosted it locally), I got in as unit A1. When I landed, the script worked and the parachute got replaced by the backpack and the defined contents, however it didn't work for the other player, their parachutes didn't get replaced by the intended backpacks, At first I thought I could've screwed the script for their units, so I restarted the mission and got in as another unit (A2), as some of you guys may imagine, I got my backpack just fine, but the other players didn't, not even the unit I just tested (A1). I tested all the other units and it worked great when I was playing as them, but no one else got their backpacks. As you guys probably know, I think I fucked up the locality of the script execution, not sure how, could any of you guys enlighten me as how to make this thing work? We usually use conventional hosting (through the game Multiplayer menu) and Dedicated hosting, so it would need to be something that works for both. Thanks in advance!
  3. Currently i'm working on my custom faction mod. I have different soldiers wearing same uniform variant. I have created three insignias and they work in the game (all of them are visible and usable in virtual arsenal). First insignia is used with my woodland uniform, second insignia used with desert uniform - they appear in-game when soldiers are placed through the editor. But when I try to assign my third insignia, which is again used with woodland uniform, game loads first insignia instead of third. Insignias script looks like this: class CfgUnitInsignia { class LITHSOF_insignia1 { displayName = "LITHSOF Woodland Insignia"; author = "Karolus"; texture = "\LAF\data\LITHSOF_woodland_insignia2.paa"; textureVehicle = ""; }; class LITHSOF_insignia2 { displayName = "LITHSOF Desert Insignia"; author = "Karolus"; texture = "\LAF\data\LITHSOF_desert_insignia.paa"; textureVehicle = ""; }; class LITHSOF_insignia3 { displayName = "Zaliukas"; author = "Karolus"; texture = "\LAF\data\YPT_Zaliukas_Insignia_co.paa"; textureVehicle = ""; }; }; Uniform script looks like this: class LITHSOF_Woodland_Uniform: Uniform_Base { scope = 2; displayName = "LITHSOF Woodland Uniform"; picture = "\A3\characters_f_epa\data\ui\icon_U_B_CTRG_uniform_ca.paa"; model = "\A3\Characters_F\Common\Suitpacks\suitpack_blufor_diver"; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo", "Insignia"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"LAF\data\LITHSOF_Woodland_co.paa"}; class ItemInfo: UniformItem { uniformModel = "-"; uniformClass = "LITHSOF1_Operator"; containerClass = "Supply50"; mass = 40; //Weight hiddenSelections[] = {"camo", "Insignia"}; }; }; My first soldier has these: uniformClass = "LITHSOF_Woodland_Uniform"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo","insignia"}; HiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"LAF\data\LITHSOF_Woodland_co.paa","\LAF\data\LITHSOF_woodland_insignia2.paa"}; My second soldier has these: uniformClass = "LITHSOF_Woodland_Uniform"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo","Insignia"}; HiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"LAF\data\LITHSOF_Woodland_co.paa","\LAF\data\YPT_Zaliukas_Insignia_co.paa"}; Anyone have ideas how to fix this?
  4. I'm currently working on my custom faction. For immersion I want that AI soldiers in-game name would be Lithuanian (like Jonas, Petras, etc.) istead of default names (like John, Peter, etc.). I heard that this is possible, because some people already did this, but I couldn't find a way to do it. First I thought that it is possible changing it through soldiers identityTypes[] but it looks that this script command is used for assigning only faces and voice, but not in-game names. I guess in-game names has something to do with classes, like I_soldier_F, B_Soldier_base_F, etc. So my questions are: 1. How can i achieve this? 2. Also is it possible to randomize these names so that placed AI would have random name from the list?
  5. I'm working on an arma 3 life server. I'm trying to change the respawn time so when there is no ems the revive timer is 1min and if there is, its 10min. All i need to get this to work is the command to test for active players on independent. code for revive time: life_respawn_timer = 1;//number goes by min
  6. I'm trying to replace an object that I've played in the Eden Editor through a script, but I've changed the XYZ rotation of the object. I have managed to give the new object the XYZ position values of the old object, but I'm struggling to figure out how to change it's rotation. Is there an easy way of doing this? I've already tried setVectorUp, but it doesn't seem to accept the above XYZ rotation values from the Eden editor. Edit: Woops, looks like I posted this in the wrong subforum.
  7. I will start with putting function code because it's quite small, and for reference (starting description comment omitted). /// --- validate general input #include "..\paramsCheck.inc" paramsCheck(_this,isEqualType,[]) private _cnt = count _this; for "_i" from 1 to _cnt do { _this pushBack (_this deleteAt floor random _cnt); }; _this According to BIS_fnc_arrayShuffle: Now, what's wrong. As you can see, no new array is created, and instead passed array is shuffled in-place. Function itself fails to shuffle (at least for what I think shuffle is). What I think shuffle is: all elements of input array get fairly equal chances to appear in any position in output array. What we have in function? TL;DR. First elements are less likely to be shuffled than last ones. Let's say we have array of N elements numbered 0, 1, ... N-1. Fair probability for any element to take any position is 1/N. Line 24 removes element with random index M (all consequent elements moved one element towards the array front) and pushes it to array's back. Operation affects positions of elements in range [M, ... N-1] unless M == N-1 (in which case nothing is changed, but delete and insertion performed!). Position of M elements (numbered 0..M-1) is unchanged. For arbitrary M in [0, 1, ..., N-1] you have the probability (N-M-1)/N that first M elements will remain on their positions after this iteration. Entire loop lasts N iterations. So the probability of element not being picked up and not moved in entire loop is ((N-M-1)/N)N. Full probability of element to stay on its initial place also includes the cases when element goes to back and after some iterations shifts to its initial place. For 0th element probability of shifting back to 0th position is 1/N * (N-1)/N * (N-2)/N * ... * 1/N = (N-1)!/(NN). For the last exactly 1/N (simply probability of picking specific element; fair for this position, still not fair for others) -- if last element moved to array's back in last iteration. Assuming that , probability of 0th element staying in 0th position first falls and has minimum in N=5, then grows and asymptotically strives for 1/e, i.e. ~0.367879441, no matter what size array is. When in fact it should be exactly 1/N for any N. That is, having array of 10 elements, for first element (M=0) you will have probability (10-0-1)/10 = 0.9 (90%) that it stays on its place after first iteration. Probability 0.8 (80%) of that two first elements are not shuffled after first iteration (quite obvious). Probability of first element staying in first position after entire loop is 0.348714728 (~34.8%) when it should be 10%. Sorry, did not do the maths for other elements, but I think it's enough already to state that shuffle fails. The easiest way to fix the loop is to rewrite it like this: for "_i" from 1 to _cnt do { _this pushBack (_this deleteAt floor random (_cnt+1-_i)); }; Thus not picking any element second time and providing fair 1/N probability for all elements. However, I don't like this approach because of too many (unnecessary) deletes, causing multiple elements to shift towards array front, meaning worst case complexity of O(n2) (if random always returns 0). I don't know how arrays work inside. If shifting elements of arbitrary types is quite costly operation (very likely for vector-like containers filled with data structures itself, not pointers), it's better shift numbers (indexes of elements). Here's my implementation of function, fixing both issues: /// --- validate general input #include "..\paramsCheck.inc" paramsCheck(_this,isEqualType,[]) private ["_cnt", "_result"]; _cnt = count _this; _result = []; if (_cnt > 0) then { private ["_i", "_idxs"]; _idxs = []; _idxs resize _cnt; for [{_i = 0}, {_i < _cnt}, {_i = _i + 1}] do { _idxs set [_i, _i]; }; _result resize _cnt; for [{_i = 0}, {_i < (_cnt-1)}, {_i = _i + 1}] do { _result set [_i, _this select (_idxs deleteAt floor random (_cnt-_i))]; }; _result set [_cnt-1, _this select (_idxs select 0)]; }; _result It does multiple deletes from array too, but at least elements are always numbers. Whoever wants a fair shuffle, feel free to use. Having BIS_fnc_sortBy function discovered broken recently, I think there should be some review in arrays functions code. And I'll be digging too, hehe :icon_twisted: I see what you did there, KK There's hotfix coming soon, I wonder if BIS could fix this function too. Best regards.
  8. alright , I'm so close to having my mission working 100% including ai commanders .. but my lack of real scripting/coding has put a big hold on me finishing this mission as sqs , to later then start porting it from sqs to sqf .. issues are variables and defines in two different scripts ... not a lot of errors but ive tried everything I know from _myvar = objnull, _myvar = [], _myvar = true, faults ,this select... it goes on and on... and is why I'm asking anyone that know how this stuff is done .. I NEED HELP. and before I hear again "just rewite it in sqf", this is not the point, I need it working as it was made fully before I cant start to do any sqf to the existing sqs scripts... ive been partly down this road and things get worse.. thank you if anyone is up to it.. might only take a good scripter/coder 10 min? for me its all guessing ... pm me here of steam Dr Death JM
  9. Hi everyone! Little weird behaviour for support modules: A simple work, but very hard to do: how to synchronize / desync the support(s) modules along with conditions? Say for instance: get the support modules if you reach a trigger area, loose these supports if out of the area? for each player ! Yes, I know, you're saying use synchronizeObjectsAdd and synchronizeObjectsRemove. Let an "open" (no) sync on editor, normally between player/playable unit and the module requester, then sync/desync on demand the player and the module requester. At ease! And you'll right for SP,... for the 1st instance! But continue tests. sync/desync/sync/desync... Right? Now, consider this in MP, JIP. These commands are supposed to be AG EG, and they are! But what for if the modules FSMs and scripts (a bunch of them!) are not "updated" with the sync state? I never had the intended behaviors for players in MP. The player on host PC (if not dedicated) loose the supports after the 2nd sync, The other ones have disabled supports (grayed in menu, even if no sync?!,) and/or duplication of supports. 3 artillery modules, 2 drops in icons menu... regardless of the rounds limitations which is another problem). I think there is something to do with (supports) modules "on demand" synchronization, because it could be fine to add/remove these supports along with scripts, and for units (players) we want.
  10. Would it be possible to manipulate certain entities directly in the new 3D editor instead of with the init field, i.e. turning on the lights of a vehicle, sling loading a vehicle to a helicopter or adjusting the stance and behaviour of a unit etc?
  11. I know the way around destroying buildings / veg with https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/nearestObject ; However, populating an annihilated town on Altis is an issue because I haven't found a way to destroy building / veg in Eden. A workflow of destruction scripts + Zeus for object placement, export to script and then spawning after the said destruction script is known and working. But I'm looking for something Eden related because it's so much better (the dynamic item search, yeah!) than Zeus.
  12. Hi all, I am a Linux user who is new to the ARMA franchise. I have been having a crack at putting together a simple, vanilla mission whilst waiting for the game to be updated from version 1.42 to 1.54 and am wondering if someone could help me sort out a few issues I have encountered during testing. 1. I found that 2 missiles from a chopper will take down a Military Cargo Tower. I can't have that and am wondering if there is a script to make a building indestructible? 2. Is it possible to restrict the use of artillery, so the Scorcher, Sandstorm and mortars are not available? 3. AA units that I have placed on the side of a mountain do not change weapon and fire when an enemy chopper flies past. Is there a script that forces them to use the AA missile launcher as their primary weapon AND actually fire it when an enemy air unit flies into range? 4. I have a speedboat on patrol and would like it to refuel/re-arm when the patrol is complete. I am having difficulty in getting the boat to manouver alongside the pier where I have a Taru fuel pod and 2 boxes of vehicle ammo stationed using the "move" waypoint. ( I could probably get it so that it works with more tweaking and previewing but am hoping that there is an easier way or some kind of "refuel" option). 5. Finally, could someone please tell me if the mission I am creating using version 1.42 is going to transfer successfully to version 1.54 when my version of the game is updated? Thanks for any assistance that can be provided.
  13. Hello BIS Forums, I am working on a mission which involves a cool chase scene, and to put in a "randomness" factor, I have recorded 3 different paths the AI can take. The paths work, but for some reason, the script I am using to choose the random path isn't really working. Here it is: _poi = _this select 0; _randomMovement = ["pursuitPath1","pursuitPath2","pursuitPath3"]; _dataPath = _randomMovement call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; hint format ["The path will be: %1",_dataPath]; sleep 0.5; // The script works up until here.. if (_dataPath == pursuitPath1) then { hint "good"; _pursuit1 = [_poi] execVM "path\play.sqf"; // play, play3 and play4 are the files that make the AI follow the path, they all work when I execute them through the debug console or by trigger. waitUntil {scriptDone _pursuit1}; terminate _pursuit1; }; if (_dataPath == pursuitPath2) then { hint "bueno"; _pursuit2 = [_poi] execVM "path\play3.sqf"; waitUntil {scriptDone _pursuit2}; terminate _pursuit2; }; if (_dataPath == pursuitPath3) then { hint "gut"; _pursuit3 = [_poi] execVM "path\play4.sqf"; waitUntil {scriptDone _pursuit3}; terminate _pursuit3; }; I am still learning the basics and everything there is to scripting, so bear with me if I made a simple error. I believe it has to do with the condition with the if statement, however, I am not sure what to do and google has failed me in this endeavor. If there is any help you all can offer it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks all : )
  14. Hello all, So I have been working on this mission for some time now, and at one point, I want this hint to come up and tell the player information regarding the objective. The player essentially has to chase a POI for a period of time. If the player gets a certain distance away from the POI, the mission fails (this part is already working). I would like to notify the player that they must keep within 50 meters, thus needing to use the hint. I looked up how to use the function BIS_fnc_advHint and found some good posts regarding the topic, such as this one. So I copied and pasted the example that darkdruid had confirmed to work and pasted this into my description.ext on an empty mission: class CfgHints { class test1 { displayName = "thisisatest"; class test2 { arguments[] = {}; description = "test Information text"; displayName = "test Information"; tip = "test test test"; }; }; }; and then this into a radio trigger: [["test1", "test2"]] call BIS_fnc_advHint; However, I am getting the error "Hint 'CfgHints >> test1 >> test2' does not exist Does anyone have any idea why this could be the case? It should work as I directly copied and pasted it into the description.ext (to remove risk of incorrectly typing something). Another question. Is there a way to display this hint only if the player fails when chasing the target for the first time? I.e. when the chase starts, the player gets more than 50 meters away from the POI, resulting in a mission failure. They restart to their last save (it autosaves right before the chase), and then the hint will display. Thanks for any assistance you guys can offer. EDIT: Alright, I have no idea why, but it is working now. Disregard this post as I figure out how to delete this.
  15. Hello, does anyone know of a script to show friendly unit that aren't in a group. I need some kind of indicator to help prevent FF. To clarify I'm not looking for map markers for friendly unit but either a system that when you look at them there name is shown as green in the center of the screen or just all friendly units have a icon on them or something like that. both cases I've seen before but couldn't find any scripts about them. Any help would be really appreciated. :D
  16. i'm trying to change view position like squadleader view when press "." in numberpad.so i tryed camon = true; cam = "camera" camCreate (man modelToWorld [0,-1,17]); cam cameraEffect ["external", "LEFT TOP"]; cam camSetFocus [18, 3]; while {camon} do { cam camSetTarget man; cam camSetRelPos [-20,-2,18]; cam camCommit 0.6; }; but player unit doesn't follow controls. so i remoted "man" unit. _unit = man; _vehicle = vehicle _unit; player remotecontrol _unit; _vehicle switchcamera cameraview; result are same. i think camera commands disabled player unit controls. any another way to changing user view or using else camera commands??
  17. So.. I'm trying to add an action to an ai character however, it doesn't seem to be working. This is my script: _buyHatchBack = carseller addAction ["Buy Hatchback",{call fn_carBuySystem}, [carID = C_Hatchback_01_F, carPrice = 200]6,false,false]]; My function call "fn_carBuysystem" is: fn_carBuySystem { carSpawn = carspawn; if (Money >= carPrice) then { Money = Money - carPrice; carID createVehicle setPos (getPos carSpawn); hint ["You have bought a %1 and you have %2 dollars left.", carName, Money]; } else { hint "You do not have enough money for this car"; }; What am i doing wrong? :)
  18. I'm quite new to functions with variables and scripting in general and I would really appreciate some help! The code will not even execute and I've been banging my head for hours now. Can someone please take a look? The function I'm trying to run is called spawnHeli (see code below) and its written in a file called functions.sqf. functions.sqf is called in init.sqf by execVM "functions.sqf"; and the spawnHeli function is called in a trigger in the editor by _nul = [getMarkerPos "heliSpawnPoint", "ocra"] spawn spawnHeli; The spawnHeli function I want to run as it is written in functions.sqf: It seams like already in the init phase the end of the functions.sqf file is not reached so can it be some error in the spawnHeli function preventing it from compiling? spawnHeli = { private["_xPos","_yPos","_zPos","_type"]; _xPos = this select 0; _yPos = this select 1; _zPos = this select 2; _type = _this select 3; _spawnMarkerPos = [_xPos,_yPos,_zPos]; if (isServer) then { _heli = []; _crew = []; _crew = creategroup EAST; if(_type == "ocra") then { _heli = [_spawnMarkerPos, 180, "O_Heli_Light_02_F", _crew] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; } else { if(_type == "kajman") then { _heli = [_spawnMarkerPos, 180, "O_Heli_Attack_02_F", _crew] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; } else { exitWith {}; }; }; _wp = _crew addWaypoint [getPos player, 0]; _wp setWaypointType "SAD"; _wp setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; _wp2 = _crew addWaypoint [getPos player, 1]; _wp2 setWaypointType "LOITER"; _wp2 setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; uiSleep 300; _wp3 = _crew addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "wpCas", 2]; _wp3 setWaypointType "Move"; _wp3 setWaypointCombatMode "green"; _Ocra = _heli select 0; waitUntil{ (getPos _Ocra) distance (getmarkerpos "wpCas") < 2000}; {deleteVehicle _x} forEach (crew _Ocra); deleteVehicle _Ocra; } else {}; };
  19. Hey guys, quick question (Which maybe useful for others to read). What are some ways I can debug my MP code without having to go actually online and/or pay for a dedicated server? (I also noticed Here that the content has disappeared, how come?!?) Also, I was not able to join my own dedicated server as I keep on getting kicked. So since my PC is beastly, I launched Arma 3 two times with different roles: 1st Arma 3: Hosted a server WITHOUT arma3server.exe. 2nd Arma 3: Joined the server as the client. Is this another way of testing client-side for multiplayer scripting? Thanks, :ok: Rawner135
  20. So I am creating a function where you can easily fire off specific actions, e.g.: [["DSS_Canteen_Filled_F", "Magazine"], ["DSS_Canteen_Empty_F", "Magazine"], "Eat"] call DSS_fnc_actionBrain; //Eat is the focus of this issue. Now when it passes the data across onto DSS_fnc_actionBrain, here is what happens in the .rpt: 19:31:17 Error in expression < then {_type = dss_fnc_eat};if ((_type == "Eat_Dry")) then {_type = dss_fnc_eat> 19:31:17 Error position: <== "Eat_Dry")) then {_type = dss_fnc_eat> 19:31:17 Error ==: Type code, expected Number,String,Not a Number,Object,Side,Group,Text,Config entry,Display (dialog),Control,Network Object,Team member,Task,Location DSS_fnc_actionBrain: dss_fnc_actionBrain = { _arrayRemove = (_this select 0); //Retrieves 1st Array _arrayAdd = (_this select 1); //Retrieves 2nd Array _type = (_this select 2); //Retrieves e.g. "Eat" //Type - Function if ((_type == "Drink")) then {_type = dss_fnc_drink}; if ((_type == "Drink_Soda")) then {_type = dss_fnc_soda}; if ((_type == "Eat")) then {_type = dss_fnc_eat}; if ((_type == "Eat_Dry")) then {_type = dss_fnc_eatdry}; [_arrayRemove, _arrayAdd] spawn _type; //Saves 1st and 2nd array and initializes _type. }; What is going wrong here, am I missing some kind of special syntax, or doesn't it work with strings anymore?!? :blink: Thanks, Rawner135
  21. This sounds so simple it hurts, yet I wasn't able to find any answer or hint anywhere You've got 3 dudes in your squad: number 1, number 2, number 3. In the group units array, number 1 is at index 0, number 2 is at index 1, number 3 is at index 2. Everything's good, I can easily retrieve the actual number by doing array index + 1. However, something bad happens to number 2, so now you've got 2 dudes in your squad: number 1, number 3. In the group units array, number 1 is at index 0, number 3 is at index 1, so I can't retrieve the number based on the array indexes anymore. Yet the UI keeps displaying the correct squad numbers so the info must be somewhere. Any idea? Thanks!
  22. So what i wanna do is to make an ai join my group when i'm at a certain distance away from him. Problem is, it could be random where he is. I've tried the "Attatch To" script but it doesn't seem to work for me and i've also tried to use "if (_x distance <5) but that doesn't work either. I'm not very good at scripting : /. Any help with this would be appriciated.
  23. Hello My name is John and we have been working on a Arma 3 Life Server. We have our own Server Box for the Game server. The Teamspeak is a NPL 512 slot, and 40+ people trying to help. The thing is, they are all what i call (Google Devlopers) besides one gentlemen. But work is an overload on him and we are requesting some experienced help. No matter what your talent is in the scripting/modding world, we will most defiantly take a look at you. When we get up and running you will be rewarded for the amount of help/work you put into the community. Serious Inquires only please. 18+ is required Email John: 3rdsfo@gmail.com Map is already up, Most things work properly, they just need help on the pile of work left to do.
  24. Hi fellow scripters, Initially we had hoped to release the major upgrade to our scripting technology with Patch 1.03, but we were not able to get it fully implemented in time. Therefore we're pushing the ability to use Java to the next patch Java is available since beta patch rev. 89707 (documentation) Why is this awesomeâ„¢? Using a widespread, proven and robust language with loads of documentation and tutorials. Using IDEs such as NetBeans and Eclipse for development and debugging. Using Object-Oriented programming architecture and design. Using generally much higher performance script execution. Using many standard Java libraries instead of reinventing the wheel. Note: this will not replace SQF scripting, so the transition should be smooth.