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Found 543 results

  1. I have been searching for a solution to this for a few days, and finally decided to make a post. Is there a way to remove specific default actions from an object through scripting in ACE3? Or even disable to interact with a specific object at all? I would like to remove the ability to remove wheels and repair from a set of vehicles. Sorry if this is not the exact location to post this, but the ACE wiki does not seem to have anything on this, and I couldn't find an answer online.
  2. Hello! I'm very new to scripting in Arma, or any form of code in general. I"m struggling to get this script to work. My current goal is to throw a green smoke grenade and have a helicopter spawn, fly to the smoke grenade position, drop a supply crate, and fly away. Any help would be amazing! Original script credits go to Tym Cooper's video on helicopter positon to smoke grenades - "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_hOKoOfqfw" and Soolie's supply drop script - "https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/177299-customizable-supply-drop-release/" Arma tells me my error is in this line of code (around line 44) places "lxl" before select 0 _supplyWP2 = _supplyGrp addWaypoint [[(_dropPos select 0)+_supplyRandomLocX, (_dropPos select 1)+_supplyRandomLocY, _dropPos select 2], 2]; HERE is the full script //script start _shooter = _this Select 0; _ammotype = _this Select 4; _dropPos = getpos player nearestObject "SmokeShellBlue"; _supplyBoxFnc = "b_supplycrate_f"; _supplyCargoFnc = { _supplyBoxFnc addWeaponCargoGlobal ["hgun_Pistol_Signal_F",3]; _supplyBoxFnc addMagazineCargoGlobal ["6Rnd_RedSignal_F", 10]; _supplyBoxFnc addWeaponCargoGlobal ["hgun_Pistol_heavy_01_snds_F",3]; _supplyBoxFnc addMagazineCargoGlobal ["11Rnd_45ACP_Mag", 10]; _supplyBoxFnc addWeaponCargoGlobal ["srifle_GM6_LRPS_F",3]; _supplyBoxFnc addMagazineCargoGlobal ["5Rnd_127x108_APDS_Mag", 10]; _supplyBoxFnc addItemCargoGlobal ["V_PlateCarrierGL_rgr", 10]; _supplyBoxFnc addItemCargoGlobal ["U_I_GhillieSuit", 10]; _supplyBoxFnc addBackpackCargoGlobal ["B_AssaultPack_ocamo", 10]; }; //hint format["%1",_ammotype]; sleep 2; switch (_ammotype) do { case "SmokeShellBlue": //add script below { //_supplyLocArray = [+1000,-1375,-1500,-1125,+1250,-1000,+1375,-1250,+1500,+1125]; _supplyLocArray = [+100,-100]; _supplyRandomLocX = _supplyLocArray select floor random count _supplyLocArray; _supplyRandomLocY = _supplyLocArray select floor random count _supplyLocArray; _supply = [[( _player select 0)+_supplyRandomLocX, ( _player select 1)+_supplyRandomLocY, ( _player select 2)+50], 180, "I_Heli_Transport_02_F", WEST] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; _supplyHeli = _supply select 0; _supplyHeliPos = getPos _supplyHeli; _supplyMrkrHeli = createMarker ["supplyMrkrHeli", _supplyHeliPos]; _supplyCrew = _supply select 1; _supplyGrp = _supply select 2; _supplyGrp setSpeedMode "FULL"; _supplyGrp setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _supplyWP1 =_supplyGrp addWaypoint [(_dropPos),1]; _supplyWP1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _supplyWP2 = _supplyGrp addWaypoint [[(_dropPos select 0)+_supplyRandomLocX, (_dropPos select 1)+_supplyRandomLocY, _dropPos select 2], 2]; _supplyMrkrLZ = createMarker ["supplyMrkrLZ", _dropPos]; "supplyMrkrLZ" setMarkerType "Empty"; "supplyMrkrHeli" setMarkerType "Empty"; _supplyHeli flyInHeight 150; hint "The supplies are on the way"; _supplyMrkrHeliPos = getMarkerPos "supplyMrkrHeli"; _supplyMrkrHeliPos2 = [_supplyMrkrHeliPos select 0, _supplyMrkrHeliPos select 1, (_supplyMrkrHeliPos select 2)+50]; _supplyHeli = _supplyMrkrHeliPos2 nearestObject "I_Heli_Transport_02_F"; _supplyMrkrLZPos = getMarkerPos "supplyMrkrLZ"; _supplyLZ = createVehicle ["Land_Laptop_device_F", getMarkerPos "supplyMrkrLZ", [], 0, "NONE"]; deleteMarker "supplyMrkrHeli"; deleteMarker "supplyMrkrLZ"; _supplyLZ hideObject true; waitUntil {( _supplyLZ distance _supplyHeli)<400}; _supplyHeli animateDoor ["CargoRamp_Open",1]; waitUntil {( _supplyLZ distance _supplyHeli)<200}; sleep 2; _supplyHeli allowDammage false; _supplyBox = createVehicle [_supplyBoxFnc, position _supplyHeli, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; clearBackpackCargoGlobal _supplyBox; clearWeaponCargoGlobal _supplyBox; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _supplyBox; clearItemCargoGlobal _supplyBox; _supplyBox disableCollisionWith _supplyHeli; _supplyHeli disableCollisionWith _supplyBox; _supplyBox allowDammage false; _supplyBox attachTo [_supplyHeli, [0, 0, 0], "CargoRamp"]; _supplyBox setDir ([_supplyBox, _supplyHeli] call BIS_fnc_dirTo); detach _supplyBox; deleteVehicle _supplyLZ; //concerned area [_supplyBox,_supplyCargoFnc,nil,true] call BIS_fnc_MP; [_supplyBox,"FncSupplyLight",nil,true] call BIS_fnc_MP; //concerned area _supplyChute = createVehicle ["B_parachute_02_F", position _supplyBox, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _supplyBox attachTo [_supplyChute,[0,0,-0.5]]; _supplyChute hideObject true; _supplyChute setPos getPos _supplyBox; _supplyLight = "Chemlight_green" createVehicle (position _supplyBox); _supplyLight attachTo [_supplyBox, [0,0,0]]; sleep 1; hint "The supplies have been dropped"; _supplyChute hideObject false; _supplyHeli allowDammage true; _supplyBox allowDammage true; _supplyHeli animateDoor ["CargoRamp_Open",0]; //:::::::::::|SMOKE|::::::::::: _supplySmoke = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (position _supplyBox); _supplySmoke attachTo [_supplyBox, [0,0,0]]; //::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: waitUntil {(getPos _supplyBox select 2)<2}; detach _supplyBox; _supplyChute setPos [ (getPos _supplyChute select 0)+0.75, getPos _supplyChute select 1, getPos _supplyChute select 2]; hint ""; sleep 5; {deleteVehicle _x;}forEach crew _supplyHeli;deleteVehicle _supplyHeli; }; case "1Rnd_SmokeGreen_Grenade_shell": { Hint "Green SmokeShell Detected"; }; case "FlareGreen_F": { Hint "Green Flare Detected"; }; case "3Rnd_SmokeGreen_Grenade_shell": { Hint "Green SmokeShell Detected"; }; case "UGL_FlareGreen_F": { Hint "Green Flare Detected"; }; case "3Rnd_UGL_FlareGreen_F": { Hint "Green Flare Detected"; }; }; //script end used for players unit init player addEventHandler ["fired",{_this execvm "supply_smoke.sqf"}]
  3. I'm looking to see if it is possible to lock stand-alone doors so that only certain player IDs can open them. And if so, can it be done through a script in the mission folder so that IDs can be added without having to open the mission file in Arma every time I'd like to change the list?
  4. Hi everyone, Need help with this script. I create a marker who spawn on tanks placed in Zeus on the map call T1, T2 etc... This marker could be dynamic. I mean its move with the tanks and show on the map, with a bliking effect only when the player will be at a defined distance. So I try this, but the marker don't move with the tank. I try to use setPos getPos player, to attach markers to tanks but nothing. The Marker will be create correctly, could see on the map, but didn't move with de tank... _tank = ["T1", "T2", "T3", "T4", "T5"]; while {((!alive _tank) && (player distance _tank < 1000))} do { (_marker1 = createMarker ["mark1", _tank]; _marker1 setMarkerShape "Ellypse"; _marker1 setMarkersize [500, 500]; _marker1 setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; mark1 attachTo [_tank]; ["mark1", 3, 50] spawn BIS_fnc_blinkMarker; }; Somebody could help me?
  5. Hello everyone and happy new year! I wish you all the best! I am working on a mission where the player takes part in an invasion on an island and must disembark wtih his squad on the beach. There will be some locals and civilians around and I need to make them run away in fear and afraid of the invaders, when the soldiers are spotted by the civilians. So this should be used as a condition. But I know there are some commands that work for the entire class or type, just like the markers. I use such a script that hides all the markers on the start of the mission and makes them visible when a condition is met. It works for all of them, so I need a script that would include all of the local civilians walking around the island. I intend to add a voice file and a text with their screams of fear or something like that inside the trigger, if this script works from a trigger and it will be repeatable. So, would you help me with this? I'd even appreciate a single script that works with one civilian only and simply add it to every one of them I place in the editor. Thank you in advance! ­čÖé
  6. I've just begun modding in Arma 3, after someone approached me and asked me to help him with modding in a beret that didn't exist anywhere on the workshop yet, I did everything as he asked me to and followed closely Arma 3's limitations (10k triangles at most, no smooth shading, all triangles, taken from https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Modding_Characters). I used Blender to model the beret and managed to export it into a P3D file, then I exported its texture in a PAA file, then I created its icon and saved it as a PAA file, too. The problems began with the config file. I used a tutorial for a steel tube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxiwU94zwjg&) first, and actually spawned it in the game, it appeared in my inventory, but it didn't exist once I dropped it onto the ground, I thought that's just because I didn't add a line to the config, I don't think it's important so I ignored it Then I found an actual config file for a headgear (from https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Characters_And_Gear_Encoding_Guide#Headgear_configuration) and I thought if I just changed up some things it'd work good enough. After I was done modifying that config file and got the mod working the game wouldn't let me spawn the beret in. I didn't get any debug messages, nothing. The beret just wouldn't spawn in my inventory, as if it didn't exist in the first place. Now I know this is a long post, but I feel like I needed explained my whole "adventure", so that maybe someone gets an idea of what the problem might be. Here's the mod file if you want to check it out https://github.com/Kalimedes/Mod
  7. when I use "BIS_fnc_playVideo" the sound of the video remains the same but the game skips the black screens of the video, Any solution??
  8. Vector595


    when i play a video on arma 3 it gets totally out of sync the video looks go faster than audio
  9. There are some scripts for vanilla arma that you can use to get an AAF Pawnee or something like that i wanted to try it with modded vehicles i use cup vehicles and there is a AH-1Z with AAF camo i wanted to put the camo on the Apache because they look kinda similiar and it might look good i tried alot of pathways but it didnt work it just makes the body of the vehicle invisible and thats it when you put a pawnee reskin on a slammer it just looks weird and it doesnt go invisible im just gonna dump in all the pathways i have and some pictures. this setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"A3\cup_airvehicles_ah1z.pbo\data\UI\aaf_ah1z_body_co.paa"]; this setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"A3\addons\cup_airvehicles_ah1z.pbo\data\UI\aaf_ah1z_body_co.paa"]; this setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"A3\@CUP Vehicles\addons\cup_airvehicles_ah1z.pbo\data\UI\aaf_ah1z_body_co.paa"]; this setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"A3\!Workshop\@CUP Vehicles\addons\cup_airvehicles_ah1z.pbo\data\UI\aaf_ah1z_body_co.paa"]; this setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"A3\!Workshop\@CUP_Vehicles\addons\cup_airvehicles_ah1z.pbo\data\UI\aaf_ah1z_body_co.paa"];
  10. Hi everyone and happy new year! Introduction This is my first script in 2020. @Ori150418 posted a request about a marker searching system and this piqued my interest so I got to work. This script adds a searchable list with all markers to the right side of the map (see video below). Features Adds list with all markers Markers are searchable by their text Updates positions periodically Updates markers when opening the map Includes user made markers List is hideable Note: The performance might suffer in missions with a lot of markers. The example mission has a small test built into it which generates 100 markers randomly on the map. I'd appreciate feedback about the performance as I have a good enough system to not notice a difference. Usage Copy the file "fn_markersearch.sqf" to your mission directory Add the following line to your init.sqf/initPlayerLocal.sqf: ["init"] execVM "path\to\file\fn_markersearch.sqf" Video Downloads https://github.com/7erra/marker_search Have fun!
  11. Hello guys: I am working, creating on the map Staszow, Poland 1944 a CTI. German army against Soviet forces. In each town there is a garrison of the red army that watches over it. When German forces attack that enclave. The Soviets ask for help on the radio and, within a few minutes, two IL2 planes appear. if (!isServer) exitWith {}; //_crew1A1 = []; //_airframe1 = []; //if (isServer) then { _crew1A1 = creategroup EAST; _airframe1 = [getMarkerPos "marker_1A1", 45, "sab_il2", _crew1A1] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; _pos = getMarkerPos "marker_1A1"; _pos set[ 2, 150 ]; sleep 10; _airframe2 = [getMarkerPos "marker_1A1", 45, "sab_il2", _crew1A1] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; _pos = getMarkerPos "marker_1A1"; _pos set[ 2, 150 ]; _wp1A1 = _crew1A1 addWaypoint [(getmarkerpos "WP_1A1"), 1]; _wp1A1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp1A1 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _wp1A1 setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; _wp2A1 = _crew1A1 addWaypoint [(getmarkerpos "WP_2A1"), 2]; _wp2A1 setWaypointType "SAD"; _wp2A1 setWaypointSpeed "LIMITED"; _wp2A1 setWaypointBehaviour "COMBAT"; }; This is the little script that handles air strikes. I publish it in case anyone is interested. It's nothing otherworldly, I know, it's very simple, but it works. It fulfills its role. Three empty markers are used: 1.- marker_1A1 where the planes appear. 2.- WP_1A1 First waypoint (MOVE) 3.- WP_2A1 Second waypoint. Attack Point (SAD) It's very easy, but if someone wants the demo mission, I can send it to them. Happy new year, guys.
  12. With this script you can generate bullet impacts at designated positions and on designated objects. Basically its like movie stunt squib sequences being fired. Demo Mission Download I've been on a roll lately, but this is probably the last release of 2019. I'm making up for the summer when I couldn't type (so scripting wasn't an option). But I start a new job in January, so I probably have to slow down on my favorite hobby... ­čś× Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
  13. Here's a fun script/composition. I'm making a mission with an interactive market/carnival with lots of stuff for player and AI to do, and this is one part of it. Also, it would be simple to convert this to a Ravage Dunk Tank by filling the tank with boiling oil! Muuuhaahaaahaa. Download mission folder Happy New Year everybody! Credit: @Larrow for the splash effect. Cheers mate! Planned: Convert to use smaller dueling target, since right now its too easy to hit the plate (thanks to @Maff for providing how to use that target). Add Ravage Dunk Tank variation where tank is bubbling oil, and dunkee burns and thrashes for awhile (as Hinky would say: "That's not very Christmasy.".
  14. Its BBQ time kids! Download Demo Mission Features 3 styles of BBQ compositions: Spit roast large animal (goat, sheep, boars, etc.) Grill fish or small food items directly over fire. Cannibal roticery (as seen in my Property of Mabunga mission) Credit: I want to thank @F2kSel for the roll function that rotates the roticery. init.sqf: JBOY_BBQ scripts
  15. This script keeps an animal stationary, but still plays its ambient idle animations. Good for keeping chickens and rabbits in cages, and goats and sheep in fenced off areas. Dropbox Link for demo mission. @haleks gave me the idea when he shared his fast rabbit trick: He attached a rabbit to an invisible man, and the man actually runs, not the rabbit, but it works great (fast running rabbits!). Thanks Haleks! An invisible man would have worked for this also, but for stationary animals, it seemed leaner to use a game logic. Here's the code to paste into an animals init field in the editor:
  16. Hi guys: In a script for a vehicle to appear in a certain position, I have included a list of items that should appear in the vehicle inventory: morphine, bandages, ammunition ... I have also included tools and a backpack. The soldier must use the backpack to store the tools inside and be able to move with them to repair the vehicle. However, it is more interesting that the tools are already included inside the backpack. In this way, when taking the backpack, they already have the tools in the inventory. Can anyone help me in this regard? That is, the backpack appears in the inventory of the vehicle with the tools inside. Thanks. if (!isServer) exitWith {}; // VEHICLES // _markerstr = createMarker ["VEHICLE",[8849.8,23460.5]]; _markerstr setMarkerShape "ICON"; _height = 0.000335693; _vehicle = createVehicle ["CUP_B_RG31E_M2_OD_USMC", (getMarkerPos "VEHICLE"),[],0,"NONE"]; _dir = 210; _vehicle setDir _dir; _vehicle setFuel 0.5; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _vehicle; clearWeaponCargoGlobal _vehicle; clearItemCargoGlobal _vehicle; clearBackpackCargoGlobal _vehicle; /// WEAPONS /// _vehicle addweaponcargoGlobal ["launch_MRAWS_green_F",1]; _vehicle addweaponcargoGlobal ["launch_I_Titan_F",1]; _vehicle addweaponcargoGlobal ["rhs_weap_M320",2]; /// AMMUNITION /// _vehicle addmagazinecargoGlobal ["DemoCharge_Remote_Mag",4]; _vehicle addmagazinecargoGlobal ["200Rnd_556x45_Box_F",12]; _vehicle addmagazinecargoGlobal ["DGR_264_S_30Rnd",64]; _vehicle addmagazinecargoGlobal ["1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell",32]; _vehicle addmagazinecargoGlobal ["HandGrenade",24]; _vehicle addmagazinecargoGlobal ["MiniGrenade",24]; _vehicle additemcargoGlobal ["Titan_AA",4]; _vehicle additemcargoGlobal ["MRAWS_HEAT_F",4]; /// EQUIPMENT /// _vehicle additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_Clacker",1]; _vehicle additemcargoGlobal ["B_UavTerminal",1]; _vehicle additemcargoGlobal ["ALIVE_Tablet",1]; _vehicle additemcargoGlobal ["tf_anprc152_1",2]; _vehicle additemcargoGlobal ["tf_rt1523g_big_bwmod",2]; _vehicle additemcargoGlobal ["SAS_Predator_W",8]; _vehicle additemcargoGlobal ["ToolKit",1]; _vehicle addbackpackcargoGlobal ["B_Carryall_khk",1]; _vehicle addbackpackcargoGlobal ["B_UAV_01_backpack_F",1]; /// MEDICINES /// _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["ACE_personalAidKit",8]; _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["ACE_bloodIV_500",32]; _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["ACE_epinephrine",16]; _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["ACE_tourniquet",32]; _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["ACE_morphine",40]; _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["ACE_packingBandage",100]; _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["ACE_elasticBandage",100]; _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["ACE_surgicalKit",2];
  17. JBOY Throw Knife Script (updated 12/16/19) With this script players and AI can throw knife objects. Vanilla ARMA does not have a knife object, so I am using screw drivers and files. Think of these as "guerilla knives" that have been ground to a sharp point and balanced for throwing. You should also be able to use Mod objects with this script (like knives in Max Melee or Unsung mods). Demo Mission Link (updated to V2): https://www.dropbox.com/s/tga95kckxtrrf23/JBOY_ThrowKnifeV2.Stratis.zip?dl=0 Features: Player can throw knife objects. Knife target destination is determined by position of center of screen (screenToWorld position), i.e., where the player is looking. AI can throw knifes via scripts. Knife target destination is provided by position. AI throw accuracy is determined by their skill level for skill "AimingAccuracy". AI can throw exactly on target also, via an additional parameter. Good for cutscenes where you need the knife to arrive in an exact destination (like left eye of some bad hombre for example). Knives stick on objects they hit. Knives stick on AI when hit. Attached position is relative to closest AI mempoint (head, hand, foot, spine, etc.). So when wounded AI moves, the knives still show as stuck in relative position. Limitations: When AI killed by knives, I have to detach knives so they fall to the ground. We would all rather see a nice "pin cushion" effect where knives are sticking out of dead AI in correct directions. But this is impossible because once a dead AI ragdolls, those positions are screwed up, and you see knives disconnected and suspended in air. That is bad for immersion, so I opted to just detach them instead. JBOY_Throw script:
  18. So I want to hide the sidechat on trigger. Example when I have a unit talking in sidechat and the player just walks away (leaves the trigger) I dont want the unit to keep talking in sidechannel. I tried showChat false; but it just hides all channels. Maybe something that can kill the script and stol the talking or something like that idk. I tried looking for a solution but I didnt find anything. termniatescript isnt working too. Once the script actived it wont stop till it finished
  19. So what I want to do is when a player walks into a trigger the window of the building breaks
  20. I just don't find anything that can do that. All I want is that when a ambulance drives into the trigger that it turns on the sirens and lights.
  21. Hey there guys, so I'm pretty new to scripting and I've ran into something I could do with a little help with. I'm trying to use this script To make loot spawn in a crate, but I don't need it to be done on the missions init, I need it to be based on a repeatable trigger so it only activates when a player gets close to it. Is there a way to do this?
  22. Just to place this into context - i made a mission where the players will be supported by some cruise missile fire, fired by the AI. There are 3 different targets, and 3 different MK41 VLS launch pads firing at each their target. I found this script/code and its been working very "on/off". It works every time in singleplayer, but only "occational" in multiplayer on a dedicated server - so im approachig you guys, the mighty Arma 3 oracle, to see if you guys can help me improve this code so that it'll work more predictably and reliably on dedicated servers too. This is the code im using: ------------------------------------------------ // This is the script I'm using in an .sqf ------------------------------------------------ west reportRemoteTarget [HAA1_0, 3000]; HAA1_0 confirmSensorTarget [west, true]; west reportRemoteTarget [T2, 3000]; T2 confirmSensorTarget [west, true]; west reportRemoteTarget [T1, 3000]; T1 confirmSensorTarget [west, true]; Cruise1 fireAtTarget [HAA1_0, "weapon_vls_01"]; Cruise2 fireAtTarget [T2, "weapon_vls_01"]; Cruise3 fireAtTarget [T1, "weapon_vls_01"]; ------------------------------------------------ // This is basically the information provided for each launcher ------------------------------------------------ west reportRemoteTarget [HAA1_0, 3000]; HAA1_0 confirmSensorTarget [west, true]; Cruise1 fireAtTarget [HAA1_0, "weapon_vls_01"]; While developing the mission, i do my fair share of testing on a dedicated server - first time i tried it, all 3 missiles fires and hits their targets. Next time i did some changes to the mission, although nothing to the settings of the targets/missiles or script - suddenly all 3 missiles fires, but 1 goes straight up - while 2 hit their target. And ofc, during the offical playthrough of the mission with my Arma 3 group, all 3 missiles fires but all 3 goes straight up and none of them seemingly targeting their targets. This was mildly put rather annoying. So in short, if any of you script-wizzes know how to help me out with this to have it work more predictably and reliably on a dedicated server it would be absolutely epic, and much appreciated.
  23. Here is a super simple script for animating lip movement for an AI unit for specified # of seconds. Script: Here is some sample usage code, where two different units talk with each other. In this example the valdez character says a sound file that is about 5 seconds long, and the paramedic1 character says a sound file that is 2.6 seconds long. // ************************************************************** [valdez, 5] call JBOY_Lip; valdez customRadio [JBOY_Channel,"hvTempHospital"]; //valdez globalchat "Hey Zeke. When are they going to build the new hospital? This temporary one is a dump."; sleep 5; // ************************************************************** [paramedic1, 2.6] call JBOY_Lip; paramedic1 customRadio [JBOY_Channel,"hParaCutOffFunding"]; //paramedic1 globalchat "Maybe never. Madagascar has cut off the funding."; sleep 3;
  24. Hello Dear Community! So I am using agents for my Civilian needs on a coop mission but the mission also requires that some of those civilian agents rebel and attack players. Since agents are very basic and cannot attack I must find a way to smoothly replace said agent for a REGULAR UNIT when the WITNESS┬┤s rebel state triggers. Here is how I do stuff so far: PS: As you can probably tell by the script I am going for a "as optimized" as posible script since there will be lots of Witnesses and Enemy Units on the map as well as objects so I am tight on frames.
  25. Description: This is a GUI that allows the person who executed the script to add/assign or remove/unassign Zeus to any specified player(s). Downloads & More Information: GitHub: Pastebin: Video: Steam Guide: Curator Creator Version 1.0: * New version is coming out soon. The script was broken so I am going to re-make it myself. *