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Found 545 results

  1. Hi. On my mission I put some notifications with BIS_fnc_dynamicText function as tasks are accomplished, i.e., Kill the officer. Init.sqf if (isserver) then { officer_down = false; publicVariable "officer_down"; }; I have created a task with the module and named it "kill_officer" and a trigger. Trigger Condition: !alive officer On Activation: ["kill_officer","succeeded", false] call bis_fnc_tasksetstate; Task_Kill = ["<t font='PuristaBold' t size='0.90' t align='left'>The officer is dead!</t>",safeZoneX+0.10, safeZoneY+safeZoneH-0.15, 20, 1, 0, 888] spawn bis_fnc_dynamicText; officer_down = true; publicVariable "officer_down"; Notifications work perfectly when tasks are accomplished. The problem is when a player goes offline and reconnects in the middle of the mission, all the notifications together that have been completed so far appear again. It is clear that it is something related to JIP, but for more I look for information and read, I cannot understand how JIP really works The mission was played on a dedicated server. I would appreciate any help to fix this problem.
  2. Hi, I'm using a trigger to spawn AI (CSAT) boats and make them move to a waypoint (to chase the blufor boats) and I am getting a "generic code error" when I try to do this. The code I have so far is as follows: group_2 = creategroup east; enemy2 = group_2 createVehicle ["O_Boat_Armed_01_hmg_F ",getmarkerpos "spawn2",[],0,"form"]; enemy2 domove (getmarkerpos "waypoint2") This code is situated in the activation section of the trigger. I have a dot marker set as spawn2 and a circle marker set as waypoint 2 (as I'm spawning a load of ground units at the same time who spawn at spawn1). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi everybody ! I come here to search some help ! Indeed I want to make a script with a big array who coutains all coordonate of home and the name of the owner. I know how do the array BUT I don't know how to make a script which gives the name of the owner of the house where my character is in arma 3. Basically I would like to search in my array let's call the _Home the owner of the house where is my character. If somebody can help me a little it could be nice ! Thanh kyou !!
  4. Good afternoon all! I am here today because I meet a problem ... Indeed I do not know how to retrieve in a script the content of a variable that was created in another script. In other words I have a script 1 which has a variable _chose and in script 2 I want to recover this variable _chose. Thank you for reading my few lines! and I hope you can help me ... Good bye !
  5. I've got a trouble scripting a veichle... I have a VTML Lince (like an US Humvee) with the turret..The animation of the turret (a Browning) doesn't work... (so does not rotate exc..) I used the model.cfg file in the Arma 3 Samples of the Car01 but I miss the part of the turret animations. Can anyone help me?
  6. So, im setting up a SP mission. Out of complete randomness the AI decided to shoot at my jeeps with their RPG. i found that so dope so I wanted to have that in the mission but it just wont replicate. I tried setting a Destroy waypoint on the vehicle - AI does nothing, just walks there. I tried setting them to open fire and combat state and just let them stand around (which was basiclly the same that happened when it randomly worked) but they wont shoot at it.... so what am I supposed to do to make this horrendous AI work the way i want? shouldnt it be self explenatory to enable the AI to shoot rockets at vehicles?!?!
  7. So my goal is to make zeus blind from Blue players and i have med som progress. However it seems for some reason when i run my script to remove Blue players, the game adds them again. while {true} do { sleep 10; { if !((side _x) == east) then { ZM1 removeCuratorEditableObjects [[_x],true]; }; } foreach allUnits + vehicles; }; I am looking for any suggestions to how i can fix this. Thanks!
  8. Hello all, I hope you are doing well. I am looking for a way to find out if a side is hostile towards a unit. I am getting some units in an area with inAreaArray and from those, I pick (or count) only the ones that are on the same side as the unit of interest. I have tried to "subtract" those two arrays in order to get what's left of the original array (the one returned by inAreaArray) but in this way, I also get civilians and possibly independent which may or may not be hostile to the unit of interest (the unit's side is not predefined). So, the question is... Do you smart ArmA forum's people have any bright idea of how I could solve the problem (I kinda see something EXTREMELY simple coming and this will be funny 8D).
  9. This is some proof-of-concept scripts that move animals by attaching the animals to invisible AI units. Why do this? Because animals default movement is too slow. Arma vanilla dogs and rabbits run slower than men, which is lame. Also added some dust fx when animal moving fast. One downside is animals now make footstep sounds. That might be ok for large animals, but is silly for a chicken or a snake. Download Demo Mission Credit: I thank @haleks for the idea (its how he made Ravage rabbits fast) These scripts could be basis for building further scripts: Flock or herd of animals moving along as a group Sheep Dog herding a flock of Sheep Boar stampede Boar attacks Dogs chasing rabbit Etc. The demo mission contains these 2 script files: init.sqf JBOY_AninmalAIFuncs.sqf
  10. SCCLoot SCCLoot adds simple, configurable loot spawning to any Arma 3 mission. Got feedback/suggestions, or using this script in your mission? Get in touch! Features Completely open-source and redistributable. Easily editable loot tables and parameters. Building blacklist to stop specific structures from spawning loot. 5 default categories for loot (Civilian/Industrial/Military/Medical/Supermarket) with the ability to add your own. Customisable per-building loot-spawning positions. Want to make street lamps spawn loot? You can! Spawn loot in pre-placed containers and boxes. Supported Arma 3 Terrains (incl. Tanoa and Livonia) CUP Terrains Installation Place the 'SCCLoot' folder inside the root mission directory. Add the following line to your mission's init.sqf: [] execVM "SCCLoot\lootInit.sqf"; Configuration SCCLoot is designed to be highly customisable and configurable - there are several config files that can be edited to alter it's behaviour. More information can be found inside the README.TXT file. License This script is released under the BSD 2-Clause License. You are free to modify and redistribute it, provided you keep the original copyright notice. For more information, see LICENSE.TXT in the script directory. Download • GitHub
  11. so on my units server we are running a clean up script, due to the lack of mass graves and body piles withing arma we are trying to a manual mass grave but due to the clean up script it stops that from happening is there away to stop that script running on certain objects?
  12. Hey there, I'm trying to get an object to provide a whitelisted player with the option to purchase ammunition once in close proximity. So far, I've written the following into the object's init: if (getPlayerUID player in _UIDList) then { this addAction ["Buy STANAG mag $100","purchasestanag.sqf"]}; The mentioned _UIDList simply reads as follows under init.sqf: _UIDList=["76561198090900291"]; Is there something crucial I'm forgetting to include? I'm very fresh to coding, so do excuse my ignorance. Any pointers are much appreciated.
  13. Good day, I am currently at a dead end of the MP mission I am trying to create for my unit, solely with ALiVE modules, I don't really use any MCC features but just wanted to leave it loaded in case I need to create a scenario while the mission is running. I wanted to add specific vehicle cargo (custom loadout) in a medevac vehicle(RHS Asset), such as ace medical items. So our medics can replenish their inventory from the vehicle. I did this by adding this in the vehicle's init field: In addition I also added scripts on some vehicles and units init field to assign as ALiVE Combat Support so that ALiVE would work with VCOM accordingly, I followed this steps from ALiVE's FAQ site. I followed what's in the red box: But when I start the mission, the mission loads twice and respawns the vehicles rendering all the scripts I've put useless. I can't figure out how to stop the vehicles from respawning when the mission loads the second time or to have the script run at a specific time so it would execute once the mission finishes loading "Completely". Here's a 5 min. video to show what I am trying to do. https://youtu.be/3nxOfavKnBY TIA! PS: I don't know how to title this since I'm not exactly sure what's happening to name it properly. So my apologies if it's misleading.
  14. So I'm trying to test out the kbtell command to use dialogue in missions, but I've hit a wall. Everything appears to be working, I'm not getting any errors, but the first subtitles play, the sound doesn't, and nothing else happens. bikb file script file Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  15. I have rental dedi arma 3 server and i have INIDBI2 for save system on it. Right now there is a save game button in the game screen, but i want to get it on the pause menu save game button, the button is grey now. Button i have right now is scripted like this: "initplayerlocal.sqf" Player addAction ["<t color=`#38BAFF`>Save Game</t>", {[] call UN_savedata;}]; How can i script it in the onpause menu "save game" button? I find this link, but i don`t get it work
  16. I've been tinkering with values of a mod that my Milsim unit uses. With all the mods we have somewhere along the pipeline has overly increased and made more realistic A.I. in which they also have more health but the weapons we use our simulated extremely well. The problem is the mod we use for our mortar damage range just isn't realistic and a direct impact may kill a single person on a group of 20 with no armor on. I wrote a script similar to what I'm doing here but with RHS and updated the weapon damage values just by using CfgPatches and I'm trying to do the exact same thing here but they named their ammo with a "( )" in it. Which upon compiling the addon doesn't allow it to continue as it returns an error along the lines of [line 13 expected = received "("] does anyone know a workaround or how to get this to work properly? TL:DR - Can't update damage of an ammo type because the class name has a symbol in it that the addon builder assumes is apart of the code rather than just being apart of the name. VZ99 CfgAmmo.hpp My CfgPatches in a separate addon I'm creating giving me the error. (Only editing the HE and HE_Multi ammo) As far as I can determine the issue is that the class name having ( ) is the issue but I can't edit the original addon CfgAmmo due to their licensing. If anyone knows a solution I'm open to anything.
  17. Hi, I want to remove this GPS cross from the map which is showing while the player is in an aircraft. I want a map which is finally a map and not a GPS device named map.. How can I achieve that? In-game options? Script? Mod? Thanks
  18. Hey all, back here with a question. I am looking for a way to get access to some variables which have the same name with an increasing numerical suffix. I tried to do something like this but to no avail // Trying to get access to objects named (in the editor) obj0, obj1, obj2, obj3, etc. private _maxIdx = 4; // I get this from somewhere else but I define it here for completeness // Increase an index for[{private _i = _0}, {_i < _maxIdx}, {_i = _i + 1}] do { // Create the name of the variable private _var = "obj" + (str _i); // Parse the name of the variable as a string _var = call (compile _var); // Get the object variable // Get the position of the object _secPos set[_i, getPosATL _var]; // Get the position of the object placed in the sector // Delete the object placed at the sector objective deleteVehicle _var; }; This doesn't seem to work. The only evidence I have (haven't done the testing myself unfortunately) is that the objects (obj0, obj1, obj2, etc.) are not deleted in the editor. Any ideas or insights are most welcome :).
  19. Hello, community. Here is what I want to achieve: - I want to combine 3 different animations into one; - the player should be able to play these 3 animations sequentially; QUESTION 1: Should these animations be united as one and used all together in one script or QUESTION 2: Perhaps they could be used individually with a “wait until” command between them, so the script “should wait” until the first one is completed in order to perform the second one and when it is over, the third one will be played as well. ANIMATIONS: 1. The player waking up being wounded and then stands up after X seconds. 2. The player then looks around like in another script we already well know where he can set up a camp, sleep and then wake up in X hours. 3. The player then moves along an invisible way with his weapon in his right hand like in a cinematic intro. I have reworked this last animation’s content making it stop functioning when: player distance obj1 <X. This means I need to stop all these animations, when they are completed, with this part above, used in a trigger’s “On Activation” field. Animations: Nr. 1 - should be put in player’s init field: [this, "PRONE_INJURED"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; 0 = this spawn {waitUntil {time > 10}; _this call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim__terminate; _this switchMove "AinjPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_rolltofront";_this playMove "AmovPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon"}; Nr. 2 - should be activated by: player addAction ["<t color=""#F8FF24"">" +format["Set Up Camp"],"Camp_Script\spawn.sqf"]; Here you can find the files for this script: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28555 Nr. 3 - in a trigger or in playerinit.sqf: player disableAI "move";_nul = [] spawn {player switchMove "Acts_PercMwlkSlowWrflDf2";player disableAI "ANIM";waitUntil{(player distance target1) < 8};player switchMove "";}; [1, 60,true,true] call BIS_fnc_cinemaBorder; - target1 one is the object that the player needs to reach and when he does, the animation stops working. So, friends, how can we combine these 3 animations into one? Thank you in advance! Happy scripting and cheers!
  20. Guys I have this hold action set up to revive downed team mates. My issues are: 1) How can I reduce the completion time if the caller is a medic? 2) Can I cancel the holdAction with a hint if the caller has no FirstAidKits? (I want the hold action to show even if the caller does not have the firsAidKit, I just want the hold action to exit with a hint, would if ((({""FirstAidKit"" == _x} count (items _caller))<1)) exitWith {hint "You need a firstAidKit";} work inside the conditionProgress field? Thank you!
  21. Need a quick script to better randomize grenade explosion sound in my JSRS sound replacement mod. This should be straight forward and fairly easy to do if you have any scripting knowledge with the A3 Scripting Engine. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Sound File Names: Close_Distance (1).ogg, Close_Distance (2).ogg, Close_Distance (3).ogg, Close_Distance (4).ogg, Close_Distance (5).ogg, Close_Distance (6).ogg, Close_Distance (7).ogg, Close_Distance (8).ogg, Close_Distance (9).ogg, Close_Distance (10).ogg You will get co-credit on my Steam Workshop page for this mod. You can check out the mod here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1290747231 Thx so much, swtx
  22. I want a unit to move in a vehicle after respawn but it shows that error code: 17:52:36 Error in expression <_wp = _unit addWaypoint [_pos1, 0];> 17:52:36 Error position: <_unit addWaypoint [_pos1, 0];> 17:52:36 Error Undefined variable in expression: _unit 17:52:36 Error in expression <_unit setWaypointType "MOVE";> 17:52:36 Error position: <_unit setWaypointType "MOVE";> 17:52:36 Error Undefined variable in expression: _unit 17:52:36 Error in expression <_unit setWaypointSpeed "Full";> 17:52:36 Error position: <_unit setWaypointSpeed "Full";> 17:52:36 Error Undefined variable in expression: _unit 17:52:36 Error in expression <_unit setWaypointBehaviour "Combat";> 17:52:36 Error position: <_unit setWaypointBehaviour "Combat";> 17:52:36 Error Undefined variable in expression: _unit 17:52:36 Error in expression <_unit setWaypointType "GETIN NEAREST";> 17:52:36 Error position: <_unit setWaypointType "GETIN NEAREST";> 17:52:36 Error Undefined variable in expression: _unit the script is activated with this in the unit's init:this addMPEventHandler ["MPRespawn", {[_unit] exec "respawnvehiclescript.sqf"}]; the script: _unit = _this select 0; _pos1 = getMarkerPos "Marker1"; _wp = _unit addWaypoint _pos1 _unit setWaypointType "MOVE"; _unit setWaypointSpeed "Full"; _unit setWaypointBehaviour "Combat"; _unit setWaypointType "GETIN NEAREST"; hint "%1 respawned!!!"
  23. I have got a script that works by calling it like this: guard = [op1] execVM "HousePatrol.sqf"; is there a way to call this script for multiple units at the same time so as not to write: guard = [op2] execVM "HousePatrol.sqf"; guard = [op3] execVM "HousePatrol.sqf"; ...
  24. Hi, I'm new to scripting so forgive me for what I'm asking. I'm trying to make a training mission for my clan. I need to randomly place four flags inside a given area defined by a marker, and these four flags have some constraints in terms of the position in which they can be placed. Here's a bit of the code: traguardo setPos ([["white"], []] call BIS_fnc_randomPos); blueflag setPos ([[[getPos traguardo, 4500]], [[getPos traguardo, 2500], "water"], _this inArea "white"] call BIS_fnc_randomPos); where "white" is the name of the above-stated marker. When I run the code, it returns me the error: |#|_this inArea "white" Error undefined variable in the expression: _this don't know why though. Thank you greatly for your help.
  25. Dear follow Arma addicts, can anyone point me towards a performance conscious script for: 1) Replacing all the non tracer ammunition from both player and ai with tracer ammunition, both at their weapons and inventories. 2) I believe tracer ammunition effects only happens when the magazine is almost empty. Is there any way to make every round have (or simulate) tracer effects? Basically I want to simulate old school battlefield games (BF2, BF3) were all rounds have tracer like effects that help players identify the origin and location that fire is coming from. (I need to up the feedback and gameplay friendliness of my mission while compromising some realism). Thank you in advanced!