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Found 543 results

  1. MambaSix Drag [beta] I was looking for a slightly more realistic way to drag objects such as fortifications, ammo boxes, and other objects around the battlefield, so I sat down one Saturday afternoon working on a method and this is what it has evolved into. After the copy/paste of a few files, and one simple initialization call, you should be able to drag objects around on the battlefield in a more realistic manner. Dropbox DL: MB6_Drag_v0.90beta.7z Current Version: 0.90beta Usage: Installation Instructions: Known Issues: Features Planned (Hopefully): Changelog: Credits: Cigar0 - Initial concept, which I have since greatly bastardized :P
  2. Hello again! Alright so, I was wondering how to do this; There's certain items that I want to modify/replace the way they look during an ENTIRE mission - since these objects are spawned through scripts, I can't edit their "init's" to set a texture on them - so I was wondering if there's a script I can run during the entire mission to ALWAYS replace a certain objects texture I tried looking and I found a little about "setObjectTexture" but I'm not very sure on how it works. Though, I'm looking for something like; for example: BackPack_1 replace with "texture1.paa" (This is only for backpacks, uniforms, helmets and vests!) and each time it spawns, it'll have that texture instead of the default automatically. Thanks!
  3. Thread moved to: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/185831-arma-2-oa-dedicated-server-restart-script-linux-debian-75/
  4. I've looked around the forum and the functions viewer, but I can't figure out if it's even possible to use End Game's "download intel" mechanic of approaching a laptop (for example), holding space and starting the download, with that GUI and all, in a non-End Game, SP scenario. Since they've released the Revive script, I'm wondering if that is possible as well. As seen in here: https://youtu.be/ehyqh9UAVNg?t=2874
  5. Hi, I am making a rifle range script for arma 3 and I am getting 2 problems: 1) When I run this the debugger returns ""Invalid number in expression on line 13", here is the function. targetPool = [tar1,tar2]; _numTargets = count targetPool; monitorTargets = false; hitNumber = 0; if (_numTargets > 0) then { monitorTargets = true; }; //Loop while we are being asked to while {monitorTargets} do { { if (animationState == "terc" && animationPhase == 1) { hitNumber = hitNumber + 1; hintSilent format["Hit number: %1", hitNumber]; } else if (animationState = "terc" && animationPhase == 0) { _this animate["terc",1]; } else { hintSilent "Miss!"; }; }forEach targetPool; }; 2) This not a fatal issue but it's not ideal. I can't call the function even though I have defined the class in a c++ header file. my description.ext: #include "Functions.h" and my Functions.h: class CfgFunctions { class crane { file = "functions\"; tags = "crane"; class PreTasks { //For funtions to be initialised before init obj's preInit = 1; class setWarInventory{}; class setRidgebackInventory{}; class startRange{}; }; class PostTasks { //for functions to be initialised after init obj's postInit = 1; class stopRange{}; }; }; }; //I forgot to end the CfgFunctions class with }; Thank you for any help.
  6. So I'm trying to make survival mission for me and my friends and I want empty vehicles to spawn randomly along the roads, mainly civ vehicles but also a few military ones. I've tried to search around but I suck at searching for arma editing stuff, I don't know why xD I ofcourse want it to be as nice on the fps as possible, aka only spawn vehicles close to the player, maybe 2.5km away? I know that you can use "createVehicle" and how to make it choose a vehicle randomly from an array but I don't know how to make them spawn along the road in a good fashion. Thanks
  7. Hi, everyone, We need a good skilled arma 3 scripter developer ! To finish a multiplayer mission for arma 3 ! The work is almost finished, but not everything is working like it should be ! As there is no mod like this to get inspiration or to simply use others mission framework We need to finish this by ourselves ! but that its not possible since we are not good dev's ! The dev should know how to use arma 3 scripting methods, manage msql databases (extdb2), create own functions, and know how to use arma 3 tools and 3rd party software ! We will pay for the job ! Dev should be free for the job immediately today or tonight ! thanks for contacting me in private for more info ad me as friend on the forum, or on steam look for "DoomneT"
  8. Hi all, I just want to make constant graphic effect of "grain" / "noise" (call it as you like) in every mission, everywhere. I know arma 3 engine allready have such effect. Regularly i use small addon "ASCZ Post-process Effects" created by EvroMalarkey (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26113) This addon allow to apply few presets with color and noise changes via Zeus menu. Since i noticed that it very annoying to open Zeus, dig into the menus and select preset every time i start any mission. I opened this addon and noticed that it include only one small config.bin file that have few lines of code. So i understand that mod maker didn't create whole effects from scratch, he only used arma 3 built in effects with his own settings. So maybe it very simple to create small script with only one effect based on arma's engine? I use only one preset and it have only few lines of code to run... (i only changed values related to grain for myself) It looks like: class CfgPostProcessTemplates { class Default { colorCorrections[] = {1,1,0,{ 0,0,0,0 },{ 1,1,1,1 },{ 0,0,0,0 }}; filmGrain[] = {0.10,0.10,0.10,0.10,0.10}; }; Thats all... Maybe it also necessary to call for Postprocess module at the beginning of code or something like that... So maybe some of you can help me and write some small script that will automatically run with every time i start the mission??? I dont have any programming skills at all, but i believe that to write such a script is only metter of few minutes for somebody that understand. I'm not asking to copy - paste whole addon created by other man, jusy to create some small new addon. P.S. Why to add grain to the game? I have pretty big visual experience as photo, video and digital artist, and i can share my opinion that in most cases adding small, slightly visible, amount of luma grain to the picture create effect of more live, more harmonic look to every element of a picture, especially when we talk about noiseless picture that out from computer 3D editor. Just try it... and maybe you will like it too.
  9. Werthles' Headless Module (now v2.0!) Fully configurable module to give headless clients control of editor/script/Zeus AI. -->TUTORIAL VIDEO - CLICK HERE<-- Albert is the name of my headless client... Downloads: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=510031102 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29455 Main features: Easy way to create headless client missions HC Setup and Ignore modules Editor/script/Zeus AIs auto-transferred to HC control AI waypoints/scripts/trigger syncs preserved Splits AIs evenly among multiple HCs 3D Debug Mode Here's Why Headless Clients Are Good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-WKHrC661g&feature=iv&src_vid=15VK_kNOu6o&annotation_id=annotation_4128809211#t=1m46.4s How To Use: Download the mod and launch Arma 3 with the mod. Edit your mission, adding a WH Setup Module, found under "Headless Modules". Configure the parameters as appropriate for your mission. Add an "Ignore" module if required. Add playable, uniquely named, headless clients. Save your mission as a multiplayer mission. Set up your server and headless clients Play your mission! Players, HCs and the server need to run the WHM mod in order to play. Part 3 of this guide is how I set up dedicated servers and headless clients: Werthles Headless Kit Guide http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=459917508 Setup Module Parameters: Headless clients to be used Repeating checks for spawned AI Time to wait between repeats 3D debug mode for all or just admins Balance the number of AI units on each HC, and rebalance when uneven Delay between module activation and HC setup starting Time between each HC transfer, to aid stability Initial setup report Phrases the module should ignore when checking AI for the HC (can be whole/part unit names/group names/unit type/synced module name) If certain units need to remain controlled by (local to) the server, simply sync these units to an ignore module. Compatibility When combining with mods that require setup time, try increasing the WHM startup delay or activate the module on a trigger, so WHM setup starts afterwards. ALiVE Compatibility ALiVE Profiles: Attach "WH Setup Module" to a radio trigger (or similar solution), then activate once in game (else profiles do not load or save correctly). ALiVE Support Modules: Give the group a distinct callsign, then add this to the list of units to ignore within the "WH Setup Module".Please let me know if you find an issue with this and any mods. I will list any issues found here. I would like to make this compatible with as many mods as possible! Headless Client Tips: Headless Clients must be set as playable and have a unique name. HCs cannot connect to client internet multiplayer servers, only local servers or dedicated servers. This is because IPs cannot be whitelisted with these servers. HCs can only connect to servers which are passworded. WHM will change the locality of the AI being transferred to HCs. This can interfere with some scripts. If it does, you can use the "Ignore" module to stop WHM from giving the HC control of individual groups. See: http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-locality/ Links For Scripted Version: WHK Setup Guide (For scripted version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15VK_kNOu6o Werthles Headless Kit http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=459317544 Werthles Headless Kit Guide http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=459917508 WHK Armaholic Download http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28917 Please let me know if there are any problems/things that could be improved, and I'll get to work on it! I'd also love to see this in action. Please link me if you have screenshots/videos!
  10. HI, i use stats system with armaNET sqlite database, for counting kills and deaths etc.... when using inbuild revive script from BIS and stats system, when you are wounded and have no choice to be revived, the player death counts are 2 after respawn! i hope its clear enough lol i will try to explain better: for exemple player get killed it counts 1 death, and the revive system comes up, if nobody revives you and you respawn then the death count is 2 for the player. that's the problem ! it should not be count 2 deaths but only one, else if you push respawn button in revive system the killticker will say player killed himself. so my question is how can i fix this ? revive system should be ignored in deaths count. Player in revive state is defined as dead.
  11. Here is an execution flow-chart for those who might have difficulty working out how the isServer or isDedicated process works. I'll add some more flow-charts how other things work as well later. Tell me if it's helpful. This is based on Killzone_kids explanation for multiplayer execution states displayed here. http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-basic-multiplayer-coding-summary/
  12. Hello Community, I'm visiting this forum very often and I like to the informative threads here. Now I want to give something back to the community. It is a loadout framework for Arma 3: LoadoutFramework The LoadoutFramework simplifies the creation of unit loadouts in Arma 3. This script based approach uses config class definitions as loadout definitions. Due to this technique, class inheritance is possible and simplifies the mission editors life. Usage Setup Copy the loadoutFramework folder to your mission folder Edit your description.ext and include following: #include "loadoutFramework\base.hpp" class CfgFunctions { #include "loadoutFramework\cfgFunctions.hpp" }; Create Loadouts Every user created loadout is described in loadoutFramework/cfgLoadouts.hpp. In this file, only classes inherited from the Collection-class should be inserted. The Collection-class The Collection-class is the base class for all classes defined in the framework. This class describes the basic loadout-slots used in the framework. class Collection { uniform[] = {}; // Uniform. e.g. {'U_B_CombatUniform_mcam'} vest[] = {}; // Vest headgear[] = {}; // Headgear like helmets goggle[] = {}; // Goggles backpack[] = {}; // Backpack primaryWeapon[] = {}; //primary Weapon primaryWeaponOptic[]={}; // Scope for primary Weapon primaryWeaponMuzzle[]={}; // Muzzle Attachment for prim. Weapon primaryWeaponBarrel[] = {}; // Barrel Attachment for prim Weapon primaryWeaponResting[] = {}; // Weapon Resting Attachment like bi-pods primaryWeaponLoadedMagazine[] = {}; // the loaded magazine secondaryWeapon[] = {}; // secondary Weapon secondaryWeaponOptic[]={}; // same like primaryWeaponOptic see above secondaryWeaponMuzzle[]={}; secondaryWeaponBarrel[] = {}; secondaryWeaponResting[] = {}; secondaryWeaponLoadedMagazine[] = {}; handgun[] = {}; // handgun handgunOptic[]={}; // same like primaryWeaponOptic see above handgunMuzzle[]={}; handgunBarrel[] = {}; handgunResting[] = {}; handgunLoadedMagazine[] = {}; binocular[] = {}; // Binocular Item magazines[] = {}; // all magazines which can be stored in uniform, vest or backpack depending on space. E.g. {{"30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag_Tracer",3},{"30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag",6}}; for 3x 30 Rnd 6.5x39mm caseless Tracer and 6x 30 Rnd 6.5x39mm caseless magazines items[] = {}; // all other items (magazines are also possible) which can be stored in uniform, vest or backpack depending on space. Same definition like magazines[]. itemsUniform[] = {}; // all items (magazines are also possible) which have to be stored in uniform. Same definition like magazines[]. itemsVest[]={}; // all items (magazines are also possible) which have to be stored in vest. Same definition like magazines[]. itemsBackpack[] = {}; // all items (magazines are also possible) which have to be stored in backpack. Same definition like magazines[]. linkedItems[]={};// all items which are linked to a special slot (NVG, Map, Watch etc.). E.g. {"ItemWatch","ItemCompass","ItemMap","NVGoggles"}; script[]={};// A script which is executed after applying loadout. }; Every property is defined as an array. This allows the user to define multiple e.g. uniforms. The system chooses then one uniform randomly. Custom Loadout By inheriting the Collection-class (class MyLoadout : Collection), you can define your custom loadout by filling the properties. As class inheritance is possible, you can define additional loadouts based on other loadouts. Additional, you are able to aggregate sub-collections. Maybe you want to have a medical backpack and some weapons with a predefined magazine loadout, you can create some sub-collections which can be added to your unit-loadout. class Weapon_MX : Collection { // ideally added to cfgTemplates.hpp but not necessary primaryWeapon[] = {"arifle_MX_F"}; primaryWeaponOptic[]={"optic_Aco"}; primaryWeaponLoadedMagazine[]={"30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag"}; primaryWeaponBarrel[] = {"acc_pointer_IR"}; magazines[] = {{"30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag_Tracer",3},{"30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag",6}}; }; class AnotherClass : Collection { ... }; class Rifleman : Collection { uniform[] = {"U_B_CombatUniform_mcam"}; vest[] = {"V_PlateCarrierL_CTRG"}; headgear[] = {"H_HelmetB_camo"}; goggle[] = {"G_Combat"}; backpack[] = {"B_AssaultPack_mcamo"}; handgun[] = {"hgun_P07_F"}; magazines[] = {{"16Rnd_9x21_Mag",2}}; itemsBackpack[] = {{"FirstAidKit",3}}; linkedItems[]={"ItemWatch","ItemCompass","ItemMap","NVGoggles"}; class PrimaryWeaponClass : Weapon_MX { // Some Collections added to Rifleman Collection primaryWeaponOptic[]={}; // Change optic to iron sight for this collection }; class AnotherSubCollaction : AnotherClass {}; }; As shown in this example, you can simply overwrite certain properties (primary weapon was changed to iron sight), if you wish to change the loadout for some loadouts. Sub-collections which are not usable standalone, should be created in the cfgTemplates.hpp-file. Applying the Loadout The function BG_fnc_applyLoadout applies the loadout to a unit. Syntax: [<unit>,<loadoutName>] call BG_fnc_applyLoadout; Note: <unit> has to be local! That's it. You can find this script on my GitHub account: GitHub
  13. G'day guys, I'm proud to share one of my best work used for my upcoming mod...DSS! (You can find the page in my signature) Repair Wheel and Engine Script Repairs the wheel or engine of a car or truck. If the wheel or engine is already fixed, it will terminate the request. This script is also MP and SP compatible. USAGE AND TERMS: This script is under protection by the "ADDON MAKERS FOR AUTHORS' RIGHTS": http://amar.arma3.fr/ If you are to use this in your server, mission, etc. Please do give me credit! For those of Altis Life, BP (Breaking Point), and other major mods, you will have to ask me permission in order to use. This script was more intentionally for my upcoming mod, DSS. But since this is a community, I felt generous to contribute a bit of my stuff. ;) To PM me for permission to use or you are have troubleshooting, here is my profile: https://forums.bistudio.com/user/800011-ranwer/
  14. I am pleased to announce my first script release. GRAD Fireworks What it does Shoots rockets in the air. Takes input: Position Color (Random, Red, Green, Blue, White) Type (Random, Fizzer, Normal, Rain) Rain is always white. Sample Call (you can call from any client or server) [getPos objectname, 'normal','red'] remoteExec ["GRAD_fireworks_fnc_prepareFireworks", 2]; Installation Copy GRAD_fireworks to your mission directory Put code below in description.ext Call the script via trigger, radio, script, whatever. Sample call above. class cfgFunctions { #include "GRAD_fireworks\cfgFunctions.hpp" }; class cfgSounds { #include "GRAD_fireworks\cfgSounds.hpp" }; How it works Uses Flares, Lightpoints and some sounds to achieve the effect. Therefore totally vanilla compatible. Computation is done on the server which then sends precalculated stuff to the clients. Those display the effects locally, but it should look the same on every computer. In usage example here: Download Script + Sample Mission http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29255 Feedback welcome If you have any suggestions codewise or effectwise, let me know.
  15. I wrote a little script to help with base building. This is meant for people who want to build static bases on a map with absolute position (not a composition) and just get the simple createVehicle code back. This is essentially what the broken 3D editor does except this uses Zeus so you get all the objects and stuff. Here's the script: private ["_pos","_radius","_collection","_startingInt","_c","_final"]; _pos = param [0, (position player)]; _radius = param [1, 250]; _startingInt = param [2, 0]; _collection = nearestObjects [_pos, ["All"], _radius]; if (count _collection > 0) then { _c = _startingInt; _final = ""; { private ["_obj","_class","_sim"]; _obj = _x; _class = typeOf _obj; _sim = getText (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _class >> "simulation"); if !(_sim in ["soldier","invisible","curator"]) then { private ["_pos","_dir","_fuel","_damage"]; _pos = position _obj; _dir = getDir _obj; _fuel = fuel _obj; _damage = damage _obj; _br = toString [13,10]; _buildStr = format ["_vehicle_%1 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ['%2', %3, [], 0, 'CAN_COLLIDE']; _vehicle_%1 = _this; _this setDir %4; _this setPos %3; };", _c, _class, _pos, _dir]; _final = _final + _br + _buildStr; _c = _c + 1; }; } forEach _collection; copyToClipboard _final; hint "Copied to Clipboard"; }; There are 3 parameters: 0: ARRAY - Position at which the anchor the grabber 1: SCALAR - (Optional, defaults to 250) Radius to use when searching for objects 2: SCALAR - (Optional, defaults to 0) Starting interval number (use this if you want to add on to your base without having to rename variables from 0 to X etc.) All you need to do is put this sort of thing in your init.sqf and then place the Zeus modules on the map in order to enter Zeus (the script will not grab any module objects). player addAction ["Save Composition", { [position player, 200] execvm "zeusGrabber.sqf" }]; player addAction ["Load Composition", "myBase.sqf"]; Output will be something like this. Then to load your objects just call a script with the generated code inside it. _vehicle_0 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ['Land_Communication_F', [3997.9,4011.65,0], [], 0, 'CAN_COLLIDE']; _vehicle_0 = _this; _this setDir 0; _this setPos [3997.9,4011.65,0]; }; _vehicle_1 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ['Land_BagBunker_Large_F', [3990.86,3984.25,0], [], 0, 'CAN_COLLIDE']; _vehicle_1 = _this; _this setDir 0; _this setPos [3990.86,3984.25,0]; }; _vehicle_2 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ['Land_ReservoirTank_Rust_F', [4018.19,3981.11,0], [], 0, 'CAN_COLLIDE']; _vehicle_2 = _this; _this setDir 0; _this setPos [4018.19,3981.11,0]; }; _vehicle_3 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ['Land_IndPipe2_Small_ground2_F', [4025.75,3983,0], [], 0, 'CAN_COLLIDE']; _vehicle_3 = _this; _this setDir 0; _this setPos [4025.75,3983,0]; }; _vehicle_4 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ['Land_Factory_Main_F', [4011.58,4021.95,0], [], 0, 'CAN_COLLIDE']; _vehicle_4 = _this; _this setDir 0; _this setPos [4011.58,4021.95,0]; }; _vehicle_5 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ['Land_BagBunker_Large_F', [3978.38,3996.92,0], [], 0, 'CAN_COLLIDE']; _vehicle_5 = _this; _this setDir 0; _this setPos [3978.38,3996.92,0]; }; _vehicle_6 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ['Land_BagBunker_Tower_F', [4009.92,3967.57,0], [], 0, 'CAN_COLLIDE']; _vehicle_6 = _this; _this setDir 0; _this setPos [4009.92,3967.57,0]; }; _vehicle_7 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ['Land_Shed_Small_F', [4036.71,3988.52,0], [], 0, 'CAN_COLLIDE']; _vehicle_7 = _this; _this setDir 0; _this setPos [4036.71,3988.52,0]; };
  16. Hello! I'm proud to release public version of my equipment script creator - ACC EqKreator v10.2! Now ACE3 compatible! Q&A: Q: Why you created your own equipment script creator and why it is called EqKreator? A: I have got annoyed by other software/scripts functionality where you was forced to use some kind of program (LEA) or search for many items classnames and write them inside already created scripts (F3). I am not saying that these things are bad, I just wanted to create something that would suit my needs. And that is full JIP compatibility - COOP oriented - Lightweight - Easy to use script. It is called EqKreator because it creates ready to use equipment scripts for you! ;) Q: Is it based on some other mission? It looks similar to VTS by L etranger? A: Yes it is edited version of VTS v4.0 by L etranger. I have just deleted all playable slots and left GM one, and added my equipment generator script into it, also, I have added Virtual Arsenal into it. Q: Why just don't use Virtual Ammobox or add Virtual Arsenal to my mission? A: Well... you can do that, but in our community we sometimes play missions that last over 4 hours and we don't want to waste time so everyone get's equipped from scratch from VAmmobox or VArsenal or other kind of Virtual something. Also, I am mission maker and I just hate that way of assigning gear. It is me that decides what player will get. Not that player :P. That is also why EK was created. Q: There are many other scripts like this one, why should I use yours? A: Let me write down some pros of this script: It gives gear to each unit before briefing screen It is JIP friendly, you will not see this script adding gear again like other equipment scripts sometimes do You can create many equipment scripts very fast and even save them inside VArsenal or VTS Shop for further usage/editing You can see how much your unit weigh with all gear you added (using AGM or CSE) You can see unit, all gear on it and even test it :) You can assign gear to selected equipment slot (backpack, vest, fatigues) Did I mentioned that it's blazing fast and easy to use? Compatible with ACRE2/TFAR/Vanilla (in terms of removing radio IDs - everyone will get unique radio ID) Creates equipment script for vehicles too Instructions: Installing script to mission folder Installing and running EqKreator v10 mission Making equipment for units Making equipment for vehicles You may also want to look at my ACC DAC_Toolbox script if you use DAC v3 and are a mission maker! ;) Download v10.2: Dropbox link Armaholic link (not updated yet) Changelog: v10.2 Hotfixed vehicle/crate assign gear scriptv10.1 Fixed vehicle/crate assign gear script (isServer check) Styllistic updates v10 Simplified whole script Script converted to function - uses call now instead of execVM (using execVM in unit init line is highly not advised!) Added ability to assign callsigns for BFT markers from ACE3 New: immediately after assigning uniform/vest/backpack clear it from any equipment that could be added from uniform/vest/backpack default config items - no more additional unwanted items Let me know here if there are any other questions regarding this script! Licensed under APL-SA. v10.2 09-05-2016 mb GieNkoV for Arma Coop Corps community. Thanks Letranger for his VTS v4.0!!!
  17. Hi all. I was about to finish the fifth Arma II campaign mission, "Razor Two", when by some mistake I reverted to the beginning of the mission and all my saved games seemed gone (didn't appear ingame). This bothered me a great deal, because I was playing through it for the third time and finally managed to get all the evidence and get to Bardak in time. I thought I was in luck when I found the saved games in my "home\Documents\ArmA 2\Saved\ca\missions\campaign\missions\C2B_RazorTwo.Chernarus" folder. I opened the last one with the OA executable and reloaded the game successfully. However, although I can finish the mission, it will no longer advance the campaign. Successfully ending the mission does not unlock the following one. Also, after loading the savegame the "Suspend" option in the menu is replaced with "Abort", and it will delete all mission saves, or so the message says. Saving in a new slot and reloading that game doesn't change this. I've tried copying the old save somewhere else, like "home\Documents\ArmA 2\Saved\ca\missions\campaign" but it didn't work either. Only restarting seems to restore the normal menu behavior (and would likely allow me to continue the campaign). Looks like this behavior was intended (perhaps as an anti-cheat measure?) but as I mentioned I have already played through the mission three times and wasted a lot of what little free time I have, and I'd rather make that old save work if it's somehow possible. Does anyone know of a way? Thank you.
  18. Hi fellow scripters! We've just added documentation on an initial batch of 30 new TKOH script commands. We will both do more batches and add more detail to currently posted documentation. This thread shall keep you in the loop on major updates. Of course any community assistance is more than welcome, and in fact, the first commands were added by MadDogX :cool: Highlights of batch 1: Helicopter engine commands Persistent saving / loading to / from user profiles (very powerful for any scripted system needing to store data on the disk - read the warnings please! ) Custom radio channels (potential for a extensive ATC system if desired)