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Found 552 results

  1. I have a trigger which is activated if someone is inside. However, it should only get activated if someone is inside AND if time is between 11:45 o'clock and 11:59 o'clock. How would I do this? My attempt (checkTime.sqf) _dateNow = date; // _now = [2017,7,2,14,05] (Jule. 2nd, 14:05pm) _hour = _dateNow select 3; _minute = _dateNow select 4; _condA = 0; while { _condA == 0 } do { hint format[ " Hour: %1\n Minute: %2\n " , _hour , _minute ]; //only true if time is between 11:45 o'clock and 11:59 o'clock if ((_hour >= 11 && _minute >= 45) && ((_hour < 12)) then { _condA = 1; hint "condA is true"; //return this this } else { sleep 5; } };
  2. What is the script that makes AI in the jet, locate the ally and players anywhere on the map? (Allies and players who are also flying in jets anywhere on the map) Is there any script to do this? I would like the help of both players!
  3. Hello. Im learning currently JIP and have some problems. Respawn type in Description.ext is 3 (BASE) 1. I have a task (tsk1) created in InitPlayerLocal.sqf tsk1 = player createSimpleTask [localize "STR_tsk1"]; tsk1 setSimpleTaskDescription [localize "STR_tsk1_1", localize "STR_tsk1", localize "STR_tsk1"]; 2. I have a trigger with condition: !alive typ1 (Execution only on server). By activation: ["task1Completed","stat.sqf"] remoteExec ["execVM",0] 3. The problem is that the tasks are not completed if player joins in progress (I execute triggers only on server, so they doesn't run by JIP players) How I can synchronize the tasks by that way? So the tasks, which are completed by currently playing players will be marked as completed by JIP players too..? Any suggestions?
  4. Story This is a script that I wrote a few weeks ago for a friend. It's supposed to simplify the loading of cargo onto vehicles by the player. There are several routine integrated to avoid script errors. A description can be found inside the SQF file, how to execute the script. It's SP/MP/Dedicated and HC compatible. Have fun. Content It is a single ~140Code-Line-Big Script to enable the Player to attach objects with other objects via the action menu in a simple way. Purpose The aim of this script is to make it easier to implement a universal script, which enables the player to attach objects in a specific manner. Download Missions and Script on GitHub ArmaHolic Link Credits Script & Media: Rockhount Examples
  5. durobulo@gmail.com

    Building type

    Hi, I would like to know, how to get information about building type - such as military, industrial, civilian etc. I can read the building class (name) - but is there any function that returns what type it is? Or is it coded in building name? _nBuilding = nearestBuilding player; hint str typeOf _nBuilding; thnx
  6. Hey, Guys, I'm pretty new to the forums and scripting, so I have this problem with other people's scripts, I can't see the dialog text, I'm using TAA name And VAS Vas: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19134 TAA: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23512 TAA Picture VAS screenshot:
  7. Story This is a script that I wrote years ago for a event mission. It's supposed to simplify the command to an AI for shooting at an specified area with the artillery. There are several routine integrated to avoid script errors. A description can be found inside the SQF file, how to execute the script. It's SP/MP/Dedicated and HC compatible. Have fun. Content It is a single ~100Code-Line-Big Script to let an AI controlled artillery shoot at a single destination. Purpose The aim of this script is to make it easier to implement an artillery. Download Missions and Script on GitHub ArmaHolic Link Credits Script & Media: Rockhount Examples
  8. So I am trying to make a multiplayer mission which spawns random missions at random locations and I dont really know how to do that script? I am new to scripting in arma. thanks for any help OpFern
  9. Hi guys. I'm back after a VERY LONG time away, and find out that i still can not code to save my life! Can someone help me please? I'm sure this exists elsewhere and I'm sorry, I have searched but came up blank. I'm trying to write a little script to drop me and my AI (or player) team out of a BlackFoot. I 'could' give each unit a parachute backpack and force them to 'eject' as the plane goes through a trigger right? But I don’t want to do that, as the units will loose their default backpacks (medic, ammo bearers, explosive guys, etc). So what I’m doing is spawning a 'steerable_parachute' behind the plane and moving each unit in turn using movindriver. The problem is that they will not move to the chutes if they are in the plane. If they start on the ground, they'll instantly move to the chute. If i put them in the plane first at the start of the mission, they will not lose their association with the plane. UnassignVehicle doesn’t work. Can anyone please help me sort this stupid little issue please, it's driving me nuts! (I could share the script if you wish, but it's so rudimentary (and doesn't work!) there's no real point.
  10. Hello. I have following problem: I made mission. It should be without respawn. In Description.ext I tried respawn = 0 and even to not define respawn. The problem is that I don't want that Init.sqf executes if someone joins in progress. He should be a seagull if he joins in progress (respawn = "BIRD" not worked, init.sqf executes anyway) and Init.sqf should not be executed on his machine. Is there some way to prevent this?
  11. So i'm doing this mission where a convoy gets hit my an IED and I want their task (which is move to a town) to cancel when they get hit.
  12. As part of a general vehicle operations script I have fixed winged aircraft land in aerodromes based on conditional code. One particular aspect regarding the choice of aerodrome to land at depends on the controlling faction of said aerodrome. To assert landing at the correct aerodrome I was attempting to use the airportSide script command to determine the side of a given aerodrome based on a previously assigned side with setAirportSide. However, no matter what combination or order of calls to airportSide and setAirportSide (whether dynamically attempting to change airport sides or via static assignment in init scripts), airportSide always returns nil. The only case where I could get a non-nil result back from airportSide is when I use the object-overload of airportSide with a carrier, i.e.: _carrierSide = airportSide aircraftCarrierObject where aircraftCarrierObject is the variable name for an aircraft carrier scenario object placed in via the editor. To clarify, the usage of airportSide or setAirportSide with numerical aerodrome IDs seem to do absolutely nothing (which is inconsistent with the calling parameters of landAt, which works with aerodrome IDs). To give an example: 0 setAirportSide east; _aerodromeSide = airportSide 0; isNil "_aerodromeSide"; // Returns true Am I using the script command incorrectly in any way? Can anyone advise on what I am doing wrong? EDIT: To further clarify, I am attempting to get the Number/ID variant of airportSide/setAirportSide to work. I've already had success with the object-based overloads of those scripting commands, the only caveat being I do not know a way of deriving an "Object" out of Location entries on a map. The script command has been tested on Stratis, Altis and Tanoa with the same non-functional result.
  13. Hello. I have following problem: I put AI into vehicle with moveindriver command. After some event he should leave it by: unAssignVehicle sct1; [sct1] orderGetIn false; sct1 action ["GetOut", vehicle sct1]; And after some times he should enter another vehicle by: [sct1] orderGetIn true; sct1 assignAsCargo EscapeBoat; but that ass go back to the first vehicle and enters it. I tried 'allowGetIn false' command. But after I write allowGetIn true, he goes back to the first vehicle. I don't know whats wrong with that vehicle-crap... He just goes back to the first vehicle and enters it even after unAssign commands and other...
  14. Hi all, First off, I am sorry if this is a known issue or if I am just plain wrong: I am new to scripting. I looked on the web but couldn't find anything about this topic... For context, I am trying to create a permanent smoke grenade from script. From the editor, it is straightforward: place a "smoke grenade" module and enable "permanent effect". This -if I am not mistaking- changes the variable "repeat" from 0 to 1. Makes sense. To make sure, I created a smoke grenade module and put "this setVariable ["repeat",1];" in its "init" module. Became permanent. The weird part now is that when I try to set this variable in a script, even though it changes the variable, the grenade pops out of existence after it's normal duration... So I guess this has to be set in the object's "init". But how do you access this init field since setVehicleInit has been disabled? Or do I get the problem wrong? To create the grenade from script and try to make it permanent: smoke_grenade = "SmokeShellGreen" createVehicle _atPosition; smoke_grenade setVariable ["repeat", 1]; As a disclaimer, I am aware that there are workarounds involving while loops, I am not interested in a workaround for this problem; I am trying to understand how Arma3 works.
  15. Hello,I want to trigger when the player insert a marker on his map in a specific area, like in the prologue mission, where you have to find AAF position (youtube link : ).If you have any link or answer which can help me, please post it!Thanks.
  16. I have a co-op mission for up to 9 players and I have respawn enabled. When I start the mission in MP, everyone starts off dead unlike the AI. . . Also my script for allowing loadouts to be persistent even after dying and respawning isn't working. Any help would be appreciated and I can go further into detail about the mission if need be. Thanks
  17. 1.66 stable, I have two crewed objects in the editor: Slammer tank and Darter UAV. Both have same init code: this doWatch player; doWatch does good job for my old autonomous turret script for UGVs and static unmanned MGs. At preview tank turns his turret at me (then starts constant 360 horizon scan, which isn't good too BTW), UAV does nothing. Also nothing happens for doTarget (expected). Same for spawned and crewed Darter. Same for (gunner this) doWatch player;. I'm positive, invisible UAV's gunner is manning the only UAV's turret. If I take remote control over this turret and change its direction, after releasing control turret turns back to initial direction. Meanwhile UGV Stomper RCWS behaves same, as Slammer. Is there any way to actually rotate UAV's cam turret (and reliably lock on for, say lasing the target) pointed object/position via script? To change UAV's cam turret direction at all with SQF?
  18. Hey guys, Hoping someone out there knows what i'm trying to achieve and knows the solution I'm looking for. So I have a map i'm working on, and there is a "Warlord" task where you have to kill him, which all works fine, What i'm wondering is how can i get a script or trigger to work so when he is dead another script with activate? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hey guys. Need some assistance. I've got a convoy travelling down the road. I've scripted them to switch group leader to the next available hunter if one is destroyed. However, often they just sit in place after combat. Hence I'm trying a new script to get them moving again. This is my code so far. if (!alive cvoy1) then {cvoy setleader cvoy2}; if ((!alive cvoy1) and (!alive cvoy2)) then {cvoy setleader cvoy4}; if ((!alive cvoy1) and (!alive cvoy2) and (!alive cvoy4)) then {cvoy setleader cvoy6}; if ((units cvoy) findNearestEnemy cvoy=null) then {units cvoy doFollow leader cvoy}; However I can't get it to work. Do I need to define an object in the mission's init.sqf?
  20. WurschtBanane

    Teleport to players!

    It is a convoy mission, and the players are allowed to use whatever path they want. This makes me often loose them. But here is the issue. I want to be able to teleport to players as Zeus, but stuff placed in editor cannot be edited by Zeus. Is there a way to spawn PLAYABLE units in-game, so that i can just use them like normal ones? Or is there a way to go around the issue, for example by using some kind of a script?
  21. I have been making a mission involving the Nimitz and a squad that is tasked to take a boat to this island (Map is Kerama Islands for those curious) and blow up AA defenses so F18s can do the rest. I have 3 objectives for the 9 man squad (Each member's Variable Name is F1-F9). The objectives are A.) Get in the boat B.) Unload at the shore/Rearm if needed C.) Take down AA I have C.) finished but I am having an issue with A.) For the objective I have set down the "Create Task" module titled "Get in the ship" and its state is "Assigned" with an always visible marker on the boat. Synced to the "Create Task" module I have a Trigger that has a timer for the Objective to be assigned (Like 2 seconds just so the notification pops up). next I have the "Set Task State" module in the state of completed. There is a trigger synced to the "Set Task State" module. The Trigger has Activation set to "Any Player" and Activation Type "Present" the Condition Script box has the following code: allInTheVehicle = false; while {(not allInTheVehicle)} do {allInTheVehicle = true}; {if (!alive f1 && f2 && f3 && f4 && f5 && f6 && f7 && f8 && f9 || vehicle truck1 != myVehicle) then {allInTheVehicle = false;}} forEach playableUnits; globalAllInTheVehicle = true; My friend supplied me with this script but we couldn't figure out why the objective will not render as completed when all playable units take a position within the boat (Driver, Navigator, Gunners, Etc). Any help with this would be grateful since I am still new to scripting.
  22. Im looking for a script that allow players in a dedicated srv spawn custom tasks with a map click for location. A few years ago I played with a unit that uses a script to generate practice tasks. It was very simple, you interact with an object then choose a task type from a lists and then just click on the map to generate the task. It was very simple: click on the flag, click on the Tasks Options screen, click on map, play!
  23. Hello everyone, I'm working on an insurgency mission, I'm doing it on the map Fallujah, I've done all the spawn part of AI (ALIVE) only missing the main one: A script for AI to drop intel to reveal ammo cache and another to spawn The ammo cache. I tried copying from "ALiVE Insurgency Revived by Hazey", but it does not work ... Grateful
  24. Hey guys, spent some time searching the forums for info on configuring or setting Movement speed values for the player, or all players, infantry or civilians. Specifically Tactical, Walk, Strafe and Sprint speeds. I can't seem to find any commands related to this, whether console commands or creating a custom script. All I found was for vehicles or setVector commands. I couldn't find anything anywhere for player movement speeds, nothing in the forums, nothing on youtube, no mods anywhere either. At this point I'm wondering if its hardcoded and there's no way to change these values for soldiers.