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Found 35 results

  1. The Mastermind Season 1 Episode 1/7 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a7999rm09m5emq9/! The+Mastermind+1.Eden.pbo You're the leader of a squad (callsign Alpha 1) and you are in one of the best and the most talented squads in USA army and and you have been given a mission to seize 2 villages. Revive: Yes Playable units: 12 Version: 1.5 Difficulty: Easy (AI = Min), Balanced, Hardcore (AI = Max) - You can change it before you play in pool The main thing in this project is to have something new. Not like the most of the multiplayer mission where you have to go capture a city and then you win. It has a complex story even my friends couldn't figure it out. But you can still read spoilers in notes (only for the current episode) if you don't wanna figure it out (ONLY READ THE NOTES IF YOU'RE ALMOST DONE WITH THE MISSION). You also need to figure out who is the mastermind and come up with a good theory. If you have a good theory please message me I wanna know. And no i didn't write the name of the mastermind or something like that. The singleplayer campaign will come out after I'm done with the multiplayer version BUT it will be different than multiplayer missions. I will make more after I'm done with entrance exams and with S.T.O.O.W. (Survive the outbreak of war) Cheers -Godfree Ps.: I never wanted it to be a revive mission but alot of people wanted it so i added it.
  2. Having been using ACE for some time I am entirely unaware of what the defacto standard is for revive/drag/carry script. I've brought in a bunch of new players lately and they are all way to green to expose to ACE and the default revive system is just fine but the ability to drag or carry a wounded teammate to cover is missing (which is crazy because we had it in A2OA). Advice appreciated because I am not getting warm fuzzy's about what I have found and the best one I know of right now is locked in to Quiksilvers personal I&A server code.
  3. Hello So I want to use the arma 3 revive system but i do not like the feature of when you are unconscious you can receive damage thus killing you. So I was wondering how to go about disabling this feature because I don't see any options in the parameters of being able to do so
  4. Description This package of scripts creates playable units that fall unconcious when killed, which can then be revived. Enabling the ability to revive and heal other players, along with the combination of revive and respawn can really enrich your mission. The scripts can be used to enforce co-operation between players as you'll need to stick together and help one another to successfully complete a mission and they can also be used to limit the number of lives given to each player in respawn missions. These canned scripts take the guess work out of building respawn and revive into your mission. Download http://home.iprimus.com.au/simonnsl/revive/revive050_OA.rar (Version 0.50 - Can be used in SP or MP missions with AI enabled or disabled for Operation Arrowhead or Combined Operations) If by contrast you are using vanilla ArmA2 then you'll need this version of the revive scripts:http://norrin.org/downloads/ArmA2/revive/AI_enabled/Revive_TEST_042.utes.rar Implementation notes and credits are now contained in the PDF file in the download. Simple Revive Mission: http://www.norrin.org/downloads/ArmA2/revive/AI_enabled/missions/Deep_in_the_Woods_02h.Chernarus.pbo (so you can see what these scripts do in a combat situation - uses a much older version of the revive scripts - to be updated). There's also a PvP template for 2 sides that was kindly posted by Le Culto available here: http://norrin.org/downloads/ArmA2/revive/pvp/test_revive_pvp.Chernarus.rar - this also uses an older version of the script (0.3f) but it can be used as a guide on how to set up PvP revive missions using the latest version (to be updated) What does the revive script do? In its most basic form the revive script offers an alternative to the built in respawn function provided by BIS - it only works in MP missions. Essentially when a player is killed rather than dying and respawning at base he falls unconscious where he was shot and then he can be revived by another player and start from where he was killed, with the same weapons and ammo he was carrying. While the player is lying unconscious waiting to be revived he can spectate any of the other units in his team using a range of cameras. The script is designed to enforce team play as the only way you 're going to respawn is if some one comes to you aid. You can see an old video showing (from 2 and a half years ago) showing this basic functionality here: - mind you it’s a lot more refined than this now eg. additional camera functionality amongst other things.Now that's the script in its simplest form but there are a myriad of additional options. These include but are not limited to: * Can enforce a set number of lives per player before he is declared dead outright * Enable a revive time which if it elapses results in (your choice of) player death, automatic respawn at base or the players choice of multiple respawn points * You can limit who can revive, for instance may specify that only medics can revive. * Unconscious bodies can be dragged and carried, loaded onto vehicles and taken to specified CASEVAC points to be revived. * Bleeding and bandages can be enabled - when damage reaches a certain level a unit starts bleeding - this can be stopped with bandages, if bandaging does not occur bleeding can cause unconsciousness - it also causes temporary black-outs * You can also designate the number of revive packs a player carries so that he may only be able to revive lets say 3 players before he has to restock at a MASH tent * Possiblity of a mobile respawn point, either player or vehicle based * The scripts are playable AI compatible and there are options so that playable AI automatically move to and revive unconscious team mates or only come to the aid of a player if he calls for help (an option to the player while unconscious) - or if sent by the team leader to help another player or unit. * If using AI you can specify that the AI throw smoke when attempting to revive as well as have a second AI unit provide cover while the other revives. etc etc. * Revived units can be given damage so that they are not a full health once the regain consciousness. Using these options, the basic game play of ArmA2 can be made easier or a hell of a lot harder - most importantly they will hopefully enforce team play in the MP environment. Possible fixes * Updated for ArmA 2 v1.04 parameters * Multiple fixes for alternate unconscious animations * AI not reviving units * Serialisation errors which occurred while trying to respawn at occupied bases * Dialog report errors * Multiple appearance of drag and revive options * Drag action not working when using a secondary item - note if you attempt to drag while using a launcher (eg M136) you'll assume the drag position but won't be able to move until you switch to your primary weapon * When all lives are expended the scripts now deal with death properly - for the time being you can't use Kegetys' Spectator cam as it causes a crash to desktop so make sure you leave _kegetys_spectator set to 0 - I'll start work on my own simpler spectator cam for death. * Respawn at base without weapons - added a 2 second wait before these are defined so if you are giving units an alternate load-out at mission start please make sure it occurs quickly after mission initialisation * Fixed the “You’re dead†dialog zooming on respawn points * Hopefully, fixed lag when many players are unconscious * Fixed loading wounded action on a dedicated server * The long unconscious camera panning that was causing crashes has been removed Known Issues * Report error relating to name of dead unit - you'll have to live with this I'm afraid as I haven't found another solution for this yet * Reported problem with the mobile respawn tent disappearing - I haven't been able to replicate this bug yet so please let me know if you come across it and let me know what happened prior to it occurring Please let me know if you are still having issues with any of the proposed fixes New Features * New animations * Respawn on the carrier or in a chopper * Turn revive off as a parameter in missions * Limit the number of lives for players who JIP * Chance of death - risk based on the number of times you've been revived and the location of the hit * Make units wait if they respawn at base * You can now drag unconscious units to vehicles with empty cargo spaces and load them onboard, once they are loaded you can unload them - as this is new if you try it let me know how you get on - units can only be loaded if they are being dragged (not carried) * PDF file containing implementation notes, credits and explanation of features * Players can drag and carry the bodies of unconscious players and playable AI - units must be dragged before the carry action appears * CASEVAC system so that units can be taken to a hospital etc to be revived, needs to be an array eg. [0] not used or [1, ["MASH"]]; the second internal array ["MASH"] represents the type of object at which you'd like the units to automatically revive, note: you can put a list of objects here. * Spectator_cam after death - now there's an option so that the screen turns black or a unit can spectate other friendly units when it has run out of lives - currently using a simple spectator script (see readMe for more details). * You can specify an additional class which can have more medpacks or bandages than the standard unit - Can only be used in conjunction with medpacks and bleeding. * Can limit the number of revive kits per unit * Can make units bleed and require bandages * Medical items can be obtained by players by going up to a MASH tent and using the "Take medical supplies" action. Playable AI are automatically resupplied if they are within 5 metres of a MASH tent. Also for the time being playable AI do not bandage themselves so you'll have to take care of them * reward_function - Bonus lives for reviving other units * team kill function - Lose lives for killing team mates Future plans Here's what I'm planning on adding above and beyond the original scripts: 1. Additional side support - units that can revive, can be revived, enemy sides etc 2. Option to disable revive in missions and use normal base spawning instead 3. Ability to rejoin perpetual server missions at the position and with the same gear etc you left the mission with 4. MEDIVAC system Finally, many thanks to all of you for testing :)
  5. If you have Arma 3 Apex and are either incapable or can't bother to be making some missions and content I made one myself. It's an open sandbox with every Apex vehicle, gun, and gear piece available. It features a firing range, respawn and revive system, vehicle respawns, toggle-able missions, and a fully stocked virtual arsenal. Linked below is the 16 player Multiplayer version and Singleplayer version: Multiplayer version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=704886710&searchtext=peacemakers Singleplayer version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=704884013&searchtext=peacemakers The singleplayer version has some different features. No player respawns, but you can switch between several playable characters and recruit as many or as little as you would like into your squad. You could also just go completely solo.
  6. Can someone please clarify, I was testing the mission update with Apex Sneak Preview branch, and discovered that BIS's revive system stopped working, and indeed, "Revive" is no more present in "CfgRespawnTemplates".
  7. I would like events for reviving. An event handler should be able to be added to the game so I can receive events. HandleRevive [unit, revivor, state] unit: soldier that is down. revivor: soldier that is reviving downed soldier. state: "started", "canceled", "completed"
  8. Hi community, Since 3DEN, If I run any mission (coop 8 - 1player 7 playable slots) in MP, the revive option returns "ERROR: No vehicle IS REVIVING YOU" in the incapacitated chrono bar. Furthermore, if I choose another unit than player, there in one more problem: After player's respawn (I'm testing MP with 1 player), 2 units have the same name (player's name): Player and another unit. So the automatic name of the unit in the chosen slot seems to disappear. In 2D, these missions registered in MP, (backup mission.sqm), don't have these problems (reviving + lost of unit's name). So it's not linked to mods but editor behavior.
  9. HI, i use stats system with armaNET sqlite database, for counting kills and deaths etc.... when using inbuild revive script from BIS and stats system, when you are wounded and have no choice to be revived, the player death counts are 2 after respawn! i hope its clear enough lol i will try to explain better: for exemple player get killed it counts 1 death, and the revive system comes up, if nobody revives you and you respawn then the death count is 2 for the player. that's the problem ! it should not be count 2 deaths but only one, else if you push respawn button in revive system the killticker will say player killed himself. so my question is how can i fix this ? revive system should be ignored in deaths count. Player in revive state is defined as dead.
  10. My : _this = createVehicle ["UAZ_AGS30_CDF", [7284.123, 7777.4097], [], 0, "IN_FORMATION"]; Works fine. But I am beyond the point where I want to use numeric notation of where I want to place my objects. I know how to spawn units at trigger positions. Example: pos = t1; grp = GUE_GRP_1; _unit1 = "GUE_Soldier_CO" createUnit [position pos, grp, "grp = This",0.5,"Sergeant"]; I am using a template to load units, and I place a trigger down on the map and name the trigger t1. In the init field, I write the above. The unit is actually in a script file, and I execVM the script file with the above variables and he spawns. I also have a vehicle in the script file, but the createvehicle will not work with these parameters: _vehicle1 = "Ural_ZU23_Gue" createVehicle [position pos] I read you have to setPos the item, but I do not know the syntax to combine createvehicle and setpos. Can anyone help me out? I'm trying to get the guy on a trigger named "t1"