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Found 116 results

  1. I've made an addon that adds a texture to the texture list in "edit Vehicle Appearance" on the gryphon, but I can't figure out a way to keep the vehicle appearance and the pylon settings for the jet after respawn. Any ideas?
  2. Hey first time posting on here so please forgive me if I don't supply all the information needed! Recently I've been making a team vs team mission that is based on the rush gamemode from battlefield games, but I've come across an issue when testing it on a dedicated server that has pretty much made it impossible to resume without having to restart everytime somebody joins. I'm using the RespawnTemplates: Menuposition and MenuInventory, I've set the inventory in the description and I've got revive working, but whenever somebody joins in progress they get stuck on the map screen with no menu to allow them to choose a position or a loadout. Either i'm doing something silly for this to occur or I've came across a bug but I've tried Reddit with no replies and I've tried searching on google for countless hours with no success of a solution. The only thing I've really got that would interfere with it I guess would be the InitPlayerLocal.sqf and OnPlayerRespawn.sqf but I'm not 100% sure on how to fix this which is why I'm here Map = 1; saving = 0; disabledAI = 1; joinUnassigned = 1; enableSentences = false; disableChannels[]={0,4,5}; OnLoadName = "WW2: Battle For Szydlow"; loadScreen = "pictures\background.jpg"; Author = "J. Doddsy (RaptorSKA)"; // Respawn respawn = 3; respawnDelay = 10; respawnDialog = 1; respawnOnStart = 1; respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"MenuInventory","MenuPosition"}; respawnTemplatesEast[] = {"MenuInventory","MenuPosition","Tickets"}; // Revive ReviveMode = 1; ReviveUnconsciousStateMode = 0; ReviveRequiredTrait = 0; ReviveRequiredItems = 2; ReviveRequiredItemsFakConsumed = 1; ReviveDelay = 10; ReviveMedicSpeedMultiplier = 2; ReviveForceRespawnDelay = 3; ReviveBleedOutDelay = 40; // Misc showCompass = 1; showGPS = 1; showWatch = 1; showNotePad = 1; // Optimisation: wreckLimit = 4; wreckRemovalMinTime = 60; wreckRemovalMaxTime = 120; Ingame when the player joins after launching the session, he'll sometimes get the menu but It's just a slight chance. The players I've had join say they can only see the map screen, they have physically spawned at the respawn location - once killed they are able to actually see the menu.. I'm sorry if this has already been solved, I only took a quick look at the forums to see if anything resembled my error but it's something I've been trying to fix now for about 2 weeks and I'm still having no luck with Reddit or Google. I've tried looking at respawnonstart -1; I've even removed respawnonstart and it actually started working slightly.
  3. Good Morning, for my SP/MP Mission i modified the script from Evo Dan's vehicle respawn script for vehilce respawn and made a new script for respawn AI Soldier-units. When the Chopper and the AI gets killed, the Chopper and pilot gets spawned at the Base, then the Pilot shall get in his specific vehicle. I have some more Pilots for CAS/EVAC/Halo/Support. My scripts are working, but my new Pilot doesnt know anymore where his old vehicle is, because the old vehicle got deleted and he didnt got the reference to the new vehicle. Here are my scripts, Vehicle Respawn Script: /* [EVO] Dan's vehicle respawn script modified by Steam-User immerfestedruv In the Unit Init Field insert <0 = [this,5] execVM "vehicle_respawn.sqf";> for example. Will run only on the server, as it only needs to run in one place, but obviously can be used in both singleplayer and multiplayer */ _vehicle = _this select 0; // First Argument, get vehicle's details _respawntime = _this select 1; // Second Argument, get the init set respawn time _facingofvehicle = getDir _vehicle; // get original facing _positionofvehicle = getPosATL _vehicle; // get original position _vehicletype = typeOf _vehicle; // get the vehicle type _vehicleName = vehicleVarName _vehicle; // get the Variable-Name from the Vehicle _n = 1; if(isServer) then{ while{_n == 1} do{ hint format ["Fahrzeug-Variablen-Name lautet ",_vehicleName]; if((!alive _vehicle) || (!canMove _vehicle)) then { //true if vehicle is not alive or it cannot move sleep 240; // respawn time between respawn/move and deletion deleteVehicle _vehicle; //clear up old vehicle sleep _respawntime; // respawn time between deletion and then respawn _vehicle = _vehicletype createVehicle _positionofvehicle; // create a new vehicle of same type at starting position _vehicle setPosATL _positionofvehicle; //set correct position _vehicle setDir _facingofvehicle; //set correct facing of the vehicle _vehicle setVehicleVarName _vehicleName; /* Next Code-Line will be executed for the new Object by your CPU, but time of execution unkown. This behaves similar to the code in the init-field of your object. */ [[[_vehicle,_respawntime],"vehicle_respawn.sqf"],"BIS_fnc_execVM",false,false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; _n = 0; // break out condition }; sleep 120; // sleep for a bit in order to reduce processing calls }; }; Unit Respawn Script: /* Based on [EVO] Dan's vehicle respawn script modified by Steam-User immerfestedruv In the Unit Init Field insert <0 = [this,5,blackfish_1,"Driver"] execVM "unit_respawn.sqf";> for example. Will run only on the server, as it only needs to run in one place, but obviously can be used in both singleplayer and multiplayer */ _unit = _this select 0; // First Argument, get Unit's details _respawntime = _this select 1; // Second Argument,get the init set respawn time _vehicle = _this select 2; // Third Argument, Vehicle in which the unit shall get in _vehicleSeat = _this select 3; // Forth Argument, on which Seat shall the unit sit _facingofunit = getDir _unit; // get original facing _positionofunit = getPosATL _unit; // get original position _unittype = typeOf _unit; // get the unit type _unitgroup = group _unit; // get group of the original unit _unitName = vehicleVarName _unit; // get the Variable-Name of the Vehicle _unitRank = rank _unit; // get the units orignal rank _unitSkill = skill _unit; // get the original skill of the unit _n = 1; if(isServer) then{ while{_n == 1} do{ if (alive _vehicle) then { hint format ["Fahrzeug %1 lebt noch.",_vehicle]; switch (_vehicleSeat) do { case "Driver": {_unit moveInDriver _vehicle}; case "Gunner": {_unit moveInGunner _vehicle}; case "Turret": {_unit moveInTurret _vehicle}; case "Commander": {_unit moveInCommander _vehicle}; default {_unit moveInCargo _vehicle}; }; } else {hint format ["Kein Fahrzeug für %1 ",_unit];}; if((!alive _unit) || (!canMove _unit)) then { //true if unit is not alive or it cannot move sleep 120; // additional time delay between unit being killed and unit being deleted _unit setPosATL [0,0,0]; // move old unit away before respawn new unit sleep 1; // wait a bit for safety // create a new unit of same type at starting position _unittype createUnit [_positionofunit, _unitgroup,"newUnit = this", _unitSkill, _unitRank]; newUnit setVehicleVarName _unitName; newUnit setPosATL _positionofunit; // set correct position newUnit setDir _facingofunit; // set correct facing of the unit sleep _respawntime; // respawn time between respawn/move and deletion deleteVehicle _unit; // clear up old units? /* Next Code-Line will be executed for the new Object by your CPU, but time of execution unkown. This behaves similar to the code in the init-field of your object. */ [[[newUnit,_respawntime,_vehicle,_vehicleSeat],"unit_respawn.sqf"],"BIS_fnc_execVM",false,false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; _n = 0; // break out condition }; sleep 60; // sleep for a bit in order to reduce processing calls }; }; How do i can get my Pilot in his new specific Chopper? And is it useful to use the command setVehicleVarName/vehicleVarName in a Multiplayer/Internet/Singleplayer Mission? Another idea would be to not delete the vehicle but to repair it and move it to origin position. How to? regards EDIT: Link to my working but not finished and optimized script, unit_respawn.sqf vehicle_respawn.sqf
  4. PLEASE I am searching how to respawn with a choice of classes, for example when the player die he can choose one of the multiple classes (Sniper, Rifleman ..) But the problem is that I can't make a choice I have just the sniper... Sorry for my English I am french :/ I hope that my screens are going to better explain my problem ^^
  5. In the two different missions I made, players spawn either in the water, or floating underneath their spawn point. I'm using the respawn on location of death setting, in case that matters. One of the maps is Altis, the other is Winter Chernarus. Any way to fix this?
  6. Hello, Ive been trying to disable the role selection in the arma 3 respawn menu. Using this function : BIS_fnc_showRespawnMenuDisableitem I wanted to get something to work and then customize it from there. But i cant even get the example to work: ["disable",uiNamespace getVariable "BIS_RscRespawnControlsMap_ctrlRoleList",2,"Restricted for this part of mission!"] call BIS_fnc_showRespawnMenuDisableItem;
  7. I'm trying to get a vehicle that has three objects attached to it to respawn with the objects attached to it. In this case its a UGV Stomper that has an ammo crate and two fuel pods attached with the attachto command. I have the drone synced to a vehicle spawn point and it respawns correctly. The objects that are attached do NOT respawn at all even after syncing them to the vehicle respawn point. So, how do I get those objects to respawn and reattach themselves to the drone after the drone is destroyed and respawns?
  8. since patch 1.68 users of my CTI mission Cold War do claim errors with revive/respawn. If they use my mission on a dedicated server and enter admin command #missions the server crashes with an error message "a3/fuctions/param_revive" ... yadda, yadda I do use parameters/settings for revive/respawn following the official wiki. I really loose soon my temper with a3 and BI developers, literally every patch they manage to fuck something up that previous did work flaweless.
  9. Hey all, Is there a way to hide the marker created by the "Respawn Position" module and "BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition"? I've searched around a bit and could only find how to hide a normal marker using setMarkerAlpha. Thanks in advanced.
  10. Hello one more time chaps, The reason I'm disturbing you today is that I can't make respawn place. Every time I die the mission fails and I have to start it from the beginning but I'm peaty sure I made everything right. 1. Placed the playable characters 2. Made the empty marker and named it respawn_west ("west" - because I'm playing with NATO forces) 3. Opened the attributes > multiplayer and configured the "Respawn on Custom Position" It still doesn't work. Can anyone advise me something?
  11. I want to attach my units with dark blue lines to a respawn position module (f5), however I cannot get get it to work. To give you an example of what I mean: Here you can see the units are grouped and attached to one unit leader (light blue lines), but are also attached to the respawn position module (dark blue lines). If I add more units, which I need to do, I cannot add them to the respawn position module. I have tried holding CTRL whilst trying to drag a line between a unit to the respawn module, like I would to attatch them to a squad leader, but nothing. I have also tried holding ALT and doing the same, moving them ontop, etc, nothing. Can someone please tell me how I can attach new units to the respawn position module? Thank You.
  12. Hey guys, I am using the vehicle respawn script by Quicksilver and though its working fine for me I would like to get it to show a notification upon respawning the vehicle like the default BIS spawner does. This is the script: /* @filename: fn_vMonitor.sqf Credit: Tophe for earlier monitor script Author: Quiksilver Last modified: 23/10/2014 ArmA 1.32 Description: Vehicle monitor. This code must be spawned, not called. Ex. ______________________________________________________*/ if (!isServer) exitWith { /* GO AWAY PLAYER */ }; //======================================== CONFIG private ["_v","_t","_d","_s","_i","_sd","_sp","_ti","_u"]; #define DIST_FROM_SPAWN 150 _v = _this select 0; // vehicle _d = _this select 1; // spawn delay _s = _this select 2; // setup _i = _this select 3; // init _t = typeOf _v; // type _sd = getDir _v; // spawn direction _sp = getPosATL _v; // spawn position sleep (5 + (random 5)); [_v] call _i; //======================================== MONITOR LOOP while {true} do { //======================================== IF DESTROYED if (!alive _v) then { if (({((_sp distance _x) < 1.5)} count (entities "AllVehicles")) < 1) then { _ti = time + _d; waitUntil {sleep 5; (_ti < time)}; if (!isNull _v) then {deleteVehicle _v;}; sleep 0.1; _v = createVehicle [_t,[(random 1000),(random 1000),(10000 + (random 20000))],[],0,"NONE"]; sleep 0.1; waitUntil {!isNull _v}; sleep 0.1; _v setDir _sd; sleep 0.1; _v setPos [(_sp select 0),(_sp select 1),((_sp select 2)+0.1)]; sleep 0.1; [_v] call _i; }; }; sleep (5 + (random 5)); //======================================== IF ABANDONED if ((_v distance _sp) > DIST_FROM_SPAWN) then { if (isMultiplayer) then {_u = playableUnits;} else {_u = switchableUnits;}; if (({(_v distance _x) < PARAMS_VehicleRespawnDistance} count _u) < 1) then { if ((count (crew _v)) == 0) then { _v lock 2; _v allowDamage FALSE; _v setPos [(random 1000),(random 1000),(10000 + (random 20000))]; _v enableSimulationGlobal FALSE; _v hideObjectGlobal TRUE; waitUntil { sleep (5 + (random 5)); (({(_sp distance _x) < 1.5} count (entities "AllVehicles")) < 1) }; _v enableSimulationGlobal TRUE; _v hideObjectGlobal FALSE; _v allowDamage TRUE; _v lock 0; _v setDir _sd; sleep 0.1; _v setPos _sp; sleep 0.1; _v setDamage 0; sleep 0.1; _v setVehicleAmmo 1; sleep 0.1; if ((fuel _v) < 0.95) then {[[_v,1],"setFuel",true,false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;}; if (isEngineOn _v) then {_v engineOn FALSE;}; sleep 0.1; if (isCollisionLightOn _v) then {_v setCollisionLight FALSE;}; sleep 0.1; if (isLightOn _v) then {_v setPilotLight FALSE;}; sleep 0.1; }; }; }; sleep (20 + (random 20)); }; And this is the part that goes into the vehicles init line. I have gone over it and tried various ways to get it to show a notification but to no avail. 0 = [this,30,FALSE,QS_fnc_vSetup02] spawn QS_fnc_vMonitor; Please, any help? thanks :)
  13. When i start creating an scenario and export to multiplayer. I can't change the attributes -> multiplayer so in other words. Can't place down a respawn point (interface also), can't toggle on the revive. the checkboxes are greyed out. Things that i do: - I verified allready. - Reinstall the game. - I send my mission file to a friend and he can change the attributes.
  14. Hello all. I'm trying to set up a simple Zeus template mission using the Nimitz as a base. I'm having issues with player and vehicle respawn. Player Respawn: I'm using the respawn module and have set the following parameters. My problem is players respawn under the carrier at ocean level. If I sync the players to the respawn module, they respawn where they die despite having the "respawn on custom position" selected. I've also tried setting an invisible heli pad as a respawn point but to no avail. What am I doing wrong? Vehicle Respawn: Vehicles respawn on their original position as they are supposed to however they start with their engine on as if I spawned them in the air even thought they are empty. Settings and screencap of the problem below. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. :)
  15. Hi all. I'm a total noob to Arma scripting (or scripting at all). I've read some tutorials, but still, nothing better than expirience. But, back to the point. I've been creating a MULTIPLAYER mission with Mobile HQ. I've done some testing with my friends, and generally most of things work, but there's this one issue I can't solve. Here's the code of the script I'm going to reference (the file name is mhq1.sqf and it is executed by execVM in init.sqf): MHQ1 is obviously a name of a marker I have set. mhq1 is the variable, name of object - SUV I have spawned in the editor. mhq1SpawnMarker is another marker I've put down in the base. The marker moving works fine. Now, when I am alone on the server and destroy the MHQ only one MHQ respawns. But then, when a friend of mine joins and we do the same, 2 of them spawn. If another friend join there are 3 vehicles spawning and so on. I've tried multiple variations of this code, including using remoteExec function, but no luck. I can't understand what's the issue, why this isn't working. I am aware that I could use a ready script from the net, but I'd like to learn scripting the way I'm doing it now instead of using other's work. Anyway, thans in advance for helping me out.
  16. docmia67@hotmail.com

    How to set respawn tickets in Zeus

    So we r using Zeus for some Realtime coop missions while i m the editor, when i played offical mission,i found that "respawn tickets"stuff is a perfect way to enhance experience and substitution for the Zeus Coop mission. so how can i add the "respawn tickets"for every player while i already set a spawn point ? And if its done,will someone who used all his tickets get a "Freelook" status? Sorry for my poor eng :)
  17. I am creating a multiplayer mission where I want the players to choose from multiple respawn positions when they die. And I want the respawn positions to have custom names. This question was asked in 2015 but no answer was given (just a link to a now empty page). How do I use the MenuPosition feature to display custom names to the respawn positions? Any help is appreciated - thanx. So far I am using a trigger to complete a task and when activated the trigger has this code: [West, Medical_1] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition; FYI - Medical_1 is the Building that will become available to respawn inside after the task is complete.
  18. Hi All I'm wondering if its possible and if so how i can use Respawn Positions and specify certain areas to spawn it. For example. I have a mission with 2 towns that players will spawn in. I would like the players to be able to select on the respawn screen for example "Elektro" as a spawn area, but have the player load in to specified areas around the town. When i use a Respawn Module in Eden editor i am able to select the town i want to spawn in but i load in at the position of the marker. I want to some how link player spawns to this marker so they load in at the player spawns rather than on the actual marker itsself? If that doesn't make sense i think what i'm trying to re-create is similar to the respawn mechanics from DayZ Origins... Thanks in advance
  19. Hi, I am actually working on a personnal script to run in singleplayer to simulate a respawn when I should die. What I do is that when I take a sufficient amount of damage, I disable damage, teleport myself to spawn, clean my damage amount and renable damage. It works fine, but the mission also use the ACE and it's basic medical system. I want to keep it that way but if I don't erase all the HandleDamage handlers before putting mine, my script still run but I die anyway when I "respawn" because of ACE. Is there any way I can tell ACE that I do not want to die when taking a certain amount of damage? I tried calling the ace_medical_fnc_treatmentAdvanced_fullHeal function in my script after setting allowDamage to false but it doesn't work. Here is my code so far : SPR_HandleDamage_EH = { private ["_unit", "_killer", "_amountOfDamage"]; _unit = _this select 0; _amountOfDamage = _this select 2; _killer = _this select 3; if (alive _unit && _amountOfDamage >= 0.9) then { hint "Respawning"; _unit allowDamage false; if (hayACE) then { [_unit, _unit] call ace_medical_fnc_treatmentAdvanced_fullHeal; } _unit setPos(getMarkerPos("respawn_west")); _unit setDamage 0; _amountOfDamage = 0; _unit allowDamage true; }; _amountOfDamage }; [] spawn { waitUntil { !isNull player }; [] spawn SPR_Player_Init; hintSilent format["SP Respawn Script Loaded"]; }; SPR_Player_Init = { //player removeAllEventHandlers "HandleDamage"; player addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", SPR_HandleDamage_EH]; }; pastebin
  20. In a Muti-play mode. 1. Set a support module connection(Requester+Supporter+ArtilleryUnits) to infantry player. 2. All run good. 3. Player died. Respawn. (By respawn module + BASE + MENU) 4. Player CAN NOT call any support at all. How to solve ? I am a noob at editing and not familiar with scriptings but I will try best.
  21. Hi. I placed a jet and gave it waypoints etc. Now when it gets shot down i want it to respawn after 30 seconds or so. I want the AI to have a 100% skill level and have it circle close to the center of the map. Any jet will do, a random one out of the 4 would be very good though. I tried a little bit but it didnt work. And i do not want to google for five hours, did it 30 mins and found nothing which is why im asking here. Help would be appreciated!
  22. Hey, I was just wondering what does that yellow exclamation mark next to spawn selection mean.
  23. So I was making a mission for me and our friends and i set the respawn as base in description.ext, and when i die (as the host) I respawn on the right spot, where the marker is, but any client that dies, for some reason respawns on his body. What can i do to make them spawn on the marker?
  24. WurschtBanane

    need help with this script

    [] spawn { if (isServer && {isDedicated}) exitWith {}; waitUntil {!isNull player}; private "_jet"; _xEHx = player addEventhandler ["respawn", { _jet = createVehicle [selectRandom ["I_Plane_Fighter_03_AA_F", "O_Plane_CAS_02_F", "B_Plane_CAS_01_F"], getArray (configFile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldName >> "centerPosition"), [], random 10000, "FLY"]; (_this select 0) moveInDriver _jet; }]; }; This script makes players respawn in jets. But the problem is that the jet spawns at 100m altitude and often spawns nose down and ends up crashing. Is there a way to make the plane spawn at 1000m or so so that it doesnt crash?
  25. Hey guys, I'm having problems with respawning my players with the gear I choose. I'm using the 'edit gear' option in the Eden editor, but when people die, they spawn with the original loadout for the chosen solider (rifleman, marksman, lmg etc). I've been trying all day, and a ton of different scripts, but I can't get anything to work out for me. Im pretty green to the whole mission creating, so any help who be appreciated.