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  1. Welcome to Vandeanson's Basebuilding! In this thread I will cover everything about my WIP basebuilding mod. V0. 2: feature showcase and introduction V0. 3 - I have re-written the blueprint creation function. It is now easy for users to add new custom blueprints or delete default blueprints when creating a mission. - added an option to rotate the object (the object that is being built) - added an option to get object closer or further away (max distance can be limited, currently at 5m) - GRAD persistency enabled for placed stuff (tested in client hosted and dedicated) - placed objects can be destroyed, you get back scrap materials (which can be refined into other materials again later) - moving an object will save its new position via GRAD - added a few new materials - added place-able light source with on / off switch. I plan to add a feature that requires a generator connected. See light showcase: next steps: - release updated showcase video - add more blueprints - add GRAD setting to save collected material per player - "Move" and "deconstruct" addactions to be saved via GRAD - adding possibilities to destroy other players placed objects - adding blueprint spawners, so players can collect and learn new blueprints - material traders - loot system for all materials that may be found (currently wood, stone and sand can be farmed) Looking forward to receive any input, suggestion or ideas from the community. A playable mission demo will follow shortly. Cheers VD 
  2. Place to report mods that use & repack Ravage Mod files , despite Haleks's clear statement "You may not reupload this mod on Steam" at the original Ravage Mod topic. Extinction Mission Mods - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=882350776 11thmeuzombieX - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1206802838
  3. Youtube Ravage Channel Information : Feel free to share and discuss , about Youtube Ravage Channel.

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    Problems & Bugs Information : Feel free to share and discuss , about Problems & Bugs. Problems & Bugs ,should refer only to Ravage Mod and CBA , without any addons. In case of a problem that is associated to Ravage Mod , alonside with other addons or scripts added , then it should refere as : Ravage Mod MODED + [ List of addons or Scripts added ] List with the issues : [ SOLVED , UNSOLVED , CONFIRMED , UNCONFIRMED ] 1.Bug, uniform behaviour - Spawned units without clothes == SOLVED 2.Bug, in the original topic about Horde Spawn Module == CONFIRMED - UNSOLVED 3.Problem, can't spawn zombie on USS Liberty or USS Freedom == SOLVED // NOT YET ADDED !

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  9. Scripting General & Library Information : Feel free to share and discuss , about Ravage Scripting and Scripting general. # Follow the same form , as the first Post please . A list with the certain page , will be here available. _____________________________________________________________________________________ I also suggest to follow , the BIS Forum Members below , who really help and share their work and knowledge : # the list is off course on random. https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/900806-pierremgi/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/770615-larrow/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/832107-grumpy-old-man/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/773718-hazj/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/842941-davidoss/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/906542-schatten/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/759255-mrcurry/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/792430-dedmen/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/1145462-mr-h/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/801328-fn_quiksilver/ I thank personally and public , this members , for everything so far. _____________________________________________________________________________________ List : 1. Custom zombie spawner script, that works alo in USS Liberty or USS Freedom == SOLVED 2. How to add a Custom texture respawnable uniform on players or units == HOW TO 3. Ravage Zed Detector == HOW TO 4. How to create a trigger that counts the number of zombies in its radius and spawns a new horde if there are too few == SOLVED , +2nd 5.How to keep Zeds within a 10-20 meters radius == HOW TO 6.How to disable the access of an item == HOW TO 7.How to make a certain unit/s to handle more damage == HOW TO 8.How to add message on player death == HOW TO 9.How to create a Mod Check == HOW TO 10. How to make Ravage zombies drop items when killed == HOW TO 11. Object Spawner Script 12. How to destroy a certain area 13. Check if player kills members of his own side, CIVS or certain animals and make him a renegade for that

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    Scripts Discussion Information : Feel free to share and discuss , about Scripts used alongside Ravage Mod. For anyone who has interest on scripting : I also suggest to follow , the BIS Forum Members below , who really help and share their work and knowledge : # the list is off course on random. https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/900806-pierremgi/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/770615-larrow/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/832107-grumpy-old-man/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/773718-hazj/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/842941-davidoss/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/906542-schatten/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/759255-mrcurry/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/792430-dedmen/ I thank personally and public , this members , for everything so far. An updated List will be available here : List : 1.GF Unit Spawner Script


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  19. I've been using this script for some time by JohnO that I stumbled across in some forums and I made it a point to make his script even better! This is a good script to use to make any survival scenario better! As In my case I use this script with my Ravage releases. The Script: Changelog/ edit notes: v1.5 JohnO- Removed legacy fatigue settings and put new stamina settings in v2.0 MuRaZorWitchKING - added colorization of effects to make them more "appealing" v2.5 MuRaZorWitchKING - made script compatible with Ravage fireplaces that the player can place on ground v3.0 MuRaZorWitchKING - tweaked distances required to be from fireplaces/buildings for warmth v4.0 MuRaZorWitchKING - added in land vehicles being another form of covering for players to use for warmth so buildings and fires aren't relied upon Readme: In Order to use the script you need to have an init.sqf file that needs this script loaded into it in order for it to be used. In order for the script to work properly you ARE going to need the classnames of the list of clothing you are wanting to use for the player to get cold in. READ THIS: The classnames that you add into the script ARE THE COLD CLOTHING, everything listed will be a cold outfit, everything NOT listed will NOT be a cold outfit. THESE CLASSNAMES NEED TO BE FILLED OUT BY YOU: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ //Civilian "", //Soldier "", //Guarilla "", ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Once you figure out the classname of the outfit for example "U_C_Journalist" then you will place the name inside the "" and you will separate each item with a comma as seen in the example. If you want a FULL release of the script (filled out with all the classnames) I will be happy to help, this is more of a very simple layout, and should be taken as such, this script is for YOU to customize to your scenario/map wants and needs. ///////VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Please take note this is NOT my script, this is just someone else's work that I have revamped for a re-release. If the original author of the script no longer wants this up, this post WILL be removed. I hope you all enjoy this, JohnO did an amazing job on the script and is the original Author of it, I just thought it deserved a little more tweaking and a re-release. :) PLEASE REMEMBER TO GIVE CREDITS TO ORIGINAL AUTHOR: JohnO Link to Author's Original release: https://www.exilemod.com/topic/7717-detrimental-weather-effects-script/ ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Update for Frigid water Settings The Script: Simply add this script into your init.sqf in order to use it :) //PLEASE READ: YOU ARE FREE TO EDIT THIS SCRIPT, CHANGE IT WHICH WAY YOU WANT, BUT I WOULD LIKE CREDITS PLEASE. @GEORGE FLOROS GR Also helped me correct my errors after typing this script, couldn't of done it without this guy! ////NOTES: Both of these scripts are compatible with one another and work greatly paired together. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hypothermia Script / Severe Weather based off of JohnO's weather effects script: Simply put the script in your init.sqf for it to be initialized. Please Read: This script is based off the Detrimental weather effects script by JohnO, so similarities will exist, as I used Detrimental Weather effects as a template for this script. this script uses wetness as a buildable value that can build up to a deadly level and can leave you with Hypothermia... You will need shelter, fire, and of course you will need to stay out of rough weather... This script is only active is severe weather storms, if the weather isn't above a factor of 0.6 then this script will not be called... This script is for a severe weather system only, unless edited. All three scripts seem to work together, I cannot say this is for sure or certain, but in the playtime I have been using them I have seen them work... In order to get all three to work together you must edit out all the "_rainLevel" lines in the weather effects script... So both scripts aren't searching for "rain". ALL FOUR SCRIPTS COMBINED MAKE FOR AN EXTREMELY REACTIVE WORLD THAT IS TOUGH TO SURVIVE IN. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Simple "Cold Altitude" script:
  20. MISSION FILE : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rfREN-Q6eimKlN_LvLi8HVJr12a9mO7W STEAMWORKSHOP LINK : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1593390487 What is it ? Its a persistent cooperative scenario for dedicated server, the player start on a little island near the main island of Napf. The players must gear up and recruit an army to be able to defeat a mysterious faction called LFDA. To be able to recruit an army the player must build a colony in predefined area, if there enough structure the recruitable friendly survivor will join your colony. The basic item and the structure (house) are buidable at the workbench in your colony, the main ressource are the junk pile, they can be find every where but you can build only junk house. The other component must be find and refined, for exemple to be able to build better house or better defense wall the player must find a stack of cinder block and transform it into concrete wall at the concrete factory. The crafting component are heavy, so they cannot be transported in a bacpack, the lighter item can be carryed and loaded in vehicle, a truck is required to transport the biggest item. The house can be loaded in the vehicle and unloaded, once placed they cannot be carry, the player must repeat the process if he want to move an house (load/unload in vehicle). For more information read the description below. Its a persistent scenario, cargo content (mag, food...) and static object (building) are saved between each server restart, more explanation at the bottom of the description. Situation The main threat are the LFDA they must be pushed out of the island, the raiders are just interesting by stealing the LFDA vehicle and gear. The scavenger have decided to kill the LFDA officer, he is hiding in the LFDA main base, but to do that they must build an army. FACTION -Raiders They are really bad guys, there main activity its to raid the scavenger camp. Over the time they managed to gather good equipement and today they are able to oppose resistance to the LFDA. -Scavenger (players faction) They are peacefull people, the good guys, unlike the Raiders many of them got enough knowledge to build a lot of thing with scrap or raw material. -LFDA Its a mysterious military force who have invaded the island of Napf and they kill every infected or survivor on their path. The rumors say they are here to eradicate the infection by killing every infected and survior who are living in the infected area. Main Objective Kill the LFDA officer in the LFDA base. Dynamic event There is 40 dynamic event that pop up randomly over the time for exemple rescue, raid a camp, dynamic LFDA checkpoint.... How to recruit an army You must gather ressource, and build houses in the settlement area. More house builded = more settler. All the friendly unit are recruitable. The raider own few armored vehicle and aircraft that can be helpfull to attack the LFDA. Crafting Description There different place to craft different item, in each place there a visible area to place your item, for exemple if you want to build a bathmobile (Wreck vehicle Builder) just place 5 pile of junk + 1 pressure washer + 1 car battery on the concrete block and that will take few second to build the vehicle, the component will be deleted and the vehicle will spawn few meter away. Material Wreck and pile of junk can be found everywhere, near road or urban area. Concrete, brick, battery, motor (pressure washer) can be found in industrial area or harbor. Military wreck can be found in military area or airfield. Wood log can be found in the forest, (find icon tree on your map) ///// Recipe for the Settlement - Workbench ///// ///worbench/// *pile of junk = tine fence, tine pole, plank, pallet *1 tine fence + 1 plank = 2 medium tin fence *5 tin pole = ladder *1 tin fence + 1 tin pole = storage crate //Junk House// (at workbench) Low attraction, less survivor will join your colony. *5 stack of pallet + 3 tin fence = slum house small *1 red cargo contenair + 1 tin fence = slum house contenair *10 tin fence = metal shed *10 wood plank = wood watchtower ///// Recipe for the Settlement - Yellow Scaffolding ///// This building will attract more survivor to your colony *5 stack of brick + 1 stack of pallet = small house abandonned *10 stack of brick + 5 cinder block + 5 planck + 20 concrete pillar = large unfinished building *2 cinder block + 6 medium tin fence = grey metal shed 3 stack of plank + 10 medium tin fence + 1 wood pile = Grey shack medium ///// Recipe for the Concrete Factory ///// *2 cinder block + 1 plank = concrete wall *1 cinder block + 1 tine pole = concrete shelter. *1 cinder block + 1 stack of pallet = concrete stairs *1 concrete wall + 1 plank = 5 concrete pillar. *4 concrete wall + 10 tine pole = small canal wall *3 small canal wall = 1 big canal wall *1 big canal wall + 1 concrete stairs + 6 tin pole = canal wall with stairs ///// Recipe for the Lumber Mill ///// *2 wood pile = 1 stack of plank *1 stack of plank = 5 shoot house wall long *1 shoot house wall long = 2 shoot house tunnel (pour le toit) ///// Recipe for the Wreck Vehicle Builder ///// *5 pile of junk + 1 pressure washer + 1 car battery = bathmobile *3 pile of junk + 1 pressure washer + 1 car battery + 1 UAZ wreck + 1 offroadwreck = Scavenger Offroad *3 pile of junk + 1 pressure washer + 1 car battery + 1 UAZ wreck + 1 Hatchback wreck = Scavenger Hatchback *3 pile of junk + 1 pressure washer + 1 car battery + 1 URAL wreck + 1 Truck wreck = Scavenger Bus ///// Recipe for the Military Vehicle Builder ///// *1 slammer wreck + 1 slammer wreckturret + 1 tank tracks + 1 tank engine + 1 ammobox = slammer *1 hunter wreck 1+ 1 hunter wreck 2 + 1 car battery = 1 hunter (that need 2 different type of hunter wreck) *1 hunter + static (gmg or hmg) = hunter armed ///// Recipe for the Vehicle Upgrade ///// *1 offroad + 1 static hmg = offroad hmg *1 offroad + 1 static gmg = offroad at *1 slammer + 1 slammer wreck + 1 static hmg = slammer up ///// How to craft Ammo ///// You need to put a tin pole and create a fire camp near the green camping table at the settlement and an ammo crate will pop up on the table, just choose the ammo you want craft with the action menu. You can craft only basic ammo for hunting rifle, old rifle and barrel handgun. Persistence To save your progression the server admin need to be logged and copy this line in the chat box : #gradpersistenceSave. Or use radio menu (0-0-Save) So every vehicle, vehicle cargo, tent content, crate content and static object will be saved, at the settlement (blue circle). The crafting component (car battery or stack of brick) are considered as static object and will be saved, but they must be unloaded from the vehicle before saving, if they are not unloaded they will be lost. More Info and script used Vehicle towing Sling Loading Mag repack AIS first aid R3F Logistic Strigoi and Farty (Alias anomaly) Bangapop loot script Zbe cache system AI spawn script pack GF Crash site Its an inbuild crafting system so if you have question or you are not able to craft something just ask. Its a hard sandbox mission, that will take many hour to be able to kill the LFDA officer but the player is free to choose his own strategy. Special thanks to @pierre MGI anf @killzone_kid for their help.
  21. Full disclosure: I'm very new to scripting - I know I'm probably not doing things the most efficient way, so any tips will be warmly welcomed! I'm making an Exile WWII zombie server using Ravage zombies. The built-in ambient spawner for Ravage works okay, but I wanted to add greater variety in uniforms, loot, etc, so tried to write something myself. As disclosed above, this isn't my strong suit at all. I want the script to trigger at certain locations. I'd got in mind that I'd create an array (called _trgPos) that would hold the positions and radii of each trigger then create each trigger in a loop. This is what I've got so far: _trgpos = [ [[7365.57,2201.88,0],200], // A [[6422.59,2424.74,0],200] // B ]; { pos = _x select 0; _rad = _x select 1; _trg = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", pos, true]; systemChat format["Creating trigger at %1",pos]; _trg setTriggerArea [_rad, _rad, 0, false, _rad]; _trg setTriggerActivation ["GUER", "PRESENT", true]; _trg setTriggerStatements ["this", "null = [pos] execVM 'zombiespawner.sqf'; systemChat format['Spawning zombies at %1',pos];", ""]; } forEach _trgpos; It's meant to pass pos to the script, which then causes the zombies to spawn when an Exile player enters the area. What actually happens is both triggers are created at their correct location, but when either A or B trigger is activated, the zombies spawn at the location of B. I've seen it works like this in 3DEN or when executed on the server. It seems that B's location is being passed to the script on both triggers. Have I missed something basic? Any insight anyone could offer would be fantastic! (Including zombiespawner.sqf in case it's useful):
  22. GF Ravage Heros Money Reward Script by GEORGE FLOROS [GR] Description: GF Ravage Heros Money Reward and notification script . You are free to do anything but i would like to give me Credits for this! Simple and easy to use and adapt . Have Fun ! Installation / Usage: For usage instructions and information of how to use the GF Ravage Heros Money Reward Script , please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission. Place in your mission the files . There is everything included , in the init.sqf and in the Description.ext , to copy paste in your mission . https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/SQF_syntax Don't try to open this with the simple notepad. For everything that is with comment // in front or between /* means that it is disabled , so there is no need to delete the extra lines. You can open this ex: with notepad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ and also use the extra pluggins (this way will be better , it will give also some certain colours to be able to detect ex. problems ) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8680 or use any other program for editing . For the Compilation List of my GF Scripts , you can search in: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/215850-compilation-list-of-my-gf-scripts/ Notes: The money reward , is based on kill distance. Select the money reward , for Ravage or Heros Survive. Select where the money will be stored to uniform, vest or backpack. Credits & Thanks: Special thanks to: Haleks for Ravage mod and Heros for Heros Survive mod. Thanks to All script contributors Thanks to everyone who tries to do the best for this game! Thanks to BIS for such a great platform . Thanks to BIS Community and BIS Community Forums . Thanks to Armaholic Community and Forums . Changelog: v1.1 The AI kills where showing also in the notification but, this issue is fixed. A kill counter notification is also available. v1.0 Forum topic: - Armaholic forums http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=40235 Armaholic download GF Ravage Heros Money Reward Script
  23. Hello ARMA community, today I release my next RAVAGE mission. Have fun! Short overview: Title: RAVAGE MORGENTHAU PLAN SCHWEMLITZ Version: 1.0 Author: tourist Type: SP/COOP 1-5 Roleplaying Game Respawn: Base/Markers Game Version: created and playtested in SP and MP Dedicated Server on 1.84 Stable Language: English or German Sceenshots: YouTube Channel featuring clips and Episodes of this mission and my other RAVAGE missions: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsOXKlspvVe5HGSNlSbveFg Features: Survival Roleplaying Mission featuring the awesome RAVAGE Mod in an "Escape the Island" Scenario inspired by cosmic's mission Play in the rural area of Schwemlitz County. Combined RAVAGE with HEROS Survive for added level of immersion and gameplay value: HEROS offers a temperature system, sawing wood, trading goods, quest items... Generally speaking the HEROS items work with double-clicking them in your inventory like the RAVAGE items do. Some of them can be merged via action menu; most important for this mission: water purification pills+water container of any size=purified water Mission puts you in an alternative timeline where after WW2 the Morgenthau Plan has been enforced upon Germany. Google it, and google the novel "Morbus Kitahara" by author Ransmayer as well. THIS is a setting where a Sandbox Survival game can shine! The map is Schwemlitz cuz it's quite rural - and looks like really German coutryside, not polish or ukrainian like the IFA3 maps. There will be a few „modern“ items in loot and purchase – but the gunplay is deliberately limited to the WW2 tech. Play alone or as a small band of brothers in arms, all of you German soldiers returning from the time in a Soviet POW camp with nothing but the rags on your body. You have to fight for your life against Bandits and US Soldiers who roam Germany. The former to fulfill their needs by whatever means necessary, the latter in search of these Bandits and with the task to eliminate all "Rebel/Werewolf" units as well (represented by the armed BLUFOR RAVAGE Survivors who fight the Bandits) because NO German man is allowed to have guns! EVER! AGAIN!!! Choose to play it as sandbox until you die. Or you could try to do the quests: find enough Dollars to bribe an Allied Forces Official to give you a Passport for, say, France or USA. Or steal blank forms out of his safe and then forge yourself a passport. Or maybe search for one of those - nowadays privileged - former victims of Nazi crimes who might have such passport - and kill him for it! Really? Who would play a person like this? I don't know, but ARMA is about freedom. So ofc it's also a possibility to play as an absolutely ruthless "Inglorious German Bastard"... Civilians, farm animals and wild boars present and some loot to be found in settlements, but VERY FEW vehicles - after all, the Morgenthau Plan was about to crush Germany's economy and society for good. Weapons? Ammo? Hmm, try to pull off a Silent Takedown Attack on a Bandit or sneak into an US ARMY post and steal some hardware. You might try to scrape the money together to buy a combat knife from the stationary trader/questgiver, but he will NOT have guns in stock!!! Also there is rumors about a couple of US supply airplanes that have crashed in the Schwemlitz region - maybe the Russians have found a few Nazi super weapons to bring down airplanes with soundwaves or magnetism? But dontcha think these crashsites were freebies: the US Rangers are heading out to each of the crashsites FAST; and if they see you there, they consider it trespassing and shoot you. Wait, what? why don't they shoot you anyways? Because of INCON INCOGNITO!!! I've tailored this script to my mission with great detail so you can wear Frith's Ruin clothes or CIV clothes from IFA3 & RDS & BIS to pass for a civilian as long as you keep any weapons concealed and don't come too close to the soldiers. Also the bandits will leave you and the "real" CIVS alone, making it possible to sneak up on them and do the silent takedown if they see through your disguise too late. The script options I've tried to make OPFOR shoot ALL CIVS don't work fully yet. They do just aim at the CIVS - kinde like extortion or "Your Money or your Life“ style. Stationary trader and questgiver in a shop opposite of the Weste Train Station where you start. Go there at least once to receive the main quest and it's subquests! (Keep the book he gives to you in your inventory) Further enhanced by usage of George Floros immersive script suite tailored for RAVAGE: GF Crashsites creates random airplane crashsites with Recovery Recon Teams hurrying towards them make every playthrough different even in SP GF Drop Loot lets all killed people drop money or other items you might sell to the trader. Only two start and respawn locations (Weste Station as start and additionally a hidden camp in the woods for respawn) in MP for all players – go find yourself some old comrades, Feldwebel! And if your online friends let you down because of this lame excuse called „RL“, you can recruit any blufor AI with the RAVAGE recruiting system or at two places in the mission via Spyder Addons Recruiting mechanics... AIS/A3Wounding System for the Revive – this is the HOT stuff cuz it works in SP also! See ingame Briefing hints for instructions on using that awesome piece of code and for the settings active in this mission! If you have any AI subordinates or play SP, your teammates will all be able to heal each other and you. In „mixed MP“ with some humans and some AI, the AI will also help the humans, even if those AI buddies are NOT the „Combat Medic“ class. Play as a small group through an adventure challenging you to show if you're ready to stand by your friend's side or rather choose to abandon one or even all of them in the face of mortal danger... Different win endings depending on your success and playstyle/ways & means to achieve your goals (still WIP) I'm happy to announce that this mission offers a persistent task with several sub-tasks. I achieved this by utilizing the convenient fact that ALiVE saves a player's or a container's inventory. Subtasks are either repeating tasks for the stationary trader to help you earn some money or different ways to achieve your overall goal of obtaining a passport that allows you to leave the mission area and thus „win“ the mission. Loot in props and furniture is very scarce and weapons and ammo even more so. Go hunt a few boars or other animals, or trade non-edible loot for food. Added ALiVE saving (local save, NO WarRoom Account necessary!) and player modules to the mission – this means you can use BIS save or ALiVE save in SP and only ALiVE save in MP. I have chosen to do so because the ALiVE save gives full object and inventory persistence for any and all boxes or vehicles or even loot objects left on the ground which players access during a SP or MP session. The usage in this mission is just for the persistence; so you don't need a Master Degree in ALiVE Gameplay. In fact, you won't even need a B.A. In SP, just press the ESC button and then you can choose between the usual „Save&Exit“ button or the „ALiVE SP Save“ button. Loading happens automatically when you start the mission. Even if you don't see the usual „continue“ button in A3 Scenario list, don't worry. ALiVE essentially emulates it's MP save resuming system when you use it in SP. So once you are ingame again, it will load the previous session's state automatically. You can also use ALiVE for managing your survivor team or for some debug/cheat options. If you want this, just press the „application“ button or whatever you have chosen to associate with ALiVE Menu. If you die in SP while using ALiVE save, you won't get a „reload“ button. Instead, quit to main menu and „restart“ the mission. You will load your last manual ALiVE Menu „Player Save“ or your last „ALiVE SP Save“ made on exiting the mission last time. In MP, you should try to get access to the GUI that lets you make an individual player save with ALiVE. You'll need that save if you want to leave the server before the other players or before the player who is Admin shuts it down. Speaking of which: easy as well! As Admin, press ESC, then choose „Server Save & Exit“. That's it! Once you do that, you save any players still on the server. Also in MP, the resuming of the mission is automatically. Oh, and you can move stuff around in the gameworld if it's not too heavy to lift. Crates, barbed wire, dropped weapons... Also you can load boxes (and their inventory) into your vehicles and later unload these again with mousewheel actions if the boxes are in a distance of 2 meters or less from the vehicles. ZOD unarmed/silent takedown Script used to give all players the ability to defend themselves with their bare hands at game start and/or support a covert gameplay later on. After all, you are former WW2 soldiers who have fought on the Eastern Front and were then imprisoned in a Stalinist GULAG. You have learned all there is to learn about unarmed and melee fighting! This script allows me to actually let you play through the grim experience of coming to a shootout wielding not even a knife (if you load KA MELEE, you can buy a combat knife from the trader, though...), but just a pair of empty hands! Now go and create some vids of your ragged game characters charging towards a bandit armed with a gun and beat him to death! Please do so with whatever battle cry your nation habitually yells out! HINT: Germans would most likely yell „YAAAAH!“ or „HURRRAAA!“ if it goes into real primal/trench fighting. More sophisticated battle cries depend on the unit: „Horrido – Joho!“ for most infantrymen, „Panzergrenadiere – Dran! Drauf! Drüber!“ for mechanized infantry, „Panzer – Hurra!“ for tank troops. CREDITS: First I'll credit the creators of the used tutorials and templates because without their work I couldn't even have started A3 mission making, modded game or vanilla, and of course special thanks goes to all RAVAGE specific tutorials! Haleks for his kind help in the RAVAGE release thread and the MP testing PM thread cosmic10R for his RAVAGE templates MacScottie/Jester814 for providing his very motivating and beginner friendly YouTube Tutorials Psychobastard for his PDF A3 Editing Guide in German and for his AWESOME Revive Script AIS/A3 Wounding System rsoftokz for his ROADS mission sproyd for his A3 Editing Guide in English Next to be credited are the friendly forum members or YouTubers (listed alphabetical, not by amount of help) that helped me either with code, with direct communication to solve various specific problems during the creation of this mission or by testing the mission together with me bad benson for his general coding tips, hints to useful scripts and general ideas on mission balance and our broad exchange on the different approaches to achieve a high realism level in the ARMAVERSE cosmic10R for his RAVAGE templates, for his great Escape! Mission that inspired me to try my own approach to this kind of RAVAGE mission and for the great exchange of mission ideas. Engima for his COS Script used to populate the map with CIVS and animals Evil Organ for lots of mission ideas we exchanged during RAVAGE testing FHQ for his Briefing Editor George Floros for his script collection which greatly enhances this mission and for exchange of thoughts during the mission's creation Haleks for creating his awesome RAVAGE Mod and for letting me take part in the MP testing, also of course special thanks for all his coding tips Heros not only for his Survival System but also for his friendly help with making the RAVAGE food & drink items consumable by that system INCON for his Undercover script and also for his Squad Persistence script (latter is included, hence the credits, but it's not working on this map and with current ALiVE version for me ATTOW) ZOD for his Silent Takedown Script Required addons list: ALiVE: http://alivemod.com/#Download CBA A3: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 CUP Terrains Complete: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30045 CUP Terrains Maps: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30046&highlight=CUP%2BMAPS FRITHS RUIN: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31654&highlight=FRITHS HEROS Survive: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31161&highlight=HEROS%2BSURVIVE IFA_AIO_LITE: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34169 MBG Buildings 3: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14828 RDS Civilian Pack: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26188&highlight=RDS%2BCIVILIANS RAVAGE: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29638&highlight=RAVAGE RAVAGE APEX: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34078&highlight=RAVAGE RAVAGE CUP: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34079&highlight=RAVAGE Schwemlitz, Germany: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18147&highlight=SCHWEMLITZ Spyder Addons: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30013&highlight=SPYDER Warfare Thai:http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26051 Optional Addons: ASR AI: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24080&highlight=ASR OR VCOMAI: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25381&highlight=VCOM Why ASR AI or VCOM AI? These two (use only one of them at a time ofc!) are my personal preference and IMHO the best plug-and-play solutions for SP and MP alike! They make bandits real crappy shooters and trained Army soldiers dangerously effective! ENHANCED MOVEMENT: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27224&highlight=ENHANCED%2BMOVEMENT Get! That! Mod! Now! You WILL find it incredibly immersive and helpful to survive being hunted by zombies while still unarmed at mission start and you WILL still love it even later in the mission to save ammo by doing a little E&E or find a vantage point in firefights with bandits! KA MELEE: only available in SWS ATM Advanced Urban Rappelling: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31357&highlight=RAPPELLING Advanced Towing: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30575&highlight=TOWING Dual Arms/Two Primary Weapons: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33837&highlight=DUAL%2BARMS 9Liners & Notepad: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28180&highlight=NOTEPAD Shoulder Mounted Light: RUG DSAI IFA3 Voices: only available in SWS ATM Shoulder Mounted Light: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32143&highlight=SHOULDER And finally the mission itself: Now go get it at Steam Workshop or via this BIS Forums release thread! English Version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e5wf2ebl3873cno/RAVAGE_PLUS_HEROS_MORGENTHAU_PLAN_DEV_SCHWEMLITZ_ENG.WL_Route191.pbo.7z?dl=0 German Version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8hia9jycq5l6st/RAVAGE_PLUS_HEROS_MORGENTHAU_PLAN_DEV_SCHWEMLITZ_GER.WL_Route191.pbo.7z?dl=0
  24. MuRaZorWitchKING

    [SP] [PVE] Ravage Releases

    I have been using the Workshop recently and have released multiple Scenario's to the workshop, I will compile the list of links below and a description of each, Please feel free to comment! Hope you all enjoy! :) "THE BURNING RAIN": https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1431963030 "THE BURNING RAIN" is set 35 years after the bombs fell, you are a sole survivor in the desolate landscape of Chernarus. There is scarce loot, the dead are everywhere, and there are bandits constantly on the lookout for you. Also this scenario has a built in Temperature system, the scripts used are from JohnO and they display your current status or even ailments "sickness, cold, freezing" at the bottom left of the screen, I have made a big dent in editing the script (throwing in more outfits, tweaking the colors of the notifications, and I tweaked the distances required from items such as campfires and the like required to get warm) The Features of this map: Unique player base location Located by the abandoned food shelter. Offers full lighting control, storage, and base defences. Dynamic Body Temperature System Keeps the player notified of Overall Weather, and sickness. (freezing, Cold, Sickness... etc...) Dynamic Ship Wreck Spawner Dynamically Spawned Ship wrecks with loot across the map on the Coasts of Chernarus. Dynamically Spawned Animals Wandering, randomly spawned, food source... Dynamic Traders both wandering and static around the map. Traders Guild Recruitable Survivors Some wandering AI and Townsfolk are recruitable! Towns some are marked, some you'll have to find. Dynamic Weather system Rain, Fog, Sunny, cloudy all Randomly changing. Vehicles some wrecked some you can hop in and drive without repairing. Vehicle repair System Dynamic loot system Dynamic Bandit camp spawning system Bandit camps randomly spawn across the map, and have loot! Infected Crawlers, runners, and the usual Walkers. Chemical Contamination zones you'll need special equipment to enter these areas. Dynamic Survival System Your gonna need food and water to stay alive. Bandits Bandits have always Stalked the lands looking for someone... Someone as unaware as you... Random spawn You never know where you're gonna spawn, always different. Random Loadout on Spawn Each time you restart, your loadout will be randomated. Save System Don't worry, you can pick up where you left off. :) Pure Atmosphere Map Credits: CHR Team Credits, and thanks to : @haleks, @Vandeanson, JohnO, RHS Team, CUP Team, Lord Frith, Lord Booka, EPOCH Team, CBA Team, Assualtboy, MrSanchez and JSHK, Their Scripts, textures and Modules were used, I also received help from @kodabar The next mission on my list is "THE BROKEN" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1491990072 "THE BROKEN" is set after the events that occurred from the outbreak in Chernarus, mass deployment of nuclear weapons shifted the earths regular seasonal cycles and devastated landscape. Altis, being a somewhat arid and desert type climate was altered and shifted with the events that had happened, making it a vast cold and unforgiving landscape... Once people knew what was happening and it got colder people shifted towards a more easier way of hunting they resorted to fishing rather than hunting wild game for meat, people were hunting because there were no longer anymore incoming shipments of supplies for food markets, people were starving... They thought the fish would keep the hunger at bay, and it did. That was until the fish became infected with the virus that plagued Chernarus.for the longest time, it made its way across the globe affecting all sorts of wildlife, but it didn't have any negative affects of the wildlife. No, the virus was searching for the perfect hosts and it found it, it was the humans consuming the fish. You will be tested here, the cold doesn't forgive any, and your hunger and thirst will also test your true human limits as you battle against the frigid weather. Features: Traders Guild Location can be found on the map! Trading Caravan Their path, and rest areas are located on the map Air Patrols hostile air forces looking for remnant survivors... Dynamic Body Temperature System Keeps the player notified of Overall Weather, and sickness. (freezing, Cold, Sickness... etc...) Dynamic Ship Wreck Spawner Dynamically Spawned Ship wrecks with loot across the map on the Coasts of Altis. Dynamically Spawned Animals Wandering, randomly spawned, food source... Dynamic Traders both wandering and static around the map. Recruitable Survivors Some wandering AI and Townsfolk are recruitable! Towns Dynamic Weather system Snow, Fog, cloudy all Randomly changing. Vehicles some wrecked some you can hop in and drive without repairing. Vehicle repair System Dynamic loot system Dynamic Bandit camp spawning system Bandit camps randomly spawn across the map, and have loot! Infected Crawlers, runners, and the usual Walkers. Dynamic Survival System Your gonna need food and water to stay alive. Bandits Bandits have always Stalked the lands looking for someone... Someone as unaware as you... Random spawn You never know where you're gonna spawn, always different. Random Loadout on Spawn Each time you restart, your loadout will be randomated. Save System pick up where you left off. :) map credits: Crazy Mike Credits: Bohemia, @haleks, @Vandeanson, JohnO, Crazy Mike, and the CUP TEAM, their scripts, and textures were used in the making of this Scenario! I also thank our Amazing Community! Both of these scenarios are Singleplayer PVE and will test your skill in ravage, "THE BURNING RAIN" has many mod requirements as It was my first release on the workshop, "THE BROKEN" has many less both offer almost the same experience but "THE BROKEN" is much harder to adapt to. I constantly try to update these and am always looking to learn more about mission editing, if you have any thoughts or implementations please let me know! Thanks, and enjoy! PLEASE READ: KEEP IN MIND I DO NOT UPDATE MISSION'S FEATURES IN THIS LIST, CHECK THE MISSIONS IN STEAM WORKSHOP IN ORDER TO SEE RELEASE'S CURRENT STATE/VERSION. THANKS :)
  25. hi here i really so happy to share one of my project for arma3. this project is born on operation flashpoint and the first zombie mod on bohemia game engine :) this mod include imersive modules ,3 over skilled heroes and more. this mod is actualy compatible for play with ravage mod by haleks. and include actually 6 weapons for 3 heroes :) first class is trapper. the trapper can be use winchester 1894 , sawed off old shotgun and Flintlock trapper rifle for longe range shooting. the trapper can be place,disarm,arm,hide and hunhide a bear traps for trap a zombies or others ennemy. Marcel a old french hunter. Marcel can be use a old 12 ga shotgun and revolver and can be launch molotov coktails on the ennemy. Eli from Eli's book Eli can be used a 12 ga winchester 1887 and Colt army and can be launch dynamite on te ennemy. this 3 heroes can be use basic skills and survive abilities, they can be pick-locking a empty locked car vehicles and can be attract a zombies horde if pick-locking failled. they can be also hunt a rabbits and snake for survive and skinning animals for transform animals in meat :) tender ear is a basic skill for detect suspects noises at 150 meters. this mod include 8 modules. 3 weathers module for full fog full rain and wind with fx. wind fx is based on Alias cartoon wind script with more particles effects and real move of particles on the wind directions and force of wind affect this moves. limited fuel module is a simple module for add randomly a little quantity of fuel in fuel stations. car alarm one of my favourite modules :p this module add alarm and lock empty car vehicles on map the alarm is enabled if a pick-locking on this car fail or if car receveid damage. the alarm attract all zombies at 250 meters around car. radioactive module simulate a radioactive areas you can choose a range for a less,medium and lethal range. radioactivity affects all humans and animals entities and working on the exposure if your exposure is at 100% a radioactivity affect and kill, if you d'ont use a rad pills for disable this exposure, the radioactivity do not affect a zombies :) San head gore module working by Mr sanchez for ravage zombies is actually in standby because original addon known a troobls with last updates. the items this mod include an items for help you to survive. the macgyver swiss knife with this tools all is possible :p required item for pick-locking and animal skinning. the gas mask and gp4u gas mask is a perfect item for protect you. the gas masks protect entitie from biochemical gas danger include biochemical barrels form mission making and the gas masks protect you from radioactivity less lethal range and diminuate a exposure percents from medium range and usless in lethal range. a cdv 700 geiger counter. if in your inventory this geiger counter detect a radioactivity presence. without cdv you can't detect this invisible ennemy. bear trap. this item is a favourite item from trapper and trap all humanoides entities and animals :) the old lantern for enlighting into the dark ideal tools for jump over your chair during a night :) rad pills. this item disable your percent exposure to radioactivity. the first aid kit for heal your dammage can be interupted by others damage. this is my first teaser. this mod is inspired from diferent games in first (fallout). ty for read :)