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Found 2 results

  1. Pilgrimage Ported Variations Hello this topic is about the famous mission Pilgrimage by Rydygier and the port and variations I made with it there are all "unofficial" versions, meaning this is my work based on Pilgrimage mission, with permission from Rydygier, but there is no Rydygier support on thoses versions. I will provide all support on those versions. I'll try to upload as fast as possible the several port I made. the topic will present each variation ported to a particular map NEW UPDATE MAY 8th 2019 WEFERLINGEN Port Pilgrimage 1.951 based missions ported to Weferlingen GM terrain from the latest Arma3 DLC on summer terrain on winter terrain four versions: two standard Pilgrimage on summer and winter maps two RHS mod tweaked Pilgrimage on summer and winter maps winter version tweaked for winter clothing at mission start boat replaced by a car mission should end when brother's body is loaded in the car (not enought time to test it to the end of the mission) some previous mistakes fixed ( wrong spawn points coordinates, wrong churc coordinates) need to fix: random Ryd_JR_Cars spawning points ( all similar cars spawned in the river ) next goal: to tweak a Pilgrimage version with GM uniforms, units and cars only as I was requested by private message. here it is Here on Google Drive TAUNUS Port based on Rydygier's Pilgrimage 1.95 WIP and Vafana's Taunus Port WIP. from Rydygier's work: Features - whole map reasonably yet dynamically each play initially populated with enemy garrisons and patrols with few possible behavioral patterns. Nothing is spawned later, every kill counts and has meaning; - dynamical adding of random loot to some buildings. Such buildings are, until checked, marked by 3D icon if player close enough; - cameral plot with some small, nasty surprise; - across whole island may be found few dozens of empty vehicles ready to use. If known to player, for easier spotting, also marked by 3D icons if close enough; - context-sensitive jukebox playing with reasonable intervals A3's tracks depending on situation (safe/enemy spotted by player/player spotted by enemy); - simple caching system to keep performance on decent level despite many groups on map; - fuel fund used for fast travelling and repairing or refueling player's vehicle; - kept as high as possible compatibility with mods. latest fixes: - AC paradrop into the sea when player near shore - still may happen, should be better now - not tested; - wild growth of the array holding taken house positions (not emptied?) - should be fixed (not emptied was positions taken by deleted civilians); - rare main loop breaks due to "0" elemnts of said array (test solution) - should be fixed; - restore persistent chapel markers for all difficulty levels - not tested; - direct body-to-boat loading should take Alex to closest boat, not the original one - should be fixed, not tested; - sometimes too big values of player's speed read by hunters from his tracks - should be fixed, not tested; - own boat countes as abandoned vehicle for ADM - should be fixed, not tested; - check, if there isn't a gap in the LOS checks of AC code in case of town battle event (LOS check should be peformed using players's position, not town's location) - should be fixed, not tested; - in MP player can drag only own waypoints - only one player should be able to place them - not tested; - another loot distribution options to make also weaponry of fallen foes vanishing, to make completing optimal gear more challenging - not tested; - chance for civilian doctors and mechanics across town population, service available depending on player's reputation; - removed "game logic" from the side chat, replaced globalChat with customChat, colored headers depending on source (ADM, phone, radio neutral, radio alarm, other); - redone respawn in coop wip - removed boat, last chapel and hideout respawn positions. Present are: teammate position and safe position. from Vafana's work: - original mission.sqm file - some of the starting points coordinates - ideas about specifics versions like RHS troops instead of original BI units from my work: - replacement of the boat by a car on mission start - ability to push the car in any direction if needed - ability to attach chemlight on the gear at night ( chemlight needed in inventory, automatically attached to vehicle when driving) - ability to holster weapon - modified map by scripting to add some military buildings (to play "realistic" setting) unlike Tanoa Edition, there is no "blackout " option and Incognito is not included in the setting neither, those modification seems to CTD the game on starting mission for now. if you want to play Incognito, you'll have to add it as a mod. SCENARIO: Taunus is "land only" map, there is no sea around so Pilgrimage story need a change: you are arriving on Taunus by road with an unarmed civilian car. the mission starts where you are almost fuel dry in an almost broken car. the goal will be to find your brother's body as usual..... SP files Taunus port offers two differents versions of Pilgrimage SP 1.95 WIP: Pilgrimage_195_Taunus.xcam_taunus.pbo is Pilgrimage 1.95 WIP with all standards units from Arma 3 (CSAT and AAF units as opponents) the only requirements are Taunus map and CUP terrain complete ( needed for Taunus map ) Pilgrimage_195_TaunusRHS.xcam_taunus.pbo is Pilgrimage 1.95 WIP with RHS units to replace original Arma 3 units in addition of the required mods already told, all RHS units mods are required: @RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSGREF;@RHSSAF both Taunus SP missions are barely TESTED but yet some updates have been done: March 17th 2017 - fix on mission ending ( not teested yet, deep search into the whole files to change "has_body_boat" to "has_body_car" - fix for decoy.sqf March 16th 2017 - change on " _mapsize" parameter in JRInit.sqf to try better scenario mechanism (WIP on test) - scripting corrections to be able to end the mission. (WIP on test) MP Files March 17th 2017 Both MP version added, same features than SP missions but in COOP format (2 players ­čś× Pilgrimage_COOP_1_95_wip7.xcam_taunus.pbo Pilgrimage_COOP_1_95RHS_wip7.xcam_taunus.pbo both Taunus SP missions are NOT TESTED today March 17th when uploaded (only tested RHS version to start fine) I highly recommand those mods also: -MOCAP -Enhanced movement -Tryk's Uniforms -Military Gear Pack -Incognito Download Link to Taunus Port Here on Google Drive To do on Taunus Port as Taunus is a map with no sea, Pilgrimage mechanism might need some improvement/ change. here are ideas I might work on in a further update of the mission: spawn point could be a DZ where Alex (and Buddy if present) have been dropped on by Helo. as it is not "stealth" way for insertion, DZ is burned and we might think of a enemy squad coming in the very next minutes, as made for ROADS starting, to see why an helo went here. so you have no usable vehicle right now at mission start. brother's body to be found and vehicle needed as usual, but once you have the body, you'll need to go to a random exflitration point you'll have to find. several options here: Yorre call you back to give you coordinates when you have called him to tell you found the body. (option "call Yorre to exfil " in menu once body found ) you need to pay civilian to give you an exfiltration point/ or join a specific resistance squad on the map (before they get killed eventually ). you have to ask for surrenders for a secured exfiltration point (leak in defense lines where you might cross the border) you might have civilian / logisitic helos on seized airfield you have to find to escape you might have to find randomly spawned helo somewhere to escape with difficulty level, we might think to increase/decrease chances to have this exfiltration point by paying/asking. we might think to add minefields randomly around this point ( as done with strongholds and airfields) TANOA PORT Both SP and MP missions based on Pilgrimage 1.94 version setting Improvements: Black Out and Incognito mods added (Black out will switch off 99% of lights at night, Incognito will allow you to appear "stealth" to enemies in some conditions) map modification by scripting ( military bases and camps added) Apex Units priority for Units ability to push all boats if beached ability to use and attach chemlights to gear ( chemligt in inventory required, automatically attached to vehicle when driving) Pilgrimage Tanoa Edition is here enjoy and report any issue or idea you might have
  2. SP and MP Pilgrimage "Tanoa Edition" Welcome on this new thread about the "non official" Pilgrimage Tanoa Edition. Pilgrimage is a free roam, semi-randomized open whole map SP mission with optional plot to follow set on Altis , made by RYDYGIER, winner of the "Single Mission Arma 3 Contest 2015". due to success of this mission and players requests, "official" ports to another Arma 3 maps have been made and Pilgrimage has been extended to a COOP version too. Mods friendly built, it has been updated and upgraded to open the mission to a wide choice of game level options and is very submersive to Arma 3 worlds. some Arma 3 community fellows, like me, have made their own versions of Pilgrimage, with the respect of Rydygier's initial work and sight about the mission atmosphere and offer thoses versions as "non official" ports as those have not been made by Rydygier itself. PILGRIMAGE Tanoa Edition is the SP and COOP versions of Pilgrimage 1.94 Beta6 mission ported and optimized for Tanoa with several news options brang to the wide choice of options the mission already offers. as this version is specific, in agreement with Rydygier on the initial Pilgrimage thread, I decided to open this thread to discuss about specific Tanoa Edition issues, updates and more. this way, it avoids any "pollution" on the original Pilgrimage thread about issues or discussions for "non official ports" that Rydygier didn't made itself. you'll find the original Changelog from Pilgrimage Thread, links to the latest versions of Pilgrimage Tanoa Edition: Download from Google Drive SP and COOP for Arma 3 1.64 version V1.22a updated 24 and 28 September 2016 SP and COOP for Arma 3 1.66 version V1.22H 22 december 2016 for SP and COOP both versions updated (some scripts errors on SP ) Download from Armaholic SP and COOP for Arma 3 required Addons: Arma 3 Apex Tanoan Armed Forces mod. Pilgrimage Tanoa Edition brings you on Pilgrimage mission into Tanoa map with specific Apex contents in priority. Changes have been made to offer the choice of a full dark world ( war zone ) at night without any external lights (streetlights are down ) or standard night lightened world, Incognito status (including now directly in the mission build) gives you the opportunity to play incognito or not in some situations, helping you to be considered by enemies as a civilian as long you are not acting as a threat ) the main change is a special modification of the whole map, with the help of Xcam (not required to play ), to offer a better "militarization" of the Archipelado. several new bases and a lot of jungle camps have been added on the islands. most of those camps can be seen on the map (once you have one ) for "hard structures" only. "soft" structures camps like tents are not shown AIs behavior has been scripted to bring some occupation into a random quantity of thoses camps and bases so you might encouter heavy forces sometimes. Changelog: V1.22H 22/12/2016 - Hotfix version for Arma 3 V1.66: Game crashes to death for memory reason with 1.22a after Arma 3 update. - some scripting errors fix in SP (some missing commands due to hurry in the Hotfix build process ) - Inactive UGV should be fixed now in COOP version (untested) V1.22a release 24/09/2016 (fix) -Fix Update for V1.22 to V1.22a -scripting error fix for "addaction" menu in MP version -"Attach Chemlight" functionality added player can now attach a chemlight to his shoulder (if at least one chemlight in inventory ) chemlight can be removed (then spent and lost as fired ) lifespan approx 900 seconds chemlight automatically fixed to Vehicle when player gets in chemlight automatically fixed to shoulder when player gets out V1.22 release 23/09/2016 - New Options on Starting menu (SP and MP) -Blackout option is now a specific choice in the menu (no more dependency with difficulty level) default is ON, can be set to OFF -Incognito Mod by Rydygier is now INCLUED into Pilgrimage as an option (so @RYD_INCOGNITO is no longer needed if you want to play with Incognito functions) also specific choice in the Start menu , default is ON, can be set to OFF -MP version is now WIP5 standard with new BIS_Respawn menu -still on test (BIS debug for some errors in next 1.64 update) - Tanoa Camps upgraded for a better gameplay -Modmap now shows added military bases and camps on the default map. main structures are visible on map, some are not ( like tents, sand bag bunkers ect...) -Reworked script for AI garrison spawn random occupation of a percentage of those added camps by AIs (OPFOR and/or Bandits) this adds AI units in the jungle randomly around and in camps locations those occuped camps may appear now as "intel about enemy presence" or specificaly as "there is a camp in this aera" with specific marker when interrogating/asking/searching for intel with civilians/prisonners/intel holders -Updated Pilgrimage Guide menu in Diary about all new specification in Tanoa Edition - some corrections in scripts V1.2 : release 9/9/2016 - Improved and checked list of "holyplaces"; some were missing, now 40 places to search. - Difficulty levels " Hard", "Very Hard", "Insane" will now put Tanoa Archipelado in full black-out at night. all lights on the island (99%) are switched off. Date setted for full moon night. for SP and MP versions -"Holster weapon" now for SP and MP versions in default Pilgrimage menu. - Intels upgraded to point you to military camps when interrogating civilians, prisonners, checking dead team leader or as reward after a succesfull kill mission. (with % of chance) intels containers type modified to avoid invisible containers sunk in floor of buildings - Upgraded Military camps map modification, still WIP . - AIbuddy is now always native from Tanoa, with random Tanoan face and Name and Surname (mostly Fijian typical names, some French or Dutch too), same as speaker into "French English" with 2/3 of chance V1.1 : release 26/8/2016 - Modded map after Tanoa has been invaded by Chinese CSAT troops: this will add a few military bases, watch towers, jungle camps, military facilities... may help to play in Reaslistic bases are not visible on the map, you'll need to explore the whole map to find all the places - Original content adapted to Tanoa Apex assets: all the new assets of Apex are scripted to be spawned in priority before previous Arma 3 assets. some Apex uniforms and weapons added to "initial spawn list items". - More than 35 random initial spawn points on the whole map - player (in SP only) can holster his weapon: can help in you use INCOGNITO mod by Rydygier - Holyplaces to search in : Churches in towns Natives temples in villages Mausoleums in cemeteries - RHIB boat as default boat. can be pushed if shored on the beach - CSAT Chinese troops mainly, some CSAT Altis remaining...for OPFOR - Bandits troops mainly, AAF remaining also for Independent - Tanoan Armed Forces, FIA remaining too for BluFor and more ....... better to play on Arma 3 as vanillia as possible, adding more mods will drastically slow the computer due to map modding with military bases and eventually crash the mission. recommanded mods: (missions tested with thoses following mods on two different PC, one I5-4690K with 16GO and GTX-960 and SSD , one with Intel Core 2 Duo with 8GO and a GTX660 and HDD.) Enhanced movement Incognito inclued directly in Pilgrimage Tanoa Edition since V 1.22, so no more required as a " @mod " DES Elevator and I use to play with PG services, EricJ weapons and all the Robert Hammer RH mods for weapons and TRYK for uniforms and vests... known issues: SP/MP: -for some reasons in a few of Tanoa buildings, you cannot "read" the intel from a device -Loot crates spawning on roof oF Patrol Military House of added military bases on the sea side. MP: - UGV seems to be inactive in V1.22a latest version. Work in Progress. -respawn after autosave teleports player to initial spawn point with his boat. (save before leaving with both players in the same vehicle, best choice is to save in the boat) -content cannot be sold after checking intel on dead bodies sometimes. -AIBuddy player don't have access to the action menu on initial spawning (need respawn to activate the actions menu) -AIBuddy can't sale a loot crate when main player have checked it before (sometimes ) WORK in Progress. enjoy!! special Thanks to: RYDYGIER for this wonderfull mission and permission to mod and port it : all credits to him VAFANA who is the first to port the mission to Tanoa here and to clear the path ..... ;) TIPS - none of the Mausoleum nor Native temple have "marker" on the map like churches ( those on vanilla Arma map ) you should have "Piligrimage scripted markers" in low levels of difficulty (the dot with a cross on the top) and it seems those markers in low level of difficulty are not showing all the types of churches on Tanoa. -this is a Mausoleum, located in cemetery (not all of the cemeteries but a few in Tanoa....cemeteries are easy to locate on a map close to towns) - this is a Native Temple, in almost all of the biggest native villages on the islands. MEDIAS