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Found 17 results

  1. I'm working on a campaign and I want to use the same "mechanics" used in Old Man if possible, so that the player can hang up their favorite weapons and have them at their disposal at all times.
  2. I recently started to play old man but have ran into a problem where missions don't load properly as in i would get to the mission walk around and then every thing would load in and which would brake objective as in getting stuff out of vehicles and not being able to destroy things. i also have no mods loaded
  3. What do the modules do that were added in the Old Man DLC and how to use them? How do you make malaria-infected civvies?
  4. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to take the gamemode of old man and place it into a map so I can essentially relive that experience on any map I wish? I need it for a mod.
  5. NickVanguard327

    Arma 3 OLD MAN mission help!

    ARMA 3 OLD MAN - insurgent teams not replenishing? Reached the point where I could call in 16 rebels to attack a target, and used them to attack a heavily defended checkpoint in which they all were killed. After 5hrs in game and over $40,000 worth of equipment donated to rebels, it still says 0/16 fighters available, please help!
  6. Hi, it could be interesting to use the "relationship" and "awareness" modules from the OLD MAN campaign to create a sort of vanilla "incognito" system. Is it possible to use them without the Old man init? module, as stated in the description of the modules. If not, could one create a scripted "init" for them, and how? Thank you all.
  7. For quite some time, I'm trying to find a way to create an ammo box with unlimited (or limited, but having high enough capacity to be considered practically unlimited) cargo space, without having to create a separate mod. There's exactly something like this in Old Man scenario - a small ammo crate in protagonist's house, in which you can put anything you want, as much as you want. I didn't find a separate ammo crate in Eden editor, so does anyone know, how did they achieve that and if it's possible to use it in our own scenarios?
  8. Hello! Just recently returned to Arma 3 and scripting, after almost a 1 year break. Started Old Man scenario, and was pretty enjoy it, great work, noted great time skip and sleeping mechanics, anyway it could be used as standalone? Look through https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Old_Man_Systems and did not find any mention about it, "missions_f_oldman.pbo" is pretty huge to traverse, may be there is already standalone version existed? to use just this functionality?
  9. Bukain

    Old man

    How exactly old is old man?
  10. After playing the new old man scenario for more than 20 hours, my game crashes after loading my autosave. I have tried to resume the scenario many times but it will always crash and tell me it crashed because of this: 0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION. It happened to me twice while playing the scenario (had to start again). I was using the recommended autosave option but now I'm gonna have to use the manual save option because the recommended autosave saves only one save and when that save gets damaged as happened to me, I'm unable to do anything. I'm only able to restart the whole thing which is frustrating. But overall, it's a nice scenario for Arma 3. I also have the Arma report log file but I don't know where to put it.
  11. Every time I load a save file of Old Man scenario, I get kicked out right back to the main menu or a debrief screen. I've tested out other scenarios and it turns out that half of them have the exact same issues. I've tried both saving options (Manual and resting), changed to every Beta versions of Arma, updated to the latest version, removed all mods, verified files integrity in steam, checked the default installation folder (Installed on same drive as steam), never subscribed to the scenario in the workshop, ran arma 3 as administrator, yet the issue still persists. You can see it for yourself here https://youtu.be/I7ii0qV9X8I help pls ­čś×
  12. Hey all, Booted up Arma today to test some things. I noticed that some of the heads in ASCZ_Heads and all of the heads in my Arma 3 Females mod are having issues with the arms and legs textures being completely white or having screwed up lighting. Does anyone have an idea of how I could fix this? I am using custom arm/leg textures for these modifications. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2021778690 Would appreciate any help y'all can give. Thanks much! Sam
  13. Hello everyone! It's been quite some time. I guess most people here won't recognize me nor should they. I'll go straight to the point: I am going to stream the whole ArmA 3 campaign and scenarios from all DLCs, to raise funds for charities and causes you and I believe in. I work with a bunch of very talented people here in Berlin. This startup I am in features some incredibly selfless and resourceful people that are willing to make some change happen in the world. A couple of months ago we brainstormed a new project that - on the side - involves video games and streaming. We are all gamers in the team but our work does not directly relate to games, although some of the people in the team (myself included) do work to develop content that ends up being used for companies, outside of said startup. It took my friends more than one Moscow Mule, a trip to Praha for some good beers and maybe some Bratwurst (you can't just drink, right?) to involve me in the project. Each one of us has a game that got picked by others.. and they picked ArmA 3 for me. Now, it took them time to persuade me because after my long-term and passionate involvement with ArmA 2 and Operation Arrowhead, I took a massive break from gaming and ArmA in general. I've never - don't laugh - even watched a video about ArmA 3.. maybe 20-30 screenshots to this date, in general. Even if I had ArmA 3 gifted to me as soon as it came out. I guess I needed some time off, in addition to my life taking some pretty big turns. Anyway now, driven by some not-so-happy happenings in the life of a dear couple friend of mine, we decided to act and so.. I said yes. I've spent the last couple weeks building my new rig and - with the help of @Groove_C @oldbear @Tankbuster @HaseDesTodes in here and many other people who wrote me on Reddit and privately... I am *almost* done. I must thank my colleagues and the people "from the upper floor" as they provided me with hardware that, honestly, would have not been so quick to acquire. You can take a look at the rig and my battle station, here or below.. https://imgur.com/gallery/FQB3T4x What are the specs of your rig? I started with this rig: And then I had the opportunity to change the motherboard and CPU, not because I had to but because a friend/colleague who was streaming a different game asked me if we could do the swap.. his game would benefit from the multi-core AMD and he told me ArmA 3 would be equal if not better on the Intel.. so my rig was updated to: (I highlighted the components that changed) If you are interested, I did benchmark the two rigs to compare how they did on ArmA 3: How to watch/follow the stream: Get on Twitch and follow me on Twitch.tv/OperatorReezo (Replays will be available in the future) What to do, when to do it: You don't have to do anything but it will be great if you join and actively participate. I'll be playing the campaign and I have NEVER seen it, even launched it once. So that's gotta be pretty funny indeed. We'll talk about tactical decisions, lore, context, back-story, role-playing, AI, glitches, bugs, things I will do really wrong and so on and so forth. It should be fun and also ArmA is so unpredictable that it won't be like many other streaming sessions around. How I would like to expand this, in the future: If this project takes off, I'd be happy to stream bigger scenarios with people online, recording everything from multiple "helmet cams" and then doing a post de-briefing analyzing what happened and how. We can join forces with fellow map makers to prepare missions that allow one "eye in the sky" to gather data that can be used for the de-briefing, plus all the recordings from players (their "helmet cams"). The way I see it in my head.. it's gonna be pretty cool! Why today? It's been exactly 10 years since I joined this forum. That's why. Do you have a Twitch account as well? Let's follow each other! I am totally new there.. I can use friends! Are you going to talk about your rig and discuss PC builds as well? As a geek, you bet I'll do it. We might swap some parts together and see how things explode.. I mean, work for the better! You play war games and then raise money against war? I do. I am a very peaceful person and believe that this world could be much better, without much effort. Unfortunately the simplest things are the hardest to achieve and even if I am very lazy, I gotta admit the past few years made me get out and do more. I am not a hero in this world nor am I a role-model for anyone, I don't pretend to be one but I know I am going just a bit further out to make this world a better place than it is now. I am a Star Trek fan, that also probably plays a part in how I've always seen things. Where to find more info on this initiative and gifts for supporters: Patreon Twitch Twitter How to donate: Using this PayPal link Through the patreon.com/vto Using this QR Code
  14. I can load the scenario fine from a new game, but if I try to resume it, I get the above error once the green loading bar finishes and the game hard crashes. I haven't experienced this issue with any other scenario. Logs below. Not sure what else is needed, but I will provide more logs if asked.
  15. I expect a short but good singleplayer scenario what tells me more about Tanoa, the pacific CSAT and CTRG/regular pacific NATO troops and i hope it brings more animals to A3, special pacific animals, i hope also well get static Cargo and Tank Ships (pacific and mediterane) and a pilotable Ferry.
  16. I hope BIS connect the "Old Man" campaign with Malden specialy with the large military complex eastern of the Malden Airport/-base. Here another Thread of mine to Malden: From https://arma3.com/news/argo-and-arma-3-malden-dlc-now-available#.W5yD-PaYSUl