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Found 46 results

  1. I am kind of new to this with using codes and scripts, I have a insignia modpack i want to use on my arsenal online and i found a post that said that this code/script works addAction ["<t color='#ffa500'>Open Virtual Arsenal</t>", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal}]; and I have tried putting it in the debugger thingy on the Pause menu but and execute it but it doesnt work or i dont know how to make it work! :( Please help here is the link where i found the code / script
  2. Hi there, I feel there is currently a lack of maps in Arma 3 for Exile. The best zombie survival map was Esseker but most people are done with this map. We did got chernaraus redux but this really wasn't a new map but just a remake. Anyway I was wondering if anyone is working on a map zombie survival/normal map. - Thomas
  3. Hi there, I feel there is currently a lack of maps in Arma 3 for Exile. The best zombie survival map was Esseker but most people are done with this map. We did got chernaraus redux but this really wasn't a new map but just a remake. Anyway I was wondering if anyone is working on a map zombie survival/normal map. - Thomas
  4. We at ULRP have taken the time and money to invest in making Takistan Life great again. We have taken the Altis 5.0 template and made Takistan Life on the 5.0 template. This means everything is crisp and we can add a bunch more features for you to enjoy. However, we are not like already existing communities who have the existent player base to try their new experiences. We are here to ask you to come and develop the community with us. We want you to be apart of our journey. If you are at all interested don't hesitate to join our teamspeak; ts.urbanliferoleplay.com Or our website; http://urbanliferoleplay.com/
  5. Hey. Wanted to show-case the new map Kobbvatn for Arma 3, made by Xindrum and my good friend FargeBlind. We have been working on this map of our home location in Norway, Kobbvatn / Mørsvik to Arma 3 for quite some time now, and we felt that it's time to show what we have done so far. There remains a lot of work until the map is complete, but we will launch it to the public when we feel it's playable. Kobbvatn - New Arma 3 Map Trailer We hope you are looking forward to getting your hands on the map because we can hardly wait to finish it. Enjoy.
  6. Major Kibbins of Kekistan

    [CUSAF] Milsim Warhammer 40k

    If you are looking for a Unit to join come to us, we are a small but growing community. We are comprised of three regiments, Troopers, Grenadiers, and Engineers for more information on how to join please join the group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CUSAF
  7. Hello As I near the completion of my first mission, I wanted to add in a slow black fade in screen, followed by 5 lines of text in the lower right corner at the start of the mission. the timing for that would be default for both. How would I go about making this happen? Now I've obtained the script and watched a guide on What it does (down below) but I haven't found one that shows how to set it up setp by step. I've been having an extremely hard time editing it fit my needs, let alone inserting into the mission. Please go easy on me, I'm brand new to mission making and scripting is completely foreign to me. I'm here to learn!
  8. Hello evveryone. I'm creating a mission where you are tasked to intercept bomber flights before they bomb a specific target. However to keep things reasonable, I only want the next bomber to spawn after the first one is destoryed. Using the variable name bomber2 what would the trigger code look like for making this happen?
  9. Hello all, Me and few other people are starting up a King of the Hill server. What makes us somewhat different is we would like to offer people that have a battleye or vac ban a second chance and play on our servers. Also, we plan on pushing custom content out as well to compeat with the other big name servers. We are looking to build up a good community and reward people by joinning, playing on the server, and just having fun. I don't want to spool alot that we have planned, but we will be having mini games once a week inside the game itself to help you earn rewards on the website and in game goods :). We have filled out a Arma 3 Monetization application so we can give you great content. Please come over and take a look and join our community. The server will go live most likely Feb 17 around 7PM CST GMT -6. We are looking for some developers to help out. We do plan on (at a later time) paying our devs, but for now we are just trying to get things off the ground. Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon! -Optimus Unreal Servers -Check out our Website: http://unreal-servers.com/
  10. I'm Recruiting for a development Team for a Mod Project i want to lead. The mod is about a 2nd American Civil War/WW3 story line. being that the last thread got off topic and was closed i urge that anyone who is interested please refrain from political discussion, or any talk about how realistic the concept is. A little about Myself: I'm 30 years old. i'm currently writing the story line of the single player portion of the mod. I'm not that knowledgeable of map design or texturing, and i know next to nothing about programming. but I'm very driven to learn about them and help on that level. if your interested please post the details about what knowledge and experience you have. I hope to hear from you all soon.
  11. Welcome, to Viper Unit.This clan is a tactical realism unit for the soul purpose of immersion. Loads of people want a true gaming experience with order and precision. Thats what we are here for! Our Admin team will ensure a top of the line gaming realisim experience. That doesnt mean we cant have fun or joke around though, we encourage it in fact. But when it's time to go to work we expect you to be 100% serious and professional. We play a variety of games such as Arma, Ark, and Squad. Our main game however is Arma 3, a military simulator at its best. I hope this gave you an idea of what we are and i will see you, on the battlefield!!Some of the military terms we will be using:FUBAR - F* Up Beyond All Repair: A description of many differing items and peopleMarine Corps socket set - An adjustable wrenchWingnut - A member of the US Air ForceSquid/squidee/swabbie/swab jockey - Affectionate terms used by members of other service branches to describe members of the US Navy.Bravo Sierra (BS) - Initials for the word "♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t"First Shirt - First Sergeant (Usually the senior NCO within a military unit)Ground Pounder - A term used to describe a military member in the armed forces whose primary job is being an infantry member.Rack - Navy/Marine Corps: A bed (particularly on a ship)Rack time - Sleeping (See also rack)Outstanding - A superlative used by members of USMC to describe most things.Unsat - Short for "Unsatisfactory": Used by members of the USMC to describe anything )people,facilities,etc) which are not up to par.ect...Rules:1: Read the rules.2: When in a combat situation follow all commanding officers commands.3: Act professional when the time comes.4: Have fun5: Do not disobey orders.6: Every sunday at 8pm EST there will be training, you MUST attend. (Speak with admin if you have IRL problems to handle)7: Help your squad and play your role.8: Dont be a ♥♥♥♥9: Play nice ladies10: Admins word is final, no exeptions.Ages 18+We have a discord, no TS. Message for invite if you wish to have a try-out.
  12. someguywho


    This looks like it could be some good competition: http://titan.im/www/index.php/page It uses the Outerra engine, hopefully they'll release a version to the general public.
  13. the JLTV mod will part of SSS works and US naval warfare pack JTVSs will be replacer of HMMWV The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) is a United States military (specifically U.S. Army, USSOCOM, and U.S. Marine Corps) program to part-replace the Humvee that is currently in service[4] with a family of more survivable vehicles with greater payload. JLTV traces back to 2005 but publicly emerged in January 2006, with early government requests for information noting: "In response to an operational need and an ageing fleet of light tactical wheeled vehicles, the joint services have developed a requirement for a new tactical wheeled vehicle platform that will provide increased force protection, survivability, and improved capacity over the current Up-Armoured High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (UAH) while balancing mobility and transportability requirements with total ownership costs." The joint service nature of the effort was assured through Congressional language in the Fiscal Year 2006 (FY06) Authorization Act, which mandated that any future tactical wheeled vehicle program would be a joint program. JLTV is what Oshkosh calls the "Core1080 Crew Protection System," which includes mine resistance, IED detection, and a lot of bolt-on armor. It's not just about defense, though: optional turret and missile launch units put bite behind the bark. A suspension that can be raised and lowered electronically makes it easier to transport JLTVs to wherever they're needed, but out in the field, it's got 20 inches of wheel travel for insane off-road capability. Oh, and Oshkosh claims it's 70 percent faster than the best tactical wheeled vehicle (TWV) in the market currently. http://s1030.photobucket.com/user/kuvan13/media/untitled_zpszhnrkqre.png.html
  14. A new cooperative [ZEUS] and PVP unit, If you enjoy team based action across a dynamic environment then this is the unit for you. [NON UK MEMBERS ARE STILL WELCOME AS LONG AS YOU CAN SPEAK ENGLISH]. Join here --> https://units.arma3.com/unit/ukaf We will be playing every saturday night unless of issues we will move it if so.
  15. The Mastermind Season 1 Episode 2/7 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tp7p542a824kfib/! The+Mastermind+2.Eden.pbo You're the leader of a squad (callsign Alpha 1) and you are in one of the best and the most talented squad in US army and and you have been given a mission to defend a convoy then repair tanks in friendly base and attack the enemy city Revive: Yes Playable units: 12 Version: 1.2 Difficulty: Easy (AI = Min), Balanced, Hardcore (AI = Max) - You can change it before you play in pool in MP! If you have played mastermind 1 how was my traps? ;) Cheers -Godfree Ps.: They both weight 66Kb ... hmm what an oddly specific detail huh
  16. Arma 4 is still some years away, but that means that development of Arma 4 could begin at literally any time, if it hasn't begun already. Thus, I put forward to the community this question: do you want to see the next Arma game continue to use the Real Virtuality engine? Or do you want to see BIS make a change that has yet to happen in fifteen years, and move to a new, better engine? Personally (warning, rant): I am sick and tired of the RV engine, and all the shit it entails. You heard about the upcoming vehicle-in-vehicle transport feature, I assume? Guess what, we won't be able to actually drive vehicles up a ramp into another vehicle, thanks to, hey-ho, engine limits. However, the limits are only half of what I hate; in fact, what I hate most about the RV engine is the horrendously poor quality of its animations. Arma 3, literally, has the worst animations of a top dollar game and a standard of its genre. Then, of course, you have the lack of detail that's gone into weapons and vehicles. Arma 3 is the definition of quantity over quality, and even then they fail in proper quantity. What really pisses me off, though, is that BIS markets Arma 3 like its animations, visuals, and so on are of Battlefield quality. Hearing Jay Crowe talk about Arma 3 like it's this super smooth, super refined platform when in fact it's a clunky clusterfuck saved only - ONLY - by the modding community and all those mods that bring high quality content and features. Imagine, for a moment, Arma 3 without mods. Yeah. I just watched the Apex trailer (I am buying Apex, by the way), and surprise surprise, BIS makes out Arma 3 as it's not; having gorgeous visuals and 100 FPS, flawless texture and model quality, and best of all, seamlessly smooth and real-looking animations. COME ON! You can fool those who've never played, but you can't fool us! Case in point, I love Arma, but I've been ready for a new engine for a very long time, and Arma 4 seems like the perfect platform for BIS to engine change. I don't care if we have to wait another five years, I want to see a new engine in a new Arma game.
  17. Hello. I was searching for answer to this question, but couldn't find anything that can really help me. I am not so good with scripting that's why some tutorials I found were really complicated for me. So my question is, how to add custom unit in the game editor ? I created 7 characters all with custom uniforms and weapons but I would like to have them as a unit in editor so I don't have to copy/paste them every single time I start with new mission. I have them saved in notepad files. I hope you understand what I want. I am sure this was asked before so don't go hard on me for asking it again, please. You can post links to some tutorials, any help will be appreciated. :)
  18. Company Quebec http://companyquebec.enjin.com This community is where there is no "yes sir, no sir" system. Everyone is considered equal. We want a so called serious fun experince were we aim for perfection but in a more fun way. We're an international clan that will be playing on EU timezones, but that doesn't mean that people from NA should not consider applying. We're aiming qualities such as in our operations: -PvP & PvE oriented, as a member your expected to attend both sides. - 1st person only - Low powered scopes, we aim to have infantry men equipped with something that brings balance in PvP enviroment as well. -PvP enviroment will be heavily focused on TvT aspect, KOTH/Wasteland type deals are off the table. - Single life, with a respawn system & spectate mode. We aim to have that realism aspect in that if you're fatally wounded, you will die. We've modified our medical module so that there's a chance that you go unconcious and a medic will be needed to revive you, otherwise if you die, you'll be prompted to a spectate mode and you'll await for respawn which is controlled by the Zeus. -Fun factor in a realistic setting, this is first and foremost a game. We expect that your enjoying your time here rather than having flashbacks of Afghanistan & Iraq. We have fixed slots in squads but not hard fixed. If you want to play something else, then you can aslong as you dont take another persons fixed slot that him/her are going to play in that game. Example: Alpha squad has 2 missing, Johnson usually plays the AR in Alpha Squad, he can ask his SL if he can be apart of the AT team this mission. Example 2: Alpha squad has everyone participating, Johnson & Tyler ask their SL if they can take Roger & Adams spot for the AT team, Roger & Adams need to say it's okay for them to slot into it. We accept feedback & suggestions on community structure from members, but we don't offer company leadership positions to non-military experienced members. With company leadership positions we mean rules and how to community are going to progress. You will still be able to play as a squad leader or a platoon leader. At a base we are an infantry community focusing on warfare as a whole so we aim to play with vehicles and aircrafts. That said, we are not going to be using heavy units like attack helicopters and tanks that often because of balancing. Situations may occur where we field as a tank battallion for example. Age limit is 18. Exceptions can be made but then a current member must recommend you. You are expected to participate in atleast 2-3 dedicated operation monthly but real life always comes first. If real life does come first, we expect to be informed via forums / pms. Forums is the most preferred way. Recruitment process: -Fill in the application on our website (http://companyquebec.enjin.com/home) // If you have problems on filling out your application feel free to join our teamspeak for assistance. -Join our Teamspeak ( for a short interview. - If your accepted, we'll teach you the ropes of how we do things within this unit. (If there's something that we noticed that you already know, we'll skip it and move along to something that your not familiar with) -Trial period is 2 weeks long, under that time, you'll be evaluated further. -Once two weeks is over you are promoted to PVT
  19. Server Name #1: CLS #1 Wasteland Stratis | $10K START | gaming.clsesports.com.br IP: Server Name #2: CLS #2 Wasteland Altis | $1500 START | gaming.clsesports.com.br IP: Website: arma.clsesports.com.br Forum: forums.clsesports.com.br Teamspeak for questions: gaming.clsesports.com.br Accepting Suggestions =D Server Powered by: NITRADO.NET
  20. Hi there im new around here but i think this is a great opportunity for a map creator. Were a new team creating a mod , we hope to be the next big mod in arma 3 we have no desire for this mod to be any sort of RP mod as we believe there are enough of those out there already (no disrespect to those who have made RP mods its just not our style) Were a good situated team we all get along and have a real passion for this idea, so far our in our team we have : designers, scripters and people who are great with server hosting. We are looking for a map creator /builder , the person needed should be experienced with terrain and building a map from scratch. Contact us if you're interested Steam ID: WaveyTots DonDamage
  21. Hello fellow Arma 3 players. My name is Sam and I am one of the CO's in the 108th Infantry Division. We are a new Arma 3 Milisim Unit working towards making the battlefield of Arma 3 more authentic. Our main goal is to have fun while still having a level of maturity that allows us to complete tasks as a team with proper communication, movement, and execution. Our Motto, numquam enim succumbet, means Never Surrender. A rule by which we follow to our heart. Only in-game of course. Our to CO's are Sam(myself), and Trevor, we aim to make an authentic and enjoyable atmosphere in the Arma world. You can visit our website at http://108thinfantrydivision.weebly.com/and our youtube channel 108th Infantry Division, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHEqXmcig7Hu4-s9RHEjRrw/feed. If you have any questions respond to the post or email us at 108thID@gmail.com. We hope to see you on the battlefield.