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Found 356 results

  1. I created a mission in the Eden Editor and I wanted to add a little script which is going to allow me to access the virtual Arsenal in anytime I want, anywhere through the scroll wheel, and another little script which is going to disable the fatigue system and thus I could have infinite stamina. Here is the code:(the file is saved in the mission folder[Documents]) Init.sqf player addAction ["Aresenal", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;}]; player enableFatigue False; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {player enableFatigue false}]; So here is my problem, the script works just great in the editor when I test the mission. but when I try to host a server[not a dedicated server] It doesn't work. I'm not really good at ArmA3 scripting I'll be so happy if someone could just tell me what code should I use and where do I need to put it. I'll be happy if someone could help me, thanks...
  2. So i've been quite busy with a Zeus mission and already have multiple pieces of code inside of it. These pieces of code are all taken from submissions either on the forums or armaholic. I have no clue what it all means. When I test my mission in Singleplayer all the code runs fine and everything does what it's supposed to do. But whenever I try to test it in Multiplayer some of the stuff stops working. I'll just note the scripts that i'm using here: Enigma Civilians: Works Player keeps loadout on respawn: Works Show/hide certain markers to certain logged players: Semi works. Markers will hide but not re-appear. INCON Undercover: Does not work. Will only show a hint saying "Initializing Undercover" I've been working on fixing this for days but have not had a single succes. If anyone knows a solution or is willing to help would be awesome!
  3. Hello everyone, My team and I did MP missions but some of us are " missions editors ". Since some days, we've got a big issue with the MP. We noticed that our slots are not display while connecting to the mission. I did a lot of searches about this and many players got this problem too. I also noticed there's a lot of equivalent issues : mods name, mods version, mods version on the server, server permissions, etc... But as you can see : Every mods got an underscore and not spaces, i know BIS got issues with " ", as you can see. So i think this way is clear. I've also seen guys said the problem came from the mission, IA's are not in playable or there's a player slot forgotten. Same here, all IA's have the purple circle. If a player slot was forgotten, the red circle will stay visible. Also, our technician checked the permissions twice and the mods version on the server is the SAME as clients.
  4. Yes one problem solved and now on to another... Go to host a multiplayer game, change it from LAN to Internet, put my password in, change to 4 players, and check UnPn (or whatever it is) and then click "Host server" ... Nothing.. Game freezes to where you have to Clt Alt Del out of the game. There is not issue with a LAN game, but really want the Internet to work. I do not have port fowarding setup as never needed it before. Haven't been able to play an Internet MP game since.. yep, the 64bit update (same as other post).... I marked all Arma 3 files Allow on the firewall... Do I really need to setup up port fowarding for Arma and Steam?? Thank you !!!!
  5. Why can people with the Linux client still not connect to the larger multiplayer network? Almost nobody is running legacy servers for Linux users, so almost nobody is playing this game on Linux either... If you're gonna make the effort to port this game to Linux, at least also make the effort to let the Linux players play with their Windows using friends... I would understand if there was some huge feature incompatibility here, but we're talking about a constant difference of 2 minor release versions. This is not some insurmountable barrier, especially since you're not letting Linux catch up on purpose and have it fixed at being 2 minor releases behind. It's pretty infuriating...
  6. I am pleased to announce my first script release. GRAD Fireworks What it does Shoots rockets in the air. Takes input: Position Color (Random, Red, Green, Blue, White) Type (Random, Fizzer, Normal, Rain) Rain is always white. Sample Call (you can call from any client or server) [getPos objectname, 'normal','red'] remoteExec ["GRAD_fireworks_fnc_prepareFireworks", 2]; Installation Copy GRAD_fireworks to your mission directory Put code below in description.ext Call the script via trigger, radio, script, whatever. Sample call above. class cfgFunctions { #include "GRAD_fireworks\cfgFunctions.hpp" }; class cfgSounds { #include "GRAD_fireworks\cfgSounds.hpp" }; How it works Uses Flares, Lightpoints and some sounds to achieve the effect. Therefore totally vanilla compatible. Computation is done on the server which then sends precalculated stuff to the clients. Those display the effects locally, but it should look the same on every computer. In usage example here: Download Script + Sample Mission http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29255 Feedback welcome If you have any suggestions codewise or effectwise, let me know.
  7. When I host a server, sometimes my mates will have to download a map. I would assume this only applies to custom maps I've subscribed to in the Steam Workshop. But, if we play the same map later, they have to re-download it. I have some memories of games where, after downloading a map from the host, you've got it forever. I'm guessing that's not happening in Arma 3. Would it help if my mates subscribe to the same custom maps as myself? Can someone clarify this whole area for me?
  8. Greetings, Asking your help for an issue that we had with some friends for quite a while now. The issue is simple, when we try to log in any server hosted by any one of us with any mod (none being included in "any"), if the mission is already started, meaning that you can go farther than the lobby, you have something like an 80% chance of disconnecting instantly. It is not a kick, neither an error, nor a crash, but it shows to the other players : "user connected user disconnected" And that's all, nothing to the one that can't join, he simply goes back. This apply either while joining from the launcher or with the game already started. For some reason this error doesn't exist with other servers. We found a way to outsmart this bug, glitch or whatever it is. We get everyone to connect to the server while the host hasn't chosen a mission yet and this basically gets you to an infinite loading screen. There you can't be disconnected, so when the host launches the mission, everyone is in the lobby and you can play (hurrah !). But this doesn't fix everything, if a player was to disconnect for any reason (lost connection, out of power, horny gf) The only way to get him back in action is to do that all again from the start, which is quite a pain I'll let you know. So that's why I ask you to help us, we've been living this for 6 months now and the fact that we spent all the last afternoon trying to get everyone to play without managing it eventually motivated me to post this here.
  9. I bought the game mostly for the multiplayer part. This is my complex multiplayer problem. I didn't bought Battle Eye, i paid for the game. It's your issue to solve this and give me a functional product. I made a video where you can see that the multiplayer is not working for me. Tried everything from disabling antivirus and firewal to admin permissions and complete reinstall. Please fix this.
  10. WolfWhisperer

    Dead Player Base

    Hello there! Ever since I bought Arma 3 many years ago I have fallen in love with the game. As of the recent DLC Tanks, I’m sure you all have been given a ton of flak for some of the decisions made but I would like to voice my concern as well and give some light on what the players are saying. As you know, in the past Public Zeus has been extremely popular up until the update which has removed the much loved debug console. I understand the reason for its removal was because of abuse from players but the advantages far outweigh the liabilities. Many of us, myself included, are very familiar with the console commands and most of us use the console to make the missions so much more immersive as the game was meant for. The console allows the Zeus and the admin to work together to make some of the most amazing missions I have ever been apart of. Again, the abuse of the console was a serious issue. However, Most of the bans that players received were due to those players ruining the mission for everyone else. Additionally the server bans that I issued were only for players who were being ugly to everyone else and again sabotaging the mission for no reason. Despite the fact it was a server ban, regardless of the commands issued through the console, once the mission was restarted, all console effects, no matter what they consisted of, were lifted and deleted, making the server brand new again. I am mostly composing this message to ask you all to bring the console back to us as the public Zeus servers are now desolate without it. Additionally now that the console is gone, there is now way to remove players apart from the kick feature given to the admin which still allows them to return as much as they want. This became a major issue when the offending players continued joining back non-stop and eventually ruining the mission weather it be join under a different name to disguise themselves or just joining so many times the admin was through dealing with it. Players who are just there to ruin missions are a major issue for us and the console allows us to deal with them and keep the mission fun for everyone else who is just here to play the game. I ask that you take my post into consideration and return the console to us so we can make public Zeus a fantastic mission making game mode that it used to be! Thanks, Loyal Arma 3 Player
  11. [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-4 Recon Recon is a Singleplayer or Coop mission for 1 to 4 players, featuring a small PMC recon group. Mission file: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1405129258 Mission setting: Island: Stratis Daytime: 2018-01-13, 07:00 (can be changed) Weather: clear, foggy (can be changed) Mission goal: Simple yet hard: identify a target among the resistance, hidden in the woods. Once your target found and not killed, contact your HQ to know the next steps - kill or spare. Gear: Silenced weapons, NVGs, UAV with TI Functionalities: camera intro and mini-cutscenes detailed briefing fully voiced translated (EN/FR) randomised: the target identity and location changes on every game server-side mission settings stealth is rewarded interactive actions NO MODS REQUIRED - Apex weapons needed Feedback: You can contact me on Steam or BI forum for praises, improvement ideas or threats on my (virtual) life! No Paypal here, just tell me if you enjoyed it and I will be more than happy ;-)
  12. ARM Group (Arma Relaxed Milsim Group) - Recruiting Now using: TS3 / A.C.R.E.2 TS3: COME AND SPEAK WITH US - ON NOW ________________________________________________ Mission is called: Sandstorm • Co-op with tasks already in place (zeus only for topup if needed) • Time spent on ambience details to give you one of the most immersed experiences. Mission synopsis: Takistan is currently occupied by the remaining Taliban forces, where they have consolidated resources in a bid to rebuild their strength. Recent reports state the Taliban are forcing locals to join their cause and if they refuse often receive punishments such as torture, death, theft or destruction of villages, livestock and oil wells. After several requests to the British Government for assistance from political leader Sher Ali Khan of Takistan the British Army have finally been deployed. Mission objectives: 1. Prevent the destruction of oil wells in the area. 2. Protect civilians Inc. civilian homes and livelihoods (farms, markets etc.). 3. Provide assistance to local rebels. 4. Neutralise detected IED's. 5. Destroy all Taliban forces. for further details go to our website ________________________________________________ ARM Group is open to anyone and was created for those who seek an instant action Arma3 milsim but don’t have the time to dedicate 2 or even 1 night a week. • Fast track ranking system - plus additional perks for each rank. (e.g. One member has ranked up just by demonstrating skills during training) • Training on the fly - extra available for those who want it. • Ops every 2 weeks. • Ops format decided via member vote - what map you want to play on, faction, loadout, MODs etc. • Friendly, relaxed environment. • We don't mind if you have other milsim commitments and only want to mission with us every couple of weeks. We want everyone to enjoy the experience so we are looking for people with the right attitude (knowing when to be serious and when to have fun). If you are interested then come and have a chat with us on teamspeak or go to: www.arm-group.info 1. Simply register on the site (registration is also needed to record promotions). 2. Go to 'Forum/Events' and read the details of the Op: Sand Storm (our 1st Op). 3. Reply to the Sand Storm forum post that you wish to attend.
  13. I have a multiplayer (co-op) mission that is not counting the number of kills that players get. So when they look at the score table it always says 0 kills. It does show how many times you die though. What do I need to do to get player kills recorded? S
  14. I've just started getting into Zeus and Eden Editor to make missions and stuff. I can't find out anywhere how to make templates and then put them on the server to play them, or at least make templates on the server so I can save it for later or reuse it. Please reply with an answer as to how I can save/load templates on to servers to set up Zeus missions easier. As well as how to make a template in singleplayer, then load it on the server. Thanks.
  15. Hey folks, I'm a noob when it comes to scripting so please excuse my ignorance. To my understanding typetext & typetext2 are global events. The reason why I ask is because I want to be able to play out text to a player's client when they respawn in but not to the other clients on the server at the same time. Let me elaborate. Example: Player One dies in the field then respawns. Once he spawns only he sees the typetext2 notifying him of his location, but the other members of his squad out in the field don't see the typetext2 Player One sees. The idea is I want to avoid spamming players with type text each time a player is killed and respawns. Right now this is what I have in my OnPlayerRespawn.sqf //Loadout Previous kit saved from OnPlayerKilled.sqf removeAllWeapons player; removeGoggles player; removeHeadgear player; removeVest player; removeUniform player; removeAllAssignedItems player; clearAllItemsFromBackpack player; removeBackpack player; player setUnitLoadout(player getVariable["Saved_Loadout",[]]); // [ [ ["TAVANAKA AIRBASE,","align = 'center' = '1' size = '0.7' font='PuristaBold'"], ["TANOA","align = 'center' = '1' size = '0.7'","#aaaaaa"], ["","<br/>"], ["CHARLIE COMPANY OPERATIONS CENTER","align = 'center' = '1' size = '1.0'"] ] ] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2; This works well and good but inevitably causes the aforementioned spamming when multiple players need to respawn. I looked at other work arounds like delaying the text from triggering again after say 300 seconds but I'm not entirely sure how to implement that, again I'm a bit of a noob but slowly learning. I hope I made my case clear and look forward to any guidance you guys can offer. Thanks!
  16. We were having trouble with the darter quadcopter first, it would fly up to a particular altitude (most often not even the one we set) and just hover there and not move, and not even respond at all to any further commands. We then spawned in a falcon to test if it would have problems too. My friend could control it just fine with no problems whatsoever, but when I connected it would follow type commands like loiter but not altitude, and would stay at 50m no mater what it was set to. I validated my steam files and changed class to UAV operator but neither had any effect. I've got no more ideas to try and it's looking like drones are a no go at least for multiplayer.
  17. Hello all! Welcome to Aegis PMC, an Arma3 semi-milsim experience. We try to act in a tactical and serious manner while trying to stay fun and somewhat casual. We have a wide range of roles within the unit, from a grunt in a squad or a pilot up in the air! We have hosted some very fun operations in the past, ranging from modern combat in the middle eastern front, to WW2 campaigns in the European theatre! If you would like to join our clan, please friend me or one of the other recruitment officers on steam. We can discuss the role you would like to fulfill within Aegis. I am Jimulance You can also contact Dr. Reaper or M. Jiare Also you can join the teamspeak server: ts3.akl.wombatserve.rs:9991, and if one of the recruitment officers is there, we can get you set up within our group. Have a fun firefight, Aegis Pmc 1st Lieutenant Jimulance
  18. Hello, I have some (a lot) of problems with joining my Friends and play Arma 3, whenever I try to join them they receive Server not Responding message, (the same happens if I try to join them), but in very VERY few cases I can join and play some A3 Please Help I've tried a lot, Port Forwarding, Hamachi, Evolve, nothing seems to work. I've got IZZI as Internet Provider Edit 1- I've got Windows 10 and I've activated UPNP on services.cmd but it still doesn't work
  19. Description: Hello Folks, this is my first release so be kind to me if u find bugs or such stuff. I made this with the help of George Floros, so thnx a lot to him! "Ravage Ruha - Deathmatch Survival" is a simple Deathmatch mode with survival elements for up to 12 Players on the little and very beautiful Map Ruha. The goal is to survive against roaming Renegades and Zombies (and also Players, if u want to play in Multiplayer) in an endless Survival Deathmatch mode. The map is spiced up by some random events to get some more action and looting options for the players. It contains Airdrops and Crashsites which are marked on the map for every player, so some nice shootouts should be on the agenda! I made this for fun, to share and also just for me to relax while i kill some bandits after a hard day at work :) Scripts i´ve used so far: GF_Cargo_Airdrops, Crashsites_GF, Earthquakes_GF, Ravage_Status_Bar_GF, Killfeed_GF They are all slightly changed a bit by me with the help of George. Known Problems: Sometimes Markers for Airdrops dont show of correct Features: - Play in Single or Multiplayer mode - Survival Elements - Hunt Renegades, Zombies or Players (the area is high populated by infected Renegades!) - Loot Airdrops and Crashsites for better gear(marked on the map) - Random Player Spawns - Survive the harsh environment Installation:Place the mission file in the MPmissions folder inside your Arma 3 installation. Your ArmA3 installation should be in yoursteamfolder/steamapps/common Mods you need: - Ravage - CBA_A3 - CUP Weapons - Cup Units - Cup Terrains - Core - Cup Vehicles - and for sure Ruha Other recommended Mods: - JSRS Soundmod - Dawn of the Dead: Infected Skins Addon You can download it here: (Just right Click, and download it) https://www.dropbox.com/s/707vrcyxfscd1t7/RavageDeathmatchSurvival.ruha.pbo?dl=0 and also at the Steam workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1376397783 If u want to play Singleplayer just host it on LAN Feel free to tell me if you find any other Problems/Bugs in the Mission, i will try to fix it! Here are some Screenshots: I hope you will enjoy it! Thnx to all CptStampede
  20. BAXofAZ

    New Frame Drops

    Today I was playing Arma 3 on a multiplayer and surprisingly enough, for Arma, I was averaging around 50+ fps. My graphics were not on ultra and my view distance wasn't ridiculous but it was at a perfect sweetspot. Later during my play, I went into the settings to configure a few things, and when I did so I accidentally clicked one of the Arma presets for graphics, I believe low. And ever since that I have been receiving constant frame drops, I thought it was just multiplayer but after trying Single-player it did the same thing. Before this I would use lower graphics for multiplayer and run fine, and for my own single play, I would use all Ultra with any sort of post processing set to max. But I don't understand why after that accident, it wont go back to normal even after setting the graphics to where they were before. I have a GTX1050ti and a i5-4690 3.5Ghz. While not the best it works, generally. Anyone have anything similar happen or know any fixes? Thank you.
  21. Hi all, I recently got into mission editing and created a couple of scenarios. I like fast matches with small squads playing in coordinated fashion so I focus on simple missions with 4vs4 players tops. Tactical Protect the VIP features: 5 minutes time limit (radio warns players every minute and every half a minute on the last minute) 3 OPFOR operatives disguised as workers 1 OPFOR operative disguised as a quad driver 4 BLUFOR VIP bodyguards 1 BLUFOR VIP (non playable, with a waypoint set to walk around the villa he's in) No custom arsenals: bodyguards have pistols and OPFOR arsenal consists of 1 sniper rifle unit, 2 smg units and the quad driver carries a pistol. Bodyguards can also booby trap the villa with explosives The location I picked for the scenario has many tall buildings with accessible rooftops for the OPFOR sniper to create a nest in there Civilians with waypoints around the scene Tactical Destroy and Defend features: 5 minutes time limit (radio warns players every minute and every half a minute on the last minute) 4 OPFOR operatives 4 BLUFOR operatives Both teams have access to virtual arsenal so that players can load their own custom loadouts Several chokepoints and sniper nests OPFOR wins if both land drones are destroyed BLUFOR wins if at least one of the drones is intact after 5 minutes I don't have an SSD and Arma 3 doesn't perform good enough even after following most optimization guides (my rig is actually not that bad but I guess it's not enough for whatever strange reason), so I was hoping maybe some of the Arma 3 groups out there would be willing to give my scenarios a shot and provide some C+C for me to improve. Thanks for reading!
  22. My new scenario. WWII Sharpur, War for Oil Took out most of the modern stuff, thanks to Pierremgi for the vehicle respawn with the editor trigger to set it up for only spawning when you own the sector. It has 5 loadouts, 2 with smg and explosives, I think only 1 doesn't have explosives but he has a shotgun and mines. Raining hard with lightning, the games lightning. Almost dark but it won't get there. If played with enough people I would expect driveby shootings galore. Many others I should thank, I borrowed from all over the internet but I forget. NO AI, you can add it if you like, I do not do AI, don't like playing with AI. The Germans must keep the oil facility, the Americans must take it from them. Only 3 tanks per side, 2 of them light, I didn't really want a tank battle. I wanted infantry driving around shooting each other from vehicles.
  23. Alleged Accomplice

    Village of the Damned updated

    I took a month or more break from editing, I kept making the same damn mistakes and it wasn't getting better. Now I have updated my first one with the 12 selectable loadouts and fixed the spawn points like I wanted them. The neutral sectors were messing me up for some reason but as soon I got done with the loadouts took me 10 minutes to fix the spawns on the neutrals where you couldn't spawn. Village of the Damned No one will likely play this or the others but I like doing it so I continue.
  24. hello. :) ill try to keep this short but i had a few ideas i wanted to share. myself, and allot of my friends, are pilots in arma 3. we have decent computers, so we prefered flying with increased view distance, but since the admin debug has been disabled we no longer can see very far at all since were stuck at 1500 view distance in public zeuses. this has affected our ability to scout ahead, accurately lock with weapons, and engage from greater ranges/heights. with that in mind allow me to suggest three possible fixes for this problem. solution 1: if there was an option to set the default view distance for a server in the parameters, before the mission begins, it would allow players to decide their comfortable distance to balance performance and visual quality, and aleviate the constant fog plagueing pilots in public zeuses. solution 2: if it were somehow possible to code the game to allow a players personal view distance setting in their options menu to decide their client side view distance level, without it adversely affecting other players or destableizeing the engine, it would mean that the guy with a very powerful pc could have maximum view distance without causeing me to crash and vice versa. solution 3: this one is a bit iffy but ment as a last resort if previous two are impossible. perhaps if the zeus had a view distance module that runs the same remote exec script used before debug console was lost, it would allow for editing of view distance mid mission, and the players can kick the zeus in worst case of him refuseing to lower it if they are experienceing issues. if you have read this i thank you for your time and hope you will consider my request. sincerely 501st airborne division (arma 3 unit) p.s. this is a reupload because my last one is apparently in the wrong damn category and i couldnt find the delete button. great.
  25. NIGHTWING Part 1 Made by - Kwire Your objective is to find a Pilot of a A-10 that crashed about 30 minutes after you passed out. You've been passed out for about 1 hour after a group of FIA and CSAT ambushed the NATO convoy you were in. You're the only that survived in the ambush. Once you woke up you find yourself in the small town of Goisse. You find your self a weapon in front of you. FIA and CSAT invaded almost the whole island of Malden. Try to find Intel on Nightwing once you do, Go and find if he is dead or alive. Mission takes about 15-25 minutes to complete. Note: This is my first mission I've made. So bare with me Adds - Custom Sounds, Custom Music Special thanks to ALIAS for his scripts! Make sure to increase music volume so you can get the full effect of the atmospheric music! Youtube Trailer link Steam link MP Version link Download size ~56mb