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Found 354 results

  1. Hey, all. Just wrote this event handler script the other day, and I hope to eventually implement it into a multiplayer mission. Now, I want the event handler to assign to all players on the server, so I thought I'd just create a forEach loop with the allPlayers array. The problem is, when I make reference to the _z variable within the loop it seems to mess with the commands and produce all kinds of compiling errors. As a bit of a run down, the event handler activates when the player fires their weapon. If there is a civilian in a vehicle, within 20 meters, who possesses a detonator, as well as an explosive device attached to his car, there will be a 75% chance they will detonate it. In addition, if there is a civilian driver within 50 meters, who merely carries a gun, he will be assigned to an enemy side and made enemy to the player. Now, the obvious issue is, throughout the code, the variable "player" is used, and from what I understand, it is no recommended to use it in multiplayer, hence the "forEach allPlayers" loop. Now, I thought it was merely a matter of substituting the player variable with _z, which represents a player from the allPlayers array. However, like mentioned above, it seems to cause quite a long list of errors. To be clear, the code as depicted below works flawlessly in the editor environment. Here is the code: { // All Players _z = _x; _z addEventHandler["Fired",{ _obTemp = nearestObjects [player, ["Car"], 50]; _manTemp = nearestObjects [player, ["Man"], 50]; { // All vehicles in a 50 meter radius of the player _y = _x; _hasWeap = false; if (! isnull (driver _y)) then { if ("ACE_M26_Clacker" in items driver _y && count (attachedObjects _y) > 0) then { if ((random 100) > 25 && (player distance _y < 20)) then { [(attachedObjects _y select 0), 1] call ace_explosives_fnc_scriptedExplosive; }; }; }; { // The occupants of the aforementioned vehicles _w = _x; { // The weapons of the aforementioned occupants if (_x != "" && side (driver _y) == civilian) then {_hasWeap = true}; [east, "HQ"] sideChat format ["%1", _x != ""]; } forEach weapons _w; } forEach crew _y; if (_hasWeap) then { _agGroup = createGroup (selectRandom [WEST, INDEPENDENT]); crew _y joinSilent _agGroup; { // Members of the new hostile group _x enableAI "ALL"; } forEach units _agGroup; _agGroup leaveVehicle _y; }; } forEach _ObTemp; { // All AI units in a 50 meter radius of the player _y = _x; _hasWeap = false; _unitAr = []; { // The weapons of the aforementioned AI if (side _y == civilian && _x != "") then {_hasWeap = true}; } forEach weapons _y; if (_hasWeap) then { _x enableAI "ALL"; _unitAr = _unitAr + [_y] }; } forEach _manTemp; _agGroup = createGroup (selectRandom [WEST, INDEPENDENT]); _unitAr joinSilent _agGroup; }]; } forEach allPlayers; Fair warning: I know nearly nothing about all of the multiplayer scripting quirks (and am only a beginner at programming in general), and have very little knowledge on what should be executed on solely the server, or what should be executed globally, or what should be executed by the clients, etc.. So, and pointers are more than welcome. at this point, I just need to know if I am barking up the right or wrong tree with how I am doing things.
  2. I want this script to be used for all civilians that spawn in an insurgency esc mission
  3. Hi guys, Today I come to a query to know if I could make my first Script correctly, //init.sqf bluNums = west countSide allPlayers; while {true} do { { if (!alive player) then { bluNums = bluNums - 1; if (bluNums <= 6 && _downAllies) exitWith { detenerTiempo = true; "EVERYONELOST" remoteExecCall ["BIS_fnc_endMissionServer", 0, true]; _downAllies = false; }; }; } forEach allPlayers; }; This script was written to indicate to the system that when they have killed a number of blufor soldiers the game ends as lost, since there are 16 blufor but I wanted the counter to subtract to the global variable -1 and to reach 6 finish the mission, because I put a player counter. The script is fine? or do you see any failure or improvement? thank you very much
  4. So I recently did a clean install of windows onto my PC and re-installed arma 3. The first day it all worked fine and I was able to join multiplayer servers. However the next day I tried to join a KOTH server and while i was able to join and select a role, as the game loaded in I was kicked with the message "you have been kicked from the server". This happened for every other server I tried to join on multiple missions. Every server has a green mark with a question mark in it, but I have all the DLC and no mods running. So far I have tried -verifying game files -re installing the game -using malloc system -making a new profile -unsubbing from all steam workshop mods -attempting to join game through the launchers and none have worked, if anyone has encountered this and has a fix it would be greatly appreciated. Also may not be relevant but about the same time my game started to randomly crash with the 0x0000005 status_access_violation message although im not sure that would affect my ability to join servers.
  5. Hello everyone, I would like to know if someone explains to me, how can I do persistent scripts? that although a player to disconnect and reconnect the information continue to be provided since the server started? Example: A counter that is shown to the player, but when it is disconnected and reconnected can return to see the time, the same with the current time since it started? I have a counting clock, but my problem is that when someone disconnects and reconnects they can not see it anymore and if I do a JIP when the player reconnects the time starts again when the mission is not over yet. Does someone tell me how to solve it?
  6. DownTownAustinB

    Arma 3 Flight Servers

    Hello everyone, I recently got into helicopter flight, I have been practicing for quite a while. I was just wondering if there are any online servers where I can just hang out and fly helicopters with other pilots, where there is no combat, but just flight and conversation. Anyone know of any servers that might interest me? It would be a great help! Steam name DownTownAustinB
  7. Hello, I need some help with this. I want to save a players position, loadout and maybe group when a player leaves the server. As we have some problems with people crashing or having IP resets or just needing to restart, this would be really neat. I looked at onPlayerDisonnected and the EH PlayerDisconnected, but I don't really know where to save the data, and how to get the position. Any help would be appreciated! -Dj
  8. Hello Arma community. I am trying to get bright nights on my server via SetAperture or SetApertureNew commands. But the only way I managed to get it working is by creating "while do" loop at the beggining of init.sqf with setaperture inside it, which obviously stopped all other operations. I tried different approaches, either by creating new sqf files with setaperture loops or by calling it client-side in init.sqf, but nothing worked for me so far. Also, I know there is a setting in cfgworlds for aperture. But that's not what I need. I'd like to change apperture depending on the server starting ingame time, so that it checks if there is a night or not. This can only be done via scripting. My end goal is to bring nights into the competitive multiplayer Arma games, and setting custom Aperture looks like a pretty nice solution(if it works) to gamma-abuzing and other nasty stuff.
  9. I've been building a mission for the better part of a week now and I have everything working the way I want it, triggers are firing spawning AI, scripts are executing blowing players up its quite lovely. However with everything kicking off and running well (or at least running) I cannot get my spawn system to work properly, mission specifics in spoilers. My description.ext My init Some example scripts Any help is greatly appreciated, I'm kind of swimming in it right now and I haven't a clue what to try next... This mission is running on a dedicated server.
  10. Hello, I am in need of your guys's help when it comes to calling some functions or simply executing scripts for each player individually within Multiplayer. With the help of some friendly folk from the BI Forums I managed to come up with the below script. However, long story short is: I wanted to make a "civilian interaction" script which would allow all players to order civilians to "Get Down!" as well as "Get Out!". It is supposed to work after player respawn as well, so that's also worth pointing out. The script works fine until the point we connect to MP. From there it works only for my character (the civilian gets down and leaves the area when issued), but it does not work for other players on the server. They just play gestures and screm the voicelines I put there, but the civs do not react. I dare to believe it is due to how the script is called, where it is placed and probably something with the locality of the script and the civs called by it, if you may. I have tried calling functions, placing it in initPlayerLocal.sqf, but for the love of me, I cannot figure it out... This is how it looks currently: initPlayerLocal.sqf if (side player == blufor) then { player addAction ["Na ziemię!", {cursortarget call CivDown}]; player addAction ["Wynocha!", {cursortarget call CivGoAway}]; }; acim_fnc_playActionNow = { _unit = _this select 0; _gesture = _this select 1; _unit playActionNow _gesture; }; CivDown = { _civ =_this; _side = side _this; if (( _side == Civilian) && (_civ isKindOf "Man") && (alive _civ)) then { _random = 6; _randomResult = floor(random _random); switch (_randomResult) do { case 0: {[player, "get_down_on_the_ground"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 1: {[player, "get_down"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 2: {[player, "freeze"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 3: {[player, "freeze_2"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 4: {[player, "stop"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 5: {[player, "stop_right_there"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; }; [player, "gestureGo"] call acim_fnc_playActionNow; sleep 1; if (player distance _civ < 40) then { _civ disableAI "MOVE"; sleep 0.3; _civ setUnitPos "DOWN"; _civ setBehaviour "CARELESS";} }; }; CivGoAway = { _civ =_this; _side = side _this; if (( _side == Civilian) && (_civ isKindOf "Man") && (alive _civ)) then { _random = 6; _randomResult = floor(random _random); switch (_randomResult) do { case 0: {[player, "move_it"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 1: {[player, "go"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 2: {[player, "move"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 3: {[player, "get_the_hell_outta_here"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 4: {[player, "move_your_ass"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 5: {[player, "off_you_go"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; }; [player, "gestureGo"] call acim_fnc_playActionNow; sleep 1; if (player distance _civ < 40) then { _civ enableAI "MOVE"; sleep 0.3; _civ setUnitPos "UP"; _civ setBehaviour "COMBAT"; _civ move (waypoint_trigger call BIS_fnc_randomPosTrigger);} }; }; I have also created a onPlayerRespawn.sqf which looks basically the same in case the action gets lost, so since the current state requires the script to work after respawns, it leads me to believe that all of it should not be placed in initPalyerLocal in the first place. I will be extremely grateful for someone helping me out with making the script work for all players and allowing them to order civilians to move. Thank you! Adam
  11. Im looking for a team to help me put together a mission, the mission will be insurgency but more complex like frontlines but with ace winds and acre. it will have communication towers that can actually knock out long range communication between team members. it will require teamwork as logistics will be important. please contact me with an help, ideas, etc. Websternick01@gmail.com
  12. Hi guys, I'm building a sort of training map that's getting to be quite ambitious the overall objective being to allow for multiplayer training of equipment and tactics in arma. I have a lot of equipment down and have been creating scenarios etc... for each type of equipment to instruct players how to respond to the specific scenarios. I have a few transport helicopters (little birds) placed in an area with a trigger encapsulating them (10m height) the condition of the trigger being "This" and this code in the upon deactivation field This all works great however I am running this on a dedicated server and it seems only the pilot has control of weather or not the specific vehicle component is damaged, I would like if the copilot could control this so as to have an instructor in the copilot seat randomly disabling components at inconvenient times.
  13. Hi people, I need a little help here; Some good person can tell me what script would help me insert an image centered on an intro outro Example: before starting the mission.
  14. So, I have owned ArmA 3 for a while, (a bit more or less than a year, I sorta forgot...) but I haven't really played it much. I would like to play on a multiplayer server. The only issue is, I can't find any servers that are suitable for beginners like myself. Can anyone of you guys please direct me to some good beginner servers?
  15. Hello everyone, I have a question with the triggers, if I create an activator: How do I make that trigger belong to an owner, say that it only activates if a certain group or a certain object is present?

    Friends joining lobby

    There should really be a way to invite friends into the lobby as soon as possible and if there is a way please tell me
  17. Hello, is there any way to set the view distance in an official server? I play on Zeus official servers quite often and the view distance being so low almost renders aircraft pretty much useless, namely jets. Any way to fix this?
  18. Date: August 8, 2036, 09:40 Place: Stratis island Situation: NATO forces displace the remaining enemy forces to the north and west coast of the island. It is necessary to carry out the last decisive attack until AAF and CSAT forces are entrenched in their positions. Features: Game Modes - Singleplayer, 3 Player CO-OP; Walkthrough duration - medium; Difficulty - medium; No required addons; Voice acting - no; Titers and descriptions - eng | rus; Arcade Mode - each player controls his own tank; Fast and fun gameplay scenario. Links: Steam Workshop MediaFire Armaholic
  19. II FaiD II

    Squad Play Idea

    Thought in regards to squad play: Would it be an idea to have X number (possible 4 squads of 4 due to map size) of squads all competing for one loot crate, they can either run to the loot crate and quickly extract (giving each squad member an item) or they could brawl it out to take the loot the other squads bought with them and extract (or carry on for the loot crate). Take all other loot off the map. The only loot available is what the players bring in or the golden shiny loot crate in the middle of the map! Would love to hear what people think of this.
  20. If you would be interested in a Arma 3 Earth RP where you control one of the many countries from the world, and play a long side other players as well as AI from alice and wage war on each other or develop new research from new tanks, building all the way to space technology for your country. ------------------------ The Schedule is for the RP Sunday: RP In-game (9:00 p.m. - 1:30 a.m./EST) Monday: No RP Tuesday: No RP Wednesday: No RP Thursday: Player-to-player Talks (All Day) Friday: Budget and Military Planning/Strategy (All Day) Saturday: RP In-game (9:00 p.m. - 1:30 a.m./EST) ----------------------- To join is very simple join this discord (https://discord.gg/pkhmm2J) where it's hosted. If you have any further question about the RP you can message thesmite on the Discord or on here and I will be happy to answer it.
  21. hey, i really searched for a long time on how to get gamemaster module for players over the database adminlevel, and i found nothing. So i ended up here and hope for more help. I am running Altis_Life 5.0 (idk if that matters) so on my MP Server, i want to klick a button in the dialog, and if i do that, it should call for a certain function. In this function it should start like this: #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" if (FETCH_CONST(life_adminlevel) < 3) exitWith {closeDialog 0;}; closeDialog 0; //from here i need help... //call BIS_fnc_moduleCurator; and from this function, it should enable the player on the server, that has adminlevel 3 or higher, the zeus game master module with all the addons. the only thing i found a little bit similiar is another forum post from 2014, but unsolved...: It would be really great if someone has a solution to this problem...
  22. Hello, I thought the following script would remove all magazines from a soldier (be it a dynamically spawned AI or human player) upon getting killed but for reasons unknown to me nothing gets removed ever: _removeMagazinesFromAnyone = addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", { params["_killed","_killer","_instigator"]; if (_killed isKindOf "CAManBase") then { (_this select 0) spawn { sleep 1; {_this removeMagazine _x} forEach magazines _this; }; }; }]; When testing the script with a mission on a dedicated server there's no script errors. What gives in this case? All in all I'm looking for a script that would remove everything* else from killed units except the containers (vest, backpack, uniform) they use to carry stuff. *though not necessarily main weapon since there's another script that makes picking one up not possible Edit: Solved by using in this case removeMagazineGlobal instead of just removeMagazine
  23. Alright, so here's my issue. Im using Eden Editor to try and make a Player controlled, zeus based mission. 1st portion of my time was spent making the Home Base that I will run my ops out of. Got everything set up for the most part and then tried to do a multiplayer play test Everything worked great for the most part, respawning was fine etc But then we tried to get into a vehicle together to leave the home base, for some reason We can't get into the vehicle at the same time It was an empty vehicle and we were on the same team. I googled this issue and didn't find much of substance till I came across about Player Ratings It stated that If a user team kills, or kills civilians that they wont be counted as being in the "Same team" anymore. Thus not letting them get into vehicles with their other BLUFOR members It makes sense, But is there anyway to bypass this or get rid of player rating entirely I dont want to have missions that are unable to be completed because of "Accidental" team killing Thank you for your time!
  24. I created a mission in the Eden Editor and I wanted to add a little script which is going to allow me to access the virtual Arsenal in anytime I want, anywhere through the scroll wheel, and another little script which is going to disable the fatigue system and thus I could have infinite stamina. Here is the code:(the file is saved in the mission folder[Documents]) Init.sqf player addAction ["Aresenal", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;}]; player enableFatigue False; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {player enableFatigue false}]; So here is my problem, the script works just great in the editor when I test the mission. but when I try to host a server[not a dedicated server] It doesn't work. I'm not really good at ArmA3 scripting I'll be so happy if someone could just tell me what code should I use and where do I need to put it. I'll be happy if someone could help me, thanks...
  25. So i've been quite busy with a Zeus mission and already have multiple pieces of code inside of it. These pieces of code are all taken from submissions either on the forums or armaholic. I have no clue what it all means. When I test my mission in Singleplayer all the code runs fine and everything does what it's supposed to do. But whenever I try to test it in Multiplayer some of the stuff stops working. I'll just note the scripts that i'm using here: Enigma Civilians: Works Player keeps loadout on respawn: Works Show/hide certain markers to certain logged players: Semi works. Markers will hide but not re-appear. INCON Undercover: Does not work. Will only show a hint saying "Initializing Undercover" I've been working on fixing this for days but have not had a single succes. If anyone knows a solution or is willing to help would be awesome!