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Found 343 results

  1. Hi, This is my first MP script attempt and I'm having a little trouble coming up with a gameplan for coding. I'm creating a Land Nav script...works SP and now trying to convert to MP. Here is the summary: 1. Player initiates Land Nav course via addAction() scrollwheel 2. Server generates a unique land nav course by choosing random from pre-set points in an array (must be initialized somewhere) 3. Player receives grid coords which are added as a task 4. Player runs off and finds a point...logs it via addAction()...possibly unlogs it also if they change their mind 5. After finding all points player returns to start and finishes course via AddAction() option 6. Point names are compared to the answer key and player receives a score 7. Multiple people can be doing this at the same time...all with unique courses I am having trouble coming up with the MP logic/gameplan for the coding. Here are my questions: 1. What is the best way to pass the grid coord data from the server to the client (and back to server at the end)? Grid coords and logged points will be stored in an array. 2. Where should I initialize my master list grid coords (contains the coord and the alpanumeric designator)...it's the answer key 3. How can I ensure the answer key from #2 is hidden from the client and not in plain text in a client-side script file? I think this is simple but w/o experience in MP scripting I'm still lost. Short example code would be great! Thanks.
  2. So, i'm making a mission in which i used the Unit Capture and Unit Play functions so a pair of helicopters could land on a clearing in a dense forest, but i want it so that when they get off the chopper they head to an officer and the briefing starts, but i'm trying to setup a trigger that detects alive players but if i set it up to detect all 10 slots, then if mission is not full it wont start, so i want to know if you guys could help me, i remember it was something like: if !alive UnitName or _____ Any ideas? Thanks a lot! :)
  3. Hey there! I've recently formed a new group, AB-12, designed for semi-casual Arma 3 players looking for a group to play with in Wasteland. I'm hoping to create a group dedicated to intense teamplay, and playing Blufor how it's meant to be played, working towards objectives as one. I'm looking for english speaking players who are team-focused, any ages and any experience levels - whether you've clocked 300+ hours or just cracked the game open, it doesn't matter, you're welcome. If you're interested, please search AB-12 on the Arma Units tab, or follow this link directly - https://units.arma3.com/unit/ab-12. Thanks for reading, Elliott AB-12
  4. The 64-bit mode included in the update fixed the 3fps issue for me and improved performance a bit but it broke my multiplayer. Whenever I start in 64-bit mode, there are no servers showing for me in the multiplayer server browser. If I alt-tab and use the launcher to look for servers, it gets stuck in the "Arma 3 Apex" loadscreen as I try to join a game. It is completely fine if I start the game in 32-bit mode however, except for the sluggish performance. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas on how to fix it? I disabled my antivirus just in case it was messing with something, but It did not fix the problem.
  5. Hi ! For some reason, when a player disconnects, gets kicked, crash, he is replaced by an AI... I found this in the Init, would it be related to it ? OnPlayerConnected {If (_uid In ID_Players) Then {} Else {ID_Players = ID_Players + [_uid];};}; Is there a way of not getting an AI everytime a player disconnects ? Thx !
  6. I want to create a task that is not bugged on a dedicated multiplayer server. Is it enough to place a trigger make it blufor present and put isServer && this in the condition bar, then synching that trigger to task modules? Or do i HAVE to use scripts to create tasks?
  7. Hi, I've created some MP maps, 21 so far, using the RHS MOD on Tanoa and Stratis with Eden Editor. When I play the maps, I don't see my player on the "map" or friendly bases. Can this be fixed? Also, how can I add player ICONS so I can see my teammates during play? I have many more questions but I wont overwhelm this post. But one more is...I've created Red/Blue bases with a neutral base in the center. I set the trigger so the neutral can be taken by either side and go back and forth as may happen. After the neutral is captured, is it possible to make the next base, that belongs to the opposing side, appear on the "map" as the next target? Thanks for any assistance.
  8. I have made a sector control mission. It worked previously, but I made minor changes and now it doesn't work.It only really started once I added in the system where the re spawn on the sectors changes owners depended on who owns the sector. What I mean is when I load up the game on localhost, it loads, asks me to re spawn, and then goes back to the loading screen, displaying unnamed mission, and I am stuck forever. Any ideas? I will post the mods it needs and you can see for yourself. Mods used- CUP_AirVehicles_CH53E CUP_AirVehciles_AW159 A3_Missions_F_Curator CUP_TrackedVehicles_M113 CUP_Creatures_Military_USArmy CUP_TrackedVehicles_ChallengerII sab_CU CUP_WheeledVehicles_LR CUP_WheeledVehicles_Coyote CUP_WheeledVehicles_Ridgeback CUP_AirVehicles_AH64 CUP_WheeledVehicles_Wolfhound CUP_TrackedVehicles_FV510 CUP_Creatures_Military_BAF CUP_AirVehicles_Mi8 CUP_TrackedVehicles_2S6M CUP_Creatures_StaticWeapons A3_Air_F_Heli CUP_AirVehicles_Ka52 CUP_Creatures_Military_Russia CUP_TrackedVehicles_T90 A3_Soft_F_Exp CUP_WheeledVehicles_UAZ CUP_WheeledVehicles_BRDM2 CUP_WheeledVehicles_BTR90 A3_Weapons_F A3_Structures_F_Households A3_Modules_F CUP_CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_Market CUP_CAMisc CUP_Misc3_Config CUP_Weapons_AmmoBoxes A3_Characters_F A3_Structures_F_EPC A3_Supplies_F_Heli A3_Static_F A3_Structures_F_EPB A3_Soft_F A3_Structures_F_Ind A3_Structures_F_Heli A3_Structures_F_EPA A3_Structures_F_Mil A3_Structures_F
  9. Scenario Description Atmospheric infantry coop combat patrol. NATO forces clear up lingering counterrevolutionary guerrillas after the Altian civil war. Check the Scenario Info diary-tab for specific information on how to use any additional features in the mission. Features Intelligent randomization of the play area: possible enemy locations and various area features are randomized for every playthrough, keeping you on your toes every time you play Enemy amount scaling: the number of enemies scales based on player amount, allowing for a wide range of possible player amounts with little change in difficulty Join in Progress, with no respawns Headless Client support Mod support without dependencies: supported mods are automatically detected, with configuration and loadouts applied whenever appropriate. The mission stays entirely dependency-free Downloads Steam Workshop Github Supported mods ACE 3: includes configuration and additional gear if you are running applicable ACE Modules, as well as disabling BI Revive in favour of ACE Medical Task Force Arrowhead Radio: includes automatic radio setup, with squad-specific primary channels and an alternate channel for leaders, and an extended events system that makes AI hear you speaking Killoch's Multinational Pack: play as a finnish jaeger team if you have this pack! Recommended mods if playing finnish jaegers: NIArms AK pack RHS USAF RHS AFRF Bug Reporting and suggestions Please report any bugs, comments, or suggestions you have either here or on my Arma Github so I can keep making it better! Please specify which mission the issue is about if you go on Github. Updates v1.0.8 Tweaked ACE settings v1.0.7 Fix for BI disconnect bug: https://feedback.bistudio.com/F53499 Altered transport helicopter waypoints to maybe influence the AI pilot not to be a complete idiot Added task popups for getting in the transport helicopter Modified ACE options v1.0.3 Fixed error in gear switching logic Fixed Assistant Autorifleman ammo for optional AR selection Fixed error in extra TFAR AI hearing logic
  10. I got this to work (at least partially): in the init: if (isServer) then { addMissionEventHandler["PlayerConnected",{_this execVM "playerInit.sqf"}]; }; in playerInit.sqf: thisPlayer = objNull; playerId = (_this select 4); for "_x" from 0 to (count allPlayers) -1 step 1 do { if (owner _x == playerId) then { thisplayer = (allPlayers select _x); }; }; thisPlayer = _this publicVariable "thisplayer"; publicVariable "playerId"; the Id is correctly transfered the problem is thisPlayer returns nothing the if never returns true so either the player is not in the list allPlayers at the time or i have no clue I tested everything seperately and everything works so Ihave nu f*king idea why it doesn't work Please help thanks in advance
  11. I'm making a guerilla style coop mission the code works well in single player but as soon as i go on a Server not verry much happens I plan on having a persistent server witch initializes with the start so i only have JIPs I have been trying to just execute code on new Players either by 1. writing them in a list and updating it every 0.1 sec. or (and looping thrue them later) 2. by (Player) execVM ... i tried playing with waitUntil it doesnt seem to have any effect (apart from delying the script) i failed with both attempts there must be something im missing maybe locality? here is my code (you can also Just answer my question im shure its a simple one for some of you) : 1. : while {true} do { for "_thisPlayerNum" from 0 to (count allPlayers) do { _thisPlayer = (allPlayers select _thisPlayerNum); if (!isNil "_thisPlayer") then { if (alive _thisPlayer) then { if (!(_thisPlayer in myLivePlayers)) then { // executed on Player spawn //waitUntil {alive _thisPlayer}; myLivePlayers = (myLivePlayers + [_thisPlayer]); _thisPlayer setCaptive true; } else { if (!(alive _thisPlayer)) then { // executed on Player death myLivePlayers = (myLivePlayers - [_thisPlayer]); if (_thisPlayer in HostilePlayers) then { TimeLastShot = TimeLastShot - [(TimeLastShot select (HostilePlayers find _thisPlayer))]; HostilePlayers = HostilePlayers - [_thisPlayer]; }; }; }; if ((_checkNewPlayer != (count allPlayers)) and (_thisPlayer in myLivePlayers)) then { _thisPlayer execVM "GW_3_0_PlayerConnected.sqf"; }; _checkNewPlayer = (count allPlayers); }; }; }; sleep 0.1; }; 2. : while {true} do { if ((count allPlayers) > 0) then { if (_checkNewPlayer < (count allPlayers)) then { waitUntil{isNull (allPlayers select ((count allPlayers)-1))} (allPlayers select ((count allPlayers)-1)) execVM "GW_3_1_Main.sqf"; } _checkNewPlayer = (count allPlayers); }; sleep 0.1; }; I would verry much appreciate your help this holds me back for a week now THX in advance
  12. I´m trying to alive this awsome mode in multigaming sence, so if someone else missing CWR2 multigaming, contact me! I think we will use Facebook comminication as primary channel for setting up game times, so join this group ASAP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/103011097565/.. and don´t patch your game to 1.63, stay on 1.62 :) If you haven´t install this yet, I can help you and publish some files for install.
  13. A new cooperative [ZEUS] and PVP unit, If you enjoy team based action across a dynamic environment then this is the unit for you. [NON UK MEMBERS ARE STILL WELCOME AS LONG AS YOU CAN SPEAK ENGLISH]. Join here --> https://units.arma3.com/unit/ukaf We will be playing every saturday night unless of issues we will move it if so.
  14. I'm working on a mission that doesn't have re-spawns and designed for quick firefights. My intention is to design a mission for a dedicated server with the following: If all Blufor (players) are killed, failure If time runs out, failure If all Opfor units are killed, victory Notify all players (even dead) when there is one player remaining Notify all players (even dead) when there is one enemy remaining have the same number of units and type of unit on the enemy side, i.e. 1 autorifleman blufor and 1 autorifleman opfor (shown in the initServer.sqf is already working) My experience with multiplayer scripting is limited and I'm struggling to understand why it works in local hosted multiplayer (as the host alone) but not on dedicated servers, issues include: After starting the operation using the action (see flowgraph) the LastMan.sqf will start running immediately, even with 2 blufor players Server, after starting the operation using the action, will stop updating unit positions and AI will not react. All players except yourself are running in place, coupled with sudden spikes in framerate loss when initially activated and unable to kill enemies. Enemies don't react to being shot or standing directly in front of them even. this problem isn't present on the locally hosted Possibly an issue of the server ending the mission locally but not for clients (just a guess)? Mission must still be working enough to continue the countdown timer, mission fails properly when timer reaches zero Maybe I should be getting rid of triggers entirely? But it always seemed like they synced across multiplayer better Using the trigger and (count Thislist < 2) is that when all remaining players enter one vehicle, it counts as one unit and starts the trigger Tried using setting the triggers to server only and using Bis_fnc_MP but led to the mission immediately ending upon starting the operation action Code Flowgraph Mission Source https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B85GbOCq33caWlhHNW1KcENzV00/view?usp=sharing Thanks for the help on this issue
  15. Hey, guys. So I made this mission for my group. we start at an Airfield, the team is divided in two groups. After assembly each group heads for a predetermined heliport, then two UH-60s come and take us away... The set up is pretty simple, inside the heliport there's a trigger which is synched to the UH-60's waypoint (so it doesn't come too early), the next UH-60's waypoint is a LOAD waypoint, syched to a GET IN waypoint of the infantry team, then the chopper move's on to its next waypoints once the team in inside. I tested with bots and it works flawlessly. The thing is... I HOSTED the mission in multiplayer mode with a friend of mine and something isn't working... Here's what happens: Situation 1: I am ALPHA team, my friend is BRAVO team Development: Both choppers approach the heliports ALPHA chopper lands, waint until ALPHA team embarks, then moves on. BRAVO chopper approches its heliport, then do a sudden turn and moves on without landing Then we traded teams (thinking the problem was BRAVO's chopper waypoints. This is what happened: Situation 2: I am BRAVO team, my friend is ALPHA team Development: Both chopper approach the heliports BRAVO chopper lands, waint until BRAVO team embarks, then moves on. ALPHA chopper approches its heliport, then do a sudden turn and moves on without landing The problems appears to have something to do with the HOST (me) and it's not related to any problem in the waypoints, since it worked in both helicopters, except it only works when I (HOST) am the it is supposed to pick up. The other chopper completely ignores the other team. I can't seem to think what could be causing it, can you guys help me? Thanks!
  16. I have a question regarding Multiplayer scripting. I'm building a mission for multiplayer with some very basic scripts (example) But even those simple scripts seem not to work smoothly. Most of the time it's someone not seeing the script effect or running the script later than others. I tried for example to fly my players in with precaptured (unitcapture) helicopters. But when calling those with triggers (and nul = execVM "script.sqf") players said they arrived at different times, which led the to the conclusion that they all locally executed the execVM with a slight delay between each player. However when I executed the execVM with the Zeus-Ares Module "Execute Code Module" and picked "global" as the running Mode everything worked fine. The question is how can I achive that "global execute Mode" for my scripts without having to execute through Ares but being activated and executed by trigger.
  17. Hello, it's been a while since I been on here. This is a new RPG mission/template. Currently there is no stringtable so it's only in English. Downloads below.Key Features: -Banking -Keychain-Garage-Trading-Personal Items-Crafting-Gathering-Stats-SkillsPictures: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 I am releasing this because I don't know what else to do with it and have become very bored with it. Haven't worked on it in months. I hope this can help someone with any issues they were having or it gets picked up and renovated. Please feel free to do as you wish with the files, just please leave my credits/thanks in and add to it as needed. Thank you! Download Mission & Addon Pack It also requires iniDB on the server for 'database' saving. Download iniDB Armaholic Topic
  18. Hey guys! So I have a really annoying problem that I've tried for hours to solve to no avail. Anyway, I'm trying to create an addaction with dynamic variable names on all players in multiplayer and then have it remove itself either when activated or later on in the script. The action will be to call an extraction heli, which is why I needed to add it to the players rather than the heli itself, because of the radius limitations. It seems to work perfectly on the host and on all clients as long as they join at the same time, but as soon as the first JIP player joins, the action can't be removed anymore. It's probably a simple fix but I just can't get my head around it. Here's just a simple example of how i'd like it to work. I was originally using the JIP remoteExec options rather than recreating the action on a loop but I thought it best to try and solve this problem first before getting into that. Any ideas? if (!isServer) exitWith {}; _var = "1"; call compile format [" while {true} do { [[], { testAction_%1 = player addaction [""<t color='#ff9900'>Test Action</t>"", { {player removeAction testAction_%1} remoteExec [""call"", 0]; hint ""this is a test action""; } , _this, 99, false, false, """", """"]; player setVariable [""action_Id_%1"", testAction_%1, true]; publicVariable ""testAction_%1""; }] remoteExec [""call"", 0]; sleep 10; {player removeAction testAction_%1} remoteExec [""call"", 0]; }; ", _var];
  19. The Mastermind Season 1 Episode 2/7 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tp7p542a824kfib/! The+Mastermind+2.Eden.pbo You're the leader of a squad (callsign Alpha 1) and you are in one of the best and the most talented squad in US army and and you have been given a mission to defend a convoy then repair tanks in friendly base and attack the enemy city Revive: Yes Playable units: 12 Version: 1.2 Difficulty: Easy (AI = Min), Balanced, Hardcore (AI = Max) - You can change it before you play in pool in MP! If you have played mastermind 1 how was my traps? ;) Cheers -Godfree Ps.: They both weight 66Kb ... hmm what an oddly specific detail huh
  20. The Mastermind Season 1 Episode 1/7 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a7999rm09m5emq9/! The+Mastermind+1.Eden.pbo You're the leader of a squad (callsign Alpha 1) and you are in one of the best and the most talented squads in USA army and and you have been given a mission to seize 2 villages. Revive: Yes Playable units: 12 Version: 1.5 Difficulty: Easy (AI = Min), Balanced, Hardcore (AI = Max) - You can change it before you play in pool The main thing in this project is to have something new. Not like the most of the multiplayer mission where you have to go capture a city and then you win. It has a complex story even my friends couldn't figure it out. But you can still read spoilers in notes (only for the current episode) if you don't wanna figure it out (ONLY READ THE NOTES IF YOU'RE ALMOST DONE WITH THE MISSION). You also need to figure out who is the mastermind and come up with a good theory. If you have a good theory please message me I wanna know. And no i didn't write the name of the mastermind or something like that. The singleplayer campaign will come out after I'm done with the multiplayer version BUT it will be different than multiplayer missions. I will make more after I'm done with entrance exams and with S.T.O.O.W. (Survive the outbreak of war) Cheers -Godfree Ps.: I never wanted it to be a revive mission but alot of people wanted it so i added it.
  21. Hi All, Tonight we made an SDV insertion. When we changed from the wetsuit & rebreather to the uniforms&vest in our backpack... we were seeing everyone naked.... But when we looked at ourself we were all dressed up correctly with vest&Uniform. Any hint? -We are on a dedicated box, with 3 Headless managed by wearthless headless client mod. -Mission created with Eden. -Main mods : ACE, MCC, TASK-FORCE, -Script : R3F & igiload. Cheers
  22. Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to scripting in Arma, so i hope someone can help me out. I've created a script that makes a global variable grow when a unit spawns. it worked great in singleplayer but when i tested it in multiplayer, it suddenly threw this error. Undefined variable in expression: participants So now i'm asking myself, what did i do wrong? init.sqf participants = 0; code when unit spawns participants = participants + 1;
  23. Alright I'm so close I have at most 5 fixes left before this server/mission is perfect. So what I need done I feel like should be simple I just cannot figure out a way to do it. So in Zeus there's an option to add a briefing. Every time you add a briefing with the same name it just adds it and the update time. What I need is for regular players to be able to trigger this interface and add "Intel" to this briefing.
  24. Tournament Details: 1) 8v8 Team vs Team 2) 7 custom made PvP maps 3) Twitch stream / commentator 4) Our TS and server hosted. 5) January 7th, 12:00 GMT 6) Links to Maps Collection (Feel free to play / practice / strategise before) : HERE How To Sign Up: 1) Contact me directly via the forum / reply to this thread. 2) Reach us on steam via our Tournament Page and comment 3) Sign up via our website Contact & sign up page Description: Hello possible tournament participant, are you a group/squad who enjoys testing your PvP skills in the field? We've been an active group for over two years now and we're looking at doing something for the community, something for groups similar to ourselves Our mission devs have created a number of team based PvP scenarios that we know you're going to enjoy. The plan as we see it is to gather a certain number of groups who want to test their metal in the field to participate in the first annual Viking PvP Tournament. The basic format will be as follows; squads will be pitched in knock out rounds until we have two squads left (final). They will fight it out on the battlefield for first place. We will host the event server and teamspeak server, so all you need to do is show up and play. The missions are 8v8 objective based PvP missions but of course if you can only field 7 men on the day then we'll make sure to match you with a squad of the same numbers. This is something we'll all discuss on the day before we kick off the event. We will also be streaming the event but you are of course free to stream it to your followers too. 7th of January 12:00 GMT noon start time See you there! P.S. - There will be no crazy sights or equipment here either. You will be armed with an AR and the basics. This event is to test your individual skill as players but more importantly how efficient you are as a fighting unit.