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Found 73 results

  1. Hi all, Simple question is can support provider/requester modules be used with a dedicated server? Here is my problem. I set everything up the way it should be and I test it in multiplayer and it works great hwoever as soon as I put the file on the server it doesnt show up at all. If anyone has any further suggestion even better but im just checking as im just chasing my own tail at the moment. Thanks for any help that can be provided.
  2. Hey. I have a sector module with its costInfantry variable being set to 0.5 on mission start. I have placed triggers that use the setVariable command to change this mid-game and can confirm that the variables change using: hint format ["%1", SECTORNAME getVariable 'costInfantry']; afterwards. However the module doesn't update its variables. By changing this variable to 0, the module should become un-cappable by infantry but as I've found out, this is not the case. Q: Is there a function to force a module to update and use the variables set upon it after initialisation of that module? Thanks.
  3. In this episode of NDD (Nightmare Driven Development) with Arma, this time we look at a MODULE_F. For some reason, this code stopped working for only some players. What changed? Who knows! :) Here's my module definition: class CfgPatches { class SCAR_countdownWatch { name = "Countdown Watch"; author = "_SCAR"; units[] = {"SCAR_ModuleCountdownWatch"}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1.0; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Modules_F"}; fileName = "countdown_watch.pbo"; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class Logic; class Module_F: Logic { class AttributesBase { class Edit; class Checkbox; }; // Description base classes, for more information see below class ModuleDescription {}; }; class SCAR_ModuleCountdownWatch: Module_F { // Standard object definitions scope = 2; displayName = "Countdown Watch"; icon = "\Countdown_Watch\gfx\logo.paa"; category = "Events"; // Name of function triggered once conditions are met function = "SCAR_CW_fnc_moduleCountdownWatch"; // Execution priority, modules with lower number are executed first. 0 is used when the attribute is undefined functionPriority = 1; // 0 for server only execution, 1 for global execution, 2 for persistent global execution isGlobal = 1; // 1 for module waiting until all synced triggers are activated isTriggerActivated = 0; // 1 if modules is to be disabled once it's activated (i.e., repeated trigger activation won't work) isDisposable = 0; // Module attributes, uses https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Eden_Editor:_Configuring_Attributes#Entity_Specific class Attributes: AttributesBase { // Module specific arguments class Duration: Edit { property = "SCAR_CW_Duration"; displayName = "Mission duration (minutes)"; description = "The duration of the mission in minutes"; typeName = "NUMBER"; // Value type, can be "NUMBER", "STRING" or "BOOL" defaultValue = "120"; // Default attribute value. WARNING: This is an expression, and its returned value will be used (50 in this case) }; class EndMission: Checkbox { property = "SCAR_CW_EndMission"; displayName = "Trigger End Mission"; description = "Trigger End Mission when the countdown ends"; typeName = "BOOL"; defaultValue = "true"; }; class WatchFace: Edit { property = "SCAR_CW_WatchFace"; displayName = "Watch Face"; description = "The path to the watch face to be used"; defaultValue = """\Countdown_Watch\data\watch.paa"""; }; //class ModuleDescription: ModuleDescription{}; }; class ModuleDescription: ModuleDescription { description = "Countdown Watch"; sync[] = {}; }; }; }; class CfgFunctions { class SCAR_CW { class Events { file = "\Countdown_Watch\functions"; class moduleCountdownWatch{}; class initServer {}; class initPlayer {}; }; }; }; #include "interfaces.hpp" class CfgDebriefing { class SCAR_countdownWatch_end { title = "Mission End!"; subtitle = "The mission time is up."; description = ""; }; }; Inside of the directory "functions" I have a file called "fn_moduleCountdownWatch.sqf", that does not get triggered AT ALL for some players. Any clues, gods of the randomness? :) _SCAR
  4. Hi all, Among the most used modules, I guess plenty of scriptwriters would like to have better results with support ones. - First of all, for all support modules, virtual support is an acceptable alternative as far as you accept to spawn/delete a unit for a task. Artillery disappear as soon as the last shell is shot, regardless of the trajectory ETA; So, there is a bullet coming from a null object, traveling the map and never mind the shooter. Script with that! - For all modules again, the "real" unit option allows more immersive condition as far as you have to protect this asset. And, then one thing is absolutely missing, the condition fields for enabling/disabling the support. You can't imagine the lines I had to write just because I decided only a radio equipped guy could call artillery. Try it!.. grab a radio backpack (or any radio), (enabling the link between requester and provider), then drop the radio (disabling the support), then grab/drop... Oups that doesn't work anymore, except if you write something bis_fnc_addSupportlink and bis_fnc_removeSupportLink (So many hours to find that!). So please, add enable/disable condition fields for support. About CAS support, so much things to improve: - Please, make unguided bombing run workable on any surface, with no objective underneath! I mean bombs must strike the marker position, like a GPS release if you want. That's all! No need to have something special. Actually your BIS_SUPP_LASERTGT, laserTargetE or laserTargetW types, along with a "destroy" waypoint, doesn't work on Tanoa forest for example. And please, don't explain we need an object objective... Let's the player bombs where he wants! - Furthermore, your FSM just take driver into account. That means there is no chance at all to get CAS from a crewed aircraft (pilot/gunner). So, bye bye so many CAS aircraft from UNSUNG DELTA mod: Intruder, Skywarrior, F4 Phantom... Please make unguided bombing CAS firing on any position of the CAS marker and make all CAS aircraft workable what crew can be. - lets the player choose the number of bombs to be released! About helicopter transportation: - First problem: the map can't be zoomed in/out for marking destination. You have to cope with your last map zoom before the call?!? - then, you can't alter your destination underway. I wrote a script to be transported in any AI manned vehicle (car , helicopter), with instant destination altering or cancellation. (MP compatible). Code on demand. So please, make transportation module (not only helicopter) more versatile, with alter/cancel destination, and correct the map zoom bug. Thank you for your attention.
  5. When i place a game mastee module, it gives me the option to set the owner, name and addons (mods) that can be used by this zeus. The Problem: i cant edit the addons option as the module wont let me open the selection menu from where i usually could select 1 of three options (i think it was addons active on scenario, official addons and all addons (including unofficial)) Please help. It is elemental for me in order to create a zeus mission.
  6. Hello, So I'm working on a super simple Zeus fire support module that should make it very easy for Zeus to call in fire support from any artillery-capable unit on the map. I've started working on the functions that would handle the procedure and it works perfectly. The script, when run, searches for the nearest artillery-capable unit that isn't already assigned to a fire mission and then gives it a fire mission based on pre-set variables. So it works as a script, but I always intended this to work as a module where you place it in zeus, then you get a nifty menu and you click OK and bad shit happens. Now I have started to convert the script to work as a spawn-able module, but what happens is that when I try to spawn the module in Zeus nothing happens. I have the module on my cursor and I click and just nothing happens. I tried to follow the biki in terms of how its set up but I've obviously done something wrong. I would love some help. Thanks, Morthon
  7. SteinTroll

    No supports.

    Artillery support module isn't working, the menu entry is grayed out/not usable. I'm curently playing the "supports showcase", but mortars where unavailable on the "scuba showcase" as well. Is it the new update? :Edit: Turns out the problem was a mod I had loaded. Do not know wich mod yet tho...
  8. I want to attach my units with dark blue lines to a respawn position module (f5), however I cannot get get it to work. To give you an example of what I mean: Here you can see the units are grouped and attached to one unit leader (light blue lines), but are also attached to the respawn position module (dark blue lines). If I add more units, which I need to do, I cannot add them to the respawn position module. I have tried holding CTRL whilst trying to drag a line between a unit to the respawn module, like I would to attatch them to a squad leader, but nothing. I have also tried holding ALT and doing the same, moving them ontop, etc, nothing. Can someone please tell me how I can attach new units to the respawn position module? Thank You.
  9. Hi. I know how to create a Zeus mission (connect the module to the player, make respawn=base in the description.ext etc.). The only problem is: When the Zeus rejoins he looses his Zeus-capability (as syncing with playable units goes away when JIP-ing). What can i do to prevent that? I tried placing a trigger that activates itself every 30 secs and synchs the player with the zeus module again, but i am not sure if that will work...
  10. Hey all, I've been trying to add greater variety to the virtual supports, mainly so that i have some easy systems that i can copy into new maps. I've got the hang of adding my own vehicle names into the virtual support modules, and amazingly have discovered that i can use enemy vehicles and my allies will still be flying them. There's a vehicle init field for the virtual supports, and i'm wondering if anyone can help me with achieving what i want, which is; - Reinforcements option; troops via heli that flies to requested location. Troops get out and join player squad. I'm really not sure how to do this as it doesn't fit any of the virtual supports (heli attack or heli transport) - Vehicle dropped off via heli to requested location. Vehicle can be empty if need be, or with allies that join players squad. Main vehicle i'd love this for is UGV drone. Currently there is an issue with all CUP planes (harrier, C130J) spawning in stationary as virtual supports, whereas the vanilla vehicles spawn in at speed, so i can't get my head around fixing that. Lastly, a taru dropping it's bench of troops upon support request would be amazing. If you have any advice or other ideas of features that can be done with the virtual supports, i'd love to hear them.
  11. I have been making a mission that involves sectors that are captured in a linear order. This is achieved by having a trigger that monitors the owning side of the sector. When the owner changes to a certain side (in this case BLUFOR) the trigger executes enableSimulation false on the sector, and then activates a second sector module to which the trigger is synced. In multiplayer however, the second sector fails to initialise resulting in an endless loading screen. On single player though it works fine. All other modules spawn without issue on multiplayer. Although I believe I have narrowed down the issue to the sector module being activated by the trigger, not only does the fact this happens baffle me, but also the fact it doesn't occur in SP. I would really appreciate any help with this as its driving me mad. I can also post screenshots of the mission configuration if it helps.
  12. Is there any way i could blacklist an area from getting affected of the simulation manager module?
  13. Hi does someone here on the forums used this module before ? I tested it in mission on local server when grouping units to the module, it works you get kicked from the mission after killing one team mate. There is no options in the module to set for example after 3 kills kick the player or something like that, only a init field. Also does someone knows what to use if the module is sync to a trigger in condition field ? I searched the web but there is nothing on that module explained or mission examples ! I want to achieve players fire the module when they abuse teamkill with a trigger ! I'm gonna try to search a solution if someone can help me would be nice! thanks
  14. I'm using zeus a lot. But everytime im on my server & open zeus I need to use ARES to add all players to zeus so I can follow them. Can't there be a module for like adding all pre-placed objects into the zeus interface? Would love this feature
  15. gmangnall

    Transport Module

    Does anyone else have a problem whereby if you use the transport module and board a helo, you cannot issue any commands until you have selected the unload location? This behaviour even stops you zooming your map out so that it takes ages to scroll to the location you want to go to. This bring three further complications - 1) after a period of time (seems to vary but around 30 seconds on average) you get thrown out of the helicopter - usually before you have scrolled to the locatoin 2) You cannot call AI to get on board if you are group leader, so you need to remember to get them to board BEFORE you do (and the helo does not wait around forever). 3) If you get shot whilst in the helicopter then your game is pretty much goosed as your menu and cross hair will permanently stuck on trying to select an unload point, which you cant do as you are not IN the helo anymore, nor can you use the menu to get back in either. This behaviour continues after respawn too - so the only option seems to be to leave the game.
  16. Hello, I've got a problem, opening and testing my mission (tested in V1.54, editor 2D, several hundred of subscribers with no problem), downloadable here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=607086669 I remarked it's now impossible to have all supports. Artillery still works, supply drop and CAS (non virtual) lead to grayed assets when called. This occur in all modes: preview SP, MP from Eden. I must precise, these supports are synchronized when player(s) grab a backpack radio. Anyway, this worked well in 2D editor. I backup my mission.sqm in order to re-open it in 2D editor, everything works fine... ARMA3 V 1.56 seems OK but not Eden (problem with sqm for recognition of linked items or something like that). Please, don't remove 2D editor prior to consolidate Eden. This editor is really a great work with youth lacks. Thanks Pierre MGI
  17. Hi all, Im trying to create a custom module for an addon I am creating. Only problem is I cant seem to remove an argument that is being displayed in the 2d editor from the module. The drop down list: Apply To: (units synchronized, groups of objects synchronised, etc...) Ive searched quite a bit and cant find where that is being created from in the config below, http://pastebin.com/H5sPvWBX Anyone know where I can find and disable this argument? Thanks in advance. EDIT: That is not the entire config, thats just the only part where modules are used or mentioned.
  18. I have found this code in the functions viewer regarding the sites module. if (isNil 'BIS_initSitesRunning') then { BIS_initSitesRunning = TRUE; ['[SITES] Modules config init'] call BIS_fnc_logFormat; if (isServer) then {execVM '\A3\modules_f\sites\init_core.sqf'} else {execVM '\A3\modules_f\sites\init_client.sqf'}; }; I am wondering how I can customize this without a mod to enable the module to spawn RHS INDFOR insurgents instead of AAF. And is the module in MP run on the client or the server? Thank you for any help.
  19. Okay, so I'm making a mission where the player has to spot targets for an A-10 (AI) and laser them. The problem that I've encountered is that when calling in A-10s form a virtual support module is that a lot of the times, the A-10s will start to target enemy AI on their own, therefore bombing areas that don't need to be. My question is: is there a way to destroy/kill/remove the A-10 once it has dropped/fired a GBU? And make it so for every A-10 that spawns.
  20. Hi everyone, I'm using respawn module for infantry, what i want to know, is there a way to disable a respawn module for a selected player or group ? i have two respawn modules one is for all blufor players, and other one is for vip players, i want the respawn module for vip players to be invisible to other players. is that possible, what do i have to put in the init of the respawn module ? i tried with hide/module linked to players and respawn module, but it doesn't work.
  21. Hello. Is there a way to put a trigger around the minefield sites module that will detect when all of the mines have been defused? I am building a mission on Zargabad and this will involve disarming mines scattered around the city. Is this possible, or should I just use mineactive() and lay the mines by hand? I am thinking this could work if you could detect all the mines inside a trigger and then activate when they are all deactivated. But this would make the mission easier if this could be done. I have this code in a trigger. {["mine_", str(_x)] call BIS_fnc_inString} count (thisTrigger nearObjects 10) > 1; But this will not fire once I have disarmed and removed the mines. I am using ACE3 and Alive. Thank you. #EDIT, realized my mistake, probably should be. {["mine_", str(_x)] call BIS_fnc_inString} count (thisTrigger nearObjects 10) < 1; ;). This works. Put this in a trigger surrounding the minefield and this triggers when they are all disarmed. Should be very useful to someone else in my situation.
  22. Is there a special way to set up this module or does it function like the Ambient Civillians module? If you just place it by its self nothing seems to happen.
  23. Today I tried again to successfully go through the basic training. I tried it several times before, always failing somewhere or trying to do just the missing task, which regrettably does not work. ArmA II doesn't store the points completed successfully. I was at "firing the tubes", when suddenly a civilian appeared on the range and shot me. I was then accused having fired at allies. It takes some time to get there and after firing the anti tank weapons to conquer the village and successfully finish the training. So it's hard if someone just appeares and shots you down on the training range. I wonder if this mission has ever been tested before :confused: .What are civilians doing at the firing range?