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Found 215 results

  1. I have learned how to change weapon turrets and ammo on vehicles VIA inits, but can anyone tell me how to get the actual turret to be visible on the vehicle? As ridiculous as it sounds - I am trying to use twin 125mm cannons (and other weapons) from a Pawnee instead of the miniguns or DAR pods, and I would love to see them attached. Any help appreciated!
  2. BARIGA EDIT: 1.4 out: - repacked content for better filesize - fixed objects not showing on ingame map - minor changes to placement of some trees (wich were ranging too far into roads) (older version also included:) - Replaced bulletproof bushes with custom made (non bulletproof) bushes. - Added signature and bikey steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=886316372&searchtext=bariga Armaholic download: withSIX download: ArmA3.de Mirror also avialable (still 1.2): DESCRIPTION: This terrain is completely fictional and not based on any realworld location. I tried to acchieve a look that differs from other terrains, as it is always nice to have some variation. Background: The area of Bariga had to be evacuated because of an incident in a research facility nearby. Nobody ever returned and the evidence of the escape in a hurry still can be found all arround the settlements. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- some specs: size: 25 km² about 300000 objects (mostly plants though ;-) ) custom terrain-textures ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my first terrain ever, so please be dulgent ;-) SCREENSHOTS: And as requested... SATELLITE IMAGE
  3. Hi. How can I patch a mod? To be more specific, here's what I want to do: Let's say I have a mod identified by: class CfgPatches { class My_mod { units[] = { }; weapons[] = { }; requiredAddons[] = {"CBA_Extended_EventHandlers"}; version = "0.993"; versionStr = "0.993"; versionDesc= "My mod"; versionAr[] = {1,0,0}; author[] = {"Me"}; }; }; All scripts are in the main mod folder (for example, \My_mod\...) Now I want to patch this mod by altering some scripts and adding a few more scripts to the mod folder. Is it possible to use the same class for this patch as well (i.e My_mod)? Should I change the name of the patch folder? ( \My_mod\ ) Should the script I want to "patch" (i.e fix) have the same name as the script in the original mod? I'd appreciate any help with this.
  4. Hi. How can I add requiredAddons to a mod? I know it should be added to the config.bin (or .cpp) and I know the structure should be something like this: class CfgPatches { class My_Mod { units[] = { }; weapons[] = { }; requiredAddons[] = {"CBA_Extended_EventHandlers"}; version = "0.993"; versionStr = "0.993"; versionDesc= "My Mod"; versionAr[] = {1,0,0}; author[] = {"Me"}; }; }; But I don't know where you get the name of the required mod from. For example, in the above code I don't know where the name "CBA_Extended_EventHandlers" comes from. (I know what it is though!) Can someone please explain it to me?
  5. I'm working on a mod, having modeled a carbine in Blender, and textured using Substance Painter. I've finished everything and now am up to exporting the textures for use in Arma. But I cannot find the export maps for A3, ie. Diffuse, SMDI, etc. Currently, I've got Base Colour, Metallic, Mixed AO. Normals, Height, and roughness. Is there a way to export the correct maps straight from painter, or is there a way to create the required maps from using one or more of the ones I have. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, I introduce myself, Antonio - Italy. I have a question to ask if possible. In the workshop there are different vehicles, repainted by users, but with Bhoemia models (SUV Pik-up etc. etc.). Now, if I wanted to create my own vehicle, only with my skin and my logo, to be posted later in the workshop, for its subscription to use on my server, where I find the basis for work ?? In practice, a virgin vehicle from retexture? Thanks to those who would like to help or address me on the appropriate topic. Antonio
  7. Hello, I need some help with the config for a small mod I've been working on recently. I'm trying to create a few items based off of some static Arma objects/props that are already in the base game. I hope that this object can be put in a units inventory, as well as be placed by Zeus or in EDEN, with the object able to be picked up by a player. This is my first mod from "scratch" and it may be not possible to accomplish, or I forgot to add something simple. Here is what I have so far: class CfgPatches { class ODA_intel { units[]={}; weapons[]= { "Intel_Item_Base", "Intel_VideoCamera", "Intel_FileDoc", "Intel_FilePic", "Intel_Map", "Intel_Laptop", "Intel_MobileO", "Intel_MobileN", "Intel_Walkie" }; requiredVersion=0.1; version=1; requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Characters_F", "A3_Weapons_F", }; author[]= { "J. Shaw [2/5SFG(A)]" }; fileName="ODA_intel.pbo"; }; }; class cfgWeapons { class ItemCore; class InventoryItem_Base_F; class Intel_Item_Base: ItemCore { scope=1; access=3; displayName="-"; detectRange=-1; simulation="ItemMineDetector"; useAsBinocular=0; type=4096; picture=""; descriptionShort=""; class ItemInfo: InventoryItem_Base_F { mass=1; }; }; class Intel_VideoCamera: Intel_Item_Base { scope=2; scopeCurator=2; displayName="Video Camera"; model = "\A3\structures_f\Items\Electronics\HandyCam_F.p3d"; picture="\ODA_intel\cpccoy_ca.paa"; descriptionShort="Video Camera"; editorSubcategory="EdSubcat_Office"; class ItemInfo: ItemInfo { mass=1; }; }; class Intel_FileDoc: Intel_Item_Base { scope=2; scopeCurator=2; displayName="File of Documents"; model = "\A3\structures_f\Items\Documents\File1_F.p3d"; picture="\ODA_intel\cpccoy_ca.paa"; descriptionShort="File full of documents"; editorSubcategory="EdSubcat_Office"; class ItemInfo: ItemInfo { mass=1; }; }; class Intel_FilePic: Intel_Item_Base { scope=2; scopeCurator=2; displayName="File of Pictures"; model = "\A3\structures_f\Items\Documents\FilePhotos_F.p3d"; picture="\ODA_intel\cpccoy_ca.paa"; descriptionShort="File full of pictures"; editorSubcategory="EdSubcat_Office"; class ItemInfo: ItemInfo { mass=1; }; }; class Intel_Map: Intel_Item_Base { scope=2; scopeCurator=2; displayName="Sleeved Map"; model = "\A3\structures_f\Items\Documents\Map_F.p3d"; picture="\ODA_intel\cpccoy_ca.paa"; descriptionShort="Sleeved map with marked locations"; editorSubcategory="EdSubcat_Office"; class ItemInfo: ItemInfo { mass=1; }; }; class Intel_Laptop: Intel_Item_Base { scope=2; scopeCurator=2; displayName="Laptop"; model = "\A3\structures_f\Items\Electronics\Laptop_F.p3d"; picture="\ODA_intel\cpccoy_ca.paa"; descriptionShort="Laptop"; editorSubcategory="EdSubcat_Office"; class ItemInfo: ItemInfo { mass=1; }; }; class Intel_MobileO: Intel_Item_Base { scope=2; scopeCurator=2; displayName="Old Cellphone"; model = "\A3\structures_f\Items\Electronics\MobilePhone_old_F.p3d"; picture="\ODA_intel\cpccoy_ca.paa"; descriptionShort="Old cellphone, like the one Sierra had"; editorSubcategory="EdSubcat_Office"; class ItemInfo: ItemInfo { mass=1; }; }; class Intel_MobileN: Intel_Item_Base { scope=2; scopeCurator=2; displayName="New Cellphone"; model = "\A3\structures_f\Items\Electronics\MobilePhone_smart_F.p3d"; picture="\ODA_intel\cpccoy_ca.paa"; descriptionShort="New cellphone, like the one Sierra has trouble using"; editorSubcategory="EdSubcat_Office"; class ItemInfo: ItemInfo { mass=1; }; }; class Intel_Walkie: Intel_Item_Base { scope=2; scopeCurator=2; displayName="Walkie Talkie"; model = "\A3\structures_f\Items\Electronics\PortableLongRangeRadio_F.p3d"; picture="\ODA_intel\cpccoy_ca.paa"; descriptionShort="Radio Shack style walkie talkie"; editorSubcategory="EdSubcat_Office"; class ItemInfo: ItemInfo { mass=1; }; }; }; As it currently stands, the mod throws no errors when I run it, and the game loads without issue, however it is not visible in the EDEN, or Zeus. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi all. I have problem with spawning weapons without attachments, magazine etc. for vanilla weapons/items i can go with: createvehicle {[ "weaponholdersimulated",[getPos _loc select 0, getpos _loc select 1,0],[], 0, "can_Collide"]; addweaponcargo ["arifle_SDAR_F",1]; }; and its working. but for RHS, CUP etc moded weapons, as example "rhs_weapon_ak103" i don't know what to place instead of "weaponholdersimulated" or where i can find it. if i only change weapon name, it give me error. Any ideas?
  9. I'm after a modder that can make a standalone door object that I can place at the entrances of buildings that don't have doors. I'm currently working on a mission and a lot of the buildings in the map don't have doors, so I'd like just a door object that opens and closes like normal and possibly lockable? Should be a relatively easy mod, but I've got no idea when it comes to object addons and stuff like that. I only script. Cheers
  10. CreativeProduct

    Delete please.

    EDIT: Just found out that there's a config and mod section, that was my bad and I'm sorry for posting it in the wrong section.
  11. ARMA Community, This is my first Addon for ARMA 3 so any feedback you have would be really appreciated. Steam Subscription Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1096111437 Included in this addon is 25 Faction Insignia's included are for: Imperium of Man Chaos Eldar Tau This is my first Addon for ARMA 3 so any feedback you have would be really appreciated.Would you like to have other warhammer 40k insignia's included? If yes then please feel free to contact me. Please try include an image if you have one and I will see want I can do to include it in a next version. Lastly I do hope to create further Warhammer 40k addons such as posters, billboards, fonts etc. So add this to your favorites, give me a 5 star rating and subscribe. Cheers Dave :) My contact details: Discord: https://discord.gg/pe48rhdSteam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ShootinnScuttin Example Screen Shots:
  12. Hello help me plz, I have made 5 missions on Arma 2 OA Editor. Can I make Setup or DLC or from that my missions ?
  13. Hello help me plz, I have made 5 missions on Arma 2 OA Editor. Can I make Setup or DLC or from that my missions ?
  14. Update: I managed to get most off the stuff working. Only the 1. ist still missing! Hey guys, okay I know this topic has been talked about for quite some time and there are several threads about it. However I still open a new one because I have some further questions. Lets start with my idea: I'm building a PMC Faction (for my unit) atm. There is no dress code meaning they can basically wear what they want (okay, to an extent ...). What I want to do now is, that the units you can place in the editor will have random gear (taken from a pool of classnames) when placed. Okay, I have managed to do that. Thats how it looks right now: CfgVehicles.hpp class CfgVehicles { .... .... .... class MYUNIT { .... .... .... .... class Eventhandlers: Eventhandlers { init = "[(_this select 0)] execVM '\PATH\scripts\random_uniform_unit.sqf';"; }; }; .... .... .... }; random_uniform_unit.sqf _unit = _this select 0; removeUniform _unit; removeHeadgear _unit; removevest _unit; _uniform = ["classname","classname"...] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _headGear = ["classname","classname"...] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _vest = ["classname","classname"...] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _unit addHeadgear _headGear; _unit addUniform _uniform; _unit addvest _vest; So far that works. Whenever I place a unit in the editor he gets randomly assigned a Helmet, Vest and Uniform. Now I have several other problems. 1. When I start the mission the unit yet again gets a new random gear. I know why but how could I prevent that from happening? 2. When the unit respawns he is naked. Again, I know why but how could I make it so the unit gets respawned with the very same gear he had when the mission started? 3. The way I do it right now also removes all the ammunition in the Uniform and Vest (setup with "magazines[] = {};" and "respawnmagazines[] = {};"). Yet again, its obvious why, but what would be the best way to get around that problem? One idea would be to assign the equipment (Mags and Grenades) directly in the random_uniform_unit.sqf which works but also creates problems with question number 2. I hope someone could help me with that task. I'm not the very best when it comes to scripting (but I try to learn wherever I can :3) and also config editing / Mod making is quite new to me. So bear with me, I'll try my best to not be a pain in the butt! BTW, if CBAs Extended EventHandlers would help here, I'd also use them but I'm quite unsure how to set them up. Many Greetings and many thanks in advance Moony
  15. hi guys , so my question is when i want to takedown enemy using melee ( mocap mod ) they always sense me and turn around start shooting , how i can fix that ??
  16. Hello, I have been making missions for Zeus for a while, but obviously, importing sounds into mission files makes them really big. It's gotten to where players are sometimes stuck on Receiving Data because there's just so much to load (even though they have downloaded the actual PBO from my Dropbox). I want to be able to go back and have a 500 KB mission file, and have the sounds isolated. Do you know if there's a way I can make a mod exclusively for sounds? I want to use them selectively, such as a radio playing music and such. I want to isolate them from the mission file, but still be able to play them. Thank you!
  17. Miscellany

    Arma 3 - Overthrow Mod

    Good day Arma 3 Fans and mod players! Myself and many members of my community have recently started playing a mod called Overthrow, Overthrow is a fantastic mod in which players work together to destabilise towns and take them over in order to takeover the map. With every Cop or Civilian killed influence is gained or lost, during the game NATO forces will attempt to retake and battle for positions which makes for dynamic and interesting game play. It's a thoroughly enjoyable mod and can be downloaded through this page below which also provides more information as the Mod has many features. If you would like to see some comedic game play then please do checkout the video linked below : If you have any further questions or queries regarding the mod then feel free to message me. Miscellany Community Manager, Luke.
  18. This mod adds flagless versions of the Carrier GL Rig and Carrier Special Rig, in both Green and Black variants. It's a bit weird how the normal carrier vests have flagless versions, but not the Marksmen DLC vests, so this mod fixes it. It should also be signed for multiplayer. It doesn't require any other mod. Please report any problems you may have! Enjoy! DOWNLOADS: Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=970985405 Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32985
  19. Hi! Today I want to present you my newest mission: Undead Altis - The Mystery. I've been working on it for 4 months, and I hope you guys will enjoy it! :D, let me copy 'n' paste the description: ZOMBIES AND DEMONS REQURIED* Day of 4-th February, 2017. In last episode your group managed to reach safezone, rescue the pilot, collect helicopter parts and repair the chopper. All of the survivors were extracted with an extra help of friendly pilot. However, at 0:00 helicopter started to expierence weird turbulences... FEATURING: -Main quests, -Side quests, -Hidden tasks, -Headshot only feature, -ONLY WALKERS! -Huge, playable area (Open World Survival), -Hell a lot of places to loot! -Ammunition is rare, -3 hours playability! [Considering ALL quests] (Popcorn and cola required!), -Multiple jumpscares, -Night enviroment, -Custom vehicle lights script, -Great variety of objects, -FPS FRIENDLY! (Even low-end PC Arma users will be able to keep their FPS high and nice!), -Various mysteries all around the island, -Hidden locations! -Notes! -Infection system, -Respawn implemented! -Ambient music, with sweet wind effects! -Custom recoil, -Custom sway values, Nothing is always obvious, you have to use your thinking. The scenario was designed to be fun and terryfing at the same time. You will never have more than 3 magazines on you. God speech! Use your brains and ammo wisely! CREDITS: A r k - Voice Acting (GHC)RandomMusic - BETA testing LoneEagle - BETA Testing Juhani Junkala - Ambient music ("AMBIENCE") Enviro Ambient - Wind effects ("FALLOUT/post apocalyptic ambient") Jimmakos - Templates Deamons lil' Deamon - Templates Mr. Sanchez - Support CaptainX11 - Support Luke (Gandalf) - Support Dan Tronic - Support dotMorse - Logo, textures Walkthroughs are GREATLY appreciated! BY RATING THE SCENARIO YOU'RE LETTING ME KNOW YOU EXPECT MORE CONTENT! YOU'RE ALSO SHOWING YOUR GREAT SUPPORT, AND IT MEANS A LOT TO ME! :) Mission file: ~18 mbs INSTALLATION GUIDE: a)Singleplayer users 1)Click "Subscribe" at the workshop item 2)Launch the mod "Zombies and Demons", you can find it on workshop, here (CLICK) 3)Open your Arma 3 4)Head over to Singleplayer --> Scenarios 5)Look for the mission under "Workshop content". Enjoy! b)Multiplayer users (SIMPLE) 1)Make sure you have your ports forwarded, exact guide can be found here (CLICK) 2)Make sure both of you are subscribed to the mission 3)Load the mod "Zombies and Deamons", which can be found here (CLICK) 4)Open your Arma 3, then head over to Multiplayer --> Host own server 5)Setup your own server, and you're good to go with your buddy! c)Multiplayer users: (NO CLIENT DOWNLOAD!) (COMPLEX) 1)Make sure you have your ports forwarded, exact guide can be found here (CLICK) 2)Make sure both of you are subscribed to the mission 3)Head over to Arma 3 --> Other Profiles --> "Your profile name" --> Saved --> Steam (or SteamMPMission) 4)Find the mission by it's name (Undead Altis), it will have weird %%$@!# signs by them, ignore them. 5)Open the folder and copy the .pbo mission 6)Head over to your Arma 3 directory and open MPMissions folder 7)Place the mission inside the folder 8)Open your Arma 3, launch the "Zombies and Deamons" mod, which can be found here (CLICK) 9)Have one of you go to Multiplayer --> Host Server 10)Set it up and you're free to go! d)Multiplayer users: (NO PORT-FORWARDING) (3-RD PARTY PROGRAMS REQUIRED) 1)Download Hamachi (Or Evolve) client, which can be found here (CLICK) and install it 2)Create an account and setup your own network, it is fairly simple, and it doesn't need any explaining 3)Make your buddy join your network or vice versa; join his network (Or "Party" if it comes to Evolve clients) 4)After you're done launch the mod "Zombies and Deamons", which can be found here (CLICK) 5)Open your Arma 3, then head over to Multiplayer --> Host your own server 6)Setup your own server and you're good to go with your buddy! RECOMMENDED, BUT NOT REQUIRED ADDONS -Task Force Radio (CLICK) -Advanced Combat Enviroment Radios 2 (CLICK) -Arma Enhanced Inventory (CLICK) -Arma Enhanced Movement (CLICK) -JSRS Soundmod (CLICK) -Deadfast 3-rd person mod (Ghost Recon style) (CLICK) If you want to stay tunned for more missions please follow my profile! I surely won't let you down! COMMENTS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! YOU'RE READING AT YOUR OWN RISK! DOWNLOAD LINKS: Steam
  20. Hi there I'm currently considering making the barrel cargo net (CargoNet_01_barrels_F) a functionnal refuel tank with ACE 3 framework. Problem, the documentation concerning the way to make a refueling device is non-existant. There is only guidelines concerning the way to make an object refuelable. Refuel Framework I've tried to browse through the code on the Github repo, in this file : cfgVehicle.hpp It seems to contain what I need, especially concerning refuel actions. But in this there is plenty of things that I don't know, despite manipulating configs for more than a year now. Such as all theses QPATHOF, GVAR, QVAR, CSTRING things. I think that if I only copy-past theses things into my box' code, it will not be able to work. Do anyone know about it ? Or has ever manipulated it ? Thanks EDIT : Actually it seems to be not possible by simple config entries, it has to be done via lots of copy-pasting and changing tons of things here and there. But rewrite of all this and proper documentation of the framework seems to be on rails in the Ace team : Github link. The dev in charge of this seems to be @jonpas. Thanks to him if he can do things cleaner than what we have know !
  21. Alongside my Command & Conquer project, I have been thinking of other tiny projects that might be really fun to do. One of these projects I wanted to undertake is based on one of my favorite franchises of all time: Army Men. I remember vividly playing with tons of these sets as a kid and also the many games that came out for it. The game I remember most is Sarge's Heroes 1 and 2 (the N64 versions - as that's what I had at the time). I loved the idea of toys coming to life and waging war both in their world and ours. I searched recently and there use to be a mod for OFP in progress a long time ago, but it sadly ceased production, so I feel like maybe I can take up this kind of project. I think it'd be kind of easy, because the weapons are easily recreated and everything is mostly western equipment - but maybe I can expand on this with some more vehicles (to stand out a little) and weapons later. This project wouldn't require much at all as you'd have to primarily make everything look all plastic and matte colored, which I think would be easy enough to do. The mod will initially only contain the Green Nation and Tan Republic, but will eventually see the Blue and Grey nations. Based on what I've seen, this is what I'd need for even the basics: Vehicles: M48 Patton (I can use an M60, because there's not a proper M48 Patton yet) [x] - Done UH-1 Huey (I'd like to seek out permission to re-skin one) (Will use Blackhawk or Chinook?) M3 Halftrack (I can just as easily use a different APC for this if I have to, which is fine) (M113 or BMP?) Jeep (can just reskin the basic jeep and jeep w/ mg) Trucks (again, reskinning basic stuff will work) AH-1 Cobra (Army Men: Air Attack) PT Boat (just will reskin the PBR) Advanced Vehicle models for later: P51 (Green Nation plane) Spitfire (Tan Republic) B25 (Green Nation) Tu-25 (Tan Republic) Classes: Rifleman Bazooka Man Sniper Shotgunner Grenadier Flamethrower (this can never be properly implemented, so avoiding this one) Officer Medic Heroes: Sarge Hawk Thick Riff Scorch Col. Grimm Vicky Shrap Private Hoover Bullseye Villains: General Plastro Malice Col. Blintz Field Marshal Tannenburg Baron von Beige Major Mylar Weapons: M16 M79 Grenade Launcher (would have to ask permission for this) M21 M60 LAW (Unless someone has an M1 Bazooka somewhere that I'm allowed to use) And if I can do it, I want to apply some kind of specular map to everything to make them shiny plastic. Maybe also make some scripts to make them make dying sounds when shot. The heroes and villains probably won't make it in until way later, so basically going to only reskin the West soldiers to be green and tan respectively. Green soldiers will have green weapons and tan soldiers will have tan weapons, otherwise it just doesn't look consistent. I also want to make a script that shows plastic chunks flying when shot if that's possible. I mean we have OFPEC blood for the blood, but I'm sure a similar kind of job can simulate plastic flying everywhere. Even melted plastic puddles. :P I just wanted to see what people would think of this - I think it'd be a welcome mod for people who like fictional and different stuff like this. My other idea for a mod is Battletanx and Battletanx: Global Assault, which obviously would only be vehicle based, but I'll share that later. Made a logo for it too: Based off the Army Men Advance logo.
  22. CLOSE QUATERS PVP - ALPHA Server IP: Server skill: Veteran / no 3rd person Round time: 10 min Rounds per match: 10 Spectator mode for dead players *no mods required to join game I have just started working on new PvP game mode where your main task is to defuse bomb as Anti-Terrorists or kill everyone or defend bomb as Terrorist. You can destroy any wall as AT to get inside the main building. It is going to be mix of Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six, but more realistic since this is Arma so we can do more. It is Alpha - there aren't many features yet, but I'm waiting for any suggestions.
  23. Texture artist wanted for a few ship models I have completed, but haven't been able to texture. All the ships have walk-able interiors, and are mostly UV mapped. intermediate to advanced texture-work knowledge is required, and also some previous experience working with others is preferred. list includes several small ships, a couple destroyers, and a cargo vessel. Leave a comment, or PM me for more details. will not pay, but will give credit where due. (as any good community member will do) Cheers!
  24. M107man

    Help with mod

    I was looking to make my own "mod" using existing units and gear i have ingame from other mods. My goal is to make my own faction on blufor or opfor, like RHS or any other unit mod that has for example "US Army Woodland" and then goes into vehicals infantry etc, but i want them to be permanent, for example every time i load the game up there they are in blufor or opfor or whatever i dont want to just do some scripting to get the gear on them i can already do that some what. If some one could help me getting started that would be great!
  25. ricoarma

    Who speaks

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how to see in multiplayer, who speaks. Is there a mod, to make learn the pseudo of the player who speaks? Thanks