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Found 62 results

  1. AIR CAV VIETNAM HAS MOVED TO TANOA STEAM GROUP IS HERE join to get alerts on Public Operations Mod list all on Steam workshop ACV MOD COLLECTION Server Name: =7Cav=Official Air Cav Vietnam Server IP: Port: 2330 TeamSpeak 3: ts3.7cav.us Port:9987 Pass:7thCavalry PUBLIC SERVER IS RUNNING SEEK AND DESTROY MISSION 24/7 WHITELIST 7CAV PLAYERS CREATE MISSIONS DAILY USING ZUES Join the Steam group to get alerts when missions start.
  2. Hey everybody, so i have subscribed to a lot of scenarios on the steam workshop (the one thing the workshop is really useful for). Probably more than i can ever play through :P. But, i am a bit annoyed for some time now that there aint any useful grouping/sorting function. Yes, i can switch them around according to time subscribed, rating and name. What i really needed though, would be a funtion to assign missions to designated groups. For instance, all air scenarios with the A-164/A10 are scattered all over the place. Missions authors don't name scenarios with a A-164/A-10 in front so its all mixed up. Same with sniper missions. Not all missions have the word 'sniper' at the beginning. Wouldn't it be really usefull to assign scenraios to certain groups by hand? So you could then make a group 'Underwater' or 'Diving' that really only contains missions of that sort, whatever the name of that scenario might be. No more scrolling through the list and checking for names that might convey a certain scenario type. The only workaround i see at the moment would be a keeping a seperate list (on paper or textfile) or rather easier, adding those steam workshop scenarios to its own group in steam, where i could look them up easy and then search for it in Arma's scenario list. Better than nothing i recon. How do you guys handle that issue? Are the any plans from BI to add some kind of sorting function for scenarios in game?
  3. Request: It would be very useful now to have a command, like serverMissions, which will send the current list of missions on the server to the requesting client (or server). Implementation: eg: 1. If obtaining the data and performing the transfer is efficient, then a normal command result can be used: _missionList = serverMissions; 2. Or, if obtaining the file list might not be instant, so you could specify a variable name to save the results in, which may not be instant. eg: it may take 1 seconds to obtain and send the data, similar to a public variable. eg: serverMissions "var_name"; waitUntil {!isNil "var_name"};3. Ideally, it would be good to be able to access other properties in every mission.pbo description.ext file, such as: author, class Header, gameType, class Params, etc. Data syntax: The suggested array format would be a 2 string record per mission, the mission name and pbo path: [ ["[M-30] Operation Dangerous v3", "sub-folder\mission_name.pbo"], ["this is the mission briefing name", "this is the pbo file name and folder"], ... ] Purpose: It would be used to: display a list of missions to players, for voting purposes, map preview purposes. automatic mission launch execution via new server admin commands When would it be beneficial to use?Immediately. Some mods already have Mission Voting dialogs which currently have to manually maintain the list of missions which are "likely to be" on the server. Screen shot 2 Foreseeable Problems: 1) The data array sent, might be quite large, but it would be up to the mod dev to manage any such potential issue, eg: such as only using it at the end of the game.
  4. Alex150201

    Spartan Studios

    Hello everyone, I'd like to create this new topic so we, Spartan Studios, can post our missions here for the community to see and play. By Goro: Undead Stratis: 14 January, 2035 You were on routine patrol. During the duty, you've been ambushed by CSAT, and you were shot in chest. NATO transported you onto Mike-26 base and done surgery on you here. You were unconcious 1 week. By the time, NATO decided to raid laboratory. When laboratory was seized, one of the workers dropped bottle with a virus, which was experimental. The virus revives dead people, and kills alive. NATO and civilians abandoned the island, NATO forgot about Mike-26 base. You, along with Adams, Thanos, Frost, Ghost, Larkin must fight in order to escape Stratis. Many, many scripts used, crashsites, custom military sets, many ways escape. Features: -Many crashsites -Unforgetable gameplay -Play the way you want; Escape or explore -Attacking horde of zombies every 5 minutes (Left 4 Dead style) -Custom AI loadout -Many, many more, play the mission and discover them all! Requirements: Zombies & Demons ==Downloads== (Workshop only) SP: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=505438081 COOP: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=506005090&searchtext= Unleashed Hell Intro: You wake up. Your house is ruined. The atmosphere is unpleasant... Looks like nuclear meltdown. You decide to investigate the town. What you find there is shocking... Requirements: Zombies & Demons ==Downloads== Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=595127429 Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/i1wfb3jjgt234uh/Unleashed_Hell_-_INTRO.Altis.pbo Episode 1: After you've been saved by unknown people, you move with them to abandoned house in the middle of nowhere... Features: You gotta find them out by yourself! Requirements: Zombies & Demons ==Downloads== Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=596741701&searchtext= Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zoidat7gi00y62r/Unleashed_Hell_-_Episode_1_-_Kill_or_be_eaten.Altis.pbo Episode 2: We've barricaded the outpost. I'm sure they will never force these defences. During the meeting outside, we just got some weird radio call... Requirements: Zombies & Demons ==Downloads== Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600971920 Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1w6yk68bf2lt35t/S01E02.Altis.pbo Episode 3: Our new friends gave us very valuable information... Requirements: Zombies & Demons ==Downloads== Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=602590523 Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/48ggmmc0x5ur3fx/s01e03.altis.pbo *NEW* Episode 4: We decided to scavenge the airplanes' factory for parts and supplies. Requirements: Zombies & Demons ==Downloads== Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=609023786&searchtext=Unleashed+Hell Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/q6qawnv3otxxedd/S01E04.Altis.pbo By Alex150201: Battleground Series: Altis Battleground: Altis Battleground is a mission about regaining ground for Altis. A special operations group has been tasked with that job, that group is you. Anything needed you have it. Arsenal for gear, ground vehicles, air vehicles and much more. Heavily scripted missions with a lot of scripts written by me and people in the credits. This is in Alpha stage. If you like it I will update it as often as I can. Features: Voice Acting (Most of it done) Virtual Arsenal Realistic Crew (i.e. you can't be the ultimate soldier like a sniper with AT that flies a helicopter and is a diver :D) Shop System Reputation System Side Missions Time Multiplier (for day and night combat) Easter Eggs And more! Planned: Implementing perks in the game More Side Missions Finishing all lines of the voice acting part Requirements: RHS Escalation (USF and AFRF) ==Downloads== (Workshop Only for now) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=525011431 By Zagor64: Nowhere to Hide: Chapter 1 - Incognito: The brutality of ISIS is, sadly,invading our homes everyday.Videos of public beheading, news of childs been forced to enlist and little girls been raped and sold as sex slaves or baby brides are common these days. In name of the jihad holy war against the infidels, many foreign fighters are enlisting under the black flag of the ISIS army, allowing quick advancing and conquering of vast Syrian and Iraqi territory. This is an explosive situation in a already plagued middle easter region. US/NATO has to send a clear message to the high rank officers, financers and puppeteers of the terrorist organization: YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!!! You will be working along with the most elites counter-terrorism units of the world; CIA/SOG, SAS, DEVGRU, Spetsnaz GRU ,1st SFOD-DeltaForce for a manhunt across the globe. Enjoy the first chapter of a 5 story-driven dynamic mission. Play with the style that most fit you: use incognito and low profile tactics, or go full Rambo..it's up to you.Mission objectives are randomly placed for replayability. This is my first mission, so please report bugs/problem. Features: -incognito:put your weapons in the backpack and blend in with civis for a stealth gameplay -Custom loadout -EOS spawning sistem -Virtual arsenal paradrop -no base respawn -extraction with smoke/strobe signal -reinforcement troops on stand-by at disposal Requirements: CBA RHS: ESCALATION Leight OPFOR Pack TRYK uniform + CPC TRYK patch CUP terrains pack ==Downloads== Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=602923129 Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/04p3jpwmymhkbjd/CHAPTER_1_INCOGNITO.Takistan.pbo
  5. Hello, Me and a small group of friends are looking to expand our mission list on one very much lacking type of missions. We have a lot of missions where we are the aggressors or escapees'. And we have tried and discarded a scary amount of 'leet special forces silencers in the dark'-missions. We have yet to find a single decent mission that revolves around defending or enduring an assault. We found some with potential (stress fortress, hill46 and embassy defence) but they appear to either get broken by our current mod-set or be so outdated they have ceased to function. Now I have done what most people do and just started working on my own mission tailored to my vision of a good, defend X, scenario. But I am not adept at mission making, so it will take time. As time is constantly in motion I figured I'd ask for suggestions for this type of missions to try out. With all the different release platform and differences in naming/description/labeling standards it can be very hard to find 'all the missions'. We are usually 4 players on a bad day and 10 on a good, so something that work with those numbers are good. I also like our missions to be hard, as I find that my co-players relishes in the tension it creates. Also while we prefer dependent free missions if a mission is good enough we will not shy away from adding mods to our collection. Thanks a bunch, Sodien
  6. Hey everyone, I recently downloaded and installed the Esseker map, and discovered that I rather like it. Other than Exile, Wasteland, and the likes, there don't seem to be very many missions available for download (of the type that you'd just play with a couple of buddies when you have nothing else to do). So I had an idea, but I have no idea how to do it, or if can even be done, as I have very very limited experience in arma mission editing. I would like to make an escape mission for Esseker, just to play with some friends. I was wondering if it's possible to move most of the content from the already-made "Escape Altis" mission (as in moving the scripts, sounds, etc). I figure the most work will be getting the triggers, and objects like that to the "Escape Esseker" mission. Is this a feasible plan? TL;DR: I'd like to move the mission "Escape Altis" to the Esseker map, what's the best way to do this?
  7. Hi guys, I recently built my own arma 3 dedicated server on a remote server. I successfully install the Arma 3 server client without any problems. The purpose of building this server because both of my friends and I are not able to establish a server by our won due to the router. However we really would like to play missions which is based on RHS ARAF&USAF and AllInArma Terrain pack. So we downloads series of Chernarus missions and use TADST serer tools to help us configure the server correctly. After all things were set (At least I think so), I launched the server and the mission was running is "Battlezone Chernarus", then we try to join the server and test if it is working or not, while we are loading the mission, it said that: "You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. rhs_c_a2port_car" I know what does this sentence mean because I have been playing Arma 3 for a really long while but what is really wired is that I searched both the arma 3 server client folder in my remote server and my local arma 3 game folder for the file called "rhs_c_a2port_car", eventually it shows they are both there, which means I do have the missing file both in my server client and my game client. I am continuously getting these kind of problems once I load missions that based on Chernarus, it is really annoying and hopefully you guys could help me. Thanks in Advance. William
  8. After a lot of work we proudly present the ArmA Mission Center. With the known Assault Mission Studio, this is my second project for the ArmA Community. Here we create, support, archive good-playable missions & campaigns from the ArmA community. You've got scenarios and want them in a large library to accommodate great missions, rate and leave comments. Then your work is abolished the right place at AMC. We do not want to mark your missions, but leave it to the members based their feedback and review whether your mission in AMC Archives lands or not. We are pleased about every mission or campaign which decorated AMC, because without your great missions, the page is only half as valuable and interesting. At the moment AMC is in german language, but maybe in future we've make a english section. We'll see... :) AMC is and will remain a non-profit project and is freely supported by the ArmA community. Best regards Imutep (Oberyn) http://www.arma-missioncenter.de/
  9. okey so when ever i got some off my new work in to oxygen and i take a look on it in the viewers thing i can see true the walls if i wach the right side i can only see true the right side wall
  10. I'm starting this thread to put an end to all the confusion here :) Below are facts of how they currently work on the dev branch. "Main missions" - classic campaign missions "Scouting missions" - optional missions, where you can explore the wonderful places of Stratis and Altis, collect equipment from the deceased you find or make and improve your tactical and combat skills "Side-quests" aka Side missions - optional tasks of various kinds included in the scouting missions itself Scouting missions 1. How to start the scouting mission? - leave the base by foot in any direction. - activate the "Start scouting" action from the quad-bike (Survive, Adapt) or offroad (Adapt only) at the base (if you cannot find it, open map and zoom in, there's a marker "Patrol"). The map will open and you'll be able to choose from few predefined starting points. They are dependent if you go on foot or with a vehicle. You can only go for scouting before being informed about an upcoming main mission. 2. How many scouting missions are there? There are five scouting missions, one for each base. All enemy patrols have a certain chance to be present in each playthrough - so stay aware even in the areas which were enemy-free in your previous scoutings. All empty vehicles and "unique sites" (corpses with valuable equipment etc.) have also a certain chance to be present. However after you have found them already, they will be taken/stolen/looted/buried by locals afterwards. 3. How many times can I go to the scouting mission? As many times as you want before you move to another base or have to go for a main mission. 4. Is there any time limit for the scouting missions? Yes, it's the remaining time for the next main mission briefing. If you fail to get back before timeout for next mission, you will be automatically moved back to base. 5. Where can I get any vehicles? There is always a default vehicle at the base you can use. There are also usually some vehicles close to the starting positions of the mission. Beside these, you can find some vehicles in almost every city and mostly also in the AO of the side-quests. 6. Can I take some comrades-in-arms to the scouting? Yes, at Gori and Topolia in Adapt you are able to go on scouting with a small team. - both bases have a limited pool of warriors which can accompany you - they are always already waiting for you in the vehicle (offroad or a different one you take from the scouting) - to go on scouting with them, activate the "Start scouting" action on a vehicle they are in 7. What equipment I collect in the mission is saved? All equipment is saved. 8. Are the vehicles saved in some car park? Yes, there is always a default vehicle at the base you can take to the scouting. Beside this, the vehicle you return to the base with is also saved. If you return with more vehicles at Gori or Topolia, only yours will be saved. 9. Do any of the actions I make in the scouting missions or side-quests have an impact on the main missions? You can 'only' have a better equipment for you and your team. 10. How can I fully heal myself if I don't have a medic? - there are some medical trucks you can use or you can return back to base (a very skillful doctor will take care of you before you enter the base :) ). - there is also one medic willing to accompany you while at Topolia. 11. My vehicle got immobilized, can I repair it somehow? As you are not a repair specialist, you cannot. Try to find a new one and drive more carefully next time :p 12. I got killed by a sudden explosion, is this some sort of script? Yes, the area you can move in is limited, yet clearly marked on the map. 13. I found/got killed by a real mine, can I defuse it somehow? As you are not an engineer, you cannot. However some mines can be triggered by a nearby explosion or you can step over them. A mine detector is a vital instrument in some areas. 14. It's pitch black and I don't have NV goggles. You can always find some flashlights and chemlights in the armory. NV goggles can be otherwise found on certain types of enemy units, mostly the commanders and special forces. Or, if you don't like dark adventures, you can first go to a next main mission (if it's not the last available mission from the current base) and go scouting later. 15. Are there any static weapons I could use? Yes, there are few of them and some are carried by infantry support teams. Side-quests 1. What are the side quests? They are the optional tasks included in the scouting missions. To learn what exactly are you supposed to do in them, please read the task info. 2. How can I receive the side quest? There are two ways - you either overhear a conversation between some men in the camp, or when you reach a pre-defined distance from the side quest's AO in the scouting mission. 3. How are the side quests distributed among the scouting missions? Each side quest belongs only to one scouting mission. If you move to another base before completing some of them, they won't be active anymore. 4. How's it with saving the game? The game will be automatically saved when you 1. enter the side quest's general AO and 2.when you complete the task. Be aware that some save games may happen when you are in contact with enemies, though we made our best to have the save game areas enemy-free. I'd advise to return to base after you finish one or two side quests. 5. What happens to the objects included the side quests when I complete them? All units, vehicles and ammo boxes will be deleted when you go to the scouting mission again. Therefore decide carefully what you want to take with you back to base. 6. How many side quests are there in total?
  11. I must be missing something really obvious but I simply cannot figure out how to embark onto one of the optional scouting missions you receive by eavesdropping on the conversations. I tried looking for an action on every single thing in the base with no success, I even tried running away but no matter what I do it just eventually forces me into the main ambush mission. What am I missing? :confused:.
  12. Introduction Today (7 Dec 2013) I am proud to announce the release of Tactical Battlefield (TacBF). This mod introduces new Team vs Team (aka Player vs Player) game play features to Arma 3 with gritty new game modes, missions within a standardised environment and consistent rules. Tactical Battlefield takes teamwork and tactics to a new level. TacBF has been under development on different versions of the ARMA engine for around 7 years and is brought to you by me (Dr Eyeball) and Wormeaten, with the support of 12thmechanised.com and the Regiment of the Grenadier Guards [RGG] Arma communities. Latest Tactical Battlefield mod download mirrors: <www.tacbf.com/dl> All Change Logs, (including change log for latest release), can be viewed from: <Change Logs Index>. Visit http://www.tacticalbattlefield.net/forum/ for more information and to join the discussion. Features: Community- Tactical Battlefield already has an established community of players who regularly play, communicate, and coordinate together in teams, sharing tactics, support, and resources and doing everything they can to shoot, kill, and blow each other up in nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat, gritty combat! Missions - around 20x Team vs Team multiplayer missions ranging in size from Tiny to Huge, with specially-designed main bases and in-built mission voting feature. Game modes Advance and Secure (A&S) - Both sides fight tooth-and-nail to dominate objectives in this dynamic and challenging game mode, or until the enemy is worn down to the nub and their 'tickets' run out. Attack and Defend (A&D) - Like A&S, but one side is on the Defensive and occupies key positions while the other side Attacks. Lost objectives can never be re-captured. Failure to capture a single objective by the attacking team will result in defeat. Search and Destroy (S&D) - Gather intel (documents & maps) by searching bodies, seek out and destroy Resistance weapons caches amidst suicide-bombers and Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED). Roles - Teamwork-focused gear restrictions with pre-configured but customisable loadouts, including Squad Leader, Medic, Engineer, Light Anti-Tank, Heavy Anti-Tank, Marksman, Sniper, Crewman, Pilot etc. Say goodbye to AT Sniper Pilots! Weapon resting - Reduced muzzle climb and deploy bi-pods via our customized TMR code. Suppression effect - By suppressing your enemy with accurate fire, he will temporarily experience gradual shake and vision blur, enabling realistic infantry tactics for suppression fire and assault elements. This code is exclusive, has been developed specifically for Tactical Battlefield, and has been tested, tweaked, and approved by about 40 testers. Wind effects on ballistics - Marksmanship is now a real skill with support for the server-side VTS ballistics addon. [img.]http://i.imgur.com/76GwKvPl.jpg[/img.] Squad Management and map features - Join or create a Squad with a customised call-sign, and recruit new members. Toggle player name-tags. Designate fire teams and leaders and coordinate with other Squads. With special map features, assign orders, report enemy, request support. Logistics - Transporting assets using the cargo system, eg. loading containers into towed trailers. Outposts and respawns - Deploy a respawn point or build your own fortified Forward Outposts with Hesco barriers, barbed wire and mounted weapons. Advanced Medical - Includes diagnosis, CPR, Adrenaline auto-injectors, morphine and bandages. Vehicle Maintenance System - Rearm, repair and refuel APCs, tanks, helicopters, and planes. Thank you for your support As lead developer, I would like to thank everyone who worked on this mod or provided permission to incorporate their work. Special thanks to the TacBF Team who provided endless hours of testing, change reports, suggestions, administration and infrastructure organisation and all our forum members. Also a big thanks to the wider Arma 3 community for their interest and feedback, and of course Bohemia Interactive. What are the upcoming plans for Tactical Battlefield? Prepare next mission pack, enhance existing plus introduce new systems and features, finalise Commander System integration, introduce new game modes, add support for ACRE, ACE, All in Arma and 3rd party addons, plus more. Development and Contributions by Dr Eyeball - ICE/TB systems coding, AAS code fixes and improvements, configs, images, some basic models, imports. Coolbox - original AAS system code Wormeaten - original SAAS extensions, design, organisation DMC - models (the good ones) Norrin - original sling load base code mad rabbit - coding tasks Adanteh - Suppression system, NVG adjustment, general coding. Taosenai - allowing us to include TMR addon Galzohar - allowing us to include @galz_wind_ballistics addon KDK - allowing us to include vehicle textures from blu_mohawk addon. Leon - UI menu/icon graphics Swedge - Help manual TacBF team members - missions, servers, forums, plus numerous hours of testing, suggestions and organisation countless others in the community who have contributed: missions, advice, code sections or other assistance Special credits to: Dale, Hurtz and Adanteh - for organisation and management of forums and servers. Gunther - for management and hosting of servers. Looking forward to the next phase of this project. For more information please visit http://www.tacticalbattlefield.net/forum/ Sincerely, Dr_Eyeball