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Found 267 results

  1. Gravefiend

    Taskforce 316

    TF316 is a fictional multinational coalition of Special Forces from the UK and USA, assembled to defeat the enemies of NATO wherever they may be. This multinational coalition provides a wide range of operational scenarios, equipment and tactics which when blended together creates the ultimate tool in NATO’s arsenal. The GU (Gaming Unit) is built to conduct special operations – be that in the deserts of Takistan, the forests of Chernarus or the mountains of Altis. We specialize in reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, counter-terrorism and direct action against high-level targets. We typically run these as groups of operations in a particular theater as an operational deployment. The unit at its core is currently made up of two units – SAS and Delta Force . The two units rotate through specialist insertion methods including Air, Boat, Mobility and Mountain, as well as retaining core specialist skills such as explosives, commanding, signals and reconnaissance. A clear command structure and specialist skill-sets provide our members with an immersive but fun experience aimed at accurately portraying Special Forces operations in the current day. Upon application you will be put through a training and selection process by current members of the GU, to asses your suitability. This includes skills such as navigation, contact drills and reconnaissance. During our operations and training we make use of several community-built mods such as ACE (including full medical system), TFR, RHS and regularly use a variety of community-built maps. The most recent operations made use of the Chernobyl and CLAFGHAN maps. Upon completing your training process and being accepted to the GU, you will be posted to either the SAS or Delta Troops and conduct operations and training with the GU. We run our operations/training on a Monday evening at 19:45 BST/GMT, which typically run until 22:00 BST/GMT, totally four sessions over a calendar month, the minimum requirement for joining is that you can attend 50% of these sessions. If this sounds like the GU you want to be involved with, take a look at our website at https://www.taskforce316.co.uk/ and put in an Application!
  2. ilikepie2001

    34th RedBulls Milsim

    If you are reading this then thank you for taking interest in us, my name is CWO2.Thomas, and i am the senior enlisted member of our very own air squadron, Valkyrie squadron, as well as being the senior enlisted member now since you have clicked on this topic i can assume you are here to join or at least to visit, therefore i can tell you a few things about us, we are a semi serious milsim, we are currently operating in takistan and we are currently in the process of forming a joint operation, we are looking for both pilots and ground soldiers also air support units, PJ's, ground crew, AF security, we are in need of members due to recent events that have greatly decreased our numbers, so if you are interested we have a position for you, so if you would like to come say hi, and ask questions then either email me at tmmatthews2001@gmail.com and we can discuss geting you started or join our TS at: you
  3. Col. Biggin

    1st Cavalry WWIII

    The 1st Cavalry Wants you! The 1st Cavalry is looking to bring in new members. We are split into two groups that's 1st Cavalry and the 1st SFOD-D (Delta Force). You Begin in The 1st Cavalry and can work your way into the special forces group. This is a WW3 game mode with the United states Military fighting the Russians in Germany. We do one official operation on the weekend (we try to work with the unit as much as possible). We currently have 12 members but would love to double that! Question please add me on Steam BmanCoolio. or hop on our discord https://discord.gg/4cDChjr
  4. The Post Made on 7/27/2016 Requirements: 1. Must be 18 Years of age 2. Must have Discord, and a working Microphone 3. Must be mature and not easily offended 4. Able to fallow Directions 5. Be willing to download Mods 6. Have Arma 3 and APEX The 151'st Fighting Irish is a U.S. ARMY styled Mil-sim unit that is grounded in structure. However it also functions as a family. The members here strive to create a fun dynamic environment with which to play Arma, and other games, but while also being a community of friends. To put that in layman's term we joke around a lot, poke fun, harass, and generally have a good time with one another, but when it's op time, you buckle down, do your job, and have a blast! We strive to be relaxed, but still get things done! If your looking for a professional yet casual experience in ARMA look no farther than the 151'st. Discord: https://discord.gg/B7N2CFM ( Warning: Strong language within. )
  5. Col. Biggin

    Vietnam Group LRRP

    We currently are the number 1 dedicated server for unsung. we have a small community and would love for you to grow with us. There is plenty of room for promotion and its a very laid back group of people. we ask that you are atleast 16 years of age and speak English. its set in the year 1966 we are LRRP long-range reconnaissance patrol, Airborne quilfied, Green Berets which eventually boiled down to Rangers. There is no standardized training just war.The LRRP was trained to think like the enemy, survive a extended period of time behind enemy lines with no way to contact command they would go in with an objective and a time and place to be evaced from. Fun, hard and heart pounding. Please join the discord for more info. https://discord.gg/4cDChjr . If there are no admins online please place a message in the General chat with your steam name so we can contact you when we are also online.
  6. Hello and how do you do? So me and buddy are playing a quick op on Lythium and buddy is new. He asks if there are different types of maps when you hit 'M' (standard bind) like climate, topographical, road maps, etc etc. That all got me thinking. Is there a way you could implement something like this? Like a little drop down that displays "Climate map" and you can hit your default action key and it switches to a climate map (obviously would have to be done the the creator and could be stored in the mod folder). Or would it be possible to do something like traces? Have multiple layers with different markings and the sort on them. So maybe Alpha 1-1 are on layer 1 and Alpha 2-1 are on layer 2 but command has access to all of them and can plan out different marks for different squads. This would be an excellent thing to have in large scale milsim communities and could even be applicable in things such as life servers. Anyways if you have any insight leave a reply. -Uncle
  7. www.helljumpers.club //UNSC Transmission 0A1CDX-ST Welcome Helljumpers //December 2552 - //Origin: CFV-88 Spirit of Fire //Origin ID Verify: CONFIRMED //Welcome to 1-1 Sunray We are a small arma 3 casual Milsim unit that uses the Operation Trebuchet mod. We selectively recruit our members because we believe putting together a team of skilled people is the best choice for accomplishing a particular task and to remain tactically proficient. Our goal as a unit is to provide a fun and enjoyable Halo like experience while using the arma 3 engine as it's sandbox setting. We strive hard to provide a fun, challenging and high quality experience like no other OPTRE unit to our members. Through these interactions, we hope to give our members a sense of belonging, while working together as a group. We believe that in doing so, we are helping these members to achieve their highest potential in game. Do you think you have what it takes to be part of our small arma 3 milsim group? Recruitment Information: We are built on a hierarchical management system without ranks close or similar to the structure of an organization. Each new member is assigned to a group. Each play group is composed of (X) players under the supervision of a team leader. Our structure is relatively simple. Some positions may require experience and/or a certain obligation of constant presence and greater responsibility. We do not have a formal structure that promotes arrogance, power struggles or mass recruitment. Ranks are for cosmetic and for the sake of realism. Consequently, there are no hardcore entry requirements like most milsim units. The applicant may consider joining a separate unit to fill his extra time with additional content. This is not an anti-land, ie, as "We are the cool-kids club because we have no ranks and no special requirements." We have no political presence "If you miss a scheduled event, no worries, maybe next time. However, we do expect applicants to have a relatively good amount of experience playing the game. SIDE NOTE: 1-1 Sunray is not looking to recruit a large amount of players, we are looking for no more than 5-10 experienced arma 3 player to fill a medium sized group. Recruitment requirements can be found on our discord page. If you think you have what it takes to join us visit us: Website: www.helljumpers.club Discord:https://discordapp.com/invite/kR85SFe Recruitment email: info@helljumpers.club
  8. Introduction The 1st Battalion, 21st Infantry Arma 3 realism unit is primarily based around military simulation and of course an enjoyable time for all participants. When on Operations and trainings we enforce participants to act accordingly; professional when needed. Although we enforce a professional setting at times, we also encourage our members to enjoy themselves when playing. All in all we are looking for a “serious-fun” experience. Our Community With the ability to conduct combined operations between joined elements, the 21st infantry regiment is a revolution within the arma community. Many of our active members have prior military experience or are currently serving and in turn are helping us accomplish our goal of becoming the most successful realism unit within the community. Members already in the unit are friendly! Don’t be afraid to make some new friends and play some other games with them besides Arma 3 Milsim. We operate based on respect and a have a strict set of rules that if followed, allow an enjoyable and exciting experience within the unit. Additional Notes Our schedule for operations, basic training, etc are relatively flexible when real world affairs interfere. We are welcome to any advice to better the future of this unit! Handmade missions with our custom modpack; modpack can be found on teamspeak: When Do We Have Mission/Operations? Saturdays, 8PM EST. All throughout the week we will have mini operations, and likely everyday consisting of checkpoints, and invade missions. Requirements To Join Must be mature Must have a working Mic Must Own a Legal Copy of Arma 3 Must be at least 17 years old (exceptions made) Must be willing to Download mods Must Follow Rules Interested? Have questions or interested in joining? Message me via Steam(PFC D.Llama) or come talk to us on TeamSpeak. TeamSpeak: (Tell The Recruiter That Llama Sent You)
  9. Task Force 159 WHAT DO WE DO? We bring realism and tactical gameplay to those who have the kind of relaxed but serious missions that fits the Task Force’s mentality. We provide realistic scenarios, and approach them in our own unique way, by employing various tactics used by today’s armies to get the job done. OPERATIONS We realise that you have a life outside of the unit so we are very flexible with you. Also, some members of our unit own separate servers apart from the Task Force 159 servers. Whenever we are not doing something on the TF159 server we are most likely doing some type of OP on these private servers. These Private Server OPs happen almost daily, so because of this we do not make it mandatory to show up to every TF159 Main OP. OPPORTUNITY FOR ADVANCEMENT All members of the unit must go through basic infantry training however once that training is done you may choose to specialise in another field. These fields include, • Marksmanship and Long Distance Sniping- In this course you will learn how to calculate ballistics, Cover and Concealment, and how to communicate with other ground elements. • Advance Medical course- this course will teach you everything you need to know about the medical system in ACE, making you a battlefield surgeon • Pilot Course- this course will teach you the advanced flight model, how to provide CAS effectively, and how to be an effective transport pilot. • A Mechanised Infantry course- this course will teach you how to operate An IFV and how to operate as a mechanized infantry unit. • Special Forces Unit- this course will teach you how to operate in a cohesive unit using superior tactics and communication to annihilate the enemy. There will be more courses coming soon, and we are always open to suggestions for a course. Personally about me I started off on the 77th and joined a small community of excellent players. If you have any questions, feel free to add me on steam. Fudge Website http://www.taskforce159.co.uk/
  10. Requirements: 15 or older MUST own a legal copy of ArmA 3 we despise pirates Experience with using ArmA 3 mods and installing them via the workshop and manually You must have a minimum of 10 hours on ArmA 3 experience is key but we don't have time to train noobs how to play ArmA completely MUST have a working Teamspeak 3 Client and have Task Force Radio installed Who are we? Well the 45 commando regiment royal marines or in short the "Four Five" are a group of people who just enjoy milsim and we have decided to put a team together and we WANT you to be part of our team. We welcome anyone who plays arma 3 as a whole the community is small compared to the larger franchises out there. Our aim and goal is to put together a group of complete strangers and make them in to virtual battle hardened royal marines. We also welcome former service men and women who play arma ANY ONE IS WELCOME the more the merrier. Information about our mods: We do run a heavily modded version of the base game ArmA 3 so be prepared to download up to 30 mods weighing in at 12.5GBs though we do have a mod pack posted on the Steam workshop so it will save you time searching for mods for hours on end. This is the most important rule YOU MUST HAVE ALL THE MODS INSTALLED no exceptions the mods used all have a purpose they enhance the playing experience by granting us things that are not in the base game its self. How to apply? Its very straightforward just hop on over to our forum page https://45commando.enjin.com/recruitment and create an application and submit it to our recruiting staff.
  11. 23. Panzer-Division Who are we? The 23rd Panzer division is a realism unit portraying the 23.PzD of the Wermacht. We are a large scale unit (36 active) typically operating at platoon level but as we expand we plan to begin company level operations. Our main focus is on accurately portraying motorised/mechanised infantry in Arma 3, from the weapons and specials to the tactics and commands given. Training in the unit is based on the manuals of the time so you can rest assured your experience will be as close to what the real soldiers of the time went though. Over a decade of experience WWII games are not a new thing, nor are any that approach realistic combat to some degree. Many of our leadership are long-time realism gamers, dedicated reenactors, prior or active servicemen, or well-versed historians. In-game skill is not as much focused on compared to a genuine interest in the second world war and to getting the portrayal done right. With such an intense and deep background, you’ll be able to find an extremely stable and active community to bond with. What do we do: Our unit strives to provide the most realistic experience possible in ARMA 3, to this end we organise large scale campaigns with shifting front lines and the ever present need for supply. We also take part in PvP Skirmishes with other units in both historical and a-historical engagements! So whether as a new Soldat or an Enemy across the line, we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield! Details: Times: Our platoon level training takes place at 7GMT on Sunday with Gruppe level training's taking place during the week. Primary Language: The bulk of the unit are native English speakers, however most of the commands you will receive will be in German and we also now contain a sizeable minority of native German speakers. *** As we are nearing a new France 1940 persistent campaign the 23. Panzer Division is looking for new recruits to get our Gruppen to full combat strenght. We are looking for up to 3 mature people to fill positions in 2. Gruppe (2nd squad) able to play in the 6-9pm GMT (19:00-22:00 CEST) timeslot on Wednesdays and 7-10pm GMT (20:00-23:00 CEST) on Sundays. You will receive a training to make you familiar with how our realism unit works and learn authentic wehrmacht tactics. Contact me via PM if you are interested! *** Website: http://www.diekampfgruppe.org/ Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/23PanzerDivision-public Signed,Obergefreiter HomuthTruppenführer, 2. Gruppe1. Zug1./Pzgren.Regt.128.
  12. We are Joint Task Force Ares... If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere outside of game, with a focus on Milsim in game, then we are the community for you! We are a North American group who operate on CST. We are composed of the 7th Rangers and 118th Combat Aviation Brigade We use the U.S. Army rank structure We host fun, unit trainings at 7:30PM on Tuesdays and Badge/Ribbon trainings at 7:30PM Thursdays We have a whole slew of specialty schools that will better you as a Milsim player and open up fun, new opportunities in-game (Jump/Air Assault Wings, JTAC qualification, Sapper school, and many others) Our operations are at 8PM Saturdays and consist of both our air and ground units using real-life strategies to complete the task at hand To ensure immersion, we use first person, ACE Advanced Medical, and TFAR. Our modpack consists of nearly forty mods including CUP Terrains, RHS, FIR, ShackTac, SMA, FHQ, and more! Every other month we run our exclusive RASP event that tests you and your battle buddies; allowing you to earn your prestigious tan beret (Rangers) or maroon beret (Flight). This opens up a whole new slew of opportunities in the community We have multiple servers and a dedicated staff who make sure everything works for you We are also looking for small units who may be looking for a new home. We have plenty of leadership opportunities and are confident we could make a merge work to the satisfaction of everyone. Apply at our website: http://jointtaskforceares.enjin.com/ Join us on Teamspeak! Shoot us a PM and we'll get ahold of you!
  13. Squad name: 45th Commando Royal Marines Timezone/location : World Wide No Specific Time Zone Requirements Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP/Milsim mission packs Contact email: 45thcommandos@gmail.com Website address: N/AShort description: We are the 45th commando regiment, we would like to appeal to the community for places to be taken up for more information visit our Teamspeak: tangodown.ddns.netLanguage: English [ONLY]
  14. Task Force Cerberus is in the final prep for their next deployment, Stepped off 7MAY17. We are looking to round out our deployment membership with some like minded individuals. We are currently recruiting for ground force positions with potential leadership roles. Task Force Cerberus is proudly part of this new enjoyable Arma 3 environment with a serious in game attitude and a relaxed out of game community. Regardless if you have thousands of hours of Arma experience or just getting your feet wet in unit operations; if you are a mature individual with a great sense of humor and the willingness to learn and contribute to growing Milsim Special Operations unit, we want the opportunity to show you why this is the place for you. Deployment Briefing: Task Force Cerberus and associated Special Operations elements have been tasked with aiding and augmenting the DEA's push to alleviate the recent threat from drug cartels in the Lingor region. Due to the lack of off book operators at their disposal the DEA task force is relying on Task Force Cerberus along with their Special Operation Aviation Regiment to carry out task objectives independent of the agency. This will be a 12 week campaign averaging two missions a week with an arcing story line that will relentlessly pull you inside the real conflict that the war on drugs has brought to our doorstep. 17-01 - 7th SFG conducted a raid on an enemy compound to rescue a local informant taken just prior to TFC landing in Country. 17-02 - 7th SFG conducted raids on 2 areas cutting off and destroying enemy logistical infrastructure effectively reducing the cartel to 50% capacity of their total import/export abilities. 17-03 - 3JUN17 - Intel CLASSIFIED Who we are: Task Force Cerberus is a collection of like minded mature and experienced Arma III players that have not forgotten what it is like joining a dynamic unit and all the trepidation that it can sometimes hold. Joining with a lot of experience? Great! Joining with no previous experience? We will train you up through our expedited training pipeline to get you into the field faster then many other units. Founded as unit with their roots deep in Army Special Operations and 160th SOAR regiments, Task Force Cerberus will provide what you are seeking in an active Arma III unit, from small squadron based objectives to larger multi-area of operation missions in which the entire unit is deployed. Operation Times: Sunday : 1700 cst Unit Mission Monday : 1800 cst Casual Rapid Deployment (optional) Thursday or Friday : 1800 cst Casual Rapid Deployment (optional) What we need from you: * 17 years of age or older * The ability to demonstrate or learn Basic Combat Qualifications * The ability to properly fill out our simple recruitment form * The ability to make at least one person in our unit like you * The ability to download our Modpack via Arma Sync or direct download * The ability to make, take and enjoy lighthearted humor * The ability to curb aforementioned humor when its time to focus and do our job. * The ability to not take yourself, our unit or this game too seriously * The ability to read through this list of abilities (if you are here, you have succeeded) Does this sound like a great fit for you? Comment on this post and we will reach out to you. Connect with us via teamspeak at tfc.ts.nfoservers.com - we all had our first time joining the channel, don't be shy. Submit your application at https://tfcerberus.enjin.com/recruitment - Its better to ask questions then screw this up. Check out who is online at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TaskForceCerberusJSOC - Ask for a recruitment officer. We look forward to proving to you why you belong here
  15. Hello guys and girls, I just want this to be brief. I've been a part of the Arma community for some time now and I've recently gained the opportunity to run my own group. I have been in a few groups over the years, some up to 3 years, I left those groups either out of boredom with the mission structure, personal conflicts within, or I didn't mesh with the people involved. Charlie Command was created by 4 guys: James, Nuttle, Jakeen(me) and Ironduke from our Arma 2 days. We split up for some years and we bounced around different groups and tried to find our niche. When it was all said it done, we recently linked back up and felt we have the knowledge and no-how to run our own group now. We pride ourselves on being laid back guys, the issue with most of the groups we were involved with was that so many people in one group it's hard to build a relationship when you meet a new guy every other day. With CC we are aiming for a more smaller(25 at most), cohesive urban combat scenarios instead of the traditional military force. We will force on police drug raids, hostage situations and sometimes the use of tanks to clear area. As of now, we will have two servers up by the end of the month, we have our own youtube with some of our OLD videos back in the day if you want to get a general idea.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg1Ssxdk4tXTkMUeOgd9P5w As we have our own steam page, which you can contact us about membership and any other questions. I plan on creating an application for use to it would be easier to select, instead of people constantly contacting me on Steam. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CharlieC Anyone, unlike a lot of groups this is a LEGIT fresh start and if you want to move up in the ranks of a group(because we are all adults and have personal lives so I can't lead all the time, neither call the other guys) this would be a good opportunity . Thank you and take care my steam name is : Organized Konfusion if you have any more questions.
  16. WELCOME TO THE OUR UNIT POST Link to the 14th Marine Regement Unit : https://units.arma3.com/unit/mrg14th Link to the 14th Marine Regement Unit Website : https://14thmarineregement.jimdo.com/ We in the 14th Marine Regement are looking for players who love Milsim, Multiplayer Mission and more. We have our own teamspeak witch is very well made with custom icons/tags that you get when you have been accepted after an easy interview of why you want to join. Currently our Unit is very unpopulated but it has been popular before. It's not populated anymore since it shut down last year but we are now opening it! By joining the 14th Marine Regement Unit you will have an ingame patch on you're Right Arm with our logo. You will have access to our teamspeak3 and channels that belong to the members. (Training room, Mission Room etc..) WE WANT YOU TO JOIN! We want as many people to join from all around the world that can attend our events and others. We want to grow and have a nice community that people like! Everyone can join but you need to follow the listed rules. RULES 1. 16+ years old. 2. Own Teamspeak3. 3. Download Task Force Radio for Arma 3/Teamspeak. 4. Be polite and have manners & respect to others. 5. Not spread hate or racist/nazist things. 6. Willing to play on upcoming events. (Not all we understand if your busy) 7. Have a decent mic that works and understandable. 8. Having fun and feeling comfortable with other players. Jump on our teamspeak/comment on this post or send me a email over at : melkerornberg233@gmail.com if you are interested in joining! Kind regards MSgt.Melker (Owner and Founder of The 14th Marine Regement Unit.
  17. Marine Raider Company Delta Hello, Marine Raider Company Delta is a "Realism Unit" playing the military simulation game Armed Assault III. What that means is we do our best to emulate a Marine Raider Company organizational structure to the best of our ability and take realism while playing as far as we can go. While striving for realism, we have to walk a fine line between playability and doing things in a way that will be fun for the unit and members. Our goal is to efficiently and strategically complete objectives. We have taken many aspects of the Marine Raiders and made them our own; such as the rank structure and equipment. We use training documents to aid us in being the best virtual Marine Raiders we can be. From basic infantry to leadership classes, all of our material is created carefully, and we select the parts of real world documentation that we can use to aid us in creating our training. Let us be clear though. Though we emulate the Marine Raiders, we are in no way affiliated with them or are trying to get people to join the military. We are a virtual unit and nothing else. If you are interested you can find us at: TeamSpeak 3: Unit Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IEjHPRCC_RZeFJooZw-uWo53c0f16uTpiID7Gt-rcls/edit#gid=0 Kind Regards, Major Crowe, Delta Company HQ, Company CO.
  18. 43 MEU is Recruiting! [Milsim Unit] Hey everyone, my name is Private First Class Markham with the 43 MEU, I am a recruiting officer and I am here to talk about the unit. To Start things off, we have a very active community of over 50 people, ranging from active duty to past veterans of real life military. We have a 16 and up policy, however some exceptions may be put into place depending on knowledge and maturity. We are full of people that are looking to have some fun and to teach and learn new things. We encourage everyone, from new to old arma 3 players to come and try our Milsim Unit! Website link : 43meurealism.clanwebsite.com Teamspeak : ts89.gameservers.com:9181
  19. What is NSWG 1? Naval Special Warfare Group 1 is under the Naval Special Warfare Command and operates in special warfare operations. It consists of a few SEAL teams and a few other units as well. What do we offer? Semi-realism (No "yes sir") Rank Structure Smaller modpack A variety of jobs and opportunities We are starting up so we have opportunities for admin and leader roles! How do you join? No age requirement, but be mature when in operations Speak fluent English Use our modpack If you comply to those, it's simple, join our teamspeak and talk to recruiter! Poke them, or leave a message if they're AFK. We welcome everyone. Hooyah! Arma 3 Units: https://units.arma3.com/unit/nsw1 Application: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14igWGRFpTjmL3ubHaDSJC4fbMR-1pOCYO5chqVL42Gg Steam name: Joosterr Teamspeak:
  20. About us Task Force Team Six is a fictional MilSim unit made for Arma. The unit exists out of multiple people from different countries such as The Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Israel and other areas around the world. Our goal is to create a multinational Task Force that will act as a global crisis response team meaning that this gives us a wide variety of missions/operations to choose from. From Hostage Rescue to Search and Destroy to Amphibious Assaults we'll be there for all of them and more. What do we do? Our operations are based on scenarios that have/could happen in today's world and are created by our own skilled members meaning that they are all unique to TSIX and you won't find them in any other community. Each operation and campaign that makes it to the unit include a solid backstory and members of the unit will be given not only a briefing before but also each will have the chance to give an after action report to get feedback on how future operations could be improved. All recruits who join our unit are taken through our basic training that is taught by our dedicated team of instructors. The training will include ACE Interactions and Functions, Infantry Movement such as formations and drills, Close Quarters Combat, Basic Medical Training to help save not only your own lives but also the guy next to you, and much more. After being apart of the unit for some time as well as showing dedication and commitment to the unit members can be specialised in the different roles in the group such as; Medic, Light Machine Gunner, Marksman, Engineer. The roles that where mentioned are only a few of what members can specialise in and later down the road they could potentially be promoted to have more responsibility within the unit such as their own squads or even training recruits! Mission times Thursday and Saturday 20:00 CET Website: http://tsix.enjin.com/ Teamspeak IP: Tsix.ts-ip.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCflzYYQG3DyrAds9wL4aow Twitter: https://twitter.com/task_six
  21. About The 7th Ranger Regiment Being one of the largest ArmA3 communities, we provide a wide range of experience in tactical play and organised team play. We only use military procedures, techniques and tactics where it benefits the experience and performance. In summary our conglomerate is about providing "serious fun" and playing together in a tactical manner. Taking the mission as a challenge and overcoming it. Never giving up and continue fighting whatever it takes in the processes and procedures that we have been trained in. At the same time always keep a positive player experience in mind. We try to offer an immersive experience, and always look for feedback and suggestions. CAMPAIGNS AND EXERCISES CAMPAIGNS / OPERATIONS Campaigns are multiple Operations and Combat Missions connected to each-other. These Operations are made in a realistic way with official briefings being given in advance. Operations involve all parts of the unit and last for several hours. Operations take place in a organised and formal environment. FIELD TRAINING EXERCISES A Field Training Exercise (FTX) describes a coordinated exercise conducted by a squad or a platoon for training purposes. Our Operations are individually scripted and controlled by Zeus. We take pride in our ability to host and continue a story line and theme for events. We use a wide range of mods within our own custom made mod pack. SQUAD PRACTICE All Rangers assigned to a squad are required to attend one training a week. If you can't attend due to work or real life difficulties, the squad leader must be informed as soon as possible. MOS TRAINING MOS (Military Occupational Speciality) Training is something you can take on the side as a fully enlisted member of the unit. These trainings qualify you for different positions all around the unit. What we are looking for: Mature and respectful individuals. People who are willing to learn and improve. We do not have activity requirements, once you have proven to be a valuable member, we are always happy to play with you. We expect our members to learn things themselves or ask those who know to teach them. We obviously offer mentorship for those who are new. Requirements to join the unit. When applying to the 7th Ranger Regiment, make sure you fit all the requirements for the unit: Each member of the 7th Ranger Regiment will need a legit and working copy of ArmA3. You will need a working microphone to apply and play in the unit. Teamspeak3 is the 7th Ranger Regiment main communication program, all operations, meetings and organisation will take place on Teamspeak 3. You will need to have at-least 4-5 hours a week ready to spend around the weekend for the unit. Our Schedule can be found under unit schedule and the operations centre. Maturity and self-discipline is needed when applying to the unit, everyone acting immature during official operations will be removed from the unit. How to join us: Make an Application and do not be shy to contact me, officers or moderators of our Steam Group More Information: Visit our Website Teamspeak will be provided upon interest in the unit. We have our own Mod Repository (Arma3Sync) and our own in-house Custom Mods. Feel free to contact me on Steam, if you have any further questions!
  22. NATO (European) Reaction Corps is a English Speaking Multinational Unit Playing Arma to a Milsim standard, with a truly International Feel. NATO(E)RC was formed in September of 2016 by a group of people who have been in the Arma community for many years. Born from 3 main reasons. 1. Frustration of the wider arma community who seemed hugely opposed to co-operation and hostile to other units. 2. The Idea that Modern warfare would no longer be individual nations but rather coalition based. 3. Honestly Half of us were Swedish, the other half British and we couldn't decide a nation to become. What started as an experiment has become a highly successful venture. From originally 4 guys the battle group now boasts an average of around 40 People attending operations with a rate of attendance of roughly 83% of all those on the roster. As a community we emphasis co-operation, Teamwork, Discipline and banter as core aims. Operations are Sundays at 8PM GMT, With individual National Training's taking place on a variety of days. Unit Composition Commander of the unit is Maj. E. Hawkins (1RRF) and XO Lt. P. Knez (P4). The main command is made up of a NCO from each unit to ensure all units have an equal say within the battlegroup. Units are formed into 2 Categories; Main and Secondary. Main Detachments are Infantry that are well established within the battlegroup. Secondary are supporting arms and newer units. The Two founder units are 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and P4 Skaraborg Regiment. Main 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers - British Armored Infantry P4 Skaraborg Regiment - Swedish Mechanized Infantry 2nd Battalion 8th Marines - US Marine Corps Infantry Secondary Combined Air Wing - Multinational Fixed and Rotary Wing Air Assets Irish Guards - British Light Infantry Recce Platoon Fallschirmjägerregiment 31 - German Airborne Infantry Joining The Battlegroup The Battlegroup is not looking for any new detachments at the moment but is all open to talks to other existing units within the Arma community. Each unit provides its own recruit training to ensure all their members can complete missions with a high degree of efficiency. The Combined Air Wing will not allow inital entry recruits, all its members must of spent at least a month in a unit already and have reached a rank equal to OR-2. General Requirements 16+ (Exceptions may be made and a Detachment IC's Discretion) Speak English Have a Mic and Teamspeak Willing to Download Mods Wanting to play in a Milsim Environment Can Take a Joke There is something for everyone in the NATO(E)RC whether you want to be part of a face paced aggressive force or want to carefully plan out and execute missions. Each nations SOPs and fighting styles ensures there will be a place for everyone. If you are intressted in anything you read here or simply want more information about the unit join the teamspeak ip below and speak to someone with the C1 Server group or any member, and they will be more than happy to help you out. Teamspeak IP - natoerc.net Finally to anyone that read this far thank you. From all of us at NATO(E)RC Thank you and have a good day
  23. 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines - War Dogs Milsim Unit [OPEN] Hello and welcome to the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines - War Dogs Milsim We are a milsim community that are looking for new recruits to help us do operations. We are seriuos and do not tolerate anybody messing around, but we do have fun. If you are intrested in joining us, head to this teamspeak: We are aloso looking for command members, aswell as milsim vets to help us out since we are a new community. We do not currently have a website, but we are working on making one right now! We conduct Zeus and premade operations that a very realistic and sometimes go on youtube. Please connect to this teamspeak server: Milsim Mods
  24. 2ndLt N. Volkiav 67thMEU

    67thMEU Recruiting Now!

    67th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Milsim Unit) Looking for dedicated players!! 67th Marine Expeditionary Unit is currently in the midst of recruiting for a realistic and serious approach to Arma 3. We will be a serious unit for the most part but still maintaining the fact that it's a game. We are in search of anyone 15+ of age (Will take younger ages into consideration) with a mature, and dedicated mindset. We currently have two servers, a TeamSpeak, and a website. We will be a heavily active unit on weekends and active throughout weekdays whenever it fits members schedules best. If this sounds like it could interest you then don't hesitate to head on over to our website and check it out or hop on our TeamSpeak with questions and you'll be answered promptly. Look forward to hearing from you!! TeamSpeak: Website: http://67thmarineexpeditionaryunit.mistforums.com/
  25. Information Welcome to the 82nd Airborne The 82nd Airborne Division Milsim Unit is a new organization based on the Iron Front mod in World War 2 of the Western front, with many fixes and custom additions, working to achieve a realistic warfare experience within Arma 3 Iron Front Modification. With a growing population and many positions yet to be filled in the unit, we are proud to finally announce that we are opening our doors to the public. In our constant effort to create a realistic World War II environment in Arma 3, our unit has adopted several mods that break new boundaries in creating this environment for our members. The mods are very accessible and easy to install even to novice players and full assistance can be provided to those who have any trouble at all. The mods that we use on our servers allow us to provide an incredible depth of realism that few other units can provide. Currently our unit is comprised of players with very diverse backgrounds. Some of our members are veterans of the realism community that have been in multiple historical units, in both Arma 2 and Arma 3, which aim to recreate the environments of which the brave soldiers of the last great war experienced. Others in our unit are rather new to the scene, but they are greeted with open arms and training that teaches them to fight amongst the very best! Players of all experience levels are welcome to join! With all of this said,we aim to grow with time and dedication. Perhaps you have been in realism units before, or perhaps you are looking for a change from the normal run of the mill invade and annex servers. Wherever you might be coming from, we would be happy to have any and all come in for an interview or to simply learn more about the unit Server Information Teamspeak 3: Private Game Server: Public Game Server: Website Information Website: www.82ndab.com ***(Still has Bugs but you can access it. When registering please use a real emailadress. we have allot of spam-bots applying.) Extra Information Any more Questions or interested in joining contact me on steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Mathues21) or join our teamspeak 3 server or go to the website and register and apply. Signed, 2nd Lt. T. Mathues Commanding Officer