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Found 272 results

  1. Who are we? The 2nd Yorkshire Battalion (2YB) is a group for people who want to have the realism of the military simulation side of ArmA but want to have fun and not have the realism ruin the experience. We aim to provide a mature, fun and interactive environment to focus on operations and gameplay over having pristine realism. We focus on fun, teamwork, tactical and realism in that order. What do we offer over other groups? We offer an organised structure for both in-game and out of game to avoid any confusion and show peoples specialties. We have structured training and qualifications so everyone gets a fair chance at becoming the best soldier. Realistic operations that relate to present day. Our Divisions? We have multiple 'divisions' within our group. Our main infantry force is a platoon of infantry soldiers, this is three sections or six fireteams. We also have an RAF division which handles all our flying needs including transport and close air support. We have support sections that include indirect fire, logistics, explosive ordnance disposal, armour and heavy weapons Requirements to join us? Some requirements we have that are vital for the continuity of the this group so please check that you follow all of these. You must be over the age of thirteen (13) You must also be mature and dedicated to our groups You must not be member of any other ArmA 3 MilSim clan You must own ArmA 3 You must be available to download TeamSpeak 3 You must be able to download all mods used by our group How to join us? We currently have a website in development where we will have a sign up sheet however you can sign up with this link here Also follow our twitter for constant updates: https://twitter.com/2Yorks Our modpack: @3CommandBrigade (Equipment, Units, Vehicles, Weapons) @ALiVE @ACE @asdg_jr @CBA_A3 @task_force_radio CUP Terrains DISCLAIMER: This group is currently in development therefore if you decide to join be prepared to take administrative roles and operations will not be for a possible month until roles are assigned and stability has been created.
  2. We are the 1st Battalion of Royal Fusiliers, of the British Army. A reletively new Milsim unit that is growing in size everyday. We have a solid community of men that play during the week and on weekends in our official events. Our website is still currently under work however the main bulk of information you will need is on it, navigate here for more information and contact facilities: http://www.1stbattalion.co.uk/ We are all setup with Teamspeak and have great experience at realism in the Arma series, if you have any questions please dont hesitate to message me, or view our website for more information on how to join, and the membership requirements.
  3. SonOfKrazyBee

    Section 7 PMC

    Section 7 - PMC “If there is no road we make one†About: Section 7 is a casual milsim community. We have 1 rule, don’t be a dick. We highly enforce that rule. Section 7 was first started to create a relaxing and fun, yet professional gaming community for gamers who want to enjoy the experience of Arma, but in a realistic and intense way. Section 7 is lead by a great group of guys, who will command you through battle, joke around, and teach you new things, as well as give you a lifetime experience. The Section 7 ranking is simple, and simulated. No need to salute or call your higher rankings “sirâ€. Section 7 is lead as well, by veterans, and active duty. Giving you a great front seat to learning new things. Such as bounding, formations, and more. Don’t know how to install mods, or don’t understand proper formations, bounding, and other combat techniques? No problem! Section 7 SO’s will give you the education you need in under a couple of hours to be a awesome S7 operator! So, do you want to play Arma 3 how it was really meant to be played? Stop by and experience a true Arma 3 community. Process Of Joining/Training: Section 7 is very simple and easy to understand group. We do have regular trainings and drill, yet rarely. We have a 1-2 hour IT course, for the new players. The IT (Individual Training), teaches you the very basics of fire team movements, and procedures to make sure you fit in well with your assigned group! For those who want to build up, you can become a well trained pilot or SO, senior operator, and as well can specialize after IT, in advanced courses such as Marksmen Courses, Advanced Rifleman Courses, UGL Courses, and more! Think you're too young to join? No problem, no age limit is required, yet we recommend 18 and older. You got one shot, don’t be an immature person. More Information: For more information you can always visit our website: http://www.s7-gaming.com/ Teamspeak IP: sec7.typefrag.com As well you can always ask questions below! Game nights Below: United States Timezones: 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) 5:00pm Mountain Standard Time (MST) 4:00pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) 6:00pm Central Standard Time (CST) For more time-zones click the link below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YUF0WJbOb1UWSzxUXc8pi8tcx_d_rZord01hmx-mFys/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Commonwealth Legion Who are the Commonwealth Legion? The CWL is a fictional unit based as a combined force funded and under the command of the British Commonwealth countries. The CWL is a quick reaction task force specializing in airmobile operations. We are broken into 2 branches currently: The 1st Battalion Royal Legionnaires (INFANTRY) and the Legion Aviation Corps (PILOTS). We use the same rank structure as most commonwealth militaries, however we are not pushy about it. we allow our members to choose how mush they want to role play in the milsim capacity, ranks are used to show experience, qualifications, role (Leadership), and admin levels on Teamspeak and the Forums. Who are we looking for? We are a casual unit, meaning we only have a 1 day a week requirement of our members. The CWL conducts operations every Sunday at 2000 GMT-5 [8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time] these operations usually run for 2-3 hours. We are seeking mature players looking for a laid back community, who want to be a part of a TEAM environment and maybe learn a few things in the process. Our requirements for membership are: Must be 16 Years of age or older Must own a LEGAL copy of ARMA 3 Must own a working microphone Must speak / understand English More information on the CWL can be found at our website - www.commonwealthlegion.com
  5. 2nd Battalion, 77th Field Artillery Regiment 4th Infantry Division The 77th Field Artillery Regiment is a military simulation community operating in Bohemia Interactive’s Arma 3. The community is based in Europe, operating in the GMT timezone. We strive to provide a realistic environment in our events. We aim to support other units and communities in their operations as artillery support. Training is a large part of the 77FA. Each member must go training before participating in operations with the community. This to ensure the gun sections can operate effectively and fluidly while on deployment. Our training programs teach members how to operate with real-life tactics, techniques, and procedures. This is all part of our aim to provide a realistic environment in the game. The 77FA utilizes modifications to enhance Arma 3’s realism environment, and add the necessary equipment, weapons, and vehicles needed to operate as a United States Army unit. Those interested in enlisting may visit the ‘JOIN’ page on our website. https://4thinfantrydivision.org/
  6. 3rd Special Forces Operations Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Recruitment is currently: OPEN Who are we? The 3SFO is an Arma 3 US Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Military Simulation Unit (MILSIM). What are the requirements to join the 3SFO? We are seeking inquiries from serious and mature players only (17+). You must have a clear working microphone. You also must sign up and fill out the application on the forums. What positions do we have available? Ground Element 0311 Rifleman 0313 Grenadier 0314 Marksman 0315 Corpsman 0316 Scout Spotter 0317 Scout Sniper 0321 Reconnaissance Man 0331 Machine Gunner 0341 Mortarman 0351 Infantry Assaultman 0352 Antitank Missileman 0365 Infantry Section Leader 0369 Infantry Platoon Leader 7502 FAC Aviation Element 7513 Pilot AH-1Z/UH-1Y 7560 Pilot CH-53E 7562 Pilot CH-46 7567 Pilot UH-1N 6199 Enlisted Aircrew/Aerial Observer/Gunner 7523 Pilot F/A-18 7525 Weapons Systems Officer (WSO) 7253 Air Traffic Controller - Departure Controller 7254 Air Traffic Controller - Approach Controller 7314 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Teamspeak: Website: 3rdSFO.enjin.com Server Name: 3SFO | [ACE3/CBA/TFAR] Invade & Annex | TS3 : Server IP: Port: 2302
  7. Paladin PMC is a fictional milsim unit based in the world of ARMA 3, we have two different servers that we run for public recruitment that does not require any modifications and a private server for our members to be able to play on which does require modifications in order to join and play. We are a North American based unit but we are open to any and all nationalities/time zones. We do not require that people who join our servers become a part of the milsim unit but we do ask that even non-members follow the rules posted on our TS and Website. Training We train all new members in the ways of playing ARMA 3, if more advanced training is required then we will accommodate. Operations/Servers v Our public server is currently an Invade & Annex v Our Private server changes depending on what area we are operating in v We do operations on a semi-regular basis. v Our operational area is currently Hindu Kush(Downloaded Island) v Our operations are rewarded with rank ups and other awards depending on performance Website Our website can be found at; http://paladinpmc.weebly.com/ Our Roster list along with a list of available positions is located; http://paladinpmc.weebly.com/roster.html Mods Minimum required Mods: (Private server only) @ACE3 @CBA_A3 @dagger_scopes @ASDG_JR @task_force_radio @mas_usa_devg ​@NATO_Russian_SF_Weapons @mas_nato_rus_sf_veh @sab_c130 @jbad @F/A18_A3 @hindukush_island Recommended Mods: @ACE3 @Blastcore-Tracers @BC-Phoenix @CBA_A3 @dagger_scopes @Drift_NoFatigue @em @ASDG_JR @jsrs3 @task_force_radio @mas_usa_devg ​@va @NATO_Russian_SF_Weapons @mas_nato_rus_sf_veh @sab_c130 @jbad @F/A18_A3 @hindukush_island What doe it take to Join? Maturity ARMA 3 Understand how to install Mods Teamspeak 3 Respect Optionally: Play with six How do I join? Visit us on TS3 @ Join our public recruiting server; simply filter for Paladin to find us
  8. 3rd Special Forces Operations Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Recruitment is currently: OPEN Who are we? The 3SFO is an Arma 3 US Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Military Simulation Unit (MILSIM). What are the requirements to join the 3SFO? We are seeking inquiries from serious and mature players only (17+). You must have a clear working microphone. You also must sign up and fill out the application on the forums. What positions do we have available? Ground Element 0311 Rifleman 0313 Grenadier 0314 Marksman 0315 Corpsman 0316 Scout Spotter 0317 Scout Sniper 0321 Reconnaissance Man 0331 Machine Gunner 0341 Mortarman 0351 Infantry Assaultman 0352 Antitank Missileman 0365 Infantry Section Leader 0369 Infantry Platoon Leader 7502 FAC Aviation Element 7513 Pilot AH-1Z/UH-1Y 7560 Pilot CH-53E 7562 Pilot CH-46 7567 Pilot UH-1N 6199 Enlisted Aircrew/Aerial Observer/Gunner 7523 Pilot F/A-18 7525 Weapons Systems Officer (WSO) 7253 Air Traffic Controller - Departure Controller 7254 Air Traffic Controller - Approach Controller 7314 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Teamspeak: Website: 3rdSFO.enjin.com Server Name: 3SFO | [ACE3/CBA/TFAR] Invade & Annex | TS3 : Server IP: Port: 2302
  9. Don Meehan

    The BattleGroup in 2016

    The BattleGroup in 2016 First off, I would like to thank you all for your commitment to our community in the last year and a half that the BattleGroup has been running. Thank you to our amazing members who contribute personal unpaid time, wishing only to see the enjoyment of their fellow members. Thank you to the ExpBG community that has broken all records in 2015, with over 30 active members and our first Joint-Op with another community - this alone is a big achievement. Moving on in 2016, the BattleGroup will continue pushing to improve and expand our unit. To grow our community, we want to continue with the right members and the right attitudes. Your help is appreciated here, be that with prompt sign-ups, regular attendance, professional behaviour during ops, or just bringing in new blood. If you are no longer keen on remaining within our community, please talk to your 2IC. What's new in 2016? New Campaign features: Persistent, non-linear campaign progression with mlitiple factions and story lines Commanders decide how, when and what objectives to tackle Our actions now impact overall civilian attitude, affect high level enemy strategy Introducing story-line characters and HVTs, all with own bios Campaign Documentation, with map and profiles on all factions and HVTs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18-cEi3-KLgBTvcklaQp-t4pPsxWsmJpOAeDuE_TgAVA/edit Database integration, to save vital mission stats, enemy movements, objective progression etc New campaign budget, for purchasing vehicles, weapons, satellite intel, insert options etc Updated catalogue for purchasing assets/services Bounties on HVTs for reward to budget, changes whether captured or killed Intelligent conversations with civilians, change based on situation Mulitple insert options (Boats, Air, Halo and ground vehicles) Introducing a new enemy occupation system, dynamically populating the map with enemies, civs and friendlies Revamped Rally Point System, featuring deployable Medical Facility Commander controlled HALO insert FAC controlled Air Transport/Medevac Expanded personal Locker system HD Campaign map, will update as situation does, http://dev.theexpeditionarybattlegroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/Panthera_HD_MAP.jpg Browsable Campaign map, (similar to Google Maps) HD Campaign trailer: https://youtu.be/Qiy-ziu6kuU Platoon improvements: Our own ExpBG Units mod: preconfigured and Editor-placeable, HQ + 3 Sections, MG, Sniper, pilot support teams Our own ExpBG Factions mod: a massive variation of civilians, enemy groups and friendly factions to fight or work alongside Our own ExpBG Music mod: Introducing more ambient music whilst reducing mission size Revamped uniform patches for each Section, green, black, red, blue and gold New weapons (eg L129), updated loadouts and equipment for the campaign and ITC New roles: Platoon CTM, Emergency First Responder, Pointman, Sapper, Engineer, Marksman Training courses with re-branded documentation, to qualify members in these, plus NCO training Upgraded ITC base to support the above Infrastructure improvements: A new website, redesigned and rebuilt: http://www.theexpeditionarybattlegroup.com Optimised dev process-flow, github code management Faster ArmaSync repo servers Revamped ArmaSync repo structure to optimise mod releases and induction of new members Updated documentation for ArmaSync setup and repo upgrade Reduction in size of mandatory core modset by over 2GB New mods introduced, fully tested for function and compatibility And finally... Relaunch of consistent Friday Open Ops, with high attendance Continued running ITC 1, 2 among other training Continued Recruitment - let's get that 3rd Section! A massive thank you to everyone, especially those I may have missed in any way. See you soon! Don Meehan, The Expeditionary Battlegroup
  10. The 3rd Battalion 7th Marine Corps [7th M.C] is a realism unit currently based in ArmA 3, as a realism unit we aim to play ArmA 3 with as much realism as we can in order to fashion a real sense of teamwork and structure. We do this by using real life equipment and learned methods striving to simulate a real life military based unit. All our members are to act professional and act with the highest levels of discipline at all times in order to authenticate a military environment. We do use modifications in ArmA 3 such as weapon packs, radio communications and more in order to stick as close to authenticity as possible within ArmA 3. To Be "The Cutting Edge" on a Battlefield Unit Recruitment Priority Armored - Bradley Crew and Commander - (High - Main Priority) Infantry - Delta Company - (Medium) Special Operations - M.A.R.S.O.C - (High) Aviation and Aircraft Branch - (Medium) E.O.D - 1x E.O.D. Team - (High) Basic Info Arma 3 Server - Running Teamspeak 3 - Will gain information on acceptance. Website - www.7thmc.co.uk/ Server MODS are used - Ace, RHS, 7th Marine ModPack Requirements Age: 16 + English Speaking Mic and Teamspeak Available Mature and Self Disciplined Application to Join If you would like to join please fill in our short application form on our website, www.7thmc.co.uk/ Also feel free to add me on steam through RAFDobby for more information. Thank you, good luck.
  11. Teamspeak: 21starmyrangers.enjinvoice.com Website: http://21starmyrangers.enjin.com/home YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/21stusarmyrangers -- 17+ age requirement -- WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANYONE BELOW THE AGE OF 17 -- Why join this group? --More Than Just A Clan-- Weather we are out in the field during an Op, or just enjoying some down time in Teamspeak the 21st is present. We are more than just a group of guys that gather to play Arma this is a community. -- We've Been Here For A While -- This is not some newly started up group. We have been around for quite a while. Our members are experienced and know how to keep a mission together. We had been on ArmA 2 for quite some time and began to switch over to ArmA 3 the day the Alpha was released. We made the official switch at midnight the day the full game was released. --Relaxed Realism-- Realistic gameplay with a laid back style. No drill sergeant screaming here. --Solid Teams-- We operate in assigned platoons within the whole company. This ensures you will always be with people you know and trust. All is controlled by a chain of command. --Welcome Party-- We welcome anybody with the right mindset and the ability to remain mature and collected in realistic combat situations. No special skill-sets required. --Missions Are Custom-- Missions are created from scratch and coded to ensure realistic combat scenarios. AI is actually coded to be smart. Users suggest mission ideas and our map editors make them a reality. --Mods Are Custom-- We have dedicated mod developers that work extremely hard to create custom content for the 21st. Do not limit yourself to what Armaholic or the vanilla game can offer. You will get a realistic military experience here that no other unit can offer. --Training Provided-- New to Arma? Been playing a while but are a bit "rusty"? Have no fear! Our loyal officers will gladly throw you into boot camp and teach you a thing or two. Our boot camp program is conducted on a custom FOB and designed to take you from 0 to 60 as quickly as possible. Learn to be a Ranger! _________________________________________________________________ --Dedicated Servers-- Our multiple - stable dedicated servers are online 24/7 to allow members to play and practice at will. These servers include the cutting edge that the milsim modding community can provide, along with an embedded headless client to maximize performance! --250 Slot Teamspeak-- Our TS3 server is available 24/7 for members to gather and chat. This also allows easy access for the TFAR mod - which grants radio use in during operations.
  12. "ΜΟΛΩΠΛΑΒΕ" WHO ARE WE? We are Task Force Spartan, a realism, military simulation unit. We are a small Task Force group who cares and always willing to help and look out for each other. WHAT DO WE OFFER? Tactical Combat Realism US Military Ranks Modpacks Teamspeak 3 Server Training ENLISTMENT REQUIREMENTS Atleast 15 years of age Must have Teamspeak 3 Must own an original copy of Arma 3 Must be mature Must have a mic HOW TO ENLIST To enlist send an e-mail to alexandros.mirza@gmail.com with the following: Name Age Location Choose a unit and up to 3 Specialties UNITS TO CHOOSE FROM 1. Infantry - "Sword" Specialties: Rifleman Grenadier SAW Gunner Explosive SPC Missile SPC Combat Medic 2. Airforce - "Spear" Specialties: Rotary Pilot Fixed Wing Pilot 3. Armor - "Shield" Specialties: Tanks Artillery --General Alex Torvalds
  13. About Us The 2 SG (GU) is an upcoming/in the making Arma 3 MilSim unit. We represent the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards, providing an Armoured Infantry role. Using realistic tactics used by the British Army and NATO, we aspire to create a professional and well oiled gaming unit for those who are looking for a unique Arma 3 experience. Who we are looking for We've made some considerable progess filling up our first platoon, and are now open for recruitment. We have current and former members of both the US and British Armed Forces, but we are open to anyone regardless of experience or background. Roles we are offering •Rifleman •LMG Gunner •Sharpshooter •Team Medic •Warrior Crewman We are hoping to find capable mission and mod makers, and those who seek discipline and professionalism whilst having fun and enjoying the experience Joining Regulars and Reserves The main division of the unit. What We Require: •Age of 16 or Older •Own Arma 3 •Own a Microphone •Speak and understand English •Own TeamSpeak •Can attend official operations/trainings •Commitment to the Unit •Desire to work as a team Reserves have the same initial requirements, sans attendance policy. Facilities If any part of this ad has interested you, or you would just like to help out/advise/etc., please have a look at our website and forums: Website Forums TeamSpeak: Or contact: Lt Keown Sgt Edge LSgt Wilkinson TGdsm Hanford
  14. We are the 1st Battalion Yorkshire Regiment, or [1YORKS] a group of gaming brethren that have set up a unit for three reasons; Fun, Teamwork, and Satisfaction. We have made the transition from ARMA 2 to ARMA 3 and are now looking for dedicated players to join the fun and ultimately enjoy everything that we and ARMA 3 have to offer. If you feel that you have what it takes to join a very considerate and team-built group, then we are just the right choice for you. Interested in joining [1YORKS]? We are currently recruiting for NCO's, Soldiers and Potential Officers. Think you have what it takes? Apply now! We are UK based and work off GMT (Zulu) timezone. However, we welcome players from all countries. We mainly play on our servers nightly and operations/trainings are held every Wednesday and Saturday, however, special arrangements can be made should not be able to fulfill them times. Sound like the unit for you? Visit our website @ www.1yorks.co.uk Join our Teamspeak server @ ts3.1yorks.co.uk See you on battlefield!
  15. The Black Widow Company is recruiting for its casual MilSim Arma 3 regiment. Register Here Official BWC YouTube Channel My BWC YouTube Channel BWC Phalanx's YouTube Channel BWC is a multi-game organization with thousands of members from all over the world. We are founded by veterans and we have a large number of veterans and current military in our ranks. We officially support the following games. Arma 3 Mech Warrior Online Paintball Planetside 2 Star Citizen Star Wars: The Old Republic Members can and are encouraged to join and play in multiple games with BWC. We have a military style chain of command, awards, decorations, ranks, billets, and duty positions. We focus heavily on charity work. We began investing in Arma 3 in 2013. While our Arma 3 community is based on the idea of MilSim, as with any game in BWC we allow anyone to lead if they volunteer. During operations, squad / platoon leaders have complete control of their unit regardless of rank outside the game, which means if a new recruit assumes the role of Squad Leader and a BWC Captain joins, the Captain falls in and follows orders from that recruit. We don't have an in-game ranking system and we don't require saluting or "yes sir, no sir" type behavior. Our community is growing with roughly 80 members playing Arma 3 by Summer 2015. The majority of events are based on US East Coast timezone(EST/EDT), however we have members from all over the globe. We offer a private server available to members 24/7. We run a variety of mods. We provide support for installing these mods if you need help. If you would like to know which ones we use please send me a PM. We orchestrate months long running campaigns that tracs unit progression as well as occasional fire-team tournaments. --- Our current campaign kicked off July 4th weekend. It takes place in Afghanistan and the surrounding region and involves a joint operations counter-insurgency campaign. The joint forces consist of the U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, British Army, and German Army. We will play as all four militaries and do a multitude of missions, from full on combat to specialty missions such as airborne, observation, patrols, etc. --- If a member wants to run a certain mission for the campaign, he can ask a mission curator to run it for him. This allows all our members to feel like that have some say in the campaign and that they can play in the style they prefer. Alternate mini-campaign and non-campaign operations run throughout the week, as well as instructional training and field training exercies. Training courses for both beginners and veterans of the Arma series. We don't require our recruits to have any experience with the game, as we will assist you in understanding the basic fundamentals and tactics of Arma. Comprehensive leadership training courses for individuals that are interested in becoming squad or platoon leaders. The opportunity to run as infantry supporting elements. We focus on being an infantry first regiment, however we are finishing up some specialty schools that will allow our members to effectively play more in-depth roles. These include: --- Anti-Tank Operator --- Combat Engineer --- Combat Medic --- Fixed Wing CAS Pilot --- Helicopter CAS / Transport Pilot --- IFV Crewman --- JTAC Operator --- Machine Gunner --- Mortar Operator --- Scout Sniper We have a few membership requirements for BWC. You must be 16 years of age and complete an application. Once accepted you will have two weeks to complete three basic tasks. --- BWC Orientation, which is a 30-minute training to BWC introducing you to how we work and welcoming you to the organization. --- BTI-1 - our basic training - which only takes 30 - 60 minutes depending on the size of the group. --- You must attend an operation within your first two weeks. We always understand that real life comes first and we will work with you to fit your schedule when needed. Note that we do use a large set of modifications (ACE 3, TFAR, RHS, etc.) for increased realism and content, but we provide instructions all the way down to the novice level and will assist you as necessary to get everything installed and working. If you would like more info. please visit our website or post/pm with questions. You can add me on Steam if you'd like to talk about BWC or have any questions. Thanks!
  16. We are the Virtual United States Army Special Operations Command We are a small group of dedicated Arma 3 players that are looking to expand our ranks with some fresh individuals who share our enthusiasm for having fun with this game. Virtual USASOC is a group that is passionate about conducting ourselves in a serious and professional manner during missions without subscribing to all the other detritus that many other milsim groups offer. With us you won't be doing BCT and getting stuck as a rifleman when your calling is to provide expert aviation support. You won't be submitting a leave form for your family vacation. You won't be calling random internet personas 'Sir' either. You will play Arma the way it was meant to be played, fully immersing yourself in your role and when the mission is over, it is over. Once the mission ends we are like any casual gaming community, sharing cool ideas for new missions, mods and tweaks to how we perform missions. If this sounds like a group for you, check out our forums at the link below and feel free to ask any other questions you have. When you are ready, hit the Recruitment tab at the time and get started. The Virtual USASOC Gaming Community. The way Arma 3 was meant to be played. Website: http://virtualusasoc.enjin.com/forum POC: Gunfighter (160th SOAR), Gunfighter_160th@yahoo.com
  17. Website: www.ForceReconAG.com **Apply Today!** Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ForceReconAG Contact Email: FRAGusmc@gmail.com TS: TS3.ForceReconAG.com Arma 3 server: F.R.A.G. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Force Recon Assault Group also known as F.R.A.G. is an ARMA 3 realism gaming clan that was created in the image of the United States Marine Corps back in 2013. We were one of the biggest milsim groups on Arma 3 when the game was released. F.R.A.G. has been reactivated and is currently recruiting. We have a firm ranking structure to impose authority and ensure organization within the unit. We do have active and retired military within the unit that are more than willing to help you learn the basics. We currently have around 20 people and also looking for others with out mindset. Here at F.R.A.G. we train our members to operate flawlessly in the field by hosting weekly training and dynamic operations (more info can be found on our website). F.R.A.G employs the use of tactics at all times during our gameplay to control the field and outcome. We use our custom mod pack to enable the full immersion of being a United States Marine and the situations that follow that title. Force Recon Assault Group has its strict side but if you are strong enough to endure, you will have the best experience Arma has to offer. There are no other units like F.R.A.G., join today and earn your place in Arma history.. Oorah!!
  18. Consider the 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment. Information 2 PARA is a British Milsim unit, with roots dating to 2012 and a multinational group of dedicated and commited players. Here at 2 PARA we use equipment, weaponry, vehicles and a structure based closely on the British Army's Parachute Regiment and 16 Air Assault Brigade. Mods At 2 PARA we use a set of mods to enhance the realism and immersion of the game as well as bring in equipment, weapons and vehicles that allow us to accurately portray the British Armed Forces. Our main mods are the following: - ACE3 - Task Force Radio - ALiVE - 3CB BAF Equipment, Weapons and Vehicles Operation 2 PARA features a slick balance between training and missions. We organize our time into Home Rotations and Deployments. The Home Rotation focusing on training and practice while the Deployments focus on immersive, developed campaigns based on realistic story-based missions. The duration for a Home Rotation is approximately 2-4 weeks and 4-8 weeks for a Deployment. Application 2 PARA features a wide range of roles for new recruits to fill, and proper training to fit new recruits into those roles. As a friendly and welcoming community, we ensure that all new recruits are part of the group and have fun both in and out of our events. For information on requirements and recruitment for 2 PARA, you can view the website or join our teamspeak. http://2para-arma3.co.uk/index.html
  19. "Red Bulls" 34th Infantry Division Information Website: http://www.34thinf.us/ Teamspeak: 34thinf.ts3dns.com Game Servers: 34th Infantry Division Kunduz Insurgency - ACE | RHS:ES | TFAR What is the 34th Infantry Division? The 34th Infantry Division was founded in early August of 2015 as an ARMA 3 realism unit based around the Infantry, TACP and CAB structure of the U.S. Army and Air Force Special Ops. The 34th Infantry Division is a fairly brand new unit, so we are starting out very slowly and hope to grow and grow which is where you come in, enlisting today can help us grow even bigger than we can imagine. The main core of our mods include our Mod Pack, RHS: Escalation, ALiVE, ACE and Task Force Radio 34th Infantry Division Features * Custom made BCT/BMT and AIT Map with working ranges and other features * Different types of schools ranging from Airborne, Air Assault to Warrior Leadership Class * Training's & FTX's every Monday and Thursday and Official Operations every Friday * Imposed US Army and Air Force Rankings * Very organized and structural environment * Very mature and respectful community * A community of friends to game with anytime across multiple games * Easy promotion standards What does the 34th Infantry Division do? Counter Terrorism Large Scale Conventional Warfare Defensive Operations Assist in reconnaissance missions Perform as a member of a fire team during drills and combat Aid in the mobilization of vehicles, troops and weaponry What are the requirements to join the 34thID The Applicant should be of the age of 15+ and mature (If Underage we will make exceptions depending on maturity) The Applicant must have Teamspeak 3 The Applicant must have a working microphone The applicant must have a legit version of ARMA 3 The applicant must not be battle-eye banned The applicant must be active of both the forums and teamspeak The applicant must not be a member of any other unit. The applicant must be able to work around timezone differences so they are able to attend Operations and Training's Available MOS's Combat 11B - Infantryman 68W - Health Care Specialist (Combat Medic) Aviation 153A - Rotary Pilot 15T - Blackhawk Door Gunner 15U - Chinook Door Gunner 11FX - Fighter Pilot Communications 25C - Radio Telephone Operator 1C4X1 - Tactical Air Control Party Specialist By helping us grow and joining today you will receive limited extra benefits for filling in our ranks * Promotion from PVT to PV2 Automatically and if enlisting as a TACP from Airman Basic to Airman Automatically [LIMITED] * Possible chance of advancing in further ranks to help fill leadership roles, from PVT to SGT or PVT to 2LT depending on your MOS [LIMITED] * Better chance of being choose in your particular MOS you want such as 11A Infantry Officer, 11FX Fighter Pilot, 153A Rotary Pilot as most of these are very limited MOS's * If underage by 1 - 2 Years you will be accepted into the unit and given these benefits also but you will be expected to uphold maturity and respect if not you will be stripped of any and all benefits and Demoted POST UPDATE We have refurbished our unit and started out fresh, we have re-structured the rankings and structures and are now starting at a Platoon Level instead of a Company Level.
  20. Hello fellow Arma 3 players. My name is Sam and I am one of the CO's in the 108th Infantry Division. We are a new Arma 3 Milisim Unit working towards making the battlefield of Arma 3 more authentic. Our main goal is to have fun while still having a level of maturity that allows us to complete tasks as a team with proper communication, movement, and execution. Our Motto, numquam enim succumbet, means Never Surrender. A rule by which we follow to our heart. Only in-game of course. Our to CO's are Sam(myself), and Trevor, we aim to make an authentic and enjoyable atmosphere in the Arma world. You can visit our website at http://108thinfantrydivision.weebly.com/and our youtube channel 108th Infantry Division, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHEqXmcig7Hu4-s9RHEjRrw/feed. If you have any questions respond to the post or email us at 108thID@gmail.com. We hope to see you on the battlefield.
  21. Who are the 27th Specialist Marines? The 27th Specialist Marines are a gaming unit who focus on ARMA III tactical operations. Starting out as the 9th PARA ARMA III clan, the unit evolved into the 27th SM in the summer of 2014, when the foundations of the unit were laid and our evolution began. The unit develops, plans, executes and evaluates a vast array of scenarios and missions on a frequent basis throughout the month, with anything from Basic Combat Training for recruits...to patrol & pacification operations....to full blown amphibious assault scenarios. There is something for everyone, and the diversity of settings available is not only is a testing challenge, but also great fun. The unit is formed upon a structured chain of command, where orders are expected to be followed. However, suggestions and advice are always welcomed from any member, regardless of rank, and all members are actively encouraged to contribute wherever possible to the improvement and advancement of the unit. The unit has devoted mission development, training, server administration and technical support groups. These groups not only take part in operations on our servers, but also support our members and recruits to ensure that they get the best possible experience whilst serving with us. Whilst we may not be the largest group in the ARMA III universe, we pride ourselves in being one of the most dedicated. Interested in joining us or want to know a little more? Current amount of enlisted soldiers: 50 Elements: "Jager" (Infantry Platoon) (3 Squads: Alpha, Bravo & Charlie) "CAS" Call-sign: Eagle "Logistics" Call-sign: Hotel (Transport) "Hospital" (Group for our Corpsman) "Recon" Call-sign: Spartan (Scout Snipers) Apply Today! http://27thsm.com/ Feel free to join our Teamspeak if you have any question regarding: Mods, Ranks, Structure, Joint Operations etc... ts3.27thsm.com:6020 Media: Semper Fi Private First Class Ellman Public Relations & Recruiter 27th Specialist Marines