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Found 31 results

  1. Can I use one Task Marker and move it around like I do with triggers and WP? I'm able to create a Task Marker in position but I can't make it move to the next position. It would be much easier to just move the uncompleted task around (in my usage case) than it would be to complete/create new each time it moves. I don't want there to be a hundred completed tasks by the end of the scenario. This is how I create the Marker, [true,["task1"],["Approach Vector","Approach","Plane"],objNull,1,3,true] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; ["task1","ASSIGNED"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; ["task1",[approachAP1,true]] call BIS_fnc_taskSetDestination; task1 call BIS_fnc_taskSetCurrent; running the same script again with a new destination doesn't work. How do I move an active Task around?
  2. Is it normal that if I use setMarkerAlphaLocal to hide a marker the marker gets visible again if the server executes setMarkerText and is there a way to keep the marker hidden even if the server change it's text?
  3. I have been attempting to create ellipse and rectangle "Area" markers with create3DENEntity in the 3DEN Editor (via the Debug Console) for an unhealthy amount of time. I have successfully created each "Icons" markers. Easy! _m = create3DENEntity ["Marker", "mil_dot", [0,0,0]]; _m set3DENAttribute ["Position", (getPosATL player)]; _m set3DENAttribute ["size2", [2,2]]; _m set3DENAttribute ["rotation", (random 360)]; _m set3DENAttribute ["baseColor", "colorRed"]; I just cannot figure out what the "itemClass" would be for either an ellipse or a rectangle. I have read through the BIKI and experimented with different 3DEN commands to return attributes of existing Area markers but to no joy. I have also been through the Config Viewer but I cannot seem to find the Area markers in CfgMarkers! The workaround I have been using is to create any "Icons" marker, and edit the mission.sqm. Example: dataType="Marker"; position[]={7003.4668,5,3916.792}; name="arrowMarker"; type="mil_arrow"; a=50; b=50; id=17; to... dataType="Marker"; position[]={7003.4668,5,3916.792}; name="arrowMarker"; markerType="RECTANGLE"; type="rectangle"; a=50; b=50; id=17; Of course I could just use the createMarker command in a script but that would be admitting defeat. I have no issues with using the workaround but I think it is well beyond the time to ask for some MUCH APPRECIATED help. Thank you.
  4. Hi again, i want to create a user action on an object that will teleport the person activating it to a marker called marker_Nimitz. I have read about player setpos xxx but i am pretty sure this will not work in multiplayer with JIPing units.
  5. i am using Pronks Furniture script and i just can't make a transparent marker on the map to Black list some part of the map, all the markers i make shows up in game. i got to F6 -> areas -> and select rectangle then i put in size 200 X 200 // All i change in attributes name it Bl_Mkr01 Anyone with a idea how to fix it. Play3r..
  6. IN GAME TASKS ON MARKERS Hi all, Here is a little script to create some tasks while in game, just placing markers on map. EDITED: 23/12/2018 parameters: none There is no parameters. Just place some map markers. The available markers are "OBJECTIVE" "AMBUSH" "DESTROY" "PICK UP" "JOIN" (like actions for units). All others remain standard markers. Channel: As markers come with selectable channel "GLOBAL" "SIDE" "COMMAND" "GROUP" "VEHICLE", the automated task will be displayed for the same channel. So, don't forget a global marker will create a global task, and so on. Task deletion: There are 2 ways for deleting a task: - try to delete the red circle marker below the task marker. Not easy. Usually works when you catch the marker owner name in MP. - go to task description and click on "Delete task" It's an active link. Associated action: At this time, there is no difference between the type of tasks. These tasks are like some 3D markers and are displayed as tasks. But there is no condition for completion. That means, these tasks can be CREATED or ASSIGNED but never COMPLETED or CANCELED. They can be deleted. Extra feature: In task description, you can click on "GO GO GO" link. This will order the concerned units (CHANNEL) to move at the task destination. You can order a task for the side, then order another task for your group. This, you can have two different objectives. But, please, keep on mind AIs will obey to the last order. So, have some players coordination in MP. That's the main reason why the move order is not automatic. You can create all tasks you need as 3D markers, then decide to order or not a movement for units. All comments, ideas are welcome! Run this code on initPlayerLocal.sqf or any script running with interface (player). A condition true trigger works also. Thanks Pierre MGI
  7. Hi. I want to get EOS to spawn units within a marker spawned by a onMapSingleClick script. I call this script from the mission init.sqf via execVM "mark.sqf"; mark.sqf It works. When I launch the mission a map dialog opens, I click on it and the marker is created where I click. How do I get EOS to recognize the marker as a hostile zone and spawn units? eos\openme.sqf I felt it was necessary to start a new topic and not post this question in the EOS official thread as I have see it asked there before but never answered.
  8. Metis Team

    Metis Marker

    Metis Marker brings you the opportunity to create NATO joint military symbols according to APP-6(C). It allows to build symbols from components, including frame, icon, first modifier, second modifier and amplifiers, rather than pre-define all possible symbols. Features Full customizable marker Moveable marker Editable/non-editable marker Copy & paste marker Save & load marker presets Build in preview Full 3DEN support Full Briefing support Communication channel support e.g. Global-, Side- or Groupchannel Customizable marker system Our customizable marker system consists of: Frames: The geometric border of a symbol that provides an indication of the standard identity, battle dimension and status of a joint military object. *Currently only ground symbols are supported.* Icons: The innermost part of a symbol that provides a graphic representation of an object. Modifiers: A pictorial or alphanumeric component that provides additional information about the icon and are always located inside the frame area. Amplifiers: Optional text or graphics that provide additional information about a symbol and are always located outside the frame area. This includes: Echelon Reinforced or Reduced Higher Formation Unique Designation Documentation Our documentation is available on the Github wiki. Contributing Issues & Feature requests Become a developer Download Requires the latest version of CBA_A3. Github: Click here Steam Workshop: Click here License Metis Marker is licensed under Arma Public License No Derivatives (APL-ND). Images Changelog
  9. Hello there :), how can i include a waypoint or a "side-marker" which i set during the mission in a script please? I'd like to send my group to a waypoint i choose after mission start and send another group to the same point over a script/trigger. I tried to "find" the waypoint with "waypoints group" but only waypoints set in the editor are shown like this i guess. How can i do this? Sorry for bad english and thank you very much :)
  10. So I want to use markers that are linked to playable characters. My players will be playing characters that live in certain places or know certain things from the start of the mission. They have the ability to choose what kind of character they want to play out of a multitude of characters. However since I have multiple choises of character for the players I do not wish them to know the markers of the characters that are not being played. So how am I able to link these markers to the characters and only let them be show when a character is being controller by a player. TLDR: How do I link a marker to a unit that only shows up when a player is controlling that unit. But the marker has to be visible to everyone.
  11. Hello, I need help. I have 3 marker on the map and he switch in blue or red. I want to count red and blue marker at end of the game. But i Don't count colored marker? _count= count [MarkerColor "Colorred" == zonec, zoneb,zonea]; hint str _count; I count 3 but i have only one red marker!? Thank's
  12. HI ALl, Not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I want to create a marker via scripting, then tag it in createDiaryRecord, so that in the mission briefing when you select the marker name the map move to the position. So far I only have the tag in present but when you click the underlined text RADIO TOWER 1 in the briefing map nothing happens? fn_diaries.sqf _randomPosMapNoWater = [nil, ["water"]] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; marker = createMarker ["GOHERE", _randomPosMapNoWater]; marker setMarkerShape "RECTANGLE"; marker setMarkerSize [100,100]; player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["RADIO TOWER", "Capturing the <marker name = marker>RADIO TOWER 1</marker> allows you to ..."]]; Nevermind, The name in <marker name = marker>RADIO TOWER 1</marker>has to be the sting in createMartker "GOHERE".
  13. Hi there, I'm having some issues finding a solution to my problem, basically when a player [re]spawns in from selecting any of the predefined or sleeping bag/camp respawn markers they have placed down, I would like script to have access to which spawn point was used, is this possible? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Hello, I went through about 8 pages of search results (using search words marker and trigger) and couldn't find a matching discussion to my problem.. and then when I was switching to page number 9 the forums decided I should wait for X seconds to do another search. Sooo I decided just to create a discussion about my problem rather than wait for the forum to let me continue searching. Let's see if I could put this as simple as possible: - I have multiple triggers - I want to use only one script (.sqf) to create a marker at the exact position of any trigger that gets activated by whatever activation rules I see fit to use - so then I could just spam []exec "xxxx.sqf"; in the OnActivation field of every trigger So far I have a file caparea.sqf _trigger = _this select 0; _marker = createMarker ["capturearea", position _trigger]; "capturearea" setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; "capturearea" setMarkerSize [300,300]; "capturearea" setMarkerBrush "SolidBorder"; "capturearea" setMarkerAlpha 1; "capturearea" setMarkerColor "ColorOPFOR"; and then I call it with []exec "caparea.sqf" from the OnActivation field. When testing this combo the game is showing me Error undefined variable in expression: _trigger I doubt that is even close to being correct but I've been trying things together found here and there from the depths of the internet. Any suggestions on how to actually achieve what I'm aiming for here?
  15. Hi, I searching for a way to spawn units randomly in a marker. I've tried something with radius etc but it seems that units spawn even out of the marker and even on water... I'd like to spawn those units only on ground and in the definided marker. And I have another problem, The units I try to spawn are zombies... And when I choose to spawn 2000 of them with a debug marker to know where each zombies are, I don't find any zombies at the markers positions... is there any units limit on Arma 3 ?
  16. I would like a marker to disappear when the objective is completed. Using setMarkerAlpha does not work.
  17. Hello there, I am looking for a solution that would allow me to create markers which would be visible only to specific players. The idea is that a 2-man recon team picks up two maps (one for each of them) and this makes the markers appear to those players. I know how to make the markers appear upon picking up the object (setMarkerAlpha) but am unsure how to make those markers visible only to the person who picked up the map. Ok, just after posting this I figured that there may be something more than SetMarkerAlpha and indeed there is: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setMarkerAlphaLocal I will try it on my own then but if you think this is not the right solution, or there is a different way of doing this, please give me a shout. Thanks a lot, Adam
  18. Hi all. This is a simple version of my sector update script. This version uses markers as sectors, another version changes (hides / un-hides) flags based on ownership. AT moment I would need to copy the code for EVERY sector... pointless, so i want to add all sectors (markers or flags for the flag version) to an array and then update them via the below script. The script works fine with single referenced sectors and updates every 5 seconds or so if aaf are only in the sector it changes green, blue for nato and red lines for contested. Also notifies me of sector updates. So onto the script please i need help with the highlighted text. Type Array expected string. I cannot find way of using for each reference each sector (Marker) in the array with distance to the marker referenced in the unit count code. Please help, so close but cannot complete.
  19. Hello. I am using this script to get all the cities into an array, then make a marker on them. 95% of the time it works, and then rarely it just creates a marker at [0,0,0] and then the script is just useless. Help, please. tasknumber = ["task1","task2","task3", etc ... ]; publicVariable "tasknumber"; publicVariable "current_tasknumber"; publicVariable "current_task"; cities = nearestLocations [getPosATL officer_jeff, ["NameCity"], 25000]; publicVariable "cities"; _city = cities call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _citypos = locationPosition _city; _citymarker = createMarker ["citymarker", _citypos]; current_taskmarker = _citymarker; current_tasknumber = tasknumber call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; [west,[current_tasknumber],["Clear out the area","Clear out",current_task],[0,0,0],true,2,true,"attack",true] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; [current_tasknumber,current_task]call BIS_fnc_taskSetDestination; [current_tasknumber]call BIS_fnc_taskSetCurrent; ....spawn enemies etc ...
  20. Markers seen in these images are just a small sample of what is included, NOT the entire content! Details: USP Flags - 212 World Flags USP Markers - 212 World Markers USP Markers Extra - 254 Additional World Markers USP Markers Factions - 195 Faction Markers USP Markers Fictional - 26 Fictional Markers Each addon is standalone, and only requires USP_Markers_Core (Included) to function. Required Addons: None Signed: Yes, Server Key included Summary: This long overdue update includes a few new markers as well as an overhauled file structure. Server key and signatures have been fixed and 2 new pbo's have been added (Details further ahead). Classnames have been updated accordingly, as well as a classlist provided, and compatible with the 3D Editor. Overall, just looking to bring this addon back up to speed. USP_Markers_Core.pbo is now required by all other addons in order to function properly. Each addon is standalone and only requires the Markers Core. USP_Flags.pbo is a new inclusion for this update, adding placeable flagpoles in the editor. Currently, it includes all of the world flags that are present in the USP_Markers addon (All countries of the world). Future updates may feature flags from some of the other Marker addons as well, such as factions and pmc groups. This addon is very low priority for me, as can be seen with how long it's been since the last update, but I do try to keep anything I've released operating for the long-run. So, on that note, don't expect to see anymore updates from this for awhile, aside from the occasional hotfix. Hope you all enjoy the addon and always feel free to post comments or requests on the forums. Included: usp_flags.pbo usp_markers.pbo usp_markers_core.pbo usp_markers_extra.pbo usp_markers_factions.pbo usp_markers_fictional.pbo Changelog: v1.2 ADDED: USP_Markers_Core.pbo ADDED: USP_Flags.pbo FIXED: Server Key and Signatures CHANGED: File Structure and Classnames v1.1 UPDATED: World Markers Icon ADDED: Flag (Arabic Union) v1.0 Initial Release Issues: Not tested in Multiplayer Credits and Thanks: Author: Siege-A Developer: UnderSiege Productionz Vking (help with the marker sizes.) DireOne (My official Steam Workshop representative.) The entire ArmA community for keeping the game so enjoyable. Bohemia Interactive for creating the ArmA series. Download Links: License: ©2014 by UnderSiege Productionz USP_Markers is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/ For a full review of the license, please refer to the documentation included.
  21. Hi I want an area marker to randomly spawn at one of several predetermined positions. I know that for objects i can place an object and few markers, connect them and then the object will randomly spawn at one of the marker possition. I tired to do the same but with area marker 350x400, but it doesnt seem to work. i get the "Random start" option, but when i try to connect it with the random start markers, i cant.
  22. Hello,I want to trigger when the player insert a marker on his map in a specific area, like in the prologue mission, where you have to find AAF position (youtube link : ).If you have any link or answer which can help me, please post it!Thanks.
  23. Hey all, Is there a way to hide the marker created by the "Respawn Position" module and "BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition"? I've searched around a bit and could only find how to hide a normal marker using setMarkerAlpha. Thanks in advanced.
  24. Hello everyone. I don't know how to desribe my problem in the title, my English isn't good enough on that.. I want let the script to randomly pick a marker. My problem is that the markers are being created dependant on the amount of towns on the map. It detects all towns and creates an invisible marker at each, with name "Mark_1", "Mark_2", etc... I need to know how can I let my script at first count all created markers (as each map has a different amount of villages) and then randomly pick one of these markers. The markers are being created as follows (a part of the script): towns.sqf /* Location finder for towns, villages and cities Places triggers and/or markers at these locations */ // Get each locations of villages or cities and create trigger/marker // Original script for finding locations by BrotherhoodOfHam // Final script by Godis if (!isServer) exitWith {}; //#define MARK #define OFFSET 0 _locations = (nearestLocations [[0,0,0], ["NameCity", "NameVillage", "NameCityCapital"], 40000]); { _xy = size _x; _trig = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", position _x]; _trig setTriggerArea [ (_xy select 0) + OFFSET, (_xy select 1) + OFFSET, direction _x, false ]; _trig setTriggerActivation [ "WEST", "PRESENT", true ]; _trig setTriggerStatements [ "this", "hint 'Entered Village: Watch out in this area';", "hint 'Leaving Village...';" ]; //#ifdef MARK _mkr = createMarker [format ["Mark_%1", _forEachIndex], position _x]; _mkr setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; _mkr setMarkerAlpha 0.0; _mkr setMarkerSize [ (_xy select 0) + OFFSET, (_xy select 1) + OFFSET ]; //#endif } forEach _locations; // Now place units I thought I could just add a counter to towns.sqf, so I would get the total amount of all created markers stored in a variable, like: all_markers = 0; // Content of towns.sqf here (create markers) all_markers = all_markers + 1; // count each marker and store number in 'all_markers' But this would need another check for this variable's value, and also another code to select one of them according to the amount of created markers. I think it's kind of inconvenient. There must be another easier way to archive that, I guess. Is there any code I can use to get that in only a few lines? At the end I just need to: 1. find the amount of markers with name Mark_1, Mark_2, Mark_3, etc, etc 2. Randomly select one of these (i.e. to make it visible by setMarkerAlpha or sth else) Thanks in advance.
  25. Howdy, as described in the topic title, within the editor a drop-down menu is malfunctioning in my marker attributes menu. It is persistent between fresh and loaded missions, and while it wasn't affecting markers I had placed for other missions (I could still change their color despite not being able to do so for new markers), as of writing this post it is now universally not functioning. I recorded a bit of video so you could see the issue exactly: It sounds as though this chap is having similar issues with a different drop down too?