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Found 42 results

  1. Hello, I went through about 8 pages of search results (using search words marker and trigger) and couldn't find a matching discussion to my problem.. and then when I was switching to page number 9 the forums decided I should wait for X seconds to do another search. Sooo I decided just to create a discussion about my problem rather than wait for the forum to let me continue searching. Let's see if I could put this as simple as possible: - I have multiple triggers - I want to use only one script (.sqf) to create a marker at the exact position of any trigger that gets activated by whatever activation rules I see fit to use - so then I could just spam []exec "xxxx.sqf"; in the OnActivation field of every trigger So far I have a file caparea.sqf _trigger = _this select 0; _marker = createMarker ["capturearea", position _trigger]; "capturearea" setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; "capturearea" setMarkerSize [300,300]; "capturearea" setMarkerBrush "SolidBorder"; "capturearea" setMarkerAlpha 1; "capturearea" setMarkerColor "ColorOPFOR"; and then I call it with []exec "caparea.sqf" from the OnActivation field. When testing this combo the game is showing me Error undefined variable in expression: _trigger I doubt that is even close to being correct but I've been trying things together found here and there from the depths of the internet. Any suggestions on how to actually achieve what I'm aiming for here?
  2. Hi, I searching for a way to spawn units randomly in a marker. I've tried something with radius etc but it seems that units spawn even out of the marker and even on water... I'd like to spawn those units only on ground and in the definided marker. And I have another problem, The units I try to spawn are zombies... And when I choose to spawn 2000 of them with a debug marker to know where each zombies are, I don't find any zombies at the markers positions... is there any units limit on Arma 3 ?
  3. I would like a marker to disappear when the objective is completed. Using setMarkerAlpha does not work.
  4. Hello there, I am looking for a solution that would allow me to create markers which would be visible only to specific players. The idea is that a 2-man recon team picks up two maps (one for each of them) and this makes the markers appear to those players. I know how to make the markers appear upon picking up the object (setMarkerAlpha) but am unsure how to make those markers visible only to the person who picked up the map. Ok, just after posting this I figured that there may be something more than SetMarkerAlpha and indeed there is: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setMarkerAlphaLocal I will try it on my own then but if you think this is not the right solution, or there is a different way of doing this, please give me a shout. Thanks a lot, Adam
  5. Hi all. This is a simple version of my sector update script. This version uses markers as sectors, another version changes (hides / un-hides) flags based on ownership. AT moment I would need to copy the code for EVERY sector... pointless, so i want to add all sectors (markers or flags for the flag version) to an array and then update them via the below script. The script works fine with single referenced sectors and updates every 5 seconds or so if aaf are only in the sector it changes green, blue for nato and red lines for contested. Also notifies me of sector updates. So onto the script please i need help with the highlighted text. Type Array expected string. I cannot find way of using for each reference each sector (Marker) in the array with distance to the marker referenced in the unit count code. Please help, so close but cannot complete.
  6. Hello. I am using this script to get all the cities into an array, then make a marker on them. 95% of the time it works, and then rarely it just creates a marker at [0,0,0] and then the script is just useless. Help, please. tasknumber = ["task1","task2","task3", etc ... ]; publicVariable "tasknumber"; publicVariable "current_tasknumber"; publicVariable "current_task"; cities = nearestLocations [getPosATL officer_jeff, ["NameCity"], 25000]; publicVariable "cities"; _city = cities call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _citypos = locationPosition _city; _citymarker = createMarker ["citymarker", _citypos]; current_taskmarker = _citymarker; current_tasknumber = tasknumber call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; [west,[current_tasknumber],["Clear out the area","Clear out",current_task],[0,0,0],true,2,true,"attack",true] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; [current_tasknumber,current_task]call BIS_fnc_taskSetDestination; [current_tasknumber]call BIS_fnc_taskSetCurrent; ....spawn enemies etc ...
  7. Hi I want an area marker to randomly spawn at one of several predetermined positions. I know that for objects i can place an object and few markers, connect them and then the object will randomly spawn at one of the marker possition. I tired to do the same but with area marker 350x400, but it doesnt seem to work. i get the "Random start" option, but when i try to connect it with the random start markers, i cant.
  8. Hello,I want to trigger when the player insert a marker on his map in a specific area, like in the prologue mission, where you have to find AAF position (youtube link : ).If you have any link or answer which can help me, please post it!Thanks.
  9. Hey all, Is there a way to hide the marker created by the "Respawn Position" module and "BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition"? I've searched around a bit and could only find how to hide a normal marker using setMarkerAlpha. Thanks in advanced.
  10. Hello everyone. I don't know how to desribe my problem in the title, my English isn't good enough on that.. I want let the script to randomly pick a marker. My problem is that the markers are being created dependant on the amount of towns on the map. It detects all towns and creates an invisible marker at each, with name "Mark_1", "Mark_2", etc... I need to know how can I let my script at first count all created markers (as each map has a different amount of villages) and then randomly pick one of these markers. The markers are being created as follows (a part of the script): towns.sqf /* Location finder for towns, villages and cities Places triggers and/or markers at these locations */ // Get each locations of villages or cities and create trigger/marker // Original script for finding locations by BrotherhoodOfHam // Final script by Godis if (!isServer) exitWith {}; //#define MARK #define OFFSET 0 _locations = (nearestLocations [[0,0,0], ["NameCity", "NameVillage", "NameCityCapital"], 40000]); { _xy = size _x; _trig = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", position _x]; _trig setTriggerArea [ (_xy select 0) + OFFSET, (_xy select 1) + OFFSET, direction _x, false ]; _trig setTriggerActivation [ "WEST", "PRESENT", true ]; _trig setTriggerStatements [ "this", "hint 'Entered Village: Watch out in this area';", "hint 'Leaving Village...';" ]; //#ifdef MARK _mkr = createMarker [format ["Mark_%1", _forEachIndex], position _x]; _mkr setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; _mkr setMarkerAlpha 0.0; _mkr setMarkerSize [ (_xy select 0) + OFFSET, (_xy select 1) + OFFSET ]; //#endif } forEach _locations; // Now place units I thought I could just add a counter to towns.sqf, so I would get the total amount of all created markers stored in a variable, like: all_markers = 0; // Content of towns.sqf here (create markers) all_markers = all_markers + 1; // count each marker and store number in 'all_markers' But this would need another check for this variable's value, and also another code to select one of them according to the amount of created markers. I think it's kind of inconvenient. There must be another easier way to archive that, I guess. Is there any code I can use to get that in only a few lines? At the end I just need to: 1. find the amount of markers with name Mark_1, Mark_2, Mark_3, etc, etc 2. Randomly select one of these (i.e. to make it visible by setMarkerAlpha or sth else) Thanks in advance.
  11. Howdy, as described in the topic title, within the editor a drop-down menu is malfunctioning in my marker attributes menu. It is persistent between fresh and loaded missions, and while it wasn't affecting markers I had placed for other missions (I could still change their color despite not being able to do so for new markers), as of writing this post it is now universally not functioning. I recorded a bit of video so you could see the issue exactly: It sounds as though this chap is having similar issues with a different drop down too?
  12. Hello. I am using this code to create a marker on the map that tells players of the location to capture. This does work for some towns, but for Molos it prints Delfinaki. _loc = text nearestLocation [getPos man1, "NameVillage"]; _marker28 = createMarker ["Objective.", position player ]; _marker28 setMarkerPos [14697.7,13000.5,53.9098]; _marker28 setMarkerShape "ICON"; _marker28 setMarkerColor "Default"; _marker28 setMarkerType "flag_NATO"; _marker28 setMarkerText format ["Seize: %1", _loc]; I tried this, but got an error, something about it being an array and not an object. _loc = text nearestLocation [getPos man1, ["NameVillage","NameCity","NameCityCapital"]]; _marker28 = createMarker ["Objective.", position player ]; _marker28 setMarkerPos [14697.7,13000.5,53.9098]; _marker28 setMarkerShape "ICON"; _marker28 setMarkerColor "Default"; _marker28 setMarkerType "flag_NATO"; _marker28 setMarkerText format ["Seize: %1", _loc]; Everything else is working except this code. I guess I am missing something simple. Thanks for any help you can give me. Is there a way to put the multiple options into this,
  13. I need a little help. This is for Multi Player Environment. 1. Lets say I have 10 triggers that spawn enemy AI when a player is within the individual bases zone. 2. I want to let the players know where these enemy spawns are, but I want to keep it random for replay value. 3. So, lets say that on any given mission I want three of the AI bases to show up on the players map as a marker. (same bases will show for all players) 4. But, I want the three markers to be random on each play through, and I want all 10 bases to always spawn - so if they stumble upon them, there is still surprise factor - on the players. I'm thinking I just need to name the triggers individually and place them into an array.. but I need help with that. I would assume it needs to be done on server, because if it was local all the players would see different markers.? As I type this, I'm thinking it might be easier to just spawn random triggers that have markers already attached? I'm not really sure how to proceed, but the above gives a good outline. Thanks for any help, Fire
  14. Simple Question how do I spawn a group at a certain height using BIS_fnc_spawnGroup at a marker? This is what I have (with the group actually defined) _group1 = [(getMarkerPos "marker1"), EAST, (configfile >> so on and so forth until we get the group)] Call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; I would like to spawn them at 5 meters height. Thank you
  15. I am using this to create a marker randomly near my player unit. It spawns the marker in a random direction within 100 meters _marker1 = createMarker ["marker1", [player, 100, random 360] call BIS_fnc_relPos ]; Does anybody know how to make the marker spawn in front of the player instead of just randomly? So say for example the players facing dead north then the marker will spawn some where between 270 and 90 degrees? The marker would spawn somewhere in the red area on the image below if the player was facing north. Even just being able to choose a range of bearings the marker will spawn in would be useful such as 270 to 90 degrees regardless of what direction the players facing but really I would like the players current direction to be used as a centre point and for the the marker to spawn some where 180 degrees ahead of him So if the player was facing west instead then the marker will spawn in the red below instead. Thanks if you can help
  16. narcisissma

    Waypoint Marker

    The waypoint marker keeps blending into the terrain. Is there some way to make it another color than the grass ?
  17. Object Oriented Marker V 0.4 by Code34 Github: https://github.com/code34/oo_marker.Altis Reference: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?167980-Object-Oriented-SQF-Scripting-and-Compiling Description OO Marker is a class (object oriented) marker that enhances original BIS marker functions and replaces them. This object uses Object Oriented SQF scripting of Naught and doesn't require to use addon. Features: BIS Marker features Attach to an object Blinking Fade in & Fade off Licence: Under Gpl, you can share, modify, distribute this script but don't remove the licence and the name of the original author Readme: /* Author: code34 nicolas_boiteux@yahoo.fr Copyright (C) 2013 Nicolas BOITEUX CLASS OO_MARKER This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>. */ Create a main bus message between clients & server Usage: put the "oo_marker.sqf" and the "oop.h" files in your mission directory put this code into your mission init.sqf call compilefinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "oo_marker.sqf"; See example mission in directory: init.sqf Licence: You can share, modify, distribute this script but don't remove the licence and the name of the original author logs: 0.2 - OO Marker - fix locality & case sensitive, add accessor methods 0.1 - OO Marker - first release Examples Create a tracking marker call compilefinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "oo_marker.sqf"; _mark = ["new", position player] call OO_MARKER; ["attachTo", player] spawn _mark; ["setText", name player] spawn _mark; Create a blinking marker call compilefinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "oo_marker.sqf"; _mark = ["new", position goal] call OO_MARKER; ["setText", "You have to go here!"] spawn _mark; ["blink", 0.5] spawn _mark;